Note to Non-Chinese Readers: There may be a minimal amount of chinese in this fanfic. But barely. Before each chapter I will include all chinese characters used in that chapter.

Chinese Characters in this chapter:

哥 [pronounced guh]: older brother (in this case, Andy 哥 is Lollipop's manager)

Chapter One

Gui Gui was bored. Extr-eeee-mly bored. Andy 哥's waiting room was not a good place to be entertained, especially if there was no one there to talk to - besides Andy Ge's secretary.

Andy 哥's secretary was talking, rather too loudly, on the phone. Gui Gui hated when people talked too loudly on the phone. Unless, of course, she was the one talking. To amuse herself, Gui Gui decided to call her best friend Xiao Xun.


"XIAO XUNNNN!" Gui Gui said, rather too loudly.

"Gui Gui why are you so loud!"


Andy 哥's secretary glared at Gui Gui, but Gui Gui didn't notice. She suddenly felt her temperature rise, as if a ray of sunlight was being directed at her. Turning around, she saw a boy around her age glaring at her with a look of scorn on his face. His handsome, perfect face… Gui Gui mentally slapped herself. She'd made a fool of herself in front of him… again. Every time she encountered him she'd acted like an immature kid.

Suddenly, Andy 哥 walked in. "Oh, Wang Zi! You're here!" Turning his head at Gui Gui, he said "Oh good, Gui Gui, you're also here! Let's go into my office."

"Hello? Gui Gui? Are you there?" said Xiao Xun, scaring Gui Gui. She'd forgotten she was still on the phone.
"Sorry Xiao Xun, I gotta go. Bye bye!"

Gui Gui stood up and walked with Andy 哥 and Wang Zi into Andy 哥 office. Both teenagers sat down in front of Andy 哥 desk, and Andy 哥 took his spot behind the desk. They sat in silence. Gui Gui took a peek at Wang Zi, but he was determinedly looking the other way.

Andy 哥 sat there observing them and laughed. "I have good news for the two of you," he said.

Still silence.

Andy 哥 continued. "I have a drama for you."

"WHAT?!" Wang Zi and Gui Gui said. They looked at each other. "Us?"

"Well not you two specifically. For Lollipop and Hey Girl. Together! In one drama. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah! That's awesome!" said Gui Gui. She would get to act with Wang Zi!

"Wait a minute. Why are we the only ones here right now. Shouldn't everyone be here? Did you tell them yet?" asked Wang Zi.

"Well," said Andy 哥. "I called you here because…you two are going to be love interests!" He beamed.

"What?!" exclaimed Wang Zi. "Why her? We don't even know each other!"

"Come on, Wang Zi. You are in the same class. Of course you know her."

"But that doesn't mean I'm friends with her! How can I act with such an immature brat?"

"Uh… I'm right here," Gui Gui cut in.

"I don't care," said Wang Zi.

"Well who cares about YOU? You call yourself Wang Zi (Prince), but your name should be Pang Zi (Fatty)! Who wants to act with a Pang Zi? I'm sorry, Andy 哥, but I need to leave first." Gui Gui stormed out.

Wang Zi was shocked. No girl had ever talked to him like that before. "Who does she think she is? Talking to me like that! Andy 哥, can't you change her with Xiao Xun?"

"It doesn't matter if you two like each other or not. You MUST be love interests. No matter what."


"I have my reasons. Now get going! Tell the rest of Lollipop about the great news. Oh and here's your copy of the script. And can you give Gui Gui her copy as well? She left before I could give it to her."

"Andy 哥!"

"Wang Zi." Andy 哥 looked at him.

Wang Zi sighed. "Fine I'll do it." When Andy 哥 wanted something, nobody could go against him.

As Wang Zi started to leave, Andy 哥 said, "I want you to read your lines and pay special attention to the scenes with Gui Gui. Who knows, maybe you'll really fall in love with her!"

Wang Zi snorted and left without a word.



Short, but later chapters will be longer. Hope you like it! Feedback please? I lovee wangzi + gui gui! :3
Another note: This is BASED on real life, but loosely.