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Waiting, that black and narrow isthmus between two eternities…

Stephanie has been forced to wait in solitude that day, and while she waited in the seclusion of her rooms time flowed slowly, cruelly stretching itself to limits beyond her comprehension until she started to believe that all her waiting was a method of punishment inflicted by her half forgotten Gods.

She must have displeased them when she walked away from them and embraced the ways of the Canadians, that they were punishing her now by distorting the flow of time was only the repercussions they had deemed proper to her infidel actions.

But she didn't care about those punishing Gods thousands of leagues away; by marrying in front of the strange God that ruled Canada her old ones had lost the authority over her. Now she only cared for one thing and that thing was for Chris to come back to her.

She has been waiting for him since the moment he closed the door behind his back and walked away; creating an enormous barrier between the two that to that moment hasn't been broken yet.

It was all wrong; this was not the way she wanted things between them to turn into. But it did, he walked out on her, leaving her behind with a thousand words stuck in her throat and a stormy sea menacing to flow through her eyes.

From the moment the sound of the closing door resonated through the room time began to consume itself slowly, making her minutes feel excruciatingly long and her hours eternal. Unfortunately, from what she could see her wait was not over yet.

While she drowned in her regrets the sun moved east to west and it was by now resting behind the mountains, darkness has taken over the land and because her never ending waiting had been slowly starting to drive her mad she decided to walk out as well in need of fresh air.

Now she sat outside, right in front of the elaborated fountain that rose in the middle of the plaza, the soft breeze of the night caressing her skin wildly as she stole glances towards the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of him going back.

"Don't worry yourself, you are going to get ill for nothing, he's going to be back"

Stephanie drew in a deep breath that a second later escaped though her lips and looked at the woman sitting by her side.

Her idea of walking out of the room has been to breathe fresh air, to put some kind of order to her thoughts in a scenario where the walls wouldn't close around her. But then Lita spotted her and walked to her, she had ended up telling her everything that went wrong that day.

"What if he doesn't?" She had thought about it, what if he was so mad at her that he was by now planning her journey back to the Castle. They could send her away at any time…

Lita shook her head. "He will, I mean he has to come back to sleep at some point doesn't he?" The redhead smiled and turned to her side so that she could face Stephanie. "You know, I'll tell you something your wet nurse never told you; men are the simplest creatures that walk in two feet, you only need to be around them for a short while to figure them out, and when you can compare you realize they all go after the same standard; they all want to be in charge of everything, they like to be the ones in control… so it's no wonder Chris got mad when you walked into that building without his knowledge"

Stephanie turned to her side as well so that she could look at the other woman's face. "I didn't want him to get mad, I just wanted to help"

"I know, but he won't see it that way so don't you tell him what you wanted to achieve by seeing your brother; he will see it as you not having faith in him and that will do no good to his ego. Now, you don't need to worry because as easy as it is figuring them out, it's easier to get them back in good graces with you"

Stephanie shifted her position in anticipation; she wanted to get back in good graces with Chris. The mere thought of him being mad at her upset her, it made her mind race in a dozen directions and none of them were favorable for her.

"What should I do?"

"Alright" Lita said cheerfully. "You are one foot in the right direction because you have that man enchanted. Ever since I saw the two of you enter the Ho Train I could tell that he fancied you, I mean I've known him for a long time and like I told you, men are easy to figure out. That was a good start for you and since you already bedded him I'll go straight to the point with this, you only need to do one little thing that will make him go softheaded for you and forget about everything…"

"Ladies" Stephanie's eyes moved away from the redhead and directly to the blonde man that just sat behind her. He had a huge grin on his face as he wrapped his arms around Lita. "What a wonderful night to encounter two of Canada's finest here"

"Edge, neither of us is from Canada" Lita said rolling her eyes.

"Then more power to you" Edge responded as he sent a sly smile to Stephanie.

Lita sighed and rested her head against the man's shoulder, lifting an eyebrow as she stared off into the distance.

Stephanie would never understand what kind of relationship Lita and Edge had; at times it seemed like she wanted nothing to do with him and he was always sweet talking every women he encountered, but then everybody in Canada knew or at least commented that Lita was Edge's woman… Stephanie wasn't sure and she had never dared to ask, whatever it was between them it seemed to work for them just fine.

"We were talking about Chris and how he is mad at Stephanie"

Edge snorted, his wild green eyes finding Stephanie's. "Mad… ha, I find that hard to believe Princess"

Stephanie looked from the man to Lita because she really didn't want to talk about Chris with Edge, and it was not only because he was friends with the man but because to that day Edge still unnerved her a bit…

It was not in a way were she believed he was going to harm her or something of the like, but just as it happened with Nattie, she always though the man to be to bold in his manners.

"Stephanie is worried because you and the rest of The Council could be sending her back to the castle, you wouldn't do that right?"

"Ah, to tell you the truth I'm not the one to say, now that Lance is gone I leave all the Diplomatic ways of the Council to Trish. She has a better head for those things and I go for whatever she says"

"Right… what about Chris? I bet he is pulling a word for Stephanie to stay…" Lita said and winked to Stephanie.

