Author's note

It's been a long time since I've had time to log in and have time to consider my fanfictions, and I'm announcing that this story is going to be in hiatus.

While I dislike putting stuff in hiatus, since the releasement of 385/2 Days many info I've used for plot so far has fallen and this story is no longer following the canon events of Kingdom Hearts. I don't feel like it's worth continuing it as a serious fic anymore, so I'm dropping it.

I'm moving Zexion's diary to a Tumblr account (cloakedschemer. tumblr. com add it without the spaces), restarting his diary in a more informal, humourous fashion, where Zexion not only comments about his life in Organization XIII, but also about the KH fandom in general. I really like how the layout of Tumblr works for that .

So, I'm not continuing this story, sorry for all my readers.