"Foolish Hearts"

'Chapter Thirty-Two'

The rest of the week seemed to be a big blur for Naruto.

Between his own doctors and Sasuke's, he was in and out of the room having his own injuries tended to. He still didn't sleep much, worried that Sasuke would slip away from him once more. He stayed at his bed side as much as he could, though, only being forced out when Sakura or the doctors were on the brink of physically moving him.

But, as he walked towards the hospital -- he had been checked out just two days before, leaving him with a grand total of nine days in the hospital -- he smiled gently and adjusted the back pack on his shoulder.

The doctors had agreed that Sasuke was healthy enough to go home, but wasn't able to do anything strenuous, and was to remain in bed or mostly immobile when he could. Walking through the doors the fox made his way up to Sasuke's room, and opened up the door.

"Hey you." Naruto smiled tossing the back pack over to the Uchiha, his clothes inside, "Ready to go home and do nothing?"

Sasuke was sick of sitting here.

Sick of doing nothing.

The Uchiha frowned a little, pushing himself up off the pillows he started to maneuver himself off the bed. He stripped easily out of the hospital gown, reaching in the pack and tugging on the clothes in a lethargic manner. Sasuke was hoping the drugs would run through his system quickly. He stifled a yawn, his bright black eyes turned to the blonde, his hands tucked in his pockets. "…let's go."

Naruto smiled slightly, trying to hide it from Sasuke. He couldn't help it, whenever Sasuke was doped up; he was cute, in Naruto's mind, all sleepy and relaxed. He walked in back of the Uchiha, only by a step or two. "You can sleep it off at home." He started, referring to the drugs, "Got the bed all made up and everything."

"Mm." Sasuke glanced over his shoulder at the fox, giving him a face as the kitsune seemed to be keeping a slight distance from him. Wordlessly the Uchiha stuck out his hand, grabbing Naruto's in a deliberate manner and forcing the blonde to keep stride next to him as they walked down the street.

Naruto's smile grew as he felt Sasuke's hand around his.

His Sasuke was really back; the possessive bastard.

The walk was short; but it seemed to take a lot out of the Uchiha. As they walked through the gate, up the porch, and finally into the main house Sasuke's steps were slower.


He really hadn't been up and moving in about two weeks, and the drugs lacing his system didn't help his sleepy muscles either.

Naruto helped him down to the bed, the Uchiha laid out on his back, his dark black eyes looking to the blonde as Naruto perched on the side of the bed.


Everything smelled like Naruto -- it was so soothing.

He missed it…

Naruto easily went about pulling the blankets up Sasuke's body, and situating the pillows, his eyes soft.

"Need anything?" He asked gently, his cerulean orbs searching the hazy blacks. Reaching out he brushed the dark bangs out of Sasuke's face and just moved his fingers through the dark hair.

"No." Sasuke murmured easily, his dark eyes remaining on the blonde, feeling the warm digits across his face and threading back in his hair. Sasuke reached up, grabbing Naruto's wrist and forcing the blonde down against him -- in that same moment he tilted his head up, catching the blonde's lips in a firm embrace.

Naruto complied and easily perched himself over Sasuke, while still sitting half on the bed.

God, it had been so long since someone had touched him like this...

The kiss was hard, but not desperate.

Sasuke's hand trailed from the blonde's thick wrist up his arm and finally to the base of his neck to keep him there.


Sasuke traced his tongue over Naruto's bottom lip before he finally pulled back, his usual smirk on his lips as his dark black eyes were clouded with content.

...he was home.

Naruto smiled down at the customary look on Sasuke's face, the smirk, the slightly smiling eyes. He laughed slightly, "I'd say 'Welcome Home', but I think you already figured that out." He teased. Naruto could feel the heat of Sasuke's body underneath him, and he could feel the cool breeze of his breathing.

Sasuke was back.

Everything was going to be okay now.

Sasuke's fingers danced on the back of the blonde's neck, his sleepy black eyes half-lidded as he regarded the Hokage-sama. "Lay with me." Sasuke purred in his customary tone as he attempted to pull Naruto further down on the mattress.

