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Why him of all beings in the Organization? Why did he have to choose him to go with the one he hated the most… well the second most; next to Larxene anyway. Truly he would have rather been on this mission with Axel or Xigbar or even that annoying whiner Vexen; but no! He was sent on this mission with that pink headed, fruity bastard, flower boy.

Perhaps he was being punished for some unknown thing he had done, or said, or thought. Yet he never did anything wrong. If Xemnas said to bend over so that he could plant his booted foot in his ass; he would have done it happily and thanked him for afterwards. However he did have one thing going for him currently; as soon as that annoying little brat showed his face in Traverse Town they were going home.


"That's number VII to you." He growled.

Marluxia smirked and stroked his fingers through is pink hair; expelling little red flower petals.

Saïx watched the petals fall and vanish from sight and he had to wonder just where the hell those annoying things came from and where did they go when they vanished? Why was he wondering about such trivial things about someone he would prefer to drop dead where he stood; he didn't know. Oh how he hated this man!

"Fine" Marluxia sighed. "Number VII…"

Deep ambers narrowed at the way he said his number; it sounded like a derogatory term and not like the position he held.

"We are on a mission and as much as we both are enjoying…" He drawled out the word with heavy sarcasm. "spending time together. Can we just get going already? I would like to get home and away from you as soon as possible."

"We have to wait." He ordered.

Marluxia sighed in annoyance. "That boy is here already. Mission complete; let's go home."

Saïx looked to where the brat and his bratty friends were speaking to the residents of the town and cursed in his own head. How had he come and him not know it? He looked at the lollipop head standing next to him from the corner of his eye and realized that Sora had come while he was fuming about being on this mission with the pink bastard. "Let's go home." He growled and opened a portal.

"Yes lets." Marluxia agreed. "The sooner we part company the better."

Now that was the truest thing he had ever heard in his nonexistent life. "I agree." He bit out and entered the dark portal heading for home.


Xemnas stared at the Luna Diviner and could feel a headache coming on. Next to Axel; Saïx was the most difficult to deal with, as the diviner had a tendency to make the air around them swirl and snap in agitation. He would really prefer VII to scream or argue or something; instead of silently fuming and expect him to figure out just what the hell was wrong with him. Finally he couldn't take it any more as he was sure he was going to snap. "What is it number VII?"

Saïx took a deep hissing breath in through his nose and leveled his Superior with a hard stare. "Why did you send me on that last mission with number XI?" His voice was a low dark whisper of barely contained rage.

Truly the berserker needed to loosen up. "Because I ordered it." He couldn't believe he was actually sitting here justifying his decisions to the diviner. Who was really in charge here?

"Never again." Saïx growled as he rose to his feet to leave.

Xemnas had had it and decided it was time to really show number VII who made the rules around here. He rose to his feet and stared at the nobody. "You will remain here until my return." He ordered and vanished from sight.

Saïx sat back down; not understanding what was going on, but remained where he was as that was what his Superior wanted. A few moments later he snapped his head to the side and locked angry ambers with calculating blues. "What are you doing here?" He demanded with a growl.

Marluxia just stared at the diviner. "Xemnas told me to meet him in his office that he had a mission to discuss with me." He stated with a dismissive shrug.

"First off you will stop addressing the Superior so formally and secondly you can wait outside until I am done."

Marluxia smirked at the berserker. "Exactly how far do you have your nose up Xemnas' ass?"

In an instant Saïx was on his feet and in XI's face. "You will hold your tongue." He growled.

"That will be enough." Xemnas bit out from the doorway.

The two nobodies looked over to the door where Xemnas entered; followed by Xaldin, Lexaeus, Axel, Xigbar, and Luxord.

"What is going on?" Saïx demanded. He watched as Xemnas waved his hand and suddenly he was attacked by Lexaeus and Xaldin and pinned to the wall by the two of them. "Xemnas what is going on?!" He again demanded before he cut his eyes over to what was going on next to him. He watched as Marluxia was restrained by Luxord and Xigbar.

"I have grown quite tired of the both of you." Xemnas growled as he held up a chain and handed it to Axel.

Axel walked towards the two restrained nobodies and smirked. "This is gonna be fun." He grinned devilishly before he latched a cuff around Saïx's wrist and used his fire to weld it closed. He then followed that up with doing the same to Marluxia's wrist; giving them about five feet of space between them.

