Author's Note: Excited about the upcoming episode of series 2 made me scribble this one down quickly. Inspired by Mr. Dowland's comment on cowardice not being able to count as Miss Lane's one weakness. This is set in the future. Feedback as always is much appreciated. Enjoy.

One Weakness

The sunlight faintly streaming through the semi-drawn curtains was enough to make his eyes open sleepily. Blinking and slowly waking up, he shifted his position, his arm coming to rest around the curved body of the figure sleeping next to him.

The figure sighed softly in sleep, nestling closer into the comforting warmth of his body. Fully awake now and loving these morning moments, he propped his head up to gain a better view of the sleeping form. His mouth curved up into a small smile as his eyes surveyed the peaceful face.

He couldn't believe his dream had come true, that the woman of his dreams was truly sleeping next to him. He had dreamt of her incessantly while making his fortune, ever hopeful that his worst nightmare; her marriage, would not come to be. It had always been for her, ever since she had smiled at him on Fordlowe lane. To see her with the beautiful wedding gown held against her form, when he had made his first visit to the post office, had brought him further under her captivating spell.

She murmured in her sleep. He pulled her closer, close enough to smell the faint jasmine drifting from her hair. Everything about her intoxicated him. He could not imagine living without her, married or not.

"James?" she whispered huskily, her eyes still closed.

"My love?" he breathed down to whisper in her ear, his lips grazing her earlobe.

"You're staring again." She smiled, sleepily, that smile…the one that had his heart skipping a beat and his pulse racing.

"Miss Lane…" he began to apologise, "Mrs. Dowland,..Dorcas," he corrected, "I'm sorry."

She was awake now and was shaking her head, amused by his utterances. She raised herself to look at him. "What were you thinking?"

He shook his head, his dimpled smile appearing. She kissed the firm skin of his chest. Her eyes imploring him.

He pulled her up, his lips mere inches from hers, his eyes held her own, "I was thinking Miss Lane…I was thinking that you are… my one weakness."

Her eyes immediately dropped from his, she blushed, her skin glowing in the hazy light of the room, still unused to hearing his compliments. She smiled as she raised her lips to him, "That's Mrs. Dowland to you, Sir." she replied with a smirk to which she was given a puzzled raised eyebrow.

"MY mistake then, Mrs. Dowland." He whispered back, unable to stop himself from kissing her this time.