Naruto's body shivered almost pleasantly at the feel of the fingers along the back of his neck. "Scoot over." He maneuvered on to the bed and easily slid under the covers, his arms moving around the lithe body next to him, drawing him close and against his body. "I love you."

Sasuke allowed himself to be pulled against Naruto, his eyes slipping closed as his body relaxed against his lover. Sasuke tilted his head under the kitsune's chin, "..I love you too." Sasuke said in a sincere; though a little overly serious voice. His arms easily slipped around Naruto's waist, the heat between them comfortable.

Naruto's fingers moved slowly up and down Sasuke's spine, gently brushing over the vertebrae there. Letting out a soft moan at the feel of his lover against him, "I'll work with the Council and get everything taken care of."

Sasuke had almost forgot about the plight he faced in Konoha.


Though as Naruto spoke of the council the Uchiha tensed slightly.

The memory wipe had failed; so what now?

Sasuke tried to let himself relax again, but his body felt tense and his jaw was clenched. He wanted to say something but he lost his train of thought.

Naruto felt the muscles in Sasuke's body tighten in his arms. "Don't worry." Naruto murmured. "Asaia was that snake-bastard, wasn't he?" He started. "We'll figure all this out with them, they aren't going to kill you, I have a feeing he had some work in all of this."

Sasuke turned his lethargic eyes back on the fox, tilting his head up slightly almost in a childish manner as he studied Naruto's face.

…he didn't look worried.

Naruto almost looked determined.

His hands had slipped under Naruto's shirt, gently ghosting over the flesh of his lower back as he weighed his own thoughts and memories of the time previous. "Okay." The Uchiha murmured after a moment, trusting that Naruto could make everything better.

Naruto let Sasuke's wandering hands move under his shirt, his own arms tightened around Sasuke's body, careful of the healing wound. "You just get better." He murmured gently as he pressed his lips to Sasuke's forehead.

He'd get this whole mess straightened out.

Naruto would protect Sasuke.


It had been a long few weeks of recovery.

Files were being made of the time from then and now; from when Asaia was first appointed on the council, to when Sasuke returned to when his memories got erased and when he had been kidnapped.

Asaia had been the puppeteer.

Orochimaru was never killed as once thought; instead he was lying low, planted himself in Konoha because he knew Sasuke would be drawn there.

It had been orchestrated from the beginning.

Naruto had been trying to deal with those loose ends, trying to fight for a spot in the world for the Uchiha and Sasuke was left at home to await his trial date.

He was still a traitor.

Go figure.

Even after all that shit, some feared the man had been in on it all along, like he knew all this was going to happen as it did.


But, again, it was Naruto's place to fight and with Asia off the council the men seemed a little more willing to listen to their Hokage and actually allow Sasuke a fairer trial and perhaps even have Ibiki probe his mind and delve back into any demons to just make certain Sasuke had no idea Orochimaru was there the entire time.

Sasuke currently was lounging on the couch; clad only in pajama bottoms, his eyes a bright red as they regarded the ceiling above him.

It was a little past six.

Sasuke really had no idea when Naruto would be home today.

The blonde pushed the front door open, a pile of files in one arm. He had the council seeing his view; they just needed the documented proof that supported him.

Naruto wanted nothing more for all the trials to be over with. It was overly stressful, and in the fox's opinion, it was worthless. Sasuke had proven his innocence; he had proved that he wasn't part of Orochimaru's plan.

"Hey." The blonde called out softly as he stepped into the living room. He caught sight of the blood eyes, and gave Sasuke a soft smile. He set the large pile of paperwork down and sat on the floor next to his lover. "Big trial is tomorrow." He murmured, letting his head fall back and rest against the couch. "Met with the rest of the lawyers, Ibiki, the council." He shook his head and shifted on the couch so he could stare at Sasuke, "They finally believe that we were telling the truth, we just need to get the documents through...and…" Naruto sighed heavily, "You're going to have to testify, and possibly be put on some truth serum, just to make sure."

