Chapter 3

"don't hurt her!" sakura screamed as she blocked Arron from her raging father.

'What?!' Arron thought as she saw sakura brace herself for something "sakura! I can protect myself! You and me are ninja!" Arron said jumping in front of sakura and getting into a fighting position, she had a smirk on her face "what can a weak business man do anyway?!"

Sakura gasped and she looked in horror at her father. His face was red with rage. "Arron we have to get out of here!" sakura grabbed Arron and held her tight hoping to god that her father would leave them alone, though she knew that would be a very small possibility.

Sakura's dad hit her hard and fast sending her across the room, sakura hit the wall and was knocked out cold. Arron sat in horror looking at the knocked out sakura, sakura was the strongest person she knew besides Naruto. All of a sudden something told her to jump. She did and saw how close she was to being hit by sakura's father. She gasped and then put it out of her mind she looked around and saw that a part of the gate out of konoha was outside in the back. She quickly devised a plan to go get sakura get outside and jump over the gate. Arron ran over to sakura and began to heal some wounds. She realized that sakura's father was soon behind her, but when she was about to pick sakura up she got hit in the back of the head and fell to the ground on top of sakura, knocked out cold.

{back with Naruto}
Naruto stretched his arms and looked around he realized it was way past dinner time and he went upstairs to see if anyone was there. He was surprised to find that sakura was not there yet he thought he knew where Arron was so he decided to go to the Hyuuga mansion. Naruto put on his jacket and locked the door as he left.

Naruto soon arrived at the Hyuuga mansion, and he knocked on the door. Neji answered

"what is it Naruto?" he asked

"hey I was wondering if Arron has been here today?" Naruto asked just as Kyu was walking past

"nope she hasn't been here." Kyu answered for his father.

"oh ok then sorry to have bothered you." Naruto said as he turned around to leave

Neji shut the door.

Naruto walked back to his house to see if anyone had arrived. He looked everywhere this time. Soon he found a note on the floor. He read it quickly and decided to go to the hospital and see if sakura was there. He walked into the hospital and went up to a person at the front desk

"hello, Naruto" she said

"hey Ann has sakura come in yet?"

"No sakura came by to see her mom but she soon left."

"oh ok" Naruto said

{back with Arron and sakura}

Sakura woke up and rubbed her head at first she was horrified to find herself at her fathers house then realized that she had come here she looked over and saw Arron out cold. Sakura felt cold fear run through her and checked Arron's vital signs which to her relief were all fine. Sakura looked around a little more and was relieved to find she was in her room. She saw Arron stir and breathe a little more calmly. Sakura opened her door and looked around to make sure that no one was there she couldn't afford to take anything with her out of this hell hole. When she thought that her father had left to go on his business trip she picked up Arron and held her tight she hoped Naruto was nearby hoping he could save her but he had no clue about her father. Sakura walked as quietly as she could down the stairs. Then she had a thought maybe she could walk on the roof and her dad wouldn't notice if he was still there. Sakura started to control her chakra and placed it on the souls of her feet but just as she was going to climb onto the roof she heard something

"what are you doing?!"

{Back with Naruto}

Naruto was wandering around aimlessly when he heard a scream, he looked toward where he heard the scream from and saw that it was sakura's old house, Naruto imidently recognized the next scream it was sakura! Naruto ran into the house ready to fight. He looked around and was horrified when he saw sakura on the floor cowering in fear holding an unconscious Arron. Naruto felt instant anger when he saw sakura's father hitting the two people he loved more than anything in the world- his soon-to-be-wife and his adopted daughter. "Sakura! Arron!" sakura and sakura's dad looked over at Naruto

"Naruto!" sakura screamed "help! Arron won't wake up!"

"Hahaha! So kyuubi we meet again, you here to kill with the rest of my family?" sakura's father growled

"why would I kill my fiancée?!" Naruto snapped

Sakura's dads head snapped toward sakura "what?!" sakura's dad went to hit them again but his fist was swiftly caught by Naruto and sakura's dad was thrown across the room.

"Have a taste of your own medicine!" Naruto said. He snapped Naruto was in full survival mode now. That's what happened when sakura was in danger, but he knew he could beat this guy easily, though this guy had fought the kyuubi, it was obvious that he didn't want to do it now, the fear in his eyes showed he was scared of Naruto.

Sakura' dad got up and ran up the stairs.

