Chapter 7

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The Ghost

Once again, Gui Gui woke up to the sound of her cell phone. Looking at the caller ID, she saw it was Ya Tou and answered the call.

"Ya Tou! Thank you for waking me up!"

"You're welcome Gui Gui! I'm coming home in a few days, I'll see you then okay?"

"Okay. Have fun on your trip! I miss you."

"I miss you too."


Gui Gui hung up and started getting ready for school. She wasn't in as big of a rush as she'd been in yesterday, since Ya Tou had woken her up a few minutes earlier.

She also wasn't as tired as she'd been yesterday morning. Thanks to Wang Zi, she didn't have to spend as much time as she would have spent studying the notes that she missed yesterday.

She was really glad that her relationship with Wang Zi had improved. For as long as she'd known him, she'd admired him. He was so smart, so cool, and so… handsome. Yes, the girl who he fell in love with would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend, and Gui Gui was determined that he would fall in love with Xiao Xun.

And why shouldn't he? Out of all the girls in Hey Girl, Xiao Xun matched Wang Zi the best. They're both cool, graceful, beautiful, and just… perfect! And, she was the only girl Wang Zi was friendly with – well, before Wang Zi became friends with Gui Gui, of course.

Just thinking about them together made Gui Gui squeal with happiness. This would be her greatest accomplishment as cupid yet.


The Prince

He woke up to an empty, cold house. The first thing he saw was the white, plain ceiling of his room.

Another day had come.

He rolled out of bed and started going through his daily routine.

Brush teeth, wash face, put in contacts, change into uniform, make breakfast, eat – everyday the same thing.

As Wang Zi passed the mirror, he looked at himself.

Why, oh why did he have to be so good looking?

It made people expect things about him, things that he could never be. They'd see his pretty face and think, "Oh, this boy must be friendly and popular!"

But that was nothing like him.

When he was little, he wanted to be like that. Really, he did. He wanted to live up to people's expectations. But as the years went on, and as countless people realized that his personality was nothing like his outside appearance, Wang Zi gave up. He accepted the fact that he wasn't good with people. He accepted the fact that no one liked him. Most of all, he accepted the fact that he'd be alone for the rest of his life.

Maybe if he were ordinary looking, then people wouldn't have high expectations on him. Then, he wouldn't be such a disappointment. Maybe then his life would have been different.

Now, as he went through the daily motions of living, he couldn't help but wonder what he was living for.

Then Wang Zi saw Gui Gui's ghost pen on his desk. He forgot to give it back! Oh well, he'd give it to her again. He remembered that Gui Gui would be coming to his house later that day and quickly glanced around. It was clean enough. He pictured Gui Gui saying, "Wow, Wang Zi! What a nice house! So clean! ~"

Well, she'd already seen his house before, although it was without his permission. Remembering what had happened, he smiled for the first time that day. As the corners of his lips lifted, so did his spirits, and with renewed vigor, Wang Zi set off for school.


The Ghost

She walked into the classroom. It was still empty!

"Wow, this is the first time that I'm the first one here. Cool!"

She sat down at her desk.

"Since no one's here, I guess it's okay if I just take a quick nap, right?"

Gui Gui crossed her arms on the desk, put her head down, and fell asleep.

The next thing she knew, she felt someone knock on her head.

"Hello? Anybody home?"

She lifted her head.

"Ah! Wang Zi!"

"笨鬼, what are you doing sleeping in class?"

"臭王子! Class didn't even start yet!"

"But it's about to."

Just on time, the bell rang. –ding dong, ding dong–

"Oh, and here's your pen. I forgot to return it." Wang Zi handed the ghost pen to Gui Gui.

"Oh… thanks." Gui Gui was still mad that Wang Zi had knocked her head. She pouted and took out her notebook.

As the teacher started class, Gui Gui's anger subsided. She remembered how much Wang Zi had helped her. She secretly took out her phone and wrote a text.

thanks for the notes. you saved my life! :)

She pressed send and glanced at Wang Zi.

He looked at his pocket as he felt his cell phone vibrating.

Taking it out, he read the message and texted back,

you're welcome, now pay attention to the teacher.

Reading it, Gui Gui smiled and put her phone away.

Right, she thought. I have to work hard so I can concentrate on Brown Sugar Macchiato!

She took out her pen and started copying down what the teacher was writing on the board.

After a few minutes, Wang Zi glanced at Gui Gui, who was still feverishly taking notes.

He shook his head and smiled to himself.

—after school—

As soon as the bell rang, Gui Gui packed her books and stood up. Turning to Wang Zi, she said, "Bye, Wang Zi~!" and started walking away.

Wang Zi stared at her. Before she was too far away, he grabbed her hand and stopped her from walking.

Gui Gui turned back to him. "Wang Zi?"

"Gui Gui, where are you going?"

"… Um… home? Where else?"

"… Stop kidding around. Let's go." Wang Zi stood up and started walking, pulling Gui Gui with him by the hand.

"喂! Where are you taking me? Where are we going?" Gui Gui asked. She'd been so focused in class that she'd forgotten about going to Wang Zi's house!

Wang Zi didn't say anything until he'd dragged her out of the building.

"Wang Zi~~~! Where are we going?"

"Didn't we agree on going to my house today?"

Gui Gui eyes widened.

"Oh my god! I totally forgot!"

Wang Zi rolled his eyes. "You. Are. So. Dumb," he said. But Gui Gui wasn't paying attention to him. She was staring down at something.

"笨鬼. What are you looking at?"