Sasuke moved over to his lover, setting his chin on his shoulder and lazily wrapping his arms around him.


He enjoyed being around the fox; being in his home, being himself again.

He had the memories of himself in that childish state of mind, but they were blurry, strange almost -- like a dream.

"Then all this is over?" Sasuke asked in his usual purring tone, tilting his head so his bright ruby eyes could regard the tired Hokage.

Naruto's ears picked up on the husky purr-like tone to Sasuke's voice, "Think it'll be over." He nodded softly. He had faith in Sasuke, he knew that his lover would pull through this time, he was stronger than before. Sasuke was ready to return to Konoha, he wanted it this time. "I have better faith in the council this time, they aren't under Orochimaru's power anymore."


Orochimaru was really dead.


Sasuke finally felt like all his chains were gone; like all the weights that had been holding him down were finally broken.

It was…

All thanks to Naruto.

Naruto gave him the peace of mind and the security he had always been craving. Naruto had chased all his demons away, both mental and physical.

There was no words to express that gratitude.

No words to even explain everything he felt for the blonde.

Naruto was his world.

Sasuke hugged the fox close to himself, his eyes closing as he pressed his cheek against the blonde's neck.

One more trial.

Then he'd be free to live as he pleased.

Not as a traitor, just as a regular citizen of Konoha.

He'd be free to take the ninja tests, free to once again just be Uchiha Sasuke.

"It'll be fine." He murmured gently against the blonde's flesh, actually having faith in that simple phrase for the first time.

Nothing would go wrong.

Naruto smiled softly and nuzzled back against Sasuke, enjoying the warmth and the love he could feel coming from the other man. "Yeah, it will."

Sasuke remained against his lover's side, just holding him having no real intention on letting the blonde get up. "When is it tomorrow?" He asked rather lazily; but then again he normally didn't place too much worry on political tasks, not in his current state of mind.

That'd be another issue they'd need to resolve.

Find a way to truly fix Sasuke's sharingan or the man would just have to be drugged most times he was awake.

"Noon." The fox answered; He was completely rooted to the floor, Sasuke's arms around his shoulders. He felt relaxed despite the fact that the trial was the next day. They would be given the results tomorrow; their entire life would be changed tomorrow. "How're your injuries healing?"

"Fine." Sasuke didn't feel any pain; though he had yet to really take a painkiller but his wounds weren't so bad anymore. He still had the bandage around his middle; where the deepest wound had been but the stitches had been taken out and the flesh was mending back together nicely.

It would leave a scar.

Sasuke almost wanted tomorrow to come quickly so he could get it over with. He had no fear or apprehension for tomorrow, having full faith that he'd be granted a normal life. He kissed the back of the blonde's neck before he parted from the fox, lying out on his spine, his arms behind his head in a lazy pose. "Do you have more work to do tonight?" Sasuke asked, flicking his bright eyes to Naruto, knowing that huge pile of files he brought home had to mean he'd be stuck in the office.

The blonde nodded apprehensively, "I need to sort through the doctor reports and dig a few out." Looking over his shoulder to the bright eyes he smiled softly, "Not all night." Sitting up, he reached out and brushed Sasuke's hair out of his eyes, "Because we need to thoroughly check that injury, make sure it's fully healed before tomorrow."

Sasuke smirked slightly, tilting his head into the fingers as they brushed through his hair. "It's healed enough." Sasuke murmured easily, shifting on his side as he regarded the kitsune. He took Naruto's hand in his, bringing his knuckles to his lips as he placed a few placid kisses on his hand. "Do you need any help?" He asked the same smirk in his voice.

"Classified, unfortunately." The fox made a small face, "In a matter of a few weeks you'll be swamped in all the classified papers you could ever want, be happy you don't have to read them now." Shifting his hand away from Sasuke's lips, Naruto leaned down and caught Sasuke's pale lips against his own. "I'll sneak in when you least expect it and check on you."

