Feburary 12th, 1879

What an infuriating diary entry when I can name none of the participants save for myself and Holmes, but my dear friend has deemed it best, and therefore I shall keep this brief.

Today I witnessed two grown adults attempt to tear each other limb from limb over a packet of scientific papers. No slight feat, I assure you, consider Mr. CD is approaching seventy and Lady ER was clad in rather regal petticoats and bindings. It was the first, and hopefully last, time I've seen a female in full skirts literally fall backwards over a settee.

We were hired by Mr. CD almost a week ago to find a bundle of papers awaiting publication that had been pilfered from his study. We discovered the culprit to actually be a titled lady and called her to our flat under the guise of simply having her to tea. Really, I was surprised she bought such a ruse. But then again, who would be foolish enough to steal material from a very published scholar and expect to get away clean-handed?

They chased each other about our sitting room, to be blunt. Holmes, having a respect for Mr. CD, stuck his foot out to cease Lady ER's attempts. She proceeded to be launched over our couch and was diminished into a moaning lump of lace. Mr. CD took the opportunity to snatch his papers and grumble at her for being a petty and brainless creature who was bent on disproving his theories not through religious objections but by her very intellectual capacity.

Lady ER vowed her revenge, claiming the entire time Mrs. Hudson bustled her out the door that she'd ruin his reputation long after his death. Mr. CD fumed out before Holmes could get his signature on one of his copies of his works.

"Such a brilliant man," commented the great detective as we settled down to tobacco and tea. "For his backbone if nothing else, though I'm certain his work in the field of biology has great merit."

I, being ignorant in most non-modern anatomy, muttered an agreement.

"They'll put him on a coin some day, mark my words," he finished, striking his match for his pipe.

AN: The gentleman in question is Charles Darwin, FRS. The lady in question is Elizabeth Reid, Lady Hope, who did indeed attempt to discredit his reputation after his death. The documents in question would be the manuscript for "Countries visited by the HMS Beagle". Charles Darwin was put on a two pound coin this year.