"Now before you are let go; know this. If either of you kill the other I will personally see to it that you join them in the hereafter. You will remain chained together until you can prove that you are able to coexist without all the animosity." He narrowed his eyes upon them both. "We are an Organization; a cohesive group that must work together to obtain our ultimate goal. If you can not work together there is no place here for you and you can return from whence you came."

The two bound nobodies stared at their Superior and nodded.

"Very good. Now leave my sight and do not return until you are able to prove to me that you two can manage to coexist on civilized terms." He ordered with a wave of his hand.

The two chained nobodies were released and exited the office silently; justly chastised. However neither of them agreed with Xemnas' form of punishment.

Saïx turned to the left to go to his room at the same moment Marluxia turned to the right to go to his; effectively jerking the other to a stop. Saïx glared at the assassin. "Where do you think you are going?"

"To my room." Marluxia stated flatly.

Saïx stared down at the chain connecting them then looked up at the being he was chained to. "Well we are going to my room." He growled then turned to walk down the hall; only to stop when Marluxia failed to move from his spot.

"Why your room?" Marluxia questioned in annoyance and a jerk of the chain; forcing Saïx to take a step towards him.

"Because I said so." Saïx bit out then turned to once again walk to his room; only to be brought to an abrupt halt.

Marluxia sighed deeply when Saïx turned and glared at him. "Okay; since it seems that neither of us is going to give, perhaps we need to work out a compromise."

Saïx stared at the assassin with his hard gold. "What is your solution?"

"Perhaps we can take up residence in one of the spare rooms that has yet to be filled. This way neither of us will be imposing on the other in their personal dwelling."

He mulled over his words for a moment and gave a curt nod. "Perhaps you are correct."

Marluxia nodded then began walking down the hall towards the spare rooms with Saïx walking next to him. They both made sure to keep the five feet of space; that was allotted to them through the chain, as they made their way to their new quarters.

Once inside the room they both stared at the one thing that was going to be a serious issue… the bed.

Marluxia didn't really care about the bed or the sleeping arrangements. He could feel himself wavering under all the stress and desperately wished he was in his own room; surrounded by his plants where he could just be. Yet here he was chained to Saïx and having to suffer though all his anger and coldness. How long until he cracked under the strain of VII's hatred?

They made their way over to the bed and both sat down upon it; Saïx at the head of the bed and Marluxia at the foot, making sure to keep their distance.

"I can not believe the Superior did this to me." Saïx mumbled.

Marluxia was very tempted to retort to that; however after spending the last two days in close company with the diviner he was at his wits end. He barely had anytime to refocus from the mission before he was called into Xemnas' office and chained to the berserker. He cast a quick glare over to his chained companion before he crawled across the bed and laid down; making sure to put his back to VII.

Saïx looked over his shoulder at the being lying down on the bed and curled his lip. If there was such a thing as hell; he was in it. He laid down and due to the fact that his right hand was chained to Marluxia's left he had no choice but to lay facing the back of the assassin.

As he stared at the back of number XI; he did his damnedest to burn a hole right through him with a hard stare, while chanting in his mind for the boy to fade from existence.

"Number VII"

Saïx snapped out of his mantra at the sound of his voice; which sounded very tired. "What?" He growled in annoyance.

"I am aware that there is no love lost between us; but must you bore into me while I am trying to sleep?"

Deep ambers narrowed to thin little slits and his lip curled in disdain. "Just be silent. Your voice is irritating to my ears." He growled; attempting to egg the assassin on. He was pissed off and in desperate need of a fight; and since Marluxia was the only one around at the moment he would just have to make to due with taking it out on him. Yes; Marluxia wasn't all to blame for this but it certainly made him feel better to think it was.

Marluxia sighed deeply but didn't respond. Instead he closed his eyes and mentally took himself to his room where he could just be without all the stresses of the Organization, the keyblade wielder, and definitely number VII.

Saïx resumed his death glare on his back hoping beyond hope that the assassin would react; but as per usual Marluxia didn't do what he was expected to do. That only served to piss him off more. 'How dare he ignore me like I am not here!' He growled in his own mind. He was so tempted to reach over and hit him just because he could. However he realized that such behavior was only going to make things worse; so he held back.

With a deep calming sigh he let his eyes fall closed and tried to fall into a peaceful sleep; while trying to ignore the scent of roses that permeated from his bed mate.


Deep blue brows furrowed as the diviner slowly came awake to a strange whispering sound. He tried to make out what it was but it was nearly much too quiet for his sensitive ears to make out; which caused his brows to furrow even more.

