i do not own Naruto. No matter how awesome it may be…a young beautiful girl, with pink hair, and her boyfriend, a young man with golden blond hair, walks, hand in hand, to the ninja academy. she has a mission to teach the girls, about to graduate, some simple healing techniques, and he has a mission to get his first squad. they were both jonin ranked shinobi."okay ill see you later sakura! ill meet you here after classes to walk you home!" the blond boy kissed sakura on the cheek and walked off."okay Naruto! ill be thinking of you!" she waved to Naruto as she walked into the academy and she stopped and thought to herself. 'oh no he cant walk me all the way home, my dads coming home. he'll beat me if he sees me with him, especially if its Naruto, the host of the nine-tails fox.' her father was in that battle and the fox killed all his family except for her mother who happened to be on a mission at the time. every one in the village except for her father had realized it wasn't Naruto's entered the room and shut the door behind her "im here Iruka... hey where's Iruka sensei?" the sub of the class looked at her " hey miss this isn't the genin mission hall"

" hey i may only be 18 but im already a jonin thank you very much! im here to teach the girls some healing techniques by orders of lord hokage-sensei!" sakura snapped."oh im sorry sakura" the sub said couringly "im the sub today Iruka was sick im Choji""wait your Choji? weren't we rookies together? you look so different!""oh your that sakura!?" Choji answered"yes anyway which girls am i teaching?" she asked

Choji called out the four girls, Anya, kuyo, Aya, and Ceres ( Chojis unbelievably small child) and sent them with sakura.

Sakura looked at the girls they all looked fairly smart. "okay does anyone know how to use their own chakra to heal?" she asked happilyAya raised her hand as did Ceres "we do miss sakura sensei!""good what level injury can you heal?" sakura asked."i can heal cuts and bruises" Ceres answered"and i can heal cuts" Aya answered


sakura looked at her watch and gasped getting to know the kids had taken longer than she thought she had to meet Naruto "okay then Anya and kuyo you two try to learn something from Aya and Ceres and ill see you tomorrow kay?" sakura packed her stuff and waited for the kids to leave before she called Naruto.

***near Naruto***

*ring ring* Naruto's phone rang he picked up "hello?" he said as he dodged one of the genin trying to get two bells."hello Naruto. class is over at the academy im glad to say they are all really smart! so when are we going to get some ramen?" sakura asked"oh okay ill be there in about twenty minutes sakura!" Naruto said dodging another kick "just let me finish up here kay?""okay Naruto" sakura said having forgotten about her father "love you bye""love you too sakura, bye" Naruto grinned as he said this then kicked one of his pupils."bye" and sakura closed her phone and thought what was she gonna get for closed his phone and thought tonight would be the night he asked sakura to marry him. not paying attention to his surroundings got kicked in the head and was thrown to the ground. "alright! alright! you win!" Naruto said as the three pinned him down

"trainings over for today god! let go of me!""ha we win Naruto-sensei!" said a kid that deeply resembled Sasuke. (she had been dropped off at the front gate of Konoha as a infant. having looked so much like Sasuke, Naruto asked to take over care for her. Naruto could afford a rather large house due to him going on many a-s ranked missions. so the kid that looked so much like Sasuke, Arron, had her own room at Naruto's place. Naruto was like her father. he disciplined her so she behaved but he was also like her best friend. when she turned 9 he let her be almost completely self dependent. her attitude wasn't nearly close to sasuke's, she was a semi- happy child a lot like Naruto, but smart she always had good grades and claimed she didn't try Naruto guessed she had Uchiha blood in her, and so it was natural for her to do so well, she had no feeling of regret or hate. her explanation for if someone wanted to get her mad was 'i don't get mad i get even!' and she held that to the dot with everyone but Naruto, she was one of the few who had seen the kyuubi in complete action and was scared to death of him not Naruto, kyuubi)"yea we win Naruto-sensei" said a kid that acted more like Sasuke but was not related to him in any way he was Neji and Tenten's son, kyu."now you owe us something what do ya say you buy dinner tonight?" said Moonten, Hinata and Kiba's daughter. Naruto wasn't sure how the cousins got put into the same squad, but he had an idea. Naruto was also having a test, testing to see if it were possible to have a team with two girls instead of one, and so far the missions that the team did alone, without Naruto, had never failed even 1 mission."no we have to think of something else" Arron answered before Naruto could "he's gonna ask sakura to marry him tonight!" Arron continued" Arron why is it that to you, everyone has to know about my personal life?!" Naruto screamed at her"'cuz its the ultimate black mail now go meet sakura before she gets mad!" Arron said. Naruto glared at her then turned to go to the ninja academe as he walked he could hear the girl talking about his life with sakura he would pay her back some how.

