She was sure the schedule said nap time.

Tsunade was also sure that no such thing was going on. Not unless nap was some sort of military acronym, like "Negligible Attack Protocol". It would certainly fit their attitude towards the whole thing.

If she thought it had been war before, she now knew that this was one of the first true battles in among the skirmishes. Who knew that children could move that many ways?

The boy in green and her masked menace were still fighting with each other as the boy with goggles who seemed to be the class clown more than anything tried to reconcile, only halfway through ending up in a fight with both of the other boys. Glancing at the small badge on his sleeve, Tsunade sighed. That was just what she needed, to end up in an argument with the Uchiha clan over the behavior of one of their children!

A small number of the children actually managed to remain somewhat still, or at least not overtly run around the room. The very young boy with the frog was one- although she kept an eye peeled in the direction of the begoggled boy, suspecting that had been the source of the flying amphibian during lunch. Also, the girl she had needed to reprimand lay still a short distance away, clearly eyeing a few of her classmates she may have already developed crushes on. Three children over, her previous victim also lay lazily, the dark hair and angles of his face setting off signals in the jounin's head that made her try to place why the boy would seem so familiar to her. With trying to watch the others though, that was a total failure.

Especially when, with a smirk, the boy tweaked at the skirt of one of the girl's dresses using a real, albeit infinitely small, amount of elemental wind chakra to manage his task. Before yet another skirmish erupted, Tsunade called an end to the warfare and led the littlest villagers back into the classroom, where she hoped at least get through one class without interruption.

Heavens only knew what Jiraiya, Minato, and even Sarutobi-sensei would ask in return if she didn't!