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Zexion closed the book in his hand and stared at Marluxia. "What can I do for you?"

Marluxia sighed a deep sigh before he told him the story of his past. "So you see I need to face my inner demons but I'm not quite sure how to go about it and I was hoping you would be able to tell me where to start."

"Hmm..." Zexion stated in thought as he brought his hand up to his chin. "I believe in order for you to face them you have to remember them."

Marluxia drew his brows. "That doesn't make any sense. I remember them everyday."

"No that's not what I mean. I mean you have to remember them in detail. Remember every feeling you ever felt, every thought that went through your mind, everything right down to the smallest of details." He took a deep breath. "You essentially have to relive everything that happened to you so that you can accept that it happened, remove the blame from yourself, and forgive your uncle for what he did. Only then will you be able to move on." He nodded. "But I must warn you it will not be easy and you may end up causing harm to those around you."

Marluxia stared at him with wide eyes. "So what am I supposed to do? I don't want my past to cause problems around here."

Zexion nodded his head in understanding. "That is why you will have to face them in a location that is comforting to you and preferably with someone you trust to help you through it. Like I said it will not be easy but if you have support then it will be easier to cope once it is all over."

Marluxia stared at him for several long moments in thought. "I guess I have no choice then."

Zexion nodded. "And I strongly suggest that you go to an area where you can exact your rage. Nothing is as therapeutic as destruction."

Marluxia smirked at that; the idea of destruction sounded rather exciting. "Thank you." He nodded before he vanished.

"Good luck." Zexion sighed before he returned to his book.


Saïx walked down the hall towards his room passing Xigbar and Axel who were carrying boxes and cursing under their breaths about pink haired ass holes and bedrooms. The comment about pink hair caught his attention and he made his way down to Marluxia's room.

Upon entering the room he found said assassin standing in the middle of his garden grinning evilly. "You seem rather pleased with yourself."

Marluxia stared at the berserker. "Lets just say that II and VIII played a prank the just keeps on paying back."

Saïx snorted. "It serves them right."

Marluxia nodded then suddenly became very serious. "I need to talk to you about something."

Saïx drew his brows slightly. "What is it?"

Marluxia closed his eyes took a deep breath then locked stares with the berserker. "I talked to Zexion about my past and he told me the best way to face it. He says that I will need someone to help me."

"And you want my help." Saïx nodded.

"If you would. I would rather it be you than someone else; but if you can't I suppose Lexaeus or Xaldin would help me or maybe Luxord." He stated as he stared at the ground. "They are the only other one's I would trust besides you."

"When?" Saïx questioned as he closed the distance between them so that they were only an arms length apart.

"I was hoping that we could do this as soon as possible and it could take a few days." He sighed. "We would have to get a leave from Xemnas."

Saïx stared at him in thought for a moment. "I will speak with Xemnas and we will leave shortly after."

"Thank you." Marluxia smiled a small smile. "Also Zexion said that I would need to go somewhere that is peaceful to my element but somewhere where I can take out my anger when it comes to that point."

"We can go to the jungle." Saïx nodded.

"No; not there." Marluxia flushed slightly. "That place is special."

Saïx smirked. "Very well then. Perhaps wonderland or port royal."

Marluxia cocked his head slightly. "I think wonderland would be the best choice; nature." He nodded.

"I will speak with Xemnas and leave upon my return then." He gave a caress to the assassin's cheek before he turned and left to head back to Xemnas' office. "You will owe me for all the reports I will have to write on this one." He stated as he walked through the door.

"And I know just how to pay you." Marluxia whispered to the now empty doorway.


Xemnas stared at his second in command in thought. "What exactly is the purpose of this leave?"

"It is concerning number XI. I do not know if you are aware of his past or not but he has strong memories of his life before becoming one of us."

"I am aware of his past." Xemnas nodded.

Saïx nodded. "He wishes to release the hold it has upon him."

"And to what end would this serve?" Xemnas questioned as he locked his fingers together on the desk.

He was never one to really lie to his Superior but in this case a little white lie wasn't going to hurt... he hoped anyway. "It would give him more control over his powers and possibly make him stronger."