*** back with sakura****

sakura was sitting at the academe steps practicing her chakra scalpel she just remembered that she had to help in an upcoming surgery the next day. then she saw Naruto's form growing bigger in the distance she got up and began to skip towards him."hey sakura! ya miss me?" Naruto joked"of course i missed you Naruto!" sakura said as she hugged him. she looked up and kissed him. Naruto turned on his heals and faced the same way sakura was and the two began walking to Naruto's favorite ramen shop.

the two lovers entered the shop and sat on some stools."hey! how are my favorite customers?!" the chef said already readying the ramen noodles."yes can i have some Sakura ramen and some Naruto ramen? and... what would you like sakura?" Naruto asked. sakura noticed Naruto signal something with his hand. the chef was in on it to. "umm ill have the same thing your having. just smaller portions." sakura said fiddling with her hair. she noticed how Naruto handed the money to the chef normally he slams it on the counter.

Naruto and sakura waited as their food was being made and began a conversation on what missions they wanted. Naruto wished he was back as a genin again some easy missions once in a while would be great. the continuous A-S missions were starting to get to him."here ya go!" said the chef "here's the sakura ramen!"

Naruto was already chomping on his ramen and sakura just sipped it. about half way through the ramen sakura took a large bite of noodles, she began to chew and something crunched, she pulled the object out of her mouth and gasped she look at Naruto in shock. in her hand was a beautiful gold ring, the jewels on the ring were two heart shaped rubies and large heart shaped diamond in-between them."so how 'bout it sakura?" Naruto said with hopeful eyes and his trade mark grin "sakura? will you marry me?"

sakura looked in disbelief at Naruto then let joy change the shock on her face to complete care and joy. she slipped the ring onto her finger and embraced Naruto "Naruto what other answer is there...?" sakura screeched though it was muffled through Naruto's chest, she was hugging him harder than any time before."except for?" Naruto whispered in her ear. he knew he had no need to ask this question. sakura lifted her head and stared at him with loving emerald green eyes, that Naruto got lost in every time he looked at her, then she closed in and kissed him. he began kissing back, asking for entrance, and she happily gave it to him.

she pulled back and giggled "except for yes." sakura said gleefully"come on let me walk you home." Naruto said just as gleefully. sakura nodded, they walked out of Ichiraku's ramen shop and they walked to Sakura's they arrived at Sakura's front door step and she and Naruto kissed romantically."well i better be going" Naruto said pecking her on the cheek before he left, and he walked away from the doorstep.

sakura turned around she couldn't wait to tell the news to her mother. she looked in the window and her father was glaring at her. 'shit' inner sakura said slowly opened the door knowing what awaited her as she opened the door she could hear her mother crying "*gasp* mom!" sakura screamed falling to the floor next to her mother who was crying like she was a newborn."sakura get away! he saw you... you need to get away! he's coming..." was all her mom could say but it was too late her father was behind her and picked her up by the hair. 'oh how much i wish i could just kill him...' sakura thought to her self."what the hell were you doing with that fucking monster?!" her father screamed devilishly in her ear. he then punched her in the face and kicked her in the stomach sending her across the room."dad! i love him!" sakura said so quietly her father couldn't hear her she had her hand to her face where her father had hit her and was barley healing it so her father couldn't see the chakra. " why do you care if i was with him?!" sakura retorted toward her father."i care because he is the one that killed all the other people on your dads side of the family!" her father said raising a fist ready to hit her again. sakura held up her hands to block the coming blow but just as he was about to hit her the door bell rang... Sakura's father lowered his fist slowly and picked up sakura and her mom by their hair. sakura had a large bruise on the side of her face and Sakura's mom had large cuts all over her. "go to your room, and stay quiet im having a job interview!" he hissed into their ears. he dropped them on the floor and they scrambled up to Sakura's they got up to the room sakura began to heal her moms wounds "mom you have to leave him! tsunade-sensei can get you the papers quickly" sakura said sadly."no dear you have to leave your old enough now get out of this hell..." Sakura's mother said coughing up blood" don't worry mom ill be out of here soon enough. Naruto asked me to marry him today..." sakura's beeper went off "oh thank god!" sakura said she quickly healed her bruise and put on her hospital uniform " come on mom... i can get you to the hospital" she said smiling. 'yes a reason to leave and he cant stop me im under tsunade's orders!' inner sakura chanted as they walked down stairs."hey where are you going?!" Sakura's dad said noticing his daughter and wife leaving without permission."dad.. I have to go to the hospital someone needs to have a surgery early and im the only person they have. I work at the hospital as an intern but i can get things for surgeries if needed." sakura explained, as inner sakura took out a kunai saying 'if you object...!' "and what about you?!" he hissed to his wife"I... um" she began"well Mr. Haruno you've got the job ill see you in three weeks.." as he got up Sakura's fathers attention was on the man so sakura and her mom snuck out and ran toward the hospital."tsunade-sensei! help help!" sakura screamed as she entered the hospital. "help my mom..." sakura began, but she fainted just as tsunade entered the room. unbeknownst to sakura she had internal bleeding that was as bad, if not worse, than her mothers.