His deep ambers appeared beneath cracked lids as the sound floated gently into his ears again and he realized that it was coming from the nobody in the bed with him.

'I wish…'

The voice whispered causing him to open his eyes fully just as Marluxia's voice whispered again.

'I wish the pain would just stop.'

Saïx drew his brows slightly when his words ghosted across his mind as the assassin curled up tightly into a ball and shivered slightly before he settled. What was the boy talking about? Or better yet what was he dreaming to make such comments in his sleep?

He continued to watch his back for a few more moments before he decided to dismiss him and returned to his own slumber; as what ever was disturbing the assassin had passed or so he thought.

He was nearly into the land of dreams when the chain around his wrist was jerked sharply causing his eyes to snap open suddenly. 'Now what?' He growled silently as his eyes fully focused in the dim light of Kingdom Hearts.

He followed the length of chain from his wrist until his eyes settled onto the being it was attached to only to find him flipped over on his other side with the chain wrapped around his waist. "Number XI; what are you doing?" He demanded; rather irritated that the assassin was keeping him from getting his sleep.

Deep blues locked with his hard amber and he suddenly had a passing notion that as old as XI seemed he was really much younger than that. The blue eyes screamed of innocence yet intelligence beyond their years. "How old are you?" He bit out. The question came out before he could stop it and he ground his teeth together in irritation.

Marluxia smiled a small smile that seemed rather sad. "Nineteen… I think." He answered softly as he broke the stare by looking down at his fingers; which were toying with the corner of the pillow, and a deep sigh tore from his lips. So bad he wanted to just get away from the immense hatred rolling off VII's body; it was actually causing him physical pain, like a thousand red hot needles being stabbed into his back. That was the price he paid for being a being; so to speak, of nature. He could feel physically what others were expelling from their bodies and with Saïx it was never ending anger and hatred.

Saïx just stared at him for a long time making sure that the assassin knew exactly what he thought about him and their situation.

Marluxia let off a deep sigh. "Number VII…" He started as calmly as he could; doing his level best to keep his voice free of anger and pain. "I know you dislike me and I know that you blame me for us being in this situation; but all your anger and hate is not going to make it any better. If anything it will only make things worse."

Saïx snorted at that. "Just be silent XI and go back to sleep." He ordered darkly and watched as the assassin flinched like he had just hit him. What the hell was wrong with the boy? He seriously had to wonder.

Marluxia closed his eyes and took several long, slow, deep breaths trying to ease the pain shooting up his spine.

Ambers narrowed as he watched the assassin breathing deeply and looking as if he was in immense physical pain. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He demanded.

Marluxia slowly opened his eyes. "You" He whispered with barely contained pain seeping from his voice.

"I have done nothing to you." He bit back.

Marluxia flinched again from his words before sighed, rolled back over, and turned his back on the berserker. "You wouldn't understand. So just forget it." He stated before he let his eyes drop closed as he attempted to will the pain away.

Saïx just stared at his back; trying for the life of him to figure out just what was wrong with the assassin. He was in pain that much he could tell; but from what? He wasn't touching him; hell he had never touched him physically since he came to the Organization. Yet XI was acting like he had done nothing but beat him since they laid down. Maybe it was all an act.

He stared at his back and watched as he continually shifted like every bone in his body was broken and decided that he wasn't acting. The pain the assassin was feeling was very real; to him anyway. "What exactly is causing you pain?" He had to know and was certain he only had to know to sate his curiosity.

It took several moments for him to answer and when he did he was as confused as ever.

"The air around you that you create." Marluxia stated quietly.

"Explain" He ordered as he just didn't understand what he was talking about. The air around him? He didn't make the air; the air just was as it always seemed to be.

Marluxia rolled back over to face the berserker and locked stares with him. "Nature is ever flowing and either lives or dies based on the air around it. If it is too hot and nature can not adapt it will die; too cold and it will die. Your hatred and anger is like fire and I can not adapt to it. I am nature and you are killing me with your fire." With that he rolled back over and tried to return to his fitful yet painful sleep.

Now that didn't make any sense. How could he possibly be killing him with his hatred and anger? "Hatred and anger does not make the air around me." He stated knowingly.

"No it doesn't; but it affects the air around you, the air that sustains my life." He whispered. "All of us here are elementals and without our element we are nothing. If there is a disruption in our element we can feel it and it can cause us pain. In your case; if the sun stopped shining its rays upon the moon it would slowly kill you."