Sasuke chuckled low in the back of his throat before he caught Naruto's lips in a quick heated kiss before he drew back. "You can't sneak up on me." Sasuke said simply, his scarlet eyes glinting with the playful challenge.

"I think I can." Naruto smirked right back. "I mean, when you're tired and half asleep just about anything can sneak up on you." He let his fingers trails down Sasuke's bare chest, lightly tickling the man's side.

Sasuke kept his smirk, feeling those calloused fingers as they ran down his skin. He reached up and gripped the back of Naruto's corded neck; pulling him closer, inches apart as Sasuke looked into his bright blue eyes. His lips brushed against the kitsune's as he spoke, "You better get to work before I don't let you leave." He purred in that deep voice of his, running his tongue along Naruto's bottom lip in a playful manner not breaking eye contact.

"You're going to hold me against my work?" The fox snickered slightly, "God, I don't know, I really love that paperwork."


Sasuke kept his hold on the blonde, kissing his jaw and finally down to his neck where he started to nip and suck at little pockets of skin. "In that case…" He purred against Naruto's flesh; the blonde had given him an opening and Sasuke was going to exploit it.

Naruto chuckled softly and tilted his neck back; letting Sasuke take the opening he had given. "But my paper work...It calls to me..." He fake whined, he knew which documents he had to find, and had an idea where they were in the pile, he had just brought the entire file home just in case.

Sasuke's hand ran down the blonde's neck, releasing him as he snaked it under his shirt -- digits running along his taut side. "Work can wait." Sasuke murmured easily as he kissed a dark blemish he had made on his lover's neck before he moved lower to start nipping at his collar.

"Lover first, work second." Naruto agreed as he shifted onto the couch, and straddled Sasuke's waist. His own hand ran back up the pale skin, tracing the muscles there.

Sasuke relaxed back on the couch as Naruto perched above him, letting out a little sound in the back of his throat as the kitsune trailed those nice warm fingers along his bare skin.

One hand was on Naruto's hip; the grip firm retaining his control even though it appeared Naruto was besting him at the moment. His other hand was on the blonde's shoulder, forcing the fox down over him so he could trail his lips against the hollow of his neck. Sasuke rocked his hips upward to create a little friction a pleasant growl parting his lips before he bit playfully at Naruto's ear.

Naruto complied with Sasuke's gentle rock, and moved back against him.

Sasuke was ultimately in control of the situation. The fox let out a soft, airy moan, his eyes fluttering closed at Sasuke's nibbling lips.

Sasuke noticed as the kitsune didn't seem to be trying to gain any leverage, allowing himself to be taken.

The Uchiha shifted, raising himself up from under his lover and pushing the blonde back against the couch -- perching over him easily. He yanked off the blonde's shirt, tossing it to the floor. He parted Naruto's legs with one of his own; the couch a tight fit but the Uchiha was managing so far. Sasuke didn't feel any pain in his middle; so he continued his ministrations unhindered. "I missed you." Sasuke murmured softly against his neck before he brought his lips up to catch Naruto's own.

It had been a long while since they had been together.

He had no memories of the blonde; had been a childish shell for a few months, and then Orochimaru had taken him and then he had been stuck in the hospital recovering.

He wanted to really feel his lover; claim him, make him his all over again.

Sasuke was back from the dead and he had no intention on leaving Naruto again; ever.

Naruto smiled devilishly and let Sasuke take over, pinning him to the opposite end of the couch. He let his hands trail down his lovers back, his fingers brushing over the bandage. "I missed you more." The fox moaned out.

Naruto didn't think that he would be able to relay just how much he missed Sasuke, how much he had suffered through his lover's childish state of mind, or when he had been taken by Orochimaru.

"So much." Reaching up, Naruto caught Sasuke's jaw in his hand and focused on the bright eyes. His own cerulean orbs were bright with passion and love, trying to convey how much he had missed him through a look.

Sasuke looked down into his lover's eyes, picking out every emotion in those clear blue orbs.