He knew the berserker wasn't being honest; but since he hadn't had to deal with Saïx and his broody behavior he figured he would grant him his leave. "Very well; I will give you four days." He nodded. "I will expect a full report on this upon your return."

Saïx wanted to groan but suppressed it. Marluxia was right; Xemnas really had a thing for reports and he had to wonder why he never noticed it before. "I will have it all on your desk the day after we return." He said as he rose to his feet.

Xemnas nodded then returned to the report he was working on when the diviner entered his office.

As he walked out of the office Demyx walked in.

"You wanted to see me?" The nocturne stated nervously.

"Yes" Xemnas stared at his youngest member. "It's regarding this report you turned in. You are able to write are you not?"

Demyx nodded his head.

Xemnas held the report up in front of the little nocturne. "Then perhaps you could tell me what this says."

Demyx leaned in and stared at the paper and scratched his head. "I don't know."

"You wrote it and have no idea what it say?" Xemnas questioned before he handed the paper to number IX. "You will sit there until you are able to read it and explain to me why you turned in something so illegible as that."

Demyx groaned and slumped down in the chair.

Saïx nearly chuckled as he closed the door and made his way to Marluxia.


Saïx sat on a giant mushroom staring at the assassin who was staring at nothing in particular. He arched a brow when blue eyes settled on him.

"I don't know where to start." Marluxia stated with furrowed brows.

"Do you understand the concept of meditation?" Saïx questioned from his seat.

"Not really." Marluxia admitted.

Saïx slid off the mushroom, walked over to a large tree, and sat beneath it. "Sit" Once the assassin was seated before him he began.

"Meditation is the state in which the mind and the body flow as one through your energy. Through your energy you release all thoughts and tap into the darkest recesses of your mind and bring forth past memories."

Marluxia furrowed his brows. "I'm not sure I understand. If you release all thoughts how are you supposed to reach your memories?"

Saïx stared at him for a moment in thought. "Think of your element. Nature never thinks about why it is or how it is; it just is. It allows its energy to guide it to become a tree or a flower and through that energy it knows which way to face to see the sun and when to sleep for the change of seasons. In order for you to find that energy you must release your mind and allow your energy to take it's natural flow instead of controlling how it flows."

"So I need to let nature guide me?"

Saïx nodded his head. "Nature doesn't have any preconceived thoughts about what it is or how it came to be. It does not know from right or wrong. In order for you to reach that state you must release your mind to nature and let it guide you. Tap into that inner flow that is your element; find your center so to speak, and you will be able to bring forth the secrets that are hidden deep within your mind."

"I guess I could try it." He stated thoughtfully.

"Remember do not allow any other energies to disrupt the flow of your own energy; such as mine. Block out all things except those that are your element and let nature be your guide."

Marluxia sighed deeply, closed his eyes, and began focusing on the nature around him; trying to grasp onto its energy.

"Do not force it." Saïx stated. "Set your mind free and nature will take control on its own."

Another sigh expanded his chest and he let go of all thoughts in his mind. A light buzzing sensation ghosted over his skin and became stronger with every thought he set free.

He could feel the energy of nature all around him and allowed it to flow through him instead of just around him. He could feel the state of just being; not as a nobody, not as a somebody, but just as a part of something that couldn't be seen yet at the same time was.

His mind drifted through recent memories; his conversation with Saïx, taking over Axel's and Xigbar's rooms, his mission, the meeting; back and back his mind cycled through all events. Each memory giving way to an older one; some he thought he had forgotten.

Soon the memories of his life before he became nobody began to appear. The dark room his uncle kept him in, the beatings, the rapes, the faces of unknown people holding him down. Yet the memories didn't stop there. They continued back to his aunt and her warmth, her love, and her compassion for him over the loss of his parents.

A smile played on his lips as he remember the woman who had cared for him and filled in the void of the loss of his parents and the love they gave to him. Her scent vaguely played across his senses; always she smelled of fresh baked bread, his favorite. She would always make it for him.

Then there were eyes; angry, jealous eyes. That always looked at him with hatred; dark almost black eyes. Those eyes that wished he never came there; accused him of ruining their life, passed the judgment of death every time they looked at him.