Saïx stared at his back trying to understand all this element stuff. He never considered that elements were what gave them their powers. He always figured they just were and nothing more; a part of themselves. "Explain these elements." He ordered trying to reel in some of his irritation to see if it would change XI's demeanor.

Marluxia instantly felt the change in Saïx's air and the pain lessened slightly; but not enough for him to truly be comfortable. He rolled over and stared at the berserker. "It's simple really. We all have an element that creates our powers; such as Larxene and her thunder or Xaldin and his wind. However we also need a secondary element to sustain our abilities. Without the sun to light the moon you would have no powers, without water Vexen wouldn't be able to create his ice. Then there is me who needs multiple elements to sustain my one."

"Such as?" Saïx questioned as he was really beginning to understand what he was talking about; and he found it rather interesting.

"Well…" Marluxia stared with a deep sigh as Saïx was slowly calming in effect easing his pain. "With me as a nature element; I need light, dark, earth, water, and air. If just one of those things are missing or are flawed so that I can not adapt I will die; and air is the most sensitive to change. The energy that creates us all is released into the air; and based on how you charge your energy the air around you charges that same way. If it is negative..." He gave a small nod towards the being in the bed with him to point out his example. "It causes me pain as negative energy disrupts the natural flow of my energy. Yet if the energy is positive; it increases the flow of my energy and rejuvenates my core element. So you see I am the most fragile element as really I need all elements to survive yet at the same time I'm the source to all the other elements. Air is the primary element to everything and my element creates the air that is needed to allow the other elements to exist."

He was truly astounded by all of this as he really had no idea that their powers were so complicated nor did he realize that for them to have their powers they needed a secondary power to create it. Not only that; but he was amazed that Marluxia was so intelligent, as the boy more often than not came across as an ignorant simpleton. "So you can feel pain just based on how others around you behave."

Marluxia nodded with a small smile on his lips. "The others are for the most part neutral. I only ever feel pain from you. It's probably why it seems like I don't like you. Your negative energy always causes me pain so I don't want to be around you."

Saïx snorted to cover the fact that he understood what the boy was saying. If he was caused physical pain by someone who wasn't really doing anything to him; he'd hate them too and most likely kill them just to bring it to an end. Perhaps it was time to take a different stand on his issues with Marluxia. Truly he really didn't have a justifiable reason for hating him so much other than he was far to carefree; in his opinion anyway. Yet was that any real reason to hate someone so much?

Axel went around setting things on fire; such as his bed. Demyx soaked his whole room trying to put it out and Xaldin blew everything out the window in order to clean it up. Yet he didn't hate them; but he did Marluxia and the boy never did a thing to him other than treat everyone so familiarly. Really what was wrong with that anyway? He didn't freeze his dinner; like Vexen. Shoot up his door; like Xigbar or make bets to see who could irritate him until he snapped like Luxord. Realistically he was more justified in hating all the others than he was in hating the assassin.

He stared at the pink haired, blue eyed boy in front of him and watched as his lids grew heavy and drooped slightly. He had probably been awake most of the night suffering from some unseen pain. "Sleep and we will discuss our issues when you awaken." He stated as calmly as he could.

"Thank you." Marluxia whispered before he let his eyes fall closed and fell into a nearly pain free sleep.


Old habits are hard to break and in the case of his hatred for a certain assassin; he was finding that his disgust wasn't so easily redirected. No matter how many times he told himself that Marluxia had never done anything to deserve his rage; he just couldn't help but hate him. The question was why? Why did he hold such loathing for the boy?

He looked over at him sitting next to him at the kitchen table; hunched over and breathing in slow deep breaths and he knew that he was the cause of the boy's sudden influx of pain.

"VII do you think we can go to my garden?" Marluxia questioned just above a whisper.

Saïx gave him a sidelong glance before he nodded curtly. He wasn't all that thrilled with hanging out in XI's frilly little garden but if it helped to ease his pain then he was just going to have to suffer it.

He had the realization that as long as Marluxia looked miserable they were going to continue to be stuck together; as everyone would think that they had been fighting again. Maybe in a sense they were; their energies were clashing and Marluxia was taking the full hit from both of them. He needed to do something in order to bring all of this to an end; but what?