He loved Naruto's eyes.

Such a pure blue.

Almost innocent.

Sasuke trailed his fingers along his face, framing it in a silent moment of understanding before he leaned down and took Naruto's lips in a gentle sensual kiss. His other hand moved between their bodies, stopping at the top of Naruto's pants as he started to un-button them, wanting to feel skin on skin -- wanting to be pressed intimately against his lover.

Naruto arched his body, his hips pressing into Sasuke's hand. He let out a soft whimper, wanting to feel the man's skin and hard body against his own.

Sasuke managed to get Naruto's pants off, kicking them over the armrest, dragging his lips from Naruto's mouth down his chin and down the arch of his neck. "Naruto..." Sasuke purred against his skin, one hand brushing against the blonde's need applying pressure as Sasuke built up the passion between them -- wanting Naruto to squirm.

The blonde spread his legs a bit further apart, arching up into Sasuke. He wanted to feel Sasuke's body against him. "Sasuu..." Naruto purred, wanting more.


Sasuke loved when Naruto moaned.

His whole body felt warm, he wanted his lover and he didn't think he could draw this out any further. He just wanted to fuck him so bad.

Sasuke was about to kick his own pants off when the doorbell rang; loud and shrill vibrating around them. Sasuke's head snapped up in the direction of the door before he decided to ignore it.

His panting lover was much more important and Sasuke started to bite at Naruto's neck; his hand moving from touching his lover down to probe at the kitsune's entrance.

"Naruto?" Came the lazy call beyond the door and yet another ring of the bell, "I know you're home"



Naruto hadn't heard his door bell ring, his mind solely focused on Sasuke and Sasuke's hands. Naruto was trying to shift on the couch, trying to find a way to push his boxer shorts off. "What are you doing?" He breathed out, questioning why his lover had stopped.

Sasuke yanked down the blonde's shorts; wanting to remained focused on his lover, pulling down his own clothing in the process and leaving them both naked.


Sasuke groaned as skin kissed skin, their bodies pressing together; his fingers once again running down his length down his thigh and finally to brush against his sensitive opening.

Shikamaru had pressed his ear to the door but heard nothing; there wasn't enough clearance under the sliding screen to push the files and sadly there was no other way to get them to Naruto.

They were too important to leave them in the open and climbing through a window required too much effort and Shikamaru didn't care enough.

He could just force his way in; just pick the lock.

...what could be the worst he could find?

Shikamaru continued to debate with himself on the porch, once again pushing the bell. Sasuke's trial was tomorrow morning and if Naruto wanted to create a thorough file he needed what Shikamaru had brought.

...but the Hokage wasn't answering the door.

Sasuke snarled at the sound of the godforsaken chime, aware of Shikamaru's presence outside the home and a little irritated the man couldn't take a hint.

What was so damn important?

Sasuke roughly slammed his fingers in and out of his lover, trying to prepare him as he groped his insides trying to find his prostate.

Naruto let out a gasping yell, and arched into Sasuke's hand. "God!" He let his eyes fluttered closed, his head falling to the side, a loud groan escaping him. "Sasuke!"

Sasuke smirked down to his lover, noticing as his muscles tightened under his bronzed flesh, the way his legs parted submissively and how he arched into his hand.

Sasuke nipped along the curve of Naruto's shoulder in a tender gesture, his dark ruby eyes coated with passion as they regarded the blonde's profile. Sasuke slowly pulled his fingers from his lover's opening and replaced himself inside of the kitsune -- slowly pushing his way into the tight heat, purring at the feel of Naruto's walls clenched around him.


Shikamaru had to make a choice.

Force his way in, or just go back to the office and hope Naruto got there early enough to tweak the file for the Uchiha.

…why did he care so much?

He should just turn around and fuck it, whatever came to Sasuke came, and Naruto would just have to deal.


Friendship played a large factor in the lazy ninja's decision; that and the knowledge of just how badly Sasuke's death and memory loss had affected him.

He didn't want that happening again.


