Title: Happiness Is A Book In Your HandsSummary: Hermione's first love.
Word Count: 144
Disclaimer: This is getting old. Seriously. If I really owned Harry Potter and co. they would be way more perverted.
A/N: Response to Writing2StayHalfSane's challenge: Happiness is....

Hermione likes books. She likes the way they smell and the whispery sound when you turn the pages. She's particularly fond of the contrast of black words on crème or white paper. Books excite her, amaze her, and have certainly never betrayed her. She has books in five large book cases, books under her bed, and in her bed, and in her closet, and stacked around her house. Every once in a while, she even finds books in her fridge or kitchen cupboards. Books have always been there for her; when she was lonely or scared or bored. A book can never tease you or abandon you and just the feel of a book in her hands makes her feel better. The words comfort her like no human being has ever been able. Hermione is almost positive that happiness is a book in your hands.