"You are asking tons today woman! Why don't you go and ask Chris?"

"Because we don't know where he is you silly" Lita replied as she turned to look at Edge. The blonde took the opportunity and kissed Lita's nose.

"Why, he's at his house. I was with him and Nattie checking on some villages and when we came back he and Nattie said they were going home. Of course, they were not going together because they don't live together. Chris lives with Stephanie and Nattie with T.J. and that made me wonder, why doesn't Lita live with me?"

"He's back at his home?"

"Were you listening to what I just said?" Edge asked with a frown.

Lita replied something to the Canadian but Stephanie didn't put much attention to it; she just excused herself and walked away and towards the house. According to Edge her husband was back and she needed to make sure he really was… she had wanted to be there when he came back.

The walk was short and in no time she was already there, opening the door and searching for him. She found him at his desk and as soon as she laid eyes on him her heart went back to normal… she hadn't even noticed how out of control it really was.

She stood at the doorframe, observing him rummage through some papers.

As if sensing her silent presence in the room his eyes moved to her. He was still wearing his somber mask and she found his eyes on her to be strange and distant. "I thought you were already gone"

Stephanie looked away from him and down to the floor. Was that what he wanted, for her to be out of his house?"

She wasn't sure, the night before everything was perfect between them so it didn't make sense that now he wanted her out; she was trying to be reasonable by thinking that but it was hard, that he didn't want her there was her biggest fear and she would do anything so he wouldn't think that way.

Without thinking it two times she went to him and knelt in front of him. "I'm sorry" She whispered closing her eyes and resting her head on his lap.

"Steph what are you doing, get up" He replied taking her by the arms and pulling her up. He got to his feet as well without letting go of her arms.

In a second she forgot everything Lita told her and started to talk. "I just wanted to help; I thought that if I spoke to Shane and convinced him to go to the Castle in peace that I would have more chances to stay here with you…"

"Steph…" Chris closed his eyes and moved his hands lower, taking her hands in his and giving her a squeeze. "I told you to leave everything to me"

"I know and I'm sorry. I didn't want you to get mad at me" Stephanie closed her eyes as well and rested her forehead against Chris', she wasn't good at apologies because she had never needed to make one, she just hoped to be doing alright because she really meant it.

She took in a deep breath as his hands let go of hers to circle her waist, bringing her closer to him.

"Are you still mad at me?" She mumbled, her own hands moving to rest on his chest.

"I'm not mad at you… I mean I was because for the love of God Stephanie, you know that if you want anything you just need to tell me, you have no need to go to the Council to ask"

"I wanted to do things right"

"Bugger that, I'm your husband and whatever you need or want I'll take care of it"

Stephanie smiled… maybe Lita was right about men wanting to be in control. She didn't mind, not as long as that man was Chris. "I love you" She said as she opened her eyes.

Chris's face softened with a smile of his own as he fixed his eyes on hers. "Does that mean you don't want to leave?"

"Of course I don't… you know that" She responded as she took in the scent of him… how could she want to let go of him?

He shrugged. "I don't know, the castle is your home and we took you away from there to bring you here, we captured your brother, forced you to marry me and when I think back to all that I wonder why would you really want to stay here"

"I told you… I want to stay because I love you, I want to stay with you and if you send me away I would take you with me"

Chris chuckled. "I don't think your father would like that, if he ever sees me again he would make sure to have my head on a spike"

"Then we need to stay here" Stephanie responded before kissing Chris briefly.

"Good… that you want to stay makes it easier for me because I spent a lot of time palavering with Trish about this. We still need to make a few arrangements and figure some things out but as long as you want to you are staying here"

Stephanie parted her lips and gasped. "Are you serious?"

"Didn't I tell you to leave everything to me" As Chris' words floated out of his lips Stephanie moved her arms to his neck and hugged him closer.

She didn't have many words to say, all that was on her mind was that she was staying, she was staying with him.

At that moment she didn't care about Thrones, brothers and far away Kingdoms. She was staying; he wanted her there, with him.

"I'm glad you like that…" He whispered tilting his head to the side, forcing her to pull away from the hug so his lips could take hers in a kiss.

When their lips finally met she kissed him back, granting him entrance so he could kiss her like she wanted to be kissed.

The moment demanded it; she wanted a kiss that would make her go weak on the knees, a kiss that would steal her every breath away and that was exactly what she got. He kissed her deep and long, his body pushing against hers until she was trapped between him and the desk.

But then he pulled away, leaving her lips missing him madly. She could protest but his eyes told him not to, he was going to continue with the kiss alright, his blue orbs held that promise.

Without taking his eyes away from hers he ran his finger up her spine, his lips inches away from kissing her once again.

"I love you Princess"

Stephanie closed her eyes, feeling his lips take possession of hers once again…

All was fine now, it was fine not only because she was staying but because he loved her, destiny had forged their ways together, going from a savage chasing a Princess through a forest to two entities in love. It was their task now to make the better of it.

So aye, her mind knew all was going to be perfect just as she had the love of her favorite savage…


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