Naruto ran into the hospital when he heard sakura had fainted (tsunade had known about Naruto asking sakura to marry him; she was the first person he told, and in turn tsunade made sure Naruto was the first to know about anything to do with sakura and her medical health) "grandma tsunade!" Naruto called from the front of the hospital, obviously over worried about sakura."shut up Naruto. this is still a hospital. *sigh* come on now follow me. ill take you to sakura." tsunade said walking into where Naruto was."what happened to sakura, Tsunade?" Naruto asked as they walked quietly down the hall."she has bad internal bleeding and so does her mother its odd im going to have to check there genetic codes to see if its a disease." Tsunade said sadly opening the door to Sakura's room. sakura was hooked up to an ivy and many other things that keep track of her vital signs. Naruto was really sad when he saw that sakura was still out cold. he walked into the room and pulled a chair close too Sakura's bed and sat down he was holding Sakura's hand and gently rubbing it when tsunade left."come on sakura wake up." Naruto said about three hours later "you've been through much worse than this..." Naruto was quietly whispering to himself about ten minutes later when tsunade came to check on them Naruto was asleep in the chair with his head in the middle of the bed but his hand stayed next to sakura's.

sakura opened one of her eyes not realizing she was in the hospital room, she shot up screaming

"lady tsunade help my mom!" sakura was gasping for breath and she looked around as soon as she saw Naruto looking at her with concern filled eyes she quickly hugged him as if he was fading away. Naruto could feel her shuddering."sakura what's wrong? what happened to you? as soon as your better ill take you home." Naruto said stroking her cheek. he realized that sakura gasped and stood deathly still when he said take her home."Naruto can i stay at your place tonight? please?" sakura was about to break into tears her father wouldn't be gone for three weeks but when that time came she hoped she could be living with Naruto for good then if her father hurt her in any way she was sure he would get a beating from Naruto and she would laugh at him while Naruto beat him. and that would only happen if she herself didn't give him the worst beating he would ever feel if not his last."huh? oh sure sakura if your 100% sure." Naruto said still with concerned filled eyes. "are you sure?""yes Naruto im sure i mean i am your fiancée." sakura laughed "and i think this would be a chance to get used to living with you. hey maybe if i like it i could move in a.s.a.p.!" sakura said gleefully trying not to sound too scared and urgent. ."i think that would be nice, sakura, but i better clean up before you get there..." Naruto began" no Naruto its okay i have too know what i have to deal with." sakura had a gleeful smile on.

~~~later that day~~~

Naruto took out his key and opened his door Temari and Shikamaru were with them Shikamaru just followed Temari, but Temari had come along with them because sakura and Temari had become good friends since Gaara and Naruto hung out so much, so Temari was worried for sakura.

"hehehe..." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head "i know its really dirty but upstairs is a little nicer.""wow Naruto your place is nicer than Shikamaru's!" Temari said surprisedNaruto looked over to Shikamaru and he didn't care. "when was the last time you cleaned this Naruto?" sakura asked, 'if Naruto's house is cleaner than Shikamaru's how often does he clean it?' inner sakura asked"well if i count right its been about 2 months since i last did a serious clean up... im sorry its messy you don't have to stay if you don't want too." Naruto answered"Naruto when you said it was dirty i thought you meant like piles of stuff every where this is actually kind of cozy." Sakura smiled at Naruto"well Shika and i better get going we have to meet the hokage about something." Temari said as the two walked away from the house. Temari was heard saying something like

"Shika why cant your house be clean like that?" and Shikamaru answering what else than

"...troublesome woman..."

Arron walked down the steps a second later wearing a light pink colored shirt with a large bright red rose on it, she was also wearing lightly faded jeans with a small flower design on the bottom hems, a definite change from what she normally wears, black shorts under a dark purple skirt (that resembled Sakura's before the time skip) and an equally purple t-shirt. she stopped dead in her tracks, turned on heal and leapt back let out an irritated growl then laughed inwardly as sakura looked at Naruto. She had no clue, "hehe she goes out with Kyu and tries to convince herself i don't know, walk outside i bet she's climbing out the window!" Naruto laughed. If Sasuke really was her father, what the hell was he thinking about, was her mother completely opposite from him? And it wasn't Sakura, that was for sure otherwise well she would have green eyes instead of the less common, onyx. Sakura did as she was told and saw Arron climbing from her window and heading toward the Hyuuga mansion."hmm.. does she really think you don't know? I mean wouldn't it be obvious since they are in the same, well, squad?" Sakura asked, also laughing at Arron's clueless-ness."Probably but anyway where do you wanna stay? Um... My bed is pretty nice, and i could stay on the couch or something.." Naruto began, trying to think of other places she could sleep for the night."well i guess your room would be okay lets go see it"