Maybe if he spent more time talking to him and understanding him; then maybe just maybe he wouldn't feel the way he did towards the boy. Something had to give between the two of them eventually… didn't it? He took his own slow, deep, calming breath. "Come on then." He stated as he rose to his feet.

Marluxia followed suit and walked behind the diviner keeping as much distance as the chain would allow him; which wasn't much. The needles shooting up his spine were nearly blurring his vision and he really wished that Saïx would just calm down. Why was he so high strung anyway? There had to be something that would help the diviner relax and release all that hatred he carried with him like a security blanket and by damn he was going to figure it out. He didn't know how much longer he could suffer from this before he just finally let go and allowed Saïx to destroy him.


Marluxia sat on the bench in the center of his garden; taking in the calm energies of his plants, grateful that they were nearly canceling out Saïx's negative energy. The pain coursing through his body was slowly subsiding and a long deep sigh of relief passed his lips.

Saïx sat next to the assassin and watched him from the corner of his eye. Marluxia's shoulders slowly relaxed and his breathing was more calm than it was just a few short moments ago. He could nearly see him feeding off the energy the plants were giving off and wondered if Marluxia was feeling the same way he felt when he basked in the glow of the moon. That calm nearly euphoric state of near completion. He always suspected that he was the only one who ever felt that way under the moon; and he probably was, if what Marluxia said about elements was true.

"Saïx.. I mean number VII" He quickly corrected himself to keep the berserker calm.

Saïx looked over at him fully and sighed in order to not let the familiar way he called him by his name irritate him; truly it was really a trivial matter. "Yes?"

"How old are you?" He questioned as he lifted his blues up to lock with his deep amber.

"No one knows. I have only been in the Organization for about four years now and according to the Superior the world where he found me had beings that were recorded to have lived for thousands of years." He turned and stared at the blood red roses in front him. "I could be a hundred or a thousand or merely as old as I look."

Marluxia smiled at him. "How old do you think you are?"

"Number IX said I looked twenty eight when he met me and he celebrated my thirtieth birthday; as you know, a few months after you joined." He smirked slightly. "Number IX celebrates everyone's birthdays every year and if you don't know when your birthday is; he will give you one. He says it makes us more real when we act real." He snorted. "Whatever that means."

"Thirty's not so bad." Marluxia stated with a small shrug of his shoulder. "Maybe us nobodies don't age and never will. We don't really exist so who's to say how long we will be forced to live like this?" He sighed contentedly. "Sometimes I think that we aren't really real; just an imprint of energy that was left when our true bodies died. We float around trying to become one with our element but we can't because our energy is much to focused. It's not free and flowing as energy should be." He chuckled lightly. "Then again maybe I'm wrong and we really are what Xemnas… I mean the Superior says we are."

Saïx looked over at the being sitting next to him and was once again struck by how intelligent he was. How could someone who seemed so young hold such wisdom that was well beyond their years? The passing notion that there was more to the assassin than he initially thought struck again and he determined that it was time to really see number XI for more than just another member of their Organization. "I suppose anything is possible." He stated as he turned back to the flowers in front of him. "Whether we really exist or not; we know we are here and whatever will become of us will be."

"I guess your right." Marluxia smiled at the elder member before he returned to taking in the energy of his garden.


Never before had he had to suffer something so damn awkward as he was suffering now. He had tried to get out of it he really did; but Xemnas said that by not going he was just proving that he wasn't changing his behavior, extending the length of time he and XI were to be chained together.

So here he sits in his chair with Marluxia sitting on the arm and him scooted over as far as he can get so that Marluxia will have somewhere to put his feet. It wasn't all that bad; but with everyone looking at them it was making the situation seem a lot worse. What was really driving him mad was the fact that Xemnas decided that this was going to be a long meeting; therefore dragging out their torture.

He watched from the corner of his eye as Marluxia stretched his back and nearly fell over backwards. The only thing that stopped the neophyte from toppling over was his own reflexes. Just as he was about to fall his hand shot out and caught him by the wrist; saving them both from giving the others something to laugh about and hang over their heads until they found something else more entertaining.

Marluxia bent over and placed his lips just a hairsbreadth from the diviner's pointed ear. "Thanks" He whispered.

Saïx grunted but gave him a small nod anyway. 'How much longer is Xemnas going to drag this out?' He growled mentally to himself. 'Moreover when did he start referring to the Superior as Xemnas?' Just as he finished that thought he once again felt Marluxia's hot breath ghost across his ear.

"He is doing this on purpose. It's his way of really punishing us."