Despite his own best interest and his instincts telling him to just leave Naruto alone and let fate take him wherever the hell it wanted…

Shikamaru picked the lock in one easy movement and allowed himself passage into the home.

Bad idea.

Shikamaru's face turned bright red, the files fallen from his hands as his body was stricken with shock.


Oh hell no!

Sasuke was perched over a moaning Naruto; his back arched and allowing Shikamaru an eyeful he never wanted; the Uchiha not even missing a beat as he slammed himself in and out of his lover -- stabbing Naruto's spot with every fluid thrust.

He had heard the lock break.

Now quite aware of Shikamaru.

Did he give a damn?


His breathing was uneven; sweat sprinkled on his skin, his cloudy red eyes flicking in Shikamaru's direction -- hostility coming off him in waves as if daring the lazy ninja to break the mood any further than he already had as it was obvious Naruto remained oblivious under his lover.


Shikamaru covered his eyes with his arm but it was already too late, his brain already imploded, and without a word the ninja left the home in a disgusted daze; he made sure to slam the screen shut behind them so they wouldn't traumatize anyone else who happened to stop by.

Naruto let out a whimpering breaths, his hands slowly fisting into the couch fabric, his fingers shaking in anticipation. "Ah...Sasu...god!" He continued to thrust back against his lover, his body desperate for a release.

Shikamaru's brief presence seemed lost on the moaning fox.

Sasuke's muscles began to quiver as he forced himself to keep his pace, groaning in the back of his throat as he thrusted inside of his lover again and again.

So close…

His stomach felt tight, his whole body wound as Naruto's breathy moans brought him closer and closer to the edge. He loved Naruto; more than he could ever explain. "Gods..." He groaned against the crook of Naruto's neck, sucking his skin as he panted feeling himself get closer and closer.



"Naru.." Sasuke's moan turned into a harsh yell, his nails digging into the cushions as his whole body spasmed -- releasing deep inside of his kitsune.

Naruto's body arched, his legs tightening around Sasuke's body. "Sasu!" He called out; his heart was hammering in his chest. The fox gripped at Sasuke's skin, his fingers curling into the man's back. "Ah!" He felt like he was merging with Sasuke, becoming one with him for the first and last time, like it was eternal for him.

Sasuke collapsed against his lover, his cheek against his shoulder, his arms looped under his back as he just held him against his over-heated body. Sasuke's eyes slipped shut as he tried to tame his breathing and his hammering heart, "…love you." He said in a soft tone, nuzzling Naruto's collar in a lethargic movement.

He felt weightless and heavy all at the same time.

Naruto let out a soft purr like sound as Sasuke settled against him. "I love you too." The fox breathed out, he loosely wrapped his arms around Sasuke's slick body. "Never leave me again..."

"I won't." Sasuke never wanted to leave Naruto again. He held his lover firm, not caring that they were squished together on the small couch or the fact that he had yet to even pull out of the fox.

He just wanted to remain like this.


"After tomorrow's trial everything will be normal." Sasuke said gently nuzzling once again along Naruto's neck in a soothing manner. "I'm not leaving."

Naruto let out a soft moan and closed his eyes, relaxing back into the couch. "Good."

The trial was the least of Naruto's worries.

He knew the council was in a sane state of mind; they were listening and focused on the facts.


Morning of the trial.

Sasuke had been awake for a while; just lying in bed, his eyes closed as he felt the warmth of sun over his face and chest. Finally he moved away from the light, rolling atop his lover slightly as he forced his eyes to open.

Ten o'clock.

Two hours before they'd go in front of the council.

It wasn't a big deal.

Naruto said everything would be fine, he had created a file last night; Sasuke hadn't told him Shikamaru came in because Naruto apparently was oblivious to it and just assumed he had dropped a file at the door -- a reason why the papers were everywhere.

Sasuke liked that Naruto was a little slow sometimes.

Sasuke's hand started to trail over the blonde's shoulder, down his arm; back and forth in a soothing manner, his wine colored eyes half lidded as he stared at the closet door.

