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A mention of a song to be like ending credits was mentioned. When I use music for inspiration it's typically lyrics that come to mind. So I thought of the song that follows the epilogue in this posting to represent Erienne and Eomer's story. The song was used as end credits for Robin Hood: Prince of the Theives(the Kevin Costner one)

I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to take the journey with Erienne and Eomer and I hope you enjoyed it. A special thanks to those who reviewed, it means a lot to have something you put your heart into appreciated. Thanks again!


~Chapter 31~


Why didn't this get any easier?

Eomer paced the hallway outside their bedchamber. They wouldn't let him in. He tried to get them to let him stay but Kyla had pushed him out the door saying it was no place for men and he'd only be in the way.

It was the same thing she'd said when Erienne had given birth to their first child, a daughter, just a little over five years ago. Treasa—his treasure—the beautiful product of the first time they'd made love. Looking just like her mother, same cornflower eyes and at five years old just as outspoken and stubborn as her Aunt Eowyn, and the little princess had her father wrapped tightly around her little finger. Her father might be King of Rohan but there was little doubt in Edoras which women ruled the king's heart.

He was kicked out of his chambers again two years later when the twins came, two more daughters. Two more treasures to fill his heart. Aislynn and Bronwyn. Double the trouble for the mischief the two blonde, but dark-eyed girls got into made the escapades of Brynne and Mara seem tame.

The ten-year old girls were regular visitors at Meduseld and often did everyone the favor of occupying the twins. They often brought his own childhood escapades to mind and he'd miss Theodred again. Or he'd think of Theoden and how his uncle would be delighted at the joy and laughter that regularly filled the hall these days.

And just now, squeals of delight – which had to be the twins, sounds that were immediately followed by a shriek of horror that was unmistakably his eldest daughter and Eomer fled the corridor outside his bed chamber down the stairs to see what his girls were up to now. Suffice it to say life in the hall was never boring and keeping the peace here with the children made keeping peace elsewhere look easy by comparison.

He'd learned a lot about children over the last five years. You have to look at the big picture, and things are never what they seemed. And even the most guilty of little girls can look completely innocent.

Despite his booming voice as he demanded to know what was going on, the one thing his children would never ever doubt was how much they were loved. And despite three blond heads turning at once, and three completely innocent looks he knew who the guilty parties were, he just didn't know yet what they were guilty of.

He did spoil them on occasion but even at their young ages Eomer and Erienne were firm about actions having consequences. They had no intention of having any version of Reyna on their hands. It didn't matter one bit that they were the king's daughters, they were going to be expected to behave decently to anyone who came into the hall.

He decided keeping the girls out of trouble was better than pacing the hallway although Erienne never left his thoughts. She'd had a hard time with the twins so he worried more this time.

"Aislynn, Bronwyn, come here."

He sat down on the stairs, taking each of the twins into his lap, one on each knee, an arm wrapped firmly around each waist, allowing neither of them the option of escape. "What did you girls do to your sister this time?"

Both little girls pretended not to hear him and Eomer decided it was going to have to come down to Treasa's testimony. Before he could question Treasa about the latest offense of her little sisters, Eomer heard Tyna's voice calling out to him. He looked up the stairs behind him.

"It's over, sire, and she's just fine. They're both fine. And she's asking for you, m'lord."

Eomer knew better than to ask, Erienne always swore them to secrecy, she liked telling him herself. He let go of the girls, and took the stairs two at a time. He paused beside Tyna, "Find out who's supposed to be watching the girls, they were alone and fighting about something again."

He entered the chamber to see his wife's beaming smile, she was beautiful as always, even with sweat-drenched hair from childbirth. Her eyes sparkled like she knew a grand secret. "Eomer, come here." Eomer stepped to one side to the let the women who'd attended his wife leave the room.

As soon as the door closed, she reached out for him. "Come meet your son."

He stepped forward to take the baby she held out to him. Son or daughter, it didn't matter to Eomer as long as the child was healthy and just as he had with each of the girls he held his infant son, examining the child from head to toe as grateful tears slipped down his cheeks as once again he fell in love with another child.

For several minutes he simply stared down at his son, the heir to his throne, praying that he left a kingdom of peace and prosperity behind when it came time for this tiny being to replace him. Then he handed the baby back into Erienne's welcoming arms and sat down beside her, his arm slipping around her shoulders, leaning closer to kiss her forehead. "Was it hard this time?"

She didn't ever try to hide her exhaustion, letting her head come to rest on his shoulder, and she sighed deeply. "It is always hard, but the result is worth everything."

There was no question of the child's name, they had both agreed he would be named after the one who should have been king. They named him Theodred. Within the hour word was sent out that an heir to the throne of Rohan had been born.

The celebrations would go on for weeks.

Everything I do (I do it for You)

Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me

Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for

You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Look into your heart - you will find
There's nothin' there to hide

Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all - I would sacrifice

Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more

You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love

There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way

Oh - you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more

I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - yeah, I'd die for you

You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you ....