Hi there! Here's MissChabre! And this is my first One Piece fanfiction! I have only written stories for Bleach, and since I love Zoro x Luffy, I decided to write one for One Piece too!

This story came to my mind after having a four-hour philosophy exam and a three-hour German exam... So, yeah, it's pretty random. The story's rather serious... that's so unlike me, normally there's always a little comedy in the stuff I write.

For now, there will only be Zoro x Luffy, but maybe other pairings will show up. And the story is AU (Alternative Universe). Okay, now have fun with Sent From Heaven!

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"Novice Angel Monkey D. Luffy, step forward."

The raven-haired angel with a little scar under his left eye did as he was told and looked up to the man standing in front of him. A hand was laid upon his head.

"Congratulations, you have passed the Guardian Angel exam," the red-haired man with three scars across his left eye announced with a smile. He ruffled the young boy's hair who beamed a grin at the older man.

Around them other angels, all from different ranks, applauded, and the moment after Luffy got his certificate, his friends rushed over to him and congratulated him. Usopp, Luffy's best friend, who still was a Novice Angel, high-fived with him. Luffy proudly opened the holy certificate and laughed.

"Look at this, Usopp, isn't this awesome?!" he screamed, filled with excitement. "I'm a Guardian Angel now!"

"I know, buddy," Usopp answered. "You know, once I was a Guardian Angel too, but then...," he started telling his friend.

"Seriously?!" Luffy asked, with stars in his eyes, believing everything his long-nosed friend said, although it wasn't true. Usopp, the Novice Angel who had failed various graduation exams from Angel Academy, loved telling stories that didn't quite correspond to the truth. Maybe this was the reason for his permanent failures?

After both of them continued giggling and dancing around in circles, they suddenly got a rap on their heads.

"Owww," Luffy cried with a pout and turned to the girl who just did that to them. "Aren't you happy for me, Vivi-chan?"

The blue-haired Principality* Vivi sighed and then smiled at the young angel. "Of course I am, I mean, you're a Guardian Angel now, that's a very important rank!" she answered, receiving a big grin from Luffy. Suddenly her smile faded and she leaned in to whisper to the two boys.

"But you shouldn't be goofing around like that, you two are standing in front of Seraphim* Shanks, he belongs to the angels highest and closest to God, don't forget that!"

Suddenly Shanks joined them and patted Vivi's head. "It's alright, let him be himself," he said with a smile. Vivi, who had a quite high angel rank herself, felt honored to be spoken to and touched by the great Seraphim Shanks.

Shanks' attention went back to Luffy. "Now listen, you will soon get your first task, so go enjoy yourself for now, then come to my office later on," he said receiving a happy nod from the new Guardian Angel.

Luffy and Usopp rushed out of the Holy Temple and decided to go to their favorite place beside Angel Academy. They spread out their wings, and suddenly Usopp gasped.

"Luffy, your wings have become a lot bigger!" he exclaimed. Luffy turned around to look at his wings and flapped them a little. He laughed out loud and began to hug them.

"I'm so glad I passed," he said. "Now I can finally protect someone, isn't that awesome?" Usopp nodded. "But the best thing about this, I can finally see the human world," he added.

Angels, who used to be humans, lose every single memory they had from the human world the moment they enter the Angel World, also known as Heaven. New Angels are brought to Angel Academy, where they are taught how to be an angel. Two years before graduating, the Novice Angels, who are not allowed to go the the human world yet, choose if they want to stay simple Angels, who stay in the Angel World and watch over the human world from there, or work in a higher rank, which acquires hard work.

After two years of hard work, Luffy finally became a Guardian Angel, a respected rank in the angel world. He grinned to his friend, who had some difficulties with flying.

"You'll see, one day my wings will be as big as yours, Luffy!" Usopp said, pointing at said angel. Luffy laughed in response, flying ahead, and feeling the fresh-smelling wind blow into his face. Soon he would discover the human world's air, he was just too excited!

They flew over to the beach, where the sand was as white as snow, and where the water had a clear blue color. The two best friends sat in the sand, drawing various things into the soft sand (Luffy had his own, abstract style, unlike Usopp, who drew like a master), and talking about the future. Normally Luffy and Usopp would always have some silly conversations, yet this time it was completely serious.

"So, are you going to stay in the human world?" Usopp asked, watching the golden sun go down on front of them.

Luffy nodded without looking at his friend. "I'll have to, I have to watch over the human I'm guarding, night and day," he responded.

Usopp gave a meek smile. "Sounds like you're going to be really busy then... but promise me that you'll visit us up here someday?" He had to be honest: he'd miss his best friend. Luffy was the kind of person who would pass over his good mood to everyone, who could cheer someone up easily with his typical Luffy grin, and it never got boring with him. He truly was a pure angel, never been touched by any sin. Well, except for gluttony: Luffy loved eating more than anything else.

"WHAT?!" The two angels turned around to see a little reindeer with tiny wings on his back running towards them. He ran into Luffy's arms and looked up at him with teary eyes.

"Luffy, you're leaving us?" he cried. Luffy patted his head and hugged him. "I'm a Guardian Angel now, I have to go to the human world!" he explained to the little reindeer.

Chopper was an angel in form of an animal, who had the ability to talk. Luffy had found him when he first to to the Angel World, and took care of him, which led to their close friendship they had now. Chopper saw Luffy as a big brother and was aghast after hearing that he would not come back to them.

