Luke drove round a bend on the dusty road, they'd only been driving for about ten minutes, but he was sure they were already lost.

Luke turned his head at the gun which was pointed to his temple, but there didn't seem to be anyone holding it and the girl seemed to me lost in thought, looking out the window. Maybe he should do something, take control, but she seemed to know what he was doing, what he was thinking, so maybe she was telepathic like the police man Sylar had told him about just a few hours ago, but then the gun was floating as well?

So did that mean she was like Sylar?

He wanted to ask her where she was going because she seemed a lot less stressed now than she had been and seemed to have calmed down a bit.

"Where do you want to go?" he babbled, he saw the girl moved her head to look out the front window, she had her eye's closed, as if she wanted to think, but then replied, "As far away from here as possible", Luke nodded, but then asked, "But where is that?, What are you running from?", the girl looked over at him with brown eye's as if to say is it any of your business, Luke looked back to the road and saw a car heading towards them, for some reason, he didn't like it and looked over to the girl, she looked at him and told him,

"If you say you've seen me, I will kill you", Luke watched as she disappeared out the back of the car and then looked forward as the car in front stopped, blocking his path, 'Don't tell him' he heard her say in his head as a guy in a black suit got out and came to his window,

"Hello sir, we're looking for a fugitive who escaped last night, she is very dangerous and has commited a lot of murders", the man held up a photo, Luke nodded as he did, that was the girl who was hiding in the back.

"Have you seen her, anywhere?", 'no, you havent' Luke heard her say in his head, but instead he replied, "Yes, I have", "Oh" the man said, almost surprise, "I think I saw her heading that way, she was waiting on the side of the road, for a lift, but I said no, I've been taught by my mother to never let strangers in to the car and-", the man cut him off here and thanked him for the information and gave him a card to phone him if he see's her again before getting back in his car and driving down the road.

Luke started the engine and only when she was sure the car was out of site was when the girl came out of her hiding spot,

"Good thinking" she praised him as she got in to the front seat, Luke nodded and then said sarcastically, "Murderer?, you don't seem like one?", "I'm not" the girl shrugged, "I've never killed anyone in my life, well never meant to" she told him, Luke nodded...


"Yes boss, she was saw trying to hitch a ride, but the boy didn't give her one and then he drove off, but now it seems to be no sign of her", "WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T OF LET HER ESCAPE IN THE FIRST PLACE" Jules Kane shouted, he still hadn't calmed down yet and was fuming. "Sir, I promise you, we will get her back" the man reassured her, "BUT IF WE DON'T, IT'LL BE YOUR HEAD" Jules Kane shouted before hanging up.


Sylar was sat at the chair as his father made him a cupper and explain to him why he needed the money, told him that he would of been better off without him and didn't understand why he had come looking for him..

Sylar listened in silence, he was still mad at the way his father had treated him, the both of them, but looking at his father now, what if he had grew up with him, would he also be hiding a way in a little shack in the middle of nowhere?

His father sat down in the chair opposite and said "Now, I'm here, hiding" and that was the end of his speech.

"Why are you here for if you can do so much, why are you hiding?" Sylar asked, his voice was almost blank, but that was become he started to remember the day his father had given him away, sold him to his aunty and uncle at a little diner, but then he also remembered something else, he's killed his mother.

Sylar sprung up out of his chair and using his telekinesis, pinned his father to the wall.

"What did my mother ever do?" Sylar asked, walking closer to him, "What did your mother ever do to you, but believe" his father chocked under the grasp Sylar had on his neck, Sylar let his father drop and there was a loud thud on the ground.

Sylar sat back down on the chair and put his head in his hands, he was just as bad as him and he suddenly felt guilty, he'd killed the two people he ever loved, his mother and Elle, it still hurt to say that name, even now, it killed him..


"What's your ability?" Luke asked after there had been silence in the car for almost an hour, "I can absorb a persons ability when their near me" the girl replied, Luke nodded, but then asked, "But you can read my mind and use telekinesis, I can't do any of them things", "It's complicated" the girl assured him before looking back out the window, he could see her reflection in the window and she looked so surprised, like she'd never actually seen the world before.

"Can I atleast know your name?" Luke asked, "Katie" the girl replied, Luke nodded and said, "I'm Luke", Katie nodded and then thought she'd ask some questions of her own, "So what are you doing here in the middle of nowhere?", "I was on a trip to find a friends father" Luke replied, Katie nodded and then asked, "So where's your friend now?", "I think he's still at his dad's", "Oh" Katie replied and looked forward before becoming curiouse and then asking, "Who would want to live in the middle of nowhere?", Luke chuckled and then replied, "Samson Grey, that's who", Katie's thoughts stop at that moment.

To Be Continued...

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