Saïx looked over at his chair mate then cut his eyes up to his Superior and noted that Xemnas was staring right at them as he spoke. He nearly curled his lip and narrowed his eyes at his elder; but managed to reel it in. It would do no good to give Xemnas something else to punish them for. Then again who knew how long they were going to be stuck like this and if he was going to be stuck as such he may as well give the Superior something to really punish them for.

"Don't do it."

He turned his head to Marluxia before he could fully pull back; causing his lips to drag across his cheek as he did so. He acted like he didn't notice and stared into his blue eyes; conveying the reason he was going to piss Xemnas off.

Marluxia shrugged his shoulder. They had already been stuck together for three days with no real known time of release. So what difference would it make if they pissed Xemnas off? What was he going to do shorten their chain? Besides he was finding that Saïx wasn't as bad as he always thought him to be; especially once he got past all the berserker's rage. Maybe being stuck together wasn't so bad; as Saïx was proving to be more than just a broody diviner. He was actually engaging and quite easy to talk to; more so than any of the other members, and he was very knowledgeable, something he found to be rather shocking.

He always figured that the Luna Diviner was nothing but a wild mad man inside and out. If he had known from the get go what Saïx was really like he would have never aggravated him in the first place. However it was hard not to; as when they first met Saïx made sure that he knew that he didn't like him.

He leaned down to the diviner's ear once again. "Well if your going to piss him off you may as well just go for broke. Don't just settle with giving him dirty looks."

Saïx didn't turn back to the assassin as he continued to lock stares with Xemnas; but his message was heard loud and clear. His lips pulled up into his trademarked evil smirk causing Xemnas' to narrow his eyes slightly. "I have grown quite tired of your rambling." He stated loud and clear; making sure all the members could hear him. "And I will not listen to it for a second longer." He then jerked Marluxia close and they both vanished in a swirl of darkness.


"Well I'm sure that will go over well." Marluxia smirked when they appeared in their temporary; but more than likely soon to be permanent bedroom.

Saïx snorted but could not believe he had did what he had done. Never would he have insulted the Superior like that or even rebelled in such a way AND in front of everyone. What the hell was wrong with him? He didn't have a lot of time to ponder on that last question as the being he had insulted suddenly appeared before them.

Xemnas stared down at his chained nobodies and narrowed his eyes upon what used to be his most well behaved of members. "You want to explain to me what that was all about?"

Saïx nearly withered under his intense stare and almost reverted back to the kiss ass he always was; but the heavy iron around his wrist kept him from doing so. "You know full well what it was about." He stated with an edge to his voice. "You were purposely dragging that meeting out to make us suffer."

Xemnas nearly smirked but held it back. The idea of chaining these two together was working out better than he thought it would and he could only imagine that with time Saïx would eventually crawl his way out of his ass. As much as he admired Saïx's way of dealing with others and following his orders; there was a limit to how much ass kissing he could take.

Quite frankly Saïx's nose was so far up his ass there was no telling where one of them began and the other ended. "For your rebellious behavior…" He trailed off as a portal opened next to him and out walked Axel; grinning evilly.

He turned back to the two chained at the wrist. "I have decided that with each rebellious action you commit you will lose a foot of length in your chain." He waved Axel forward who stepped up and melted a section of their chain then reconnected it leaving them with only four feet of space.

Saïx looked down at the shortened length of chain and ended up costing themselves another foot when he spoke his thoughts out loud. "Some difference." He snorted.

Xemnas crossed his arms over his chest as Axel shortened their chain to three feet. He then stared at his rebellious berserker with an arched a sliver brow. "Would you like to go for another?"

Marluxia nudged his companion in the arm when he noticed that Saïx was about to say something that would cost them dearly.

"No" Saïx stated as he glowered at the floor.

"Very well." Xemnas stated as he turned and made for the door with Axel right behind him. "You two will be going to Agrabah and you will awaken the dark Jeanie so that the heartless will be able to obtain more hearts for the keyblade wielder to release." With that he exited the room.

"They're so cute together." Axel mockingly swooned as he followed behind his Superior.

Xemnas smirked. "Perhaps you are right." He stated as he walked down the hall towards his office.

Axel narrowed his emerald eyes upon his back. "What are you thinking?"

"I believe that those two compliment each other perfectly." He stopped at the door to his office and stared at the red head with a brow arched. "Don't you think?"