It was those eyes. Those dark black eyes filled with so much hatred for him; those eyes that promised pain, not just physical but every kind of pain conceivable. Those eyes that told him that if they couldn't have her to themselves no one would have her. Those eyes that filled with rage and pleasure as hands wrapped around her neck and removed the life from her body.

Hands; large hands that hit him, threatened death if he told. Hands that locked him in his room with a mouth that said: 'Welcome to hell.' That mouth that would pull up into a sneer when he would ask for food, to use the bathroom, to go outside.

The mouth that leered evilly when it would speak of his purpose. Eyes, mouth, nose... the face that would watch with wicked pleasure as he was raped by strangers. The hand that would hold out and accept the money from his forced pain and pleasure.

The laugh that would echo through the room at the tears that stained his cheeks. The hard voice that would demanded that he cleans up the blood so none would see what happened here. The voice that said I killed the one's who loved you.

His parents; he killed his parents. He could see them now his mother; her smile so much like her sister's, his beloved aunt. He could almost feel her fingers stroking through his hair as she hummed a nameless tune when he would wake from a nightmare. Adora; that was her name, it meant beloved one and she was.

Soon another face appeared; a strong face with eyes just like his own. His father; his powerful father who he thought would never fall to anyone or anything. He was a warrior that killed and protected their home; yet to his family he was gentle, kind, loving and adored his family. Valeray was his name; meaning strong, and he was.

But he wasn't; he allowed his brother-in-law to kill him. Why? How? It was those eyes; those black black eyes. So much jealousy they held. He remembered when the would come to visit with his wife. They scared him when he was young and he would run and hide in his mothers garden every time they came to visit.

Then one day all he ever saw were those black eyes. No more eyes of love, of happiness, caring, just hatred and hatred for him alone. Those black eyes took away everything he ever loved and turned him into a toy for their own personal amusement. Those eyes that carried the name of Porter; the gate keeper and he was. He controlled the gates to hell.

It was his fault; it was Porter's fault. He didn't do anything wrong to deserve such pain from his uncle; yet he took away everything.

Marluxia snapped his eyes open; they were wide, wild, filled with emotions that a nobody shouldn't have. Slowly he rose to his feet, produced his scythe, and released his rage.

Saïx was no fool he could feel it coming and retreated to a nearby tree in order to not be seen but still able to watch. Had Marluxia seen him; he would see the face of the one that hurt him so, and no amount of words would have been able to convince him otherwise.

He watched from afar as trees, dirt, grass, and anything within reach of the assassin met a brutal end. Threats of death poured from the assassin's lips along with the many words of hatred. He watched as he called for his heartless and easily eliminated those as well. He kept fighting until there was nothing left; until there was no energy to keep him going, the last of it was used to let off a mighty scream that cursed the one who had hurt him so in his previous life.

Marluxia kneeled on the ground panting from the exertion of his battle with an unseen foe; an enemy that had long since vanished from his life. Did he still live? He didn't know and he didn't care. He was free; finally free of the pain of his uncle. Never again would he be able to hurt him as he himself was no longer that boy but something different and powerful. He was the Graceful Assassin that no longer had a heart to care but could remember.

He could remember before the pain; his parents and his aunt who loved him more than their own lives. He could remember the warmth that radiated from them, the smiles, the games, the togetherness. Yes he could remember the happy times with them and let the darkness pass. It could no longer control him; he controlled the darkness now and he could manipulate it into anything he wanted. No one could take that away from him.

He was darkness inside and out; and his darkness wasn't solitary. There were others like him that controlled darkness; others that didn't hurt him, teased him yes but never hurt him. None of them had any notion of love but they understood unity and what was group unity if not a family of sorts. They were his new family that looked out for him, supported him, listened to him, made him a part of them.

He was never truly alone and he preferred it that way. They were all there; always. Xemnas and his need to keep them together and focused so that they could have their own world to call home.

Xigbar and Axel with their antics. Luxord and his games. Zexion and his wisdom. Lexaeus and Xaldin; power and their strategic minds. Demyx; his music and child like innocence. Larxene with her sadistic humor. Vexen and his failed experiments. Himself that created a beautiful sanctuary for them all to enjoy.

