Title: Duck

Author: Letting The Rain In

Disclaimer: As always, sadly, I only own the order that the words are written in.

Challenge Phrase: Numb

Word Count: 100

Fellow Players: Too many to name, but you know who you are! Also, there's a list. Just in case.

A/N: Happy Birthday Supernoodle! Yeah I know, it's really, really, really late. But she knows why that is. And this will prolly be my last drabble for a while ... priorities yadda yadda yadda. But I've some good ideas kicking around for one shots, and if I get the chance, I'll try to write them. Yes, Noodle, I'm talking skeletons. You know the ones. Anyhoodle, I apologise for the lateness, and I hope you all enjoy this.

Dean glares, eyes narrowed to slits.

"Waffled duck?"

Out of habit, Sam begins to decline, before his brain catches up with his mouth and he realises his brother isn't offering some gastronomic disaster straight from the bowels of hell, sent to punish Sam for slugging Dean, no matter how innocently done.

The words are distorted, mouth numb and blood still running and Sam's insides squirm with guilt as he places the ice pack in Dean's hands, who presses it gingerly to the side of his face.


Dean growls. "Wah. Duh. Fud?"

Sam, wretched with misery, can only shrug helplessly.