Axel grinned deviously. "Message received loud and clear." He gave a curt nod with a salute then vanished in a swirl of darkness.

Xemnas sighed a deep sigh rather liking not having to deal with number VII and his cranky behavior on an hourly basis.


Marluxia held his hand up in front of his face and stared at the metal cuff before he sighed, dropped his hand to his side, and looked over at the diviner. "I suppose it could be worse. He could have took all of the chain away."

Saïx glowered at the cuff around his wrist. Again that annoying question of what was wrong with him was swirling through his mind. "I can't believe I did that." He whispered to himself.

Marluxia cocked his head to the side slightly as he stared at the blue haired diviner. "Maybe you did it because you are tired of being Xemnas' puppy on a leash. Always following orders and expected to perform at the highest of standards; and for what? What do you get that so great by doing everything Xemnas tells you to do?" He raised his hand up making the chain between them rattle. "This? This is your reward for all that you have done for him? I know it makes me aspire to be the best." He stated sarcastically.

Saïx smirked in spite of himself. Marluxia was right; he didn't get anything from being Xemnas' perfect follower. If anything all he received was disdain from all the other members. Not that he cared all that much; but during the last three days of being chained to Marluxia he realized that he really needed someone to share his thoughts with. He was never able to do that with Xemnas; it was always yes sir… no sir… right away sir… Never once did Xemnas ask what was on his mind nor would he ever tell him that he needed to talk.

Yet with Marluxia it was different. With Marluxia he could say whatever he was thinking and the boy would return his thoughts with his wisdom attached and not judge him for it. "Come on lets go." He stated as he opened a portal.

Marluxia shrugged his shoulder and followed after the elder nobody as it wasn't like he had a choice whether he went or not. He knew that Saïx was thinking and eventually he would say what was on his mind. For someone he thought was so quiet and withdrawn Saïx was one heck of a conversationalist. It made him wonder what he did with all his thoughts if he never talked about them.


The two chained nobodies sat atop one of the large stone buildings of the city and watched as everyone ran around in panic and terror as Jafar committed his evil deeds while trying to avoid being attacked by the heartless. "I wonder if Kingdom Hearts will really give us our hearts back." Marluxia stated as a passing thought.

"No; it won't." Saïx answered.

Marluxia looked over at the diviner with widened eyes. "Really? I would have never expected to hear that from you."

Saïx smirked. "Nobody would."

"So why do you think it is destined to fail?" The assassin questioned as he returned his attention back to the city.

"It's not failure I speak of it's the regaining a heart I talk about. Xemnas is creating a world of hearts; a world that is just for us and our kind so that we can live in a world where its element and energy will grant us with what we are missing." He looked over at the assassin. "We won't ever actually get a heart; just the feelings that come with having one."

"I thought he was working towards getting us all actual hearts." Marluxia stated with furrowed brows.

"How? We aren't exactly alive; you said it yourself. How can you give something that doesn't exactly exist a part of something that does?" He rose to his feet and stretched his back. "We may be real and we may not be; but either way we are nothing inside. If we put a heart inside us what is it going to do? It will have nothing to live off of and Xemnas knows this. That is why he is creating a world for us to live on that will feed us externally; such as how you feed off the air around you."

"I never thought of it like that." Marluxia stated as he too rose to his feet. "A world of our own where we can live in peace."

Saïx nodded and opened a portal. "A world that will grant us a sense of being alive."

Marluxia smiled. "It doesn't sound half bad." He stated as he walked into the portal.

"It doesn't; does it." Saïx agreed before the portal vanished sending them both back home.


"Is everything ready?" Axel questioned while trying to stay out of Xaldin's way.

"Boy I am telling you for the last time. Get out of here!" Xaldin growled when Axel nearly knocked over the glasses on the table in his excitement.

"But…" Axel nearly whined.

"OUT!" Xaldin bellowed bringing down a lance next to Axel's foot.

"Fine! Jeez someone's getting cranky in their old age." He huffed only to have to run for his non life when three more lances came flying at him.

A portal opened from behind the lancer and out stepped number IV. "They're back; are you all set?" Zexion questioned while looking over the candle lit dinner sitting on the table.

Xaldin set the wine bottle on the table and smirked. "Perfect."

"Good" Zexion nodded. "Demyx is bringing them right now. We better leave." He stated before he vanished in a swirl of darkness.

Xaldin stared at the table with a shit eating grin. "Good luck you love birds." He said before he too vanished.