Then there was the last; the one he started out hating, the one who made him smile and would smile back. The one who accepted his wisdom and returned it in kind. The one who made him realize that feelings didn't just come from the inside but outside as well.

He would kiss him and make him forget his dark past. Cup his cheek and smile a smile that none had ever seen; a smile that was only ever reserved for him. Saïx would hold him while he slept and whisper promises in his sleep. He was sure the diviner didn't know he spoke in his sleep and he would never tell him of it. It was his own little secret; lying there listening to his deep voice speak his dreams.

Sometimes they were about him others were just nonsense of whatever he was dreaming about; yet he listened anyway. He listened for any secrets the diviner would reveal in his dreams and he listened for comfort to know that it was him there beside him and not another that would cause him pain.

His eyes would eventually fall closed with the diviner as the last thing he would see and the first when he would awaken. Always there as he was now. Gold eyes; that weren't black, that didn't hold hatred and jealousy, no promises of pain; only ones of acceptance.

Hands that would caress him and hold him; they never held out for anything except for him to grab onto and hold. A mouth that no longer held words of dislike but words of support and a notion of love. He was the angel to his devil; the angel that gave him the strength to cast his devil away. His angel that was there; waiting to grant him his next level of support.

He looked up at the diviner leaning against the tree that was missing half of its branches and locked stares with his deep ambers. "Perhaps its better that we can't feel." He tested; to hear the diviner's wisdom in response.

"Without feelings we wouldn't know one emotion from the next. To experience pain or joy gives us a purpose to our existence. The notions of feelings we have now are what gives us motivation to move forward; without them what would be the point to living?"

Marluxia smiled a small smile. "Is there a point to our so called existence?"

"If there is we have yet to find it; so we keep searching." Saïx stated with a small shrug. "Everything has a purpose; even us. Yes we are nobodies but if we were truly nobodies would we even be here at all?"

Marluxia slowly rose to his feet sluggishly. "We are trapped between something and nothing. I guess we need to decide which side we want to be on and head in that direction."

"That is what each one of us has to choose for themselves. So which do you choose?"

"I choose to be me with all my past still attached. I will take the pain that comes with it and the joy that will take it all away." He nodded.

Saïx held out his hand to the assassin. "Then it is time to remember the joy that will take away the pain but first you must grant your forgiveness or joy will never come."

Marluxia sighed deeply before he slipped his hand into the diviner's. "It will not be easy."

"No; that it won't but you will find the strength to do so." Saïx nodded before he opened a portal and led the assassin through it.


Marluxia stood against the large tree in the jungle; the same tree that they were sitting under when Saïx told him he had to face his past. He locked stars with the being standing in front of him and waited for him to respond to his question.

"Forgiveness is a form of acceptance. You have to accept that it happened but you must also remove blame from all parties involved." He closed his eyes, crossed his arms over his chest, and sighed before he continued. "If you do not remove the blame from yourself or the one who committed the wrong against you; you will never be free of your past." He looked at the assassin leaning against the tree. "You can face the demons time and time again but unless forgiveness is granted they will continue to haunt you. In order to grant your forgiveness you will need to face your demons again only you will not see them as a memory. You must manifest them into something real that can be released once forgiveness is granted."

Marluxia cocked his head slightly. "Like what? What would I use to make them real?"

"Whatever you desire." Saïx stated with a shrug. "To make them real you must cast the image from your mind onto another object so that your demons aren't just inside but an external force."

Marluxia looked around their special spot and drew his brows. "If I use this place will I not end up disliking it because of my past?'

"No" Saïx stated with a curt nod. "This place will always hold the memory of freedom and the beginnings of a new path. It is the new that grants you the strength to walk away from the old."

Pink brows furrowed. "How do you know all of this?"

Saïx smirked. "I spoke with Zexion before we departed and he guided me through what would need to be done."

"Of course; our resident encyclopedia." Marluxia snorted. He suddenly sighed as became serious. "Don't I risk casting them on to you and throwing you away?"

