"Can we go to the mall after school, Craig?" he stared up with those big, auburn eyes. The ones I couldn't ever find a way to say no to.

Ninth grade has come. Innocence was something he didn't possessed. He shivered, I put an arm over his shoulder, taking a drag from my cigarette.

We're sitting outside the back of the school. Escaping from the cafeteria. Apparently some asshole thought it would be funny to start a food fight.


Apathetic. Uncaring. Cold.

Thats what I was. Or atleast, what I appeared to be. I knew what was going down. I just didn't understand why anyone else didn't. That innocence he appears to have? Its as real as my apathy.

And that was as real as splenda.

We were both fakers, liars. But only I knew about it.

But I was an asshole. He wasn't. He was a liar for a reason. I was just an asshole.

"Gah! Thanks." he looks up at me, smiles that fake smile that I hate so much. I hate him. This isn't the boy I fell in love with in fifth grade.

Who was that boy? That boy was Tweek Tweak.

Normal 10 year olds don't fall in love. Especially not with another boy. But I did. I knew from the moment he got up on stage, took that tacky elementary school diploma that I was in deep.

"Whatever" I drop the unfinished cigarette on the concrete below me, stomping it out with my foot. He reaches his hand into my back pocket, opening the top to my cigarettes pack and taking one for his own.

It was funny.

He was trying to put up the good kid act, but he had no problem smoking up my whole pack. Right infront of me. Of course I was the only one who knew about his little addiction. If daddy were to find out, he'd get his cute little ass beaten.

As he lights up, he begins to cough. And at that moment, I begin to forget my hatred for the liar, the faker. And remember that somewhere inside that liar is that boy I grew up with. My hand reaches out, moves his long, blond bangs away from his eyes. It wasn't his fault.

"Are you catching another cold?" Hes pale. It looks like he lost more weight.

Its not just his father. Something else is wrong. Hes sick. I know it.

"Gah! Yeah, but I'll be fine man. I still have some cough medicine and stuff."

I let out a sigh, nodding. I want all of this to stop. I want to help.

But what could I possibly do?

I look at my watch. Lunch is almost over.

Now, the story is really going to start going. Next chapter.... Will be more school in Tweek's point of veiw

I want it to be longer, I'm kind of excited to be writing this again. Haha.


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