Naruto shifted slightly on his front, as he felt the soft touch along the top of his shoulder and arm. He let out a sleepy sigh, and slowly blinked his eyes open.

He had gotten to bed around two-thirty in the morning, the file finally complete. They had a completely fool-proof plan, the facts all put into place, written statements by doctors and others. Sasuke would be deemed safe; there was no way they could say otherwise.

Naruto caught sight of Sasuke's chest, and could vaguely hear the sound of his strong heart beat. Smiling softly, Naruto snaked his arm around Sasuke's bare waist and pulled himself into his lover's warm chest, nuzzling at the skin there.

"Good morning." Sasuke murmured gently into Naruto's hair, holding the man to him as Naruto nuzzled into his chest.

Everything felt good.

Warm and almost perfect.

The Uchiha didn't care that the light stung his eyes, the whole fact that he was awake and in bed with his lover was the start of a good day. After today he'd never have to worry about being taken away from this; he'd wake up like this forever. "Ready for today?" He asked, placing a simple kiss on Naruto's temple.

The blonde let out a soft moan and let his eyes close at the soft kiss against his skin, "I dreamt that it already did and that we were already home."

Shifting his body closer, Naruto tangled their legs together.

He knew the trial would go their way, he just wished that it had already happened.

He was so comfortable and relaxed. He had his Sasuke back, no longer the child he had been watching, but his Sasuke, his lover. Naruto felt whole again, he felt complete and secure once more. For the longest time, he had thought that he would never have this again, this security, this love. The night after he had brought Sasuke back home from the hospital had been some of the best nights of sleep he had gotten in almost a year. He had slept so hard and so long that Sasuke had joked about Naruto dying in his sleep. The fox hadn't moved, or made a sound according to his lover. Naruto didn't care about the joke, he was overly happy that Sasuke was home and safe.


They had stayed in bed until the last possible moment.

Sasuke had dressed in a simple black button down and slacks; apparently it was a sort of formal affair and Naruto was dressed in his custom robes.

The two had walked to the tower hand in hand, all the way up to the council room. Sasuke only let go of the fox's hand when the blonde had to take a seat on the council's platform, Sasuke in the chair before them.

His fingers drummed the armrest in an anxious manner, his bright red eyes causing a few Anbu to tense under his gaze. The Uchiha licked his lips almost nervously as one Anbu approached him, a syringe in hand.

Deja vu almost.

Except this time Naruto was actually here and the injection wouldn't be lethal, just a simple truth serum to make sure he was telling the whole truth when they asked questions.

Naruto's file had already been presented and the head of the council was busy reading it. Once he finished he closed the file, his dark eyes looking to the Anbu and Sasuke. "Are we ready?" He asked to no one in particular, knowing this was going to happen now.

The Anbu stood ready and when he was given the okay he lifted Sasuke's sleeve and injected the fluid into his arm.

Sasuke tried not to tense, tried to remain casual but his bright eyes were set in a hostile glare as he glanced up to the Anbu then swept his blood colored eyes to the council.

Naruto hid a smile behind his hand, despite the fact his lover had just been injected with a truth serum, something that would make him sick and delirious. He watched as the Council closed the file he had prepared and had glanced back at Sasuke, waiting for the serum to take effect. His own eyes flickered over to Sasuke's orbs, watching as they started to glaze, the blood slowly starting to fade from his eyes.


Four hours.

It had taken four hours to go through everything.

Sasuke was in an odd state of mind; his eyes a pure black and he felt dazed, almost like he was floating.

It was very weird.

Questions had came one after the other and he was able to answer but at times he didn't really understand why; but words came out and then another question would be asked.

Finally it was over.

Sasuke's brow was furrowed, his hands gripping the arms of the chair, his body slightly tilted as he tried to get back equilibrium.

"We deem Sasuke stable." The head councilmen voiced for the group of them, "Uchiha Sasuke is no longer ruled as a traitor but as a citizen of Konoha."



That was good.


