I don't know where I got this idea from, but it has been bothering me for a while and I decided to give it a try.

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*It's an AU story, set in a time and space unknown to me. It's kind of medieval, but not really.

*I don't hate Canada, nor do I think Canadians are savages, but Steph does…

*It'll be eventually a Jericho/Stephanie story

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ViVa La ViDa

A soft breeze swept around her, carrying the sweet fragrance of wild flowers as she walked across the corridor. Her head was held up high and she moved gracefully as only one of her lineage could.

Around her, her ladies in waiting whispered and giggled at shared secrets as they followed her lead. Inside her private chambers she would have join them, but outside the comforts of her sanctuary, royal etiquette prevented her from such trivial manners.

Outside her chambers she was Princess Stephanie McMahon, daughter of the most powerful King there was and would ever be in all the seven Kingdoms and beyond.

In this warm summer day, curiosity had driven her out of her chambers and into court. She had heard two of her servants talking over as they prepared her bath, according to them, The Canadians would be making an appearance at court that same day.

She had never seen a Canadian before other that in books, but she had heard their tales of brutality. Books depicted them as long haired savages that would eat their babies alive when their harvest wouldn't produce enough food.

Her teacher Kane claimed that nobody knew exactly where they lived, as they were nomads. She had also learn that they had signed a treaty of peace fifty years ago with her Grandfather, the same one they violated over and over again by kidnapping woman and children from their Kingdom. They were deplorable woman beings.

"I… Princess, I don't want… to go there" stammered one of her three M's. It was the red-haired one, Maria and she was on the verge of tears.

"She's scared" giggled Mickie. "She thinks the Canadians will eat her alive" The brunette gestured to get Maria and the younger girl let out a sob.

Stephanie smirked. "My father, the King, would give me the head of anyone who dared touch one of my three M's" The Princess looked at them, Maria, Mickie and Melina. "There's nothing to be feared of. Take my hand and we'll enter together"

The girl took the Princess hand, not because she was convinced of her safety, but because she was taught to follow commands. She was born to serve and please. She was lucky the Princess was kind most of the time.

Stephanie entered the room via the second floor, not only because she could take a good glance at the whole room from above; but also because that way her father would not notice her presence. She was not afraid of filthy Canadians, but her father would not be pleased with her being there.

The session had already begun, and a handful of fair haired men stood in front of the King's Throne. There were three of them, and Stephanie watched in fascination as they were accompanied by one woman. Never had she heard or seen a woman pleading a case in court. Her father must be fuming at the audacity of them.

She leaned forward to the balcony, but could not hear what they were saying. So she just watched.

They were as depicted in books, only that they were covering their torsos while in books they were always shirtless. They were all wearing colorful tights and black boots. One of them was even armed.

"Melina, tell me about them" she asked one of the M's and motioned her to come closer. The exotic girl had a way of knowing everything. Rumor had it that her mother was a famous sorcerer in her country down south. Stephanie didn't believe such nonsense.

"They are all great warriors and members of the council that rule their people, even the woman. The tall one holding the spear, that's Edge. He's a womanizer. I heard he likes to kidnap girls to rape them, others say he enamors them and they escape with him deep into the forest or wherever they live"

Stephanie observed the man, he had a huge grin on his face as he eyed around the room. She couldn't visualize any woman with any sense wanting to escape with a group of savages.

"He's creepy" murmured Maria.

"The one besides the woman, his name is Christian, Edge's brother. He's known as The Instant Classic but I'm not sure why. What I know is this; their parents raised them with blood instead of milk, that's why they are so ruthless in battle"

"By the Gods" cried Maria.

"Give me a break" Snickered Mickie. "What about the woman?"

Stephanie looked over at the blonde woman. There were a few strikes of pink in her hair; she had never seen a woman wearing pants.

"Natalya. She's part of a huge family of warriors, the best in their country. Her father, disappointed by not having a son to continue the family tradition, trained her since she was a mere girl. She's feared among her people"

"And the one speaking to my father?" Stephanie asked glancing at the man. His hair was a platinum blonde; it cascaded in soft curls down his back. She could not take a good look at him because his back was to her.

"That one is Jericho, first ever undisputed champion. Some people call him The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, whatever that is. He's just as ruthless as the other too, if not worse"

"I don't like Canadians, they scare me" Whined Maria.

"I like them just fine" Mickie said leaning forward to take a better look at them. "I wouldn't mind if they take me away…"

Maria gasped and Melina struck Mickie in the head, she retreated as realization hit her. That simple commentary could cost her head, it was considered as an act of treason.

The three M's stood still in expectation. Waiting for the Princess too lash out. She didn't. She was way too engrossed with the Canadians and didn't seem to have listened.

"Is he the leader?"

Melina looked at her two companions before responding, she sat with them to give them some comfort. "If they would have a leader, I guess it would be him. But they govern themselves by Council"

Stephanie watched the four foreigners, but her eyes kept wandering back to the one called Jericho.

'Jericho' she whispered to herself. Even the name was intriguing. If he would only turn around so she could see his face.

The other three were smirking and nodding, apparently pleased with what Jericho was telling her father, she was beyond intrigued. Her father seemed about to explode in anger.

She was about to ask Melina why where they here when Jericho turned around and looked straight at her.

She backed up and got out of sight as soon as she was able too. One thing was to watch the savages from afar and another very different was to lock eyes with one of them. She felt flushed and her hand trembled lightly.

She brushed the feeling away. She was a McMahon and McMahons knew no fear.

She looked around and saw the three M's sitting close together. Maria was pouting and the other two seemed deep in thought. None of them had seen her freak out and she was glad.

"Come on, I'm tired of looking at those nasty savages"