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Minutes later Sarah had scooped Toby some ice cream and was waiting for him to finish. 'Why must he always be trying to mess things up' Sarah thought her mind still on the "presents" Toby had received.

"Hey Toby, can you do a favor for me? Sara asked momentarily distracting him from his vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

"Mhm" was Toby's response as he tried to talk with a full mouth.

"If you get any other presents can you tell me? I want to play a game with them."

"Ok Sarah. It's a really fun toy," Toby said referring to his new castle and figurine.

"That's good. Why don't you bring your bowl to the sink and go lie down. Ill be up in just a few minutes," Sarah said to her brother who had now finished his ice cream.

"Ok" was Toby's sole response as he darted upstairs to his bedroom.

'This is just the beginning' Sarah thought as she sighed and went upstairs to tuck Toby in.


Meanwhile in the Underground, Jareth had his own thoughts and worries concerning the events that had just unfolded. 'When will she realize? How long will it take? Can't she remember that she alone has the power to bring me back? Perhaps that wasn't enough to show her, perhaps I should do something more?' Jareth worried as he paced in his study across the deep forest green carpet that already had many stress created paths throughout the room. 'But what should I send her to make her remember?' and with that last question Jareth sat down on the windowsill looking out at his kingdom that had never recovered from Sarah's arrival and painful departure.

Although most people didn't make the connection, the Labyrinth itself was a part of Jareth's heart and soul. Therefore when he was happy the kingdom prospered and when his heart was breaking the kingdom fell apart. However, there was one thing that controlled the Labyrinth even more than Jareth… the girl that Jareth gave his heart to, in this case Sarah. Although he had not been the best at expressing his emotions for the girl he truly did give his heart to the girl. Unfortunately, when she expressed that he had no power over her, it truly did strip his power over her and now he was prevented to reveal himself to him or to force her return. The one thing that he was able to do was make things appear for her to see and that he did again, and again, and yet again even though she rarely saw his attempts for what they were.

'I know what I can send her! A rose!' Jareth thought as the idea suddenly came to him. Within a moment a crystal was summoned which he sent to find its place on Sarah's pillow where it would turn into an undying red rose a true sign of his love for her.