"Wang Zi. Your hand…"

Wang Zi looked down and saw that he was still holding Gui Gui's hand.

He quickly let go. "Errr… sorry," he muttered.

On the other hand, Gui Gui wasn't embarrassed at all. She was actually excited. "Wang Zi! I thought you didn't like touching other people?"

"I don't." Wang Zi turned away, but Gui Gui followed him.

"But you held my hand so easily!"

"So? That was an accident." He turned another direction, but Gui Gui still followed him.

"Wang Zi that means you're making progress!"

"Shut up!"

"Oh Wang Zi, my favorite student! There's still hope for you!"

"笨鬼!!! Don't analyze everything I do! It's annoying!" Wang Zi turned around to face Gui Gui. "Go home!"

Gui Gui looked puzzled.

"But… but… I thought we were going to YOUR house."

"Well I changed my mind!" Wang Zi turned back around.

Gui Gui was speechless.

"Sorry Wang Zi…" she whispered. "I didn't mean to make you mad. I'll leave now. Bye."

She turned around and slowly started to walk away.

"Ah, 鬼鬼, 你好笨!" Gui Gui thought. She went too far… how stupid! Of Wang Zi would be embarrassed. And it was her fault in the first place… how could she forget that they'd made plans? Now their friendship was ruined… and it just started yesterday too! Now how could she make Wang Zi like Xiao Xun?


The Prince

He turned his head back to watch Gui Gui slowly walking away.

Her head was down, and she seemed like she had no energy.

But it served her right. How could she forget that she was supposed to go to his house?! He'd been excited for it too. It was all he could think about during class – No. No way. He WASN'T excited for it. Why would he be excited to spend time with that ghost? He shook his head. That's right. There was no way that he was looking forward to it all day, no way that when Gui Gui forgot, it hurt….

So why would he want her to go to his house? Other than the fact that he was her "friend" and had to act like one or else Andy哥…. Oh, crap. The drama. The whole point of going to Wang Zi's house was to work on the drama! And math. Yeah, that ghost was so dumb, she'd fail the exams without his help. And if that happened, she'd be kicked out of Channel V.

Wang Zi groaned.

Turning around, he saw that Gui Gui was still only a few feet away from him.

"She walks so slow…" he muttered under his breath.

"喂! 鬼!"

Gui Gui turned around. "What is it?" Her eyes were wide open, begging for forgiveness.

"胖子! Walk faster." Wang Zi stuck out his tongue.

"臭王子!" Gui Gui turned back around after sticking out her tongue in reply. She continued walking, this time much faster.

"Hey! You're going in the wrong direction, stupid!"

"But my house is this way!"

"Yeah, but my house is the other way! Seriously, 鬼, can't you tell when someone's kidding? Hurry up, you're wasting time."

Wang Zi turned and started walking in the direction of his house.

Gui Gui's face brightened. She ran to catch up with Wang Zi and walked alongside him.

"Wang Zi, I knew you wouldn't get mad for such a stupid reason!" She smiled at him.

"Only an idiot like you would believe that I'd get mad." Wang Zi looked straight ahead, with an expressionless face.

"Hey! Wang Zi!" Gui Gui walked in front of Wang Zi, facing him and blocking his way.

Wang Zi still wouldn't look at Gui Gui, and instead looked at the sky.

"Wang Zi! Look at me!" Gui Gui stood on her tiptoes to try to put herself in Wang Zi's line of vision.

"No." Wang Zi looked down at the ground.

"臭王子!" Gui Gui grabbed his cheeks with her hands and pulled them.

"ARGHHH 鬼鬼! What are you doing?! Let go of me!" Wang Zi struggled to escape.


Wang Zi glared at Gui Gui, who smiled triumphantly. As their eyes met, Gui Gui suddenly let go of Wang Zi and pushed him away.

"Ow…" Wang Zi opened and closed his jaws, caressing his aching cheeks.

"I'll get revenge on you for that…"

"Whatever. Let's just hurry and go." Gui Gui started walking.

"What's with the sudden mood change?" Wang Zi asked. Gui Gui was acting so weird. Normally she'd keep making fun of him.

"Nothing. Sorry for pinching your cheeks." Now Gui Gui was the one avoiding Wang Zi's eyes.

"You…" Wang Zi was confused. She never backed down this easily. However, he decided to let it drop. "It's okay. Let's keep walking."

They resumed their journey, but the atmosphere had become awkward. The two were left to think their own thoughts.


The Ghost

When Wang Zi glared at her, she felt so… weird. It was like his gaze made her heart stop and beat impossibly fast at the same time.

And now it was making her act strangely.

It was probably because Wang Zi was so handsome and she wasn't comfortable having such a goodlooking person stare directly at her.

Yes, that was it. What other reason could there be?
Obviously, beautiful people had that effect on others.
There was absolutely nothing deeper than that.



The Prince

Now that he had time to think about what had just happened, he couldn't help but wonder why he'd had the impulse to grab Gui Gui's hand - and KEEP holding on to it.

Truthfully, he hadn't even noticed that Gui Gui's hand was in his, until Gui Gui pointed it out.

How weird. It was so unlike him.

Oh well. He was tired, that's all. He wasn't thinking properly and he didn't know what he was doing.

Yes, that must be it. He wasn't in his right mind, becuase nothing would make him want to hold Gui Gui's hand.

Absolutely nothing.

Suddenly, Gui Gui spoke.

"Wang Zi... who's that guy sitting in front of your house?"

End of Chapter

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