Spoiler Alert - Do not read this story if you have yet to see the episode The Bone Yard from season 2.
Author's Note - This is my first attempt at a case fiction and an ongoing story.

Body In The Basement.

It was that time of the year again. The time when Gibbs home phone was unplugged and his cell phone either accidentally turned off or mysteriously missing. All his team knew about the calls from his ex-wife so Tony didn't try to call when they got a new case one Sunday. He just sent the team on their way and drove over to collect Gibbs.

As he drove toward Gibbs neighbourhood Tony knew he was probably going to find Gibbs working on his boat in the basement as Lt. Mann was away that weekend. Then again thought Tony smiling to himself where else would he be? The basement had Gibb's boat, his bourbon, his gun, his tools and his only tv. Not even the killing of Ari had changed the amount of time he spent there. Gibbs worked on his boat, drank, talked to visitors, ate, arrested suspects, sometimes slept and maybe even (Tony shuddered slightly at the thought) romanced his women there. He pulled up outside Gibbs house.

Walking past the car in the driveway he climbed the front steps and pushed open the front door. As he moved down the corridor he shouted out "Hey Boss we've got a case." Tony halted at the doorway then cautiously stepped forward onto the landing at the top of the stairs. The light was off and though he didn't know what something, as Abby would say, definitely felt hinky. He took the small torch he always carried out of his pocket and shone it down on the basement.

What he saw almost caused him to pass out. Nothing he had ever experienced had prepared him for what he saw below. Lying face down in a slowly congealing pool of blood was a man dressed in jeans and a grey sweatshirt. "Gibbs." Tony knew he should check to see if his boss was still breathing although from the amount of blood it looked unlikely he'd survived what appeared to be a vicious attack. Sheer terror at what he was about to confirm froze Agent DiNozzo at the top of the stairs for a second.