Naruto was dumbfounded no one's ever really back down from a fight when they started it with him. He didn't care as soon as he remembered sakura and Arron were injured. He turned around and got on the ground "sakura are you okay?" Naruto asked looking sakura then Arron

"yea im ok im not sure about Arron though she got hit in the head pretty hard… Naruto! Look out!" sakura said screaming and pointing toward her father. Before Naruto turned around he saw sakura tense, holding Arron much tighter 'what happened?' Naruto thought for himself. Then he turned around and saw that sakura's dad had once been a ninja most likely retired.

"You die here kyuubi!" sakura's dad screamed.

"I've never lost a battle to anyone if my friends were in trouble that goes double for sakura and Arron!" Naruto said catching a few kunai

"you will die! But don't worry my unfaithful daughter and your daughter will go with you!" sakura's dad said it was obvious he had gone mad.

Naruto and sakura's dad just stood glaring at each other for a while, and then sakura's dad attacked throwing all his kunai and shurican at Naruto. Naruto hit them with 1 kunai and rushed toward sakura's father. Then he disappeared. Sakura's dad looked around no one was there except him and the two girls. When he turned around he felt a pain in his leg "arg!" he yelled he turned and glared at the person that threw the kunai, sakura. Just then another kunai was in his other leg he turned and saw Naruto sitting there glaring at him all of a sudden Naruto was gone again and reappeared behind sakura's dad with a kunai to his throat

"now give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you here and now" Naruto growled

"what?! How you get there so fast!?" sakura's dad said scared-like

"you're the one that said I was the kyuubi. What do you think ive been doing? Sitting like a lump? No I've been training! Ive killed Akatsuki members before! Did you think I couldn't kill you?" Naruto put the kunai away and threw sakura's dad down the stairs.

Just then lady tsunade rammed through the door "Mr. Haruno! You're under arrest for child abuse!"

"What?! I never abused any child my daughter is over eighteen!" sakura's dad fought back

"well then why is Arron knocked out cold?" tsunade asked

"she fell" sakura's dad said simply "she bumped her head on the wall" he snickered

"tsunade! He's lying! He hit Arron and I multiple times!" sakura screamed tears running down her face.

"What?!" tsunade answered giving a death glare to sakura's dad

"are you going to believe a sniveling no for good brat over a jonin?!" sakura's dad said

"of course not" tsunade answered. "take him away boys!" tsunade ordered

"what?!" sakura's dad stammered "I thought you said you wouldn't!"

"I did, sakura is not only one of the best medical-nin she is one of the most recognized jonin in this village, along with Naruto, and you are the sniveling brat!" tsunade snapped "thank you for paging me sakura"

"you're welcome tsunade but we should get Arron to a hospital soon she got a really bad bump on the head" sakura answered rising to her feet and almost falling, but Naruto caught her.

"I think you should stay there awhile to sakura" Naruto said holding her up

"ok lets go" tsunade said leaving the house

Naruto and sakura walked outside with the unconscious Arron in sakura's arms just as kyu was walking by. When he saw Arron his heart nearly stopped. He ran over and yelled "Naruto sensei! What happened to Arron?!"

"She got a bump on the head, kyu ive never seen you like this! What's with you?" Naruto said

"oh nothing Naruto sensei its just I was scared for a second I mean Arron is my girl friend" kyu said before he realized it "I mean-!" he stuttered

"don't worry about it kyu!" Naruto laughed "I already know! Ive known for the last year and a half"


Later at the hospital Naruto stayed in sakura's room "you feeling okay?" Naruto asked again

"Naruto if you ask that again im going to have to hit you," sakura said playfully

"sorry sakura I just want to make sure" Naruto said back

"well im nearly done here ill probably check out in an hour or two but why don't you go check on Arron?" sakura said

"oh Arron's a strong girl im sure she's ok for now." Naruto said

"Naruto- dear that wasn't a suggestion" Sakura said with frustration

"…maybe I should go and see how Arron is doing…. See ya sakura!" Naruto said kissing her head and walking out of her room.

In Arron's room Arron was awake and making out with kyu. All of a sudden Arron pulled away.

"Are you ok?" kyu asked confused

"yea but Naruto sensei is coming…" Arron said

Kyu couldn't hear anything so he used byakugan; he saw Naruto and looked at Arron, "Arron how did you know? I had to use byakugan to know if he was coming he's way down the hall!"

"I don't know I just saw…" at that moment Naruto knocked on the door and opened it

"hey Arron how are you doing?" Naruto asked
"im ok my head hurts a little but ive had worse" Arron said in a happy go lucky tone.



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