Sasuke's head was pounding, everyone was slightly blurry, he really wanted to just go home. He slumped a little in his chair; he felt like he was going to be sick.



The fox watched as Sasuke seemed to battle with himself, but he was still well aware of what the council was saying to him.

"What about joining the Ninja once more?" Naruto asked his voice even.

"At this point in time, with a stable mind he should be qualified for Anbu testing." The elder man started, "At his leisure, of course."

Naruto nodded slowly, Sasuke's life was falling back into place.

Slowly pushing himself up from the chair he slowly started for his lover, "Send the paper work to my home, I'll take care of it there." The fox informed, he set his hand on Sasuke's shoulder steadying him.

"As you wish, Hokage-sama." The elder nodded slowly, a soft smile on his lips.

The council slowly stood up and bowed to Naruto before they left through the back door.

Naruto smiled softly before he knelt down next to Sasuke. "Hey."

Sasuke was aware of Naruto speaking to the elders but at the same time he wasn't.

He didn't like this state of mind.

It was hard to focus.

But, he was trying his damndest to keep his mind in control but he was obviously failing.

"Naruto.." His voice wavered slightly, lifting his hand from the death grip he had on the chair and gripping Naruto's shoulder instead.


The room felt like it was tilted; sideways.

Was this normal?

"Can we go home?" He asked, his dark eyes still coated in a bright sheen, the drugs still coursing in his body.

Naruto nodded slowly, "Yea, I'll take you home." He murmured softly.

Sasuke's grip on his shoulder was tight, and the fox wasn't about to break it. Instead, he slowly looped his arm around Sasuke's shoulders and helped him towards the edge of the chair, "Do you think you can stand?"

Naruto had mixed feelings on the truth serum. It was useful when having to deal with enemy ninja, or traitors, but Sasuke was neither; he had been, but he hadn't been for a long time.

Sasuke kept his hand firm on Naruto's shoulder, inching off the chair and trying to stand but his whole body just leaned sideways where the room was going.


This was harder than he thought.

He clenched his eyes shut; trying to gain control of a more stable state of mind but by doing so he ended up falling further towards the floor, losing balance.


He didn't think he could stand after all.

Sasuke looked a little weird, still holding Naruto's shoulder, his other palm flat on the ground and his body in a half-crouching position as he tried to catch up with the seeming moving floor.

Naruto had easily hooked his arm around Sasuke's waist the moment his body tipped in the opposite direction.

He watched with sympathetic cerulean orbs. The blonde had been put through one round of truth serum, a drunken night years and years before with Sakura and...well...he really didn't want to think about it.

Keeping his movements slow and steady, he carefully pulled Sasuke up so he could rest in Naruto's chest. "I've got you.." He murmured softly as he eased Sasuke back into the chair, "Just try and hold on as best you can." Shifting his arms, Naruto picked Sasuke up bridal style.

Sasuke kept his eyes shut; he couldn't really focus on anything, everything felt like it was skewed and he didn't want to try and decipher all of it.

He felt himself be lifted by the blonde; cradled into his chest and he didn't try to do a thing about it. He felt the gentle movement as Naruto walked down the steps of the tower and felt the sun on his skin when they walked down the path towards home.


Sasuke's hand fisted in the front of Naruto's robes his head hiding in his chest as he tried to keep some stable state. "Almost there?" He asked in a low tone, wanting to just lie in bed and wait for this stupid drug to leave his system, wanting to feel normal again and just really bask in the glow of being his own person again.

"Almost there.." Naruto reassured as he moved as smoothly as he could down the street. He was sure he looked odd, Sasuke half unconscious in his arms, but he didn't care. They were finally going home.

"We'll be home...and it'll be our home." Naruto spoke quietly, almost a whisper in Sasuke's ear. There was a smile to his voice, an underlining happiness about going home with Sasuke, and not having to worry about Anbu guarding them, or council members, or hidden memories.

They could finally be with each other.

Naruto shouldered the front door open and stepped through the threshold of their home.

"Welcome home, Sasuke."


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