"It is a possibility but only if you choose to cast them onto me." He bent down, picked up a rock, and handed it to the assassin. "You can cast them onto this rock, a leaf, a branch, or anything you want. It is for you to decide."

Marluxia looked around the area and shrugged his shoulder. "I guess I could use a rock. It seems rather ridiculous."

"It is." Saïx agreed. "Yet if it frees you of your demons then what harm can it cause?"

"I suppose." Marluxia shrugged then took the rock from Saïx's hand. "So do I talk to the rock and tell the rock I forgive it?" He snorted. "It sounds even more idiotic when put that way."

Saïx smirked. "Something like that and yes I agree. Sit."

Marluxia took a seat under the tree with rock still in hand. "Okay now what?"

Saïx sat down in front of him and stared at the object in question. "What you must do is stare at it and conjure the face of the one you want to forgive and cast the face onto the rock. Do not look at anything other than the rock. You must stay focused on the object in your hand until it manifests itself into what you see in your mind. Then you will grant it your forgiveness and cast it away so that you may move forward onto your new path."

"It still sounds absurd but I have come this far so why not." He shrugged then stared at the rock.

"Let all things fall away from around you." Saïx nodded. "Nothing exists except for you and the one who hurt you."

Marluxia sighed deeply and concentrated on the rock. All sounds fell away from his ears, the ground dropped from beneath him, no light, no dark, just him and his uncle alone in the vast nothingness that was what was left of himself and a time long ago.

"Well if it isn't the little bastard. What do you want?" Porter sneered. "Did you miss me and come back for more?"

Marluxia narrowed his deep blues. "I would rather die than return to you." He hissed.

"Well if the little man didn't finally go and grow himself a spine."

"At least I have one." Marluxia bit back. "You are a coward that..." He trailed off. "No that is not what I am here for." He stated with a deep sigh. "I came here to grant you my forgiveness."

"Forgiveness? For what?" Porter mocked. "You should be on your knees thanking me for turning you into a man."

"Thanking you? I am nothing; an empty shell, and you think I should thank you for that?" He scoffed. "You are even more insane than I thought you were."

"You got what you deserved."

Black eyes bored into his chest and it was taking all he had not to kill him on the spot. "Did I? Tell me uncle..." His voiced was laced with venom. "What did I ever do to deserve this?!" He questioned with a wave of his hand down his front. "No what did I ever do to deserve your contempt?"

"You got everything out of them." He hissed. "They gave you everything they were and there was nothing left for anyone else. It was always about you. I had to get rid of them because your selfishness made me do it."

"Don't you dare blame your evil deeds on me." Marluxia hissed back. "You killed them all with your own bare hands for YOUR own selfish reasons. And in the end what did you really gain? Nothing. You are less than what I am now and I am nothing; but I still have what you don't."

"Oh?" Porter questioned with arms crossed over his chest and dark brow raised. "And do tell what is it you have that is so great? You have not parents to swoon all over you; lavishing you with their words of love, no aunt to cook for you and tell you stories as you lay in bed. You have nothing."

Marluxia's lips pulled up into an evil grin. "I may be nothing but that doesn't mean I have nothing. I have a family that watches out for me and stands by me when I need them. They grant me their powers as I grant mine to them. All you have to stand by you is the blackness of your soul and nothing more. Forever you will be alone as you so deserve. However I still forgive you for every single thing you have ever done to me."

"Your forgiveness means nothing to me." He growled.

"Nor did I expect it to. I don't do this for you; I do it for me. I didn't come here seeking your acceptance I only came here grant my forgiveness; whether you take it or not bares no concern to me. You are nothing but a memory of my past and that is all you will ever be. You can never hurt me again."

Saïx watched the rock fly across the pond before it landed in the water causing larger water drops to spray out around it. He turned back to the assassin sitting in front of him.

"It's over." Marluxia sighed.

"Almost" Saïx nodded.

"What do you mean almost?" The assassin questioned tiredly.

"You must choose the new path in which you wish to walk." Saïx nodded. "Acceptance and forgiveness have released you from your past yet they are still tied to you. The path you will take towards your future will bare the strings of the past; but you must choose which part of your past will lead you to your future."

