"Spongebob!" yelled Squidward. The sponge nervously walked over to the angered squid.

"Why I have half a mind to strangle you right now!"

"I'm sorry Squidward; it's just that you looked so lonely"

"I like to be alone!"

"I'm sorry…" Spongebob's face drooped as he went to sit down in the studio audience.

"Now where do I find the way out of here?" Squidward asked himself, looking for any exits.

"Let's here it for our lucky contestant, Squidward Tennisbombs!" said the host. Apparently the show had already started filming. Squidward found that the doors were locked when it started filming. Now he had nothing left to do but participate. The host walked over, the camera following him.

"Here he is right now!" the host said. The host led Squidward to a big, fluffy, pink chair.

"It's Tentacles!" Squidward yelled. "Not Tennisbombs!" He felt that he had to get that in.

"OK Squidward, here's how to play." the host said. "There are three contestants behind that curtain! All of their voices and yours will be digitally disguised! You just ask them questions and then at the end, we will pick the one that is most compatible with you!" the host said.

"We'll get started right after this commercial break!" the host yelled at the camera. After they were done filming, everybody got off of the set, and Squidward was asked to fill out a sheet with his personal information like hobbies, favorite pastimes, and favorite type of music. Squidward filled it out quickly (Almost every answer having something to do with his clarinet!)

"Everybody back on set!" yelled the director. Everybody followed this request.

"We're back and ready to play!" the host said. "Ask your first question Squidward!"

"Uh… well…" Squidward stammered. "What instrument do you play?" he finally decided on.

"Violin!" shouted one.

"Tuba!" shouted another.

"Mayonnaise!" shouted the third.

"Mayonnaise?" Squidward asked himself. He brushed it out of his mind and asked the next question.

"What kind of music do you listen to?" he asked.




Squidward was starting to like the first one. He asked about 13 other questions before the host stopped him.

"OK that's enough Squidward!" he yelled. "Now to see who you're most compatible with. After this commercial break!" Squidward hopped off the fluffy pink chair. He was undeniably nervous, and he had his tentacles crossed that he was paired up with the first one. They had a lot in common! Squidward walked over to the refreshment table and quickly drank a glass of punch. Squidward was sweating when they were called back to the set. He stared deeply at the slightly transparent pink curtain with a red heart in the center.

"We're back!" the host said. "We've now changed your voices back to normal. Now is the time to announce who you're most compatible with!" There was a drum roll coming from nowhere in particular.

"Squidward… You are most compatible with… Contestant Number Three!" Squidward became very nervous. What would she look like? The curtain slowly rose up, Girl Number Three was cheering in an oddly familiar, deep voice. Squidward just shrugged it off. Maybe they just forgot to get rid of the voice changer. Squidward gasped when the curtain revealed who he was compatible with. It was none other than Patrick Star! Patrick ran over to Squidward.

"Hi Squidward!" he said, waving.

"This will be a tough choice Squidward…" the host said. "But you get to pick either who you were matched up with, or our fabulous consolation prize. The consolation prize is an all expanse paid meal at Bikini Bottom's own…" the producer started. Squidward got excited again. He was hoping for a fancy restaurant.

"Krusty Krab!" Squidward was speechless. Spongebob ran down from the audience and up to Squidward and Patrick.

"Wasn't this the best Valentines day ever?" Spongebob and Patrick said simultaneously.