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Meta Knight was patrolling the halls as usual.

Nothing unusual seemed to be going on, until he saw Bun running down the hallway, along with Fumu.

"B-Bun!" cried Fumu. "Wait up!"

Bun ran past Meta Knight like lightning, nearly knocking him over.

Fumu stopped in front of him. "Oh, Bun..." she sighed.

"Why is he in such a hurry?" asked Meta Knight.

"He saw a new type of candy on television," explained Fumu. "and now he wants it."

Meta Knight slowly tilted his head to the side. "...Candy?"

Fumu's eyes widened slightly. "...Oh, don't tell me...you've never heard of candy before?"

Meta Knight shook his head/body. "I'm afraid not," he said. "...What is this so called "candy"?"

Fumu tried to suppress her giggles. "You know so much about everything, and yet you don't know anything about candy."

Meta Knight frowned behind his mask. "Is candy some type of weapon?"

Fumu couldn't help but laugh anymore. "Okay, you should come with us. Any more of this, "Is candy some type of weapon" thing, and people will mistake you for a fool."

She took Meta Knight's gloved hand and ran after Bun.

In Cappy Town, Bun, Fumu, and Meta Knight were in the newly opened candy shop, "Candy Wonders".

Authors Note: Ugh, sorry people, lol, I know "Candy Wonders" sounds cheesy, but it was the only thing I could think of...XD

Bun was picking off tons of the new candy off of the shelves, and Fumu was picking out a small package of Airheads. Meta Knight stood, cape wrapped around himself tightly, staring at a bag of Jolly Ranchers.

So...all of this is candy. He thought.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted. "Sir Meta Knight! Look what I found!"

He turned his head to see Fumu walking towards him, with a sphere-ish type of candy.

"What is this?" he asked as she gave him the bag.

"The're called gumdrops," Fumu replied. "Try one!"

Meta Knight slowly picked a few pink gumdrops and stared at them.

Fumu looked a bit concerned. "What's wrong?"

Meta Knight stood quietly for a while and said, "This won't blow up in my face...right?"

Fumu groaned. "Just eat it, Sir Meta Knight. You'll like it, I'm sure."

Meta Knight hesitantly lifted up his mask a little, and stuck the food under it. While he did this, he lifted up his head a little, and Fumu saw his little mouth, chewing the delicious candy.

After a few seconds, Fumu heard a type of grunt from the knight.

Meta Knight tilted his mask back down and his eyes were a bright pink.

Bun walked over, arms full of candy. "What's going on?" he asked.

Fumu smiled. "I let him try some candy. I think he likes it."

Suddenly, a type of shuddering was heard.

Fumu looked around. "What was that?"

Bun gasped and pointed at Meta Knight. "Look!"

Meta Knight's whole enitre body was shaking and you could hear some type of chuckle behind the mask.

"M-Meta Knight?" asked Fumu. "Are you okay?"

Meta Knight suddenly jumped up from the floor and bounced off the ceiling.

"Candy!" he shouted. "Candy! Candy!"

Fumu sweatdropped. "What's going on with him?!"

"...Sugar rush..." replied Bun.

Fumu turned to her brother and frowned. "After eating so little candy?!"

Bun grunted as he dodged Meta Knight, dropping the candies. "I'm guessing it was a little too much sugar for him!"

Meta Knight took out Galaxia and began swinging it wildly. "Caaaaaaannnndy!"

"Run!" screamed Bun.

Meta Knight walked into his room with his cape wrapped around himself tightly.

He walked past Sword and Blade, who were going to partol for a while.

Meta Knight jumped onto his bed, and unwrapped his cape.

A bag of gumballs fell on the bed.

"You know, now that I think about that memory, I couldn't keep myself away from these things..." he muttered as he removed his mask and stuck one in his mouth.

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