"I'm not really liking all this philosophical stuff." Marluxia nodded. "And why are you talking like that?"

Saïx arched a brow. "It is wisdom not philosophy that I give you."

"Sounds the same to me." He snorted.

Saïx dismissed his statement. "So which will you choose?"

Marluxia knew that his answer to the question was a major turning point in his non-existent life. Yet for as much as he didn't exist he could be seen, heard, and touched; did that not make him real? "I choose the path that contains all my memories; good and bad. They are the past and they can no longer affect me now."

Saïx nodded his head. "It will be a path that will test you and make you question everything you know."

Deep sapphire's locked with his ambers. "So long as I don't walk it alone then anything that comes my way I can easily face."

"Perhaps there is hope for you yet." Saïx smirked.

Marluxia snorted. "Are we done with all this philosophical crap?"

Saïx arched a brow. "You no longer wish to be imparted with my vast amounts of wisdom?"

"Is that what you call it? Sounds more to like Zexion filling your head with all his insight that he acquired from those he reads about and wished he was."

"As much as Zexion deems himself a scholar; I am much older and wiser."

Marluxia leveled him with a pointed stare. "First off; you have no idea how old you are and secondly, how can you know so much when you have no recollection of your past life? I reiterate; you got it all from Zexion."

Saïx leaned towards the assassin slightly. "Flowers are meant to look at and admire for their fragrance. They were created without a tongue and now I know why."

Marluxia gave a look of mock hurt. "Yes and the moon has a tendency towards moodiness. Always chasing the sun in an attempt to outshine it; one day half of itself, another a sliver, and yet another where no eyes can see it. It is so selfish that it only comes out during the night if it so desires to do so; and only during one night of its cycle is it truly itself." He followed the diviner's lead and leaned in towards him slightly. "So tell me glorious moon which night are you your grand shining self?"

"When least expect it." He smirked.

"Like now" Marluxia quickly retorted.

Saïx smirked. "Perhaps; perhaps not. Perhaps this is my one night that where no eyes are meant to lay upon me."

"I can see you."

"Can you? Or do you see only what I want you to see."

Marluxia waved his hand through the air. "Fine" He sighed. "You win. You are the great scholar Saïx; all knowing and all seeing. I can not compete." He slumped back against the tree and stared up at the canopy of branches.

Saïx turned and leaned against the tree next to him and sighed deeply.

Marluxia smiled a small smile at the feel of Saïx sitting next to him. "How long until we go back?"

"Two days."

Marluxia furrowed his brows. "Two days? I thought you said we had about four."

"We did when we left. We spent nearly two full days in Wonderland."

"Really? It doesn't seem like we were there that long. It felt like a day; max."

"For you perhaps." Saïx stated as he leaned his head back against the tree and watched the shadows of the forest grow as the sun settled in for the night.

"So what are we going to do with the rest of our time off?"

"Whatever we want." Saïx smirked knowing exactly what he was going to do.

Marluxia turned and looked at the berserker. "That leaves us with a lot of options."

Saïx turned his head and met Marluxia's stare head on. "Do you have something in mind?"

A few petals fell from his hair when he shook his head slightly. "No; do you?"

"I might." He smirked. "I just might."

Marluxia narrowed his deep blues on his companion. "What are you thinking?"

Saïx turned his attention back to the setting sun and smirked. "You will soon find out."


Marluxia couldn't take it anymore. Saïx was up to something and he wanted to know what; but the stubborn berserker was maintaining his silence on the matter. It was irritating him to no end and he was sure it was only a matter of time until he snapped.

Saïx watched the assassin pace back and forth in front him and couldn't keep the wicked grin off his lips. Watching Marluxia's frustration was rather interesting as he seemed so much like a spoiled child. Not to mention that the assassin had no idea as to what he was up; which to anyone else it would have been obvious.

The night wavered on, the moon was nearly to its zenith, and Marluxia was at his wits end. He stared down at the diviner sitting peacefully under the tree and snapped. "What?!"

Saïx arched a brow at him. "I have said nothing." He stated calmly.

Marluxia narrowed his deep blue eyes. "I know." He hissed. "And that's the problem."

