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Chapter 9

Everyone looks around in awe. What the heck is this? ~Was what everyone was probably thinking right now. "Atobe might be right about this being a past… but… how?" Oishi said.

"Well what do we have here?"

Everyone looks to where the voice came from and saw a man carrying some crops and was wearing a farmer's clothes with a straw hat "Some guests I presume…" he then looks at their clothes "Those are awkward clothes, where'd you get them?"

"Hmph! You call ore-sama's clothes awkward? You better say that in front of my lawyer and~"

"Ano, sumimasen, demo, what year is it?" Tezuka interrupts Atobe

"What are you? Lost in a time zone or something? It's 1801!!" (I really can't think of any older years) said the farmer.

"NANI?! No way nya!!" Eiji whines, Eiji suddenly got pulled.

They all huddled as they talk about a plan leaving the farmer confuse.

"Ok, we don't really know what's happening but I really want to go back home…" Momo spoke

"Hmmm, only way to do this is to act for a while here and see if something happens… of course there will be consequences…" Inui writes stuff on his notebook that surprisingly was also there.

Shishido and Gakuto exchange looks with a gulp, while Atobe kept rambling about his clothes and Kabaji saying "Usu" Eiji clings at Oishi, Hiyoshi just stared while Taka gulped nervously and Jirou, now wide awake, yawns, Fuji's eyes were opened and Tezuka still have his stern look. Kaido then spoke "What are the consequences… s-sempai."

Inui's glasses gleamed "Well, it's either we investigate for a while while staying here and we might be able to find our current situation right now and we might somehow get out of this past or…" He adjusts his glasses "We will be stuck here forever…"

"Uhm, sorry to interrupt but are you done in whatever you're really doing?" The farmer called from behind.

Before turning to the farmer Tezuka spoke "It's settled then… we need to find out what's really happening." Oishi then spoke first "A-anou…"

"It's Soshi…" He said

"Soshi-san, do you know where we could find a place to stay?" Oishi asked

"Sure do! You can stay at my place, although, I hope you don't mind sleeping on mats…" He said chuckling

"Thanks a lot!" Oishi said


And so on there way to Soshi's house, their plan starts.

"Soshi-san, can you tell us about this village? We really want to know." Momo said

"Oh sure…" Soshi smiled "This village was once a very peaceful place, we folks here are so lucky to live here…"

"Soshi-san, what do you mean by 'was once a peaceful place'?" Inui asked

"Well, you see, years pass by and an odd aura suddenly surrounded the village… but the most aura was on the graves."

"Graves?" Tezuka said

"Yes, they're by that mountain top." He points at a familiar mountain.

"O-oi! That's where we're camping!" Gakuto spoke

"Tell us sir, why were they buried there instead of here?" Oishi ask

"Well, before the aura, people kept dying there whenever they go to a hunt… there were to many dead bodies that we can't carry them back here… and so we decided to burry them there…" He said

It sent shivers to all the regulars as they just knew they've been sleeping there not even knowing below them were corpses.

"So why do they keep dying?" Kaido said as he knew they should need more information.

"We actually have no idea… it all starts with a man going to the mountain for a hunt and then days past and still hasn't come home… and so we go there and see him dead, with scratches that were very deep… we just keep thinking it might be some wild animals." The farmer said

"Then what happened after the auras surrounded the grave?" Fuji asked

The farmer frowned as he remembers "Corpses started going out of their graves and tries to kill us all, we had no idea where they came from and who or what started this… all we know was one of the fortune tellers said they're looking for a person… a person that could revive the 'thing' that made the corpses attack us."

"But… if the corpses kept attacking you… wouldn't they attack now?" Gakuto said

"And I noticed everyone looks peaceful… not really troubled." Shishido looks around.

"Well you see, when we were about to give up… a person… who was brave and strong came to this village and help us fight back the corpses." Soshi smiled

"This person would be…?" Atobe asked

"What?! You never heard of him before? Even people from far off lands know about him. He's the greatest Samurai! Samurai Hiroshima!" He said with a wider smile

"Samurai…" Oishi stopped

"…Hiroshima? Nyah?" Eiji continues

"Oi Tezuka, could it be that Hiroshima guy is the one who keeps attacking us?" Atobe stares at Tezuka

"We're not sure, according to Soshi-san, the samurai keeps protecting them…" Tezuka replied

"Samurai Hiroshima was very kind, he won't accept any gifts or gold from us 'cause he only wants to protect the village… he also is honest and helpful…" Soshi said with gleaming eyes.

"I don't think it's this guy…he sounds to generous to me" Momo said

"We can't be sure…" taka thought

"Speaking of samurais, where's Echizen?" Momo looks around.


Ryoma wakes up. "Eh? Where am I?" he looks around, he found himself on a bed.

"You're awake." A voice spoke

Ryoma looks at the person who spoke. It was a man that was carrying a cup of tea, he has neat black hair that had dark green highlights and pure golden eyes just like Ryoma's only that it had more pride.

"So stranger, what's your name?" he spoke

"Ryoma, Echizen Ryoma, And you are?"

"Just call me Hiroshima. Anyway, judging by your clothes you're not from here are you?" Hiroshima said

"Ah…" Ryoma couldn't stop looking at the guy, 'He seems very familiar.' He thought

"Since you're not from here, I've got some advice for you, be careful out there.' He said as he gave Ryoma the tea.

"Arigatou." He murmured

"Anyway, I saw you unconscious outside can you explain what happened? Were you attacked?" he asked

"I don't remember. Oh yeah, have you seen a group of guys that had the same clothes like me? Except for the monkey faced one, his clothes are the strangest." Ryoma said

"Sorry, but no." he said with a sweat drop 'In my entire life I've never seen a person that had a monkey face…'

Ryoma shrugs as he left the bed.

"W-where are you going?" The samurai asks

"I'm going to look for them. Thanks again." He said as he waves with a bored look.

"What a rude kid…" the guy sighed "I shall help you, after all, you don't know where you are now don't you?"

"Fine…" Ryoma stared at him

"What are you staring at?"

"You're familiar."

"Eh? Well, I guess that's no surprise… I'm very well known here…"



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