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You, Me, and the Untamed Wilderness

Francis chuckled to himself, feeling quite proud. He had built an aircraft that was an exact replica of the spaceship from "Starship X-Naut", one of his favorite television programs. The best part was that the aircraft was actually fully functional as an aircraft. As such, Francis was now taking it for a spin.

"Nerr herr herr...wait until I show this to everyone at the Starship X-Naut convention! This is so—"

He got no further than that, because at that moment, the engine died with a clunk and a few puffs of smoke.

"Ah, darn it! I knew I should have made the fuel tank bigger!"

As the aircraft plummeted towards the ground below, Francis knew he could only do one thing about this. He put on a parachute, made sure that he still had his laptop with him, and looked for somewhere to land. Fortunately, there was an island that wasn't too far off from where he currently was.

With these thoughts in mind, Francis hit the "eject" button on the control panel.


Francis flew out of the aircraft. After a few seconds, he pulled the ripcord on the parachute, causing it to activate. As he slowly drifted towards the island, he could only watch as the aircraft landed in the nearby ocean, sending water cascading upwards.

"Good thing I wasn't in it just now," Francis muttered. "That would be so low-technical."

The wind gently blew him towards the island. He hoped that there would be enough wind for him to drift close enough to the island before landing. After all, since he had his laptop with him, he knew he would be fried if he landed in water.

A few minutes passed. Francis very nearly fell asleep in the air, due to things being so quiet. However, before too long, he felt himself stop flying.

His eyes shot open. Was there ground underneath his feet?

He looked down.

Yes, there was!

He was so excited to be back on land that he very nearly started kissing the ground. However, he realized that he needed to look for help so he could leave the island.

Francis slowly wandered across the island, being on his guard for any predators or hostile tribes. He didn't get very far, though, before he heard a rustling noise and saw a bush move.

"Who's there?!" a feminine voice demanded.

Francis gasped. Were there really hostile tribes on this island?

"Stay back!" Francis shrieked. "I have a laptop, and I know how to use it!"

"Well, I have an umbrella, and I'm not afraid to use it!" the voice answered. "I'll even throw Rubees at you if I have to!"

Realization struck Francis' mind like lightning. The only one who knew how to produce Rubees was...

"Mimi, is that you?" