"And that particular hokage was also a great teacher," Iruka informed his class as he pointed to the monument as the sounds of the restless children floated in on the breeze that swept through Tsunade's office. A smile began to curve her lips sweetly as she thought how likely it was that any of her former students would remember her as a good teacher. She could already hear Yondaime laughing as she began to think back to that fateful day.

Tsunade groaned as she rolled and checked the clock. It was 5:00 in the bloody morning, and she was awake. She rubbed her head, sorely tempted to fall back asleep until after her hangover was gone and tried to remember why she shouldn't. Wait, the bet that she had made with Minato. That was why. She sat up, cursing the headache which felt as though it were about to split her head open without a moment's warning, and moved to get showered and drinking as much tea as she could manage before getting dressed and swallowing the last of the tea on her way out the door. While this did not improve her temper any, it did make her feel marginally more awake, enough so that she could remember what had lead to this ridiculous bet in the first place. It was Minato's fault. It wasn't as if everyone in the village hadn't been pitching in to help covering the classes for the children who were aspiring to be shinobi while their teacher recovered from the badly broken leg he had gotten on mission. So far, it seemed that nothing had gone right with it between the fever and the remnants of the jitsu that had made it impossible to tell where the chakra was for the healing ninjas to work with it. She had been on mission almost constantly it seemed to past week or so on missions that were normally starter work for the gennin and chounin. And yet it was only Minato who was being praised for his work when the young jounin job was supposed to be watching the youngest students in the village, the children who were still considered too young to study to be shinobi but were still learning the laws of the village. A fact that Tsunade had pointed out archly to him in a flare of temper when she was drinking two nights before. And the normally easy tempered teenager had snapped at that, barking out some gibberish about the brats' potential to become shinobi and their strength, only increasing her irritation at him. Which only worsened listening to that pervert Jiraiya telling Minato that she wouldn't last a day in his shoes while Sarutobi and Uncle Tobiramu had listened in amused agreement. She went to the classroom office and gathered the papers that she needed to fill out before she started, glancing at the barely lit sky. She couldn't wait to win this bet!