Sango watched as Kagome cooed over her newborn son. After three years, Sango felt the dimmed feelings for the missing miko blaze anew. The day Kagome returned was one of the most exciting days in all of their lives. To have her sister-friend back meant more to Sango than anyone realized. Sango was glad her children could know and love "Oba-san Kagome" as she did.

After settling the children down for an afternoon nap, Sango and Kagome took advantage of the quiet to relax under a shady tree outside of Sango and Miroku's hut. It was a warm afternoon and the village was quiet with everyone out in the fields working. The faint laughter of children could be heard in the distance. Kagome had missed all the sounds of nature while she was back home. Her heart settled peacefully in the solitude.

Smiling at each other, the ladies just enjoyed the quiet bond that remained between them in spite of the timely separation. Kagome was the first to break the silence.

"Thank you, Sango. I just want to thank you and Miroku so much."

Sango looked quizzically at Kagome. "For what? You know our home is always open to you."

Kagome smiled. "No, but thank you for that also. I meant for taking care of Inuyasha while I was gone." She looked down at her hands. Tears sparkled in the sun as they ran down her face. "I was so afraid he would be alone."

Sango went and kneeled beside her friend. Wrapping her arms around Kagome, Sango comforted the now sobbing woman.

"Now, Kagome," she gently chided, "you know Inuyasha is our friend and we love him. We'd never abandon him, especially when he needed us the most."

Kagome sniffed. "I know. It's just that I couldn't help but think about his past and my promise. I was so scared he thought I didn't want to come back."

Sango patted Kagome's back. "Inuyasha never gave up on you. He knew that you were true to your word. It just took all of us some patience and hope."

Kagome gave a watery smile. "I'm glad you guys were still here, too. I thought you had moved to another village."

Sango smiled. "Baka, where were we going? This has become our home. You and Inuyasha, Kaede, Shippo, and even Rin are our family. Where else could we be?"

Kagome sat up, wiping her face. "Do you see Kohaku?" she softly asked.

Sango's face softened.

"He comes by from time to time. Kilala is with him. I think he's still trying to atone for everything that has happened. He's becoming a fine slayer."

Pushing a stray lock from her face, Sango looked at the horizon. "I'm just glad he's alive."

Kagome and Sango both lapsed into the comfortable silence, each lost in her own thoughts. After several minutes, Kagome suddenly gasped.


Startled by Kagome's cry, Sango immediately began looking for the threat. She frowned as Kagome began laughing.

"I'm sorry!" she wheezed between giggles. "I didn't mean to scare you!"

Once she got her laughing under control, Kagome finally revealed the reason for her outburst.

"You never told me what happened with you and Miroku while I was away."

Sango blushed and looked back at the hut.

"Isn't it obvious?" she responded with a wiry grin.

Kagome playfully smacked her friend's hand. "I mean, your life, the wedding; things like that. I have so much to catch up on."

Sango had to laugh at Kagome's exuberance. "Ok! I'll start with after you disappeared and go from there."

This would be the hardest part of the story to tell. The days after Kagome was gone for good were agonizing for everyone. Sango sighed.

"Kagome deserves to know everything."

Mentally preparing herself, Sango took a deep breath and began.