"Guardian Angel?" Chopper questioned timidly. Luffy nodded and explained his new rank to the little reindeer.

"We Guardian Angels are attached to a human and we watch over him, from his birth until his death. We give our best to protect him, or her," Luffy told Chopper. The reindeer smiled at his friend. The idea of protecting someone sounded courageous and wonderful, yet Chopper thought that Luffy seemed to have already been a Guardian Angel before he officially became one: he always was there to help and protect his friends.

Chopper smiled at Luffy. "Then give your best, Luffy!"

"I will!" Luffy answered with a grin.


Luffy made his way to Shanks' office, that was situated in the First Hierarchy's Headquarters*, which were pretty far away from Angel Academy. He knocked at the office door and entered without waiting for an answer; he was just too impatient.

Shanks turned his swivel chair made out of clouds and faced Luffy with a smile. "Hello there, Luffy, please sit down," he said, summoning up some cotton clouds for Luffy to sit on.

"So, who am I going to guard, tell me, tell me!" Luffy yelled hopping up and down in his little cloud. Shanks chuckled while looking through some files.

"Just a sec, I've got it right...here!" he finally said, handing over a file to Luffy. The new Guardian Angel snatched it right away and quickly scanned through it.

"Roronoa...Zoro," he read. Then he continued. "Nineteen...years old." He wanted to read the rest, but he suddenly let out a gasp.

"What?! Nineteen years old?" he yelled at Shanks. "I thought Guardian Angels watch over humans from their birth until...," he asked, confused.

Shanks sighed. "Listen, Luffy, Roronoa Zoro's previous Guardian Angel... didn't do a good job as a Guardian Angel," he explained.

Luffy looked at him seriously. "What happened?" he asked.

Shanks sighed once again. "Well, the human world can be very interesting, and it easily distracts angels who are new to it," he said with a low voice. "I'm not giving you a newborn human yet, you need some more experience for that."

Luffy pouted. "But he's so old!" he whined.

Shanks shrugged his shoulders. "Well, then if you don't want the job...," he said, holding out his hand to take back the file.

Yet Luffy pressed it against his chest and frowned at the man. "No, I'll do it. I'm a Guardian Angel, and I'm here to protect this human, no matter how old he is, and I'll definitely be better than the Guardian Angel he had before!"

Shanks smiled and ruffled Luffy's hair. "That's the spirit, Lu. This is exactly why you're perfect for the Guardian Angel job."

Luffy smiled back. He glanced at the file and formed a fist with his free hand. 'I'll be a great Guardian angel, you'll see, I'll protect you with all my might!' he said to himself, with determination.

Suddenly the cloud under him disappeared and he fell to the floor. Luffy pouted at Shanks and rubbed his butt.

"What are you waiting for? Off you go!" Shanks said, giving him a ticket that would lead him to the human world.

Luffy grinned his biggest grin, nodded and made his way to the big Human World Gate, that was right beside the First Hierarchy's Headquarters. Vivi waited for him.

"Are you ready to go, Luffy?" she asked taking the ticket Luffy held into her face. The raven-haired Guardian Angel grinned and nodded his head wildly.

"Vivi!" he suddenly screamed, standing in front of the gates. "Tell Usopp, Chopper, and everyone else, that I'll definitely come back here for a visit!"

Vivi nodded and opened the gates. Luffy spread his wings and lifted off, flying down to the human world. He could hear Vivi screaming something to him: "And don't you dare forget the Angel Rules, Luffy!"

Luffy turned his head and grinned, showing her his thumb up. And suddenly he saw Usopp and Chopper standing beside her and waving their arms around wildly.

The more Luffy flew downwards, the smaller the gates and his friends became. Soon he wasn't in the Angel territory anymore, and the sudden change of air startled him at first. It was different, he couldn't really explain the feeling, all he could say that it felt a lot heavier than in his world.

After falling for some minutes, he finally reached his destination. The good thing about the Human World Gate was that it brought the angels that went through it to the place they wanted to go to at once.

Luffy's fall became slower and slower, and as he finally reached the human world's ground, he opened his eyes he held shut the whole time and gasped.

"The human world...is so different!" he whispered to himself, contemplating everything around him. He was in the middle of a giant crowd of humans, and Luffy found it funny that none of them had wings or a halo above their heads. Unlike Angel World, where only colors like white, silver or gold dominated, the human world was so multicolored, there even were colors Luffy had seen for the first time.

He turned around in circles, looked up to the sky and laughed. Then he flew up and took a good look at everything under him. 'It looks like so much fun!' He went back down, waved at a little child that went past him. Yet no one noticed him, because angels were invisible to humans. Suddenly a smell came past his nose. He inhaled it and sighed with satisfaction.

"The food here smells wonderful, even better than in Heaven!" he screamed, automatically following the heavenly scent. Then he stopped and noticed that he had something else to do.

"Shanks was right, the human world is really interesting and distracting," he mumbled. "I'm supposed to find this Roronoa Zoro." He looked up to the sky once more and grinned. "I'll be the best Guardian Angel that ever existed!"

I'm sorry if this sounds stupid... but hey, what do want after four hours Philosophy and three hours German?

About the angel rankings... I'll post the hierarchy up:

First Hierarchy (Highest):

Seraphim – Cherubim – Thrones

Second Hierarchy (Middle):

Dominations – Virtues - Powers

Third Hierarchy (Lowest):

Principalities – Archangels – Angels

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