"You wish to converse then?" He knew he was taunting the assassin and he was actually enjoying watching him lose his calm.

"No!" He bit out. "I want to know what is going through that head of yours. You are up to something; I just know it."

"And what is it you think I am up to? I have done nothing but sit here watching you pace around like a wild animal." He stated smoothly. "If either of us were up to something I would suspect that it was you who was pondering uncouth deeds."

He wanted to hit him so bad. He could feel his fingers curling into a fist to do just that.

Saïx couldn't help himself he just had to egg him on; it was just too cute, watching him fuss and fidget. "Is the night air causing you some sort of ill?"

Marluxia stared at him; eyes wide and spinning. "I am not ill. It's you!" He growled with a hard stare. "You are sitting there..."

"Yes I am sitting here enjoying the calm and the peace of the forest and it is you who is disrupting it with all your grumbling and pacing." He cut him off.

He could nearly see the moment in which Marluxia was going to attack him and decided that it was time to bring it to an end. As calm as a slow running spring he rose to his feet and stepped up to the frustrated assassin. "My poor little flower." He whispered as he wrapped his arms around his waist. "Caught in a mighty wind storm and there's no shelter to protect it." He finished with a caress to his cheek.

"Do not mock me." Marluxia bit back; not returning any of the touches. His arms hung limply at his sides and he continued to glower at the blue haired berserker.

"This is what I was up to." He whispered before he sucked on his bottom lip before pressing his tongue into his mouth.

Still he remained in Saïx's arms not touching but he did return the kiss. His mind was spinning and he didn't know if he should be angry with the berserker or fall headlong into his embrace; so he just stayed as he was letting Saïx lead the way.

A small gasp tore from his lips when Saïx broke the kiss and began nipping his way down his neck; yet his arms still didn't find the muscle to work.

Saïx reached up and pulled the zipper of his coat down until the leather parted revealing his sculpted chest. He lavished his chest with light kisses as he pushed the garment from his shoulders.

Marluxia could do nothing but focus on staying upright. Saïx seemed to have a million sets of lips and hands that felt as if they were caressing and kissing every inch of his body all at once.

Saïx used his limp stated to lower him to the ground where he continued to explore his exposed flesh with his lips; until he found a hard little nipple and latched onto it; nipping at it with his teeth and flicking over it with his tongue.

He then trailed his way down over his quivering stomach where he nipped at the little dip in his belly as his fingers easily worked the button and zipper of his pants. He rose up and trailed his hand down his leather covered legs; lightly ghosting his finger over the bulge in his pants, before he made quick work of his boots.

Marluxia gasped deeply when he felt the cool air of the night ghost over his suddenly bared flesh when Saïx slid his pants down his legs. He was having a sensation overload and couldn't seem to focus. A hiss tore from his lips seemingly in pain when Saïx's hot flesh connected with his own when the diviner came down on top of him and nip upon his bottom lip before burying his tongue deep into his mouth.

That was about the time his arms decided that they did in fact work as he tangled his finger into his deep cobalt hair; that seemed a lot darker in the shadows of the night.

"Saïx broke the kiss, sat up, and lightly trailed his fingers down across his chest, over his abdomen, and through his pink curls; tracing lazy shapes just around the base of his hard cock. He smirked when the deadly assassin arched his back off the grassy forest floor; a deep moan of ecstasy tearing from his lips.

Marluxia nearly exploded right there when a sharp deadly claw lightly trailed up his length, swirled around his tip, before it trailed down the other side. It was strange to think of something so deadly being so gentle; just the thought of his claws always sent a shiver down his spine.

He watched through cracked lids as the diviner rose up and began stripping himself of his remaining clothing. His pale skin seemed to glow under the moonlight and he briefly wondered if what he was seeing was actually Saïx's power radiating from his body. Whatever it was he wanted to feel it against his own flesh so that they could become one with each other.

He rolled up onto his knees when he was finally free of all his clothes and began laying kisses across his flat stomach while his fingers trailed down his sides, over his hips, down the backs of his legs, and back up again.

