This story is part of a group of prompt stories dedicated to the wonderful, talented, generous Muffy Morrigan. We wanted to do something special to show how much her friendship means to us and how much we treasure her remarkable writing talent. She's a truly incredible person, always generous and helpful, and no matter what obstacles the universe chooses to put in her way, she just keeps writing and sharing the most amazing stories with us.

Thank you for always being there for us, hon, and best of luck with your novels!

Premise for the stories: Write a story of 200-1000 words, prompt words: vampire, bloody and squinch. Check out the other stories too, participating writers are TraSan, RoweenaC, DeansBabyBird, Manavie and abni.

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Thank you Mr Kripke for the loan of your Boys to play with.

Rated M for saucy language.

Vampyre's Kiss

The blood was warm and it trickled sensually from the violating bite to pool like liquid lust in the notch at the base of his taut neck.

The muscles in his thighs trembled as his bare feet scrabbled to find purchase on the dirt floor; whilst his bound hands tore at the rusted shackles that held him pinned against the damp stone of the cellar walls, biceps corded with fury as she drank her fill of him.

He raged against the choking gag that drowned his screams but his fury became a whimper as her razor sharp teeth tore at his tender flesh and her venom pulsed into him, quickening his despairing heart.

Satiated, she uncoiled from his cruelly restrained body, her eyes dilated with languid desire.

"I knew you would taste good."

Her voice was soft and as she spoke she licked at the rich crimson that blushed her lips.

"It was worth the wait, Dean Winchester."

She trailed the back of her hand slowly down his ribs, finding with ease those broken earlier by her boot and smiling, pressed her hand against the tell tale give of the fractured bone ends.

The jagged splinters ground against each other and she laughed cruelly, filling the oppressive room with a deep, melodic sound, which drowned out the raw anguish of his agonised screams.


Hope you liked it Muffy. xx

Please let me know what you thought of it!