So I have a new story up called "The Loved, The Scorned, The Rogue". It's a Leah story that right now just a oneshot made for the "Paws & Art" Contest for Printing Paws. But I will extend it. I thought that all you pack lovers would like to know about the new Pack story I have. It's up on my profile if you want to go check it out.

It will eventually become a full story about Leah, before and then after Twilight. Hope all of you are doing good, and just another little update I do have an "A New Life" outake/futuretake in the works. But right now real life is CRAZY. The outake will be put up as it's own little OS like the Leah and Josh one was. So if you want to make sure you don't miss it then you should put me on your author alerts.

For more updates like this as well as random fun follow me on my Twitter account, the link to it can be found on my profile.

Have a happy Sunday everyone.