Saïx dropped his head back and nearly growled in pleasure when Marluxia trailed his tongue over his length. It felt divinely and more so when his lips wrapped around him and began pulling him deep into his hot cavern. He locked his fingers into his pink hair and even though his eyes were closed he could see the pink petals falling down around him and vanishing before they hit the ground.

Marluxia stared up at the diviner watching his face contort in pleasure and would have smirked if his lips weren't already busy doing something a little more important.

He couldn't take it any more; he had to have him and had to have him now. Saïx pulled Marluxia from him and pushed him back on his back as he came down; covering his body with his own. He trailed kisses across his cheek to his ear. "It may hurt." He whispered before he nipped upon the appendage.

"It will be okay. I trust you." Marluxia whispered back then let off a small moan at the feel of Saïx's hard length rubbing against his inner thigh.

Saïx pulled back and stared down at the assassin and when his blue eyes locked with his own he began pushing into him slowly.

Their eyes remained locked with each other; neither daring to look away, as they slowly united as one. Neither daring to look away for fear that one might disappear and never be seen again.

A grunt that sounded almost painful tore from the diviner's lips when he was finally seated deep within his beauitful assassin. He was so tight and seemed to get tighter with every single squeeze of his inner muscles.

Marluxia wrapped his fingers around the berserker's forearms and held on tightly as Saïx began a slow pace of rocking him across the grass. His eyes feel closed and his back arched up as a deep moan tore from his lips when Saïx hit that wonderful spot within. He planted his feet on the ground and push up against every slow inward thrust of his lover.

There was nothing wild about what they were doing as both of them considered this to be a moment of love; their version of it anyway. They didn't know if this was what beings who were in love felt and they didn't care; this was their time, their union, two nobodies showing the other what they would feel for the other if they could truly feel.

Saïx placed his hands on either side of the assassin's head; forcing Marluxia to grips onto his sides. He then leaned down and began making sweet love to his hot mouth; while still maintaining his slow, pleasurably torturious, pace.

When Marluxia trailed his fingers down his sides to his fleshy bottom and dug his fingers into his skin; pulling him closer and deeper, Saïx broke the kiss, arched back, and let off a deep groan of pleasure. Through his cracked lids he could see the nearly full moon hanging over head and would have smirked if his face wasn't contorted with pleasure. The moon and nature coming together as one under the moon and surrounded by nature; it seemed like this was how it was supposed to be.

He turned his head back down to his lover under him when Marluxia whispered his name; and smiled when their eyes locked. "So perfect." He growled as he stared into his sparkling sapphires.

Marluxia licked his lips rather seductivly; causig the diviner to stare at his now glistening lips. "Please it hurts so bad…" He panted.

"Yes" Saïx responded and complied with his plea by picking up speed and adding more power to his thrusts.

Marluxia reveled in the feel of the grass rubbing against his back as he was rocked back and forth. It only seemed to enhance the feel of Saïx's body against his own and the full feeling of having the diviner buried so deep within him. He was so close to reaching his end that when Saïx growled out his name he couldn't hold it in any longer and exploded into oblivion while the diviner's name tore from his lips.

A snarl tore from said diviner's lips at how tightly the assassin was squeezing around him. Marluxia's fingernails were near to tearing into his flesh and he couldn't take it anymore. He gave one last powerful thrust before he joined his little flower in the depths of nothingness and light.

Marluxia wrapped his arms around the diviner when he collapsed down on him and both panted into the other's neck; waiting for the intense high they were on to bring them back down. He caressed his fingers through his silky blue hair and grinned nearly stupidly to himself. "I wonder…" He whispered thoughtfully into his pointed ear. "When Xemnas finally creates our world will it feel as good or better when we join as one?"

Saïx lifted up and stared down into his face. "Perhaps better but does it matter?"

Marluxia lightly shook his head. "No; as long as we are together then that's all that will matter." He smiled.

Saïx caressed his cheek and pressed a light kiss to his lips. "And we will be until our time is up." He smiled back before he laid down on the grass and pulled the pink haired assassin flush against his bared chest. He buried his nose into his pink hair and inhaled deeply of his scent before his eyes drooped closed. Yep nature wasn't so bad; and it was quite pleasing to the body, he decided and squeezed his lover close with a silent promise that they would always be together.