AN: So I wrote this because I got accepted into a college yesterday (YAY!!!) and then I was like "Gee, I am so much more excited than Bella was in Eclipse, and this is only from my back up school! I would have freaked if I got into Dartmouth." And so the idea was made. I wrote it today because I don't want to do my Calculus homework! So, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not won these characters. I just borrow them from time to time. (All human story)

"I got an envelope from Dartmouth yesterday." Edward says as we pull into school.

"That's great!" I exclaim. "What did it say?" I already know the answer. He got in. Of course.

"I don't know. I didn't open it." He looks somewhat sheepish as he says this.

"Why not?" I ask. Neither of us is moving from the car, but we have time.

"I wanted to open it when you got yours. So we could find out together."

I smile at him. "Well, mine should arrive sometime soon, right?"

"Yeah. We should probably head to class now."

That afternoon, Edward takes me home as usual, and I quickly look through the mail before we head into the kitchen to get started on homework. No big important looking envelopes for me. I shake my head at Edward, and he really does look sad.

The next day, however, I find a large envelope with the Dartmouth office of admissions as the return address.

"This looks promising." Edward says. "It looks just like mine." He waves the envelope he had brought in from the car.

"So we either both got in or didn't." I say, hoping my tone is light. We stand there for a few moments. "I kind of don't want to open this." I finally say.

"How about we count to three and open them together?" Edward suggests.

I shake my head. "I have a better idea. You open mine and I'll open your's."

Edward smiled. "Okay, Bella." He hands me his envelope and takes mine quickly. "One...two...three!" And we both open the envelopes quickly.

Dear Edward Cullen,

We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted to attend Dartmouth for the Fall 2009 Semester...

I squealed. I hugged Edward tight, and he hugged me back. "You got in!" I exclaim.

Edward laughed. "Good. I'd hate to think my girlfriend would be going off to the east coast without me."

"So I got in?" I asked, looking up at him incredulously.

"Yes. Congratulations." He smiled down at me and then kissed me sweetly.