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To Luffy's dismay, the place Zoro worked at didn't involve food. But it still had a sweet smell hanging in the air. It seemed to be a shop selling very revealing clothes, weird... sticks (Luffy didn't know how to describe those things in a different way) in various colors, and other objects that the angel had no knowledge of. What struck him the most were the sticks that resembled a penis (Luffy giggled at that thought). What kind of shop was this?

"Finally, you're here, Zoro," a girl sitting behind a counter spoke while filing her nails. She had light pink colored hair tied in two high ponytails, big round eyes and she wore red lipstick. Zoro took off his bandana and walked over to her.

"Seriously, I'm starting to hate this job," the girl complained tossing aside her nail file. "I've only had three customers today, and they didn't even buy anything. Why is this sex shop situated in a suspicious back alley anyway? At least the pay is good." Zoro simply ignored her and put his backpack behind the counter. Then he plopped down in a seat beside her and rested his head on the table.

"Stop ignoring me, Zoro!" she screamed at him, throwing little penis key chains, that were situated in a little box at the counter, at the green-haired man. Suddenly Zoro caught one without even looking up to her.

"I know that this job sucks, but you're just making it worse with your bitching, woman," he lazily stated, lightly throwing the keychain back at her, so that it hit her forehead.

"I have a name, you idiot, and you're not being cute at all!" she yelled at him, rubbing the spot where she was hit. "It's Perona! P-e-r-o-n-a!" After pouting at Zoro, who did not answer once again, she fixed the penis keychains she threw back into the box and made her way to a room at the back of the shop.

"I have some phone calls to do, I'm sure you'll be fine on your own," Perona said, sticking out her tongue at Zoro. After she left, Luffy decided to take in all the information he got. So Zoro worked in a sex shop, with a funny-looking girl called Perona, and it seemed like he did not like this job at all. He probably did it for the good pay. Luffy knew what sex was, but he didn't know that humans had shops for it. It was just meant for reproduction, right? What do you need weird sticks, or revealing clothes for?

"Zoro, do something cool, I'm bored," Luffy ordered the other, while poking his head. Suddenly a bell sound was heard, and two girls entered the shop. Zoro slowly lifted himself from his cozy position, and greeted them with a nod. Luffy noticed how red their faces were, and after noticing the green-haired man, they slowly made their way to him, quietly fighting about who should speak to him first.

"Can I help you?" Zoro indifferently asked them. His glare did not help making the two girls less nervous. Luffy thought that look Zoro carried on his face suited him, and that it was kinda cool. He felt proud having such a cool fosterling.

"Uhm...," the taller girl stammered, looking to the ground. "I-I saw that new commercial for that...vibrator ring..."

"A-and that new heating lube," the other girl added, her face red as a tomato. Zoro stared at them, wondering if they wanted more, but after a short time of silence, he stood up, went through some drawers, and came back with the things the girls needed. They quickly paid, and left the shop as fast as they could, giggling and giving Zoro funny looks.

The next few hours were pretty boring. After the girls there were just a few customers, and Zoro spent his time taking naps and quarreling with Perona. Luffy sat on the counter, staring at the green-haired man. Maybe he was cool, but on the first look he seemed to be boring (a little too serious), frightening and indifferent. Yet Luffy knew he had a good side too, he remembered the way he was during his tutoring lesson in the restaurant. Well, it was his first day with him, he still had enough time to discover Zoro's other sides.

It seemed like closing hour was near, since Perona started packing up her stuff from under the counter. She rolled her eyes at the sight Zoro sleeping once again. She lightly shook his shoulder.

"Zoro, wake up, it's time to close the shop," she said. Zoro just mumbled something in return while slowly lifting his head.

"If you want, I could give you a ride home," Perona offered with a small smile.

"Nah," Zoro answered indifferently. "You'd probably just try to abduct me to some creepy place and let me join your creepy doll collection."

"Why am I even being nice to you? You know what, just walk home, and don't you ever ask me a favor again!" Perona answered angrily, making her way to the exit. Then she swiftly turned around and scowled at Zoro.

"And to your information: My dolls and stuffed toys are definitely not creepy, they're cute," she added, and left the shop. Zoro just let out a long sigh and massaged his shoulders for a moment. He retrieved his bag from under the counter, turned off all the lights and locked up the shop. Luffy could feel exhaustion coming from Zoro, even though he already took several naps at work. The green-haired man then got out his glowing device from earlier from his pocket and stared at it intently.

Luffy took a peek over Zoro's shoulder to read what was on the screen. It said: "One missed call, two new messages." Zoro then pressed a button which led him to the messages. The first one was this: "Hey Zoro, wanna go have a drink with Sanji and me? Vivi and Kohza will be there too! You better come, or I'll double your debt! Meet us at 10 pm at the Going Merry! Nami"

After reading the message from a person called Nami, Zoro mumbled something like "that witch", and proceeded to the second message. It said: "Hi Zoro, we need to talk about what happened last Saturday. I tried calling you, but I think this is something I need to tell you personally. Tashigi"

Since Zoro stood still without doing anything for a while after reading that message, Luffy kept flying around him, tilting his head from side to side. He was curious about what happened last Saturday night, but he was sure to find out soon. Suddenly Zoro let his head fall back and let out a long sigh.

"Why are women so difficult," he thought aloud. He then put his device back into his pocket and walked out of the back alley. While walking, Zoro checked his watch, it was already past 11 pm. Luffy wondered if he was going to go see his friends (he assumed that Nami and those other people were his friends), and if there was going to be food there. The angel was sad about the fact he couldn't eat it, but he was satisfied with the smell.

Zoro walked for a while, and Luffy was not sure, but they seemed to have passed the same spot twice already. Did his fosterling know where he was going? Maybe he didn't know where that Going Merry was.

Suddenly screams could be heard from an alley nearby. It sounded like a woman. Zoro let out another sigh and drove his hand through his short hair. He put on his black bandana again, and ran towards the alley. Luffy flew right behind him, hoping this was going to turn out alright. But he believed in Zoro.

A woman was being held against a wall by a tall, muscular man smoking a cigarette. The way he held her face looked painful, and tears were running down her cheeks.

"You whore, where's the money you owe me?" he yelled at her, strengthening the grip on her face.

"I'm sorry, please, stop," she whimpered, clutching her hands around the man's. He chuckled in return.

"Listen, maybe you could pay me in kind, if you know what I mean," he suggested, starting to unbuckle his belt. Yet he stopped when he felt a strong grip around his head.

"I'm sorry, but I think no one here wants to see your junk, mister," Zoro spoke with a voice filled with a killing intent. Luffy let out a gasp when he saw the man taking out a small knife from his pocket. He swung it at Zoro, but he was fast enough to evade it. The man snarled and pushed his victim against the wall, making her scream in pain. She then slid down to the ground and frantically looked for something in her small handbag.

Meanwhile Zoro kept dodging the man's knife attacks, always keeping a sharp look at his opponent's moves. Luffy watched with wide eyes, and he wished he could help his fosterling. Yet guardian angels were only allowed to get involved in a human's life when they felt when something life-threatening was about to happen although it was not their time to die. Or they could appear in dreams to deliver a message.

In the right moment Zoro struck out and landed a punch in the man's face, making him stagger a few steps back. He wiped away the blood running from his nose and pointed his knife at the younger one.

"I think I'll have to teach you a lesson about not to be a meddler," he threatened while launching towards Zoro, yet he easily dodged and firmly gripped around the man's extended arm holding the knife, and struck out for another punch with his free hand, but this time heading for the other's stomach.

Zoro's movements were fast, and after the strong punch the man fell to the floor, letting go of his knife, and bending over holding his hands against his stomach. The young green-haired man slowly gripped a handful of the man's hair and quickly yanked his head behind, so he could see his face.

"If only I had my swords with me... this would have been done in a few seconds," he whispered in a threatening tone, which made the man whimper. But before Zoro could do anything else, sirens could be heard in the distance. He glanced back to the shivering young lady, who twitched out of fear of his glare. He walked over to while she covered her head with her arms.

"Bring some pepper spray or something when walking around the streets this late at night," Zoro simply said, nodding at the woman who now stared at him with her mouth slightly opened. He walked out of the alley and proceeded his walk.

Luffy could feel his grin getting bigger and bigger. Despite Zoro's serious, cold-hearted and indifferent behavior, he still had a kind heart. He saved that woman, bringing himself into a dangerous situation, although he did not even know her. Luffy flew some circles around the now deeply frowning Zoro, cheering for him and hugging him tightly.

"Zoro, you're simply cool and awesome!" he exclaimed. "I'm glad to be your guardian angel!" Luffy stayed in the hugging position around, resting his chin on Zoro's head. Then he frowned at a thought.

"Hey, Zoro, what did that man want to do with that lady? I don't get it," he asked. "And I'm still wondering why your hair is green. It's cool though and... hey, what's that?" he yelled, pointing at something in a shop window. And that's how the following minutes passed by. Luffy was easily distracted and amazed by things in the human world, and although Zoro could not hear him, he continued talking and asking questions.

After walking for a while, and Luffy could have sworn that they were running in circles, the angel faced Zoro while flying backwards. He crossed his arms and tilted his head a little, a movement he did often.

"I'd love to talk to you, but unfortunately I can't," he said with a smile. "But, just so you know, I'll do a good job protecting you, just like you protected that lady back there, trust me."

Luffy didn't notice a pair of blue eyes watching them from the roof of a building.

"A guardian angel? Haven't seen one in a while. I guess I could have a little fun."

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