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Love's Final Cord

"Now I don't want any trouble," Ashura said calmly to Kurogane, who clutched the sword tightly in his hands. Kira stood motionless as he spoke. Fai knew she was about to do something dangerous.

"Like I said, you'll get him over my dead body Ashura." Kurogane ran toward him, sword ready, only to swing at air. Ashura had somehow moved out of the way.

'How is that even possible?' Fai thought.

"Fai," Kira whispered to him, "I need you to do something for me. If you don't then Ashura will definitely get you..." Fai looked at her for a moment and then nodded. "Run behind that statue and stay there. In the next few minutes I can NOT see you. Is that clear?" Fai nodded and ran to hide.

Ashura stood quietly as a man walked up behind him. "Now Fai even I know that isn't proper behavior for a boy like you."

Fai hutched behind the statue. He knew that man from a long time ago. He had left him alone in the foyer with Ashura...

It all came back. When he left the room, he had cursed Ashura to do his bidding. That man wanted Fai, and he knew it.

"Fei Wong Reed," Kira stepped closer, "So you're the one behind this." Her hair faded to a grey color wih each step. Kurogane eyed Fei Wong. He also remembered him and couldn't possibly forget.

"I'm so honored you remember me, my Kira." "I'm not yours. I never have been and never will be. He will never be yours either," she pointed at Fai. He shrank down again, not wanting to be seen.

"So your behind all of this?" Kurogane yelled.

"Of course," Fei Wong said, "After seeing little Fai and that small argument over him with Ashura I realized I wouldn't get him so easily so I had to improvise. I just put a small little spell on Ashura to chase Fai out of that house so he would come running to me." He paused and looked at Kurogane. "I just didn't expect that you would be helping him." Ashura's eyes flickered to Kurogane but he stood quietly.

Kira's eye went dark. "I'm sorry but I can't allow you to take Fai or Kurogane's life. I'm going to save them both, free Ashura, and then I'm going to kill you."

Fei Wong laughed, causing Ashura to flinch under his grasp. "How do you possible expect to do that?"

Fai looked down at his chest and saw a small glow. He watched it in amazement as it flew away from him and surrounded Kira.

"I'll kill you with Fai's hourglass, that's how."

Fei Wong looked at her, his eyes became frightened. Kurogane jumped back as the light exploded and flew into the statue that Fai was hiding behind.
"Kuro-kuro!" Fai yelled. He knew he couldn't come out but called for him anyway. He stared at the creature that replaced where Kira had stood. It looked like her but Fai knew better. 'That came from me...'

Fei Wong flung Ashura aside and drew his own sword. The last Fai looked at was him charging at her. There was a flash of light, a loud bang, and then silence. Fai's vision swayed and then finally went dark.

Fai woke up and groaned. He saw Kurogane hovering over him, Sakura and Syaoran not too far away. Kira was leaning against a wall, looking tired. He saw no sign of Ashura anywhere.

"Don't worry Fai," Sakura said, "He's sleeping somewhere else."

"We called someone and we were able to get the curse off of him," Kurogane said. His eyes shifted a bit. "Are you...um..."

Fai smiled. "I'm fine." His voice sounded small but he didn't care. Kurogane was alive and everything was okay now. "What happened to..."

Kira coughed and shook her head. Fai went silent, understanding what she had meant. She didn't want to talk about it right now but Fai knew that Fei Wong was dead. He didn't want to think about what they did to his corpse.

He sat up and climbed into Kurogane's lap, oblivious to the others in the room. He heard Sakura giggled quietly and a mumbled "shut up" from his lover. He smiled and got closer. As long as everything was fine now, he didn't have a care in the world.

Ashura sat up in the bed they had put him in, looking out the window. He ran his finger lightly over the bird that had come to keep him company. His didn't bother trying to remember what had happened because he was only met by a clouded memory. He became alert with a small knock at the door. Fai poked his head in and he smiled. He looked different now. Last he remembered Fai was just a small child, barely reaching his waist.

"May I come in?" he asked.

Ashura nodded.

Fai walked in, looked around, and then sat at the end of the bed. Ashura didn't know what to say so he waited.

"How are you feeling?" Fai asked him after a few minutes of silence. Ashura wasn't sure what he had done but he could tell that Fai felt awkward.

"I'm...fine now," he said, "I'm not sure what happened. I don't remember anything at all."

Fai stared at him in disbelief. Ashura did remember that whenever Fai got that look on his face it annoyed him half to death.

"I'm not sure but...would you like to know?" Fai played with the end of his shirt, avoiding eye contact.

Ashura looked back out the window, watching the bird fly into the nearby tree.

"No," he answered. He met Fai's gaze and smiled. "but whatever happened, I hope you'll come to forgive me."

Fai smiled. The Ashura that he knew a long time ago was finally back. He wasn't afraid anymore. He had Ashura, and he finally had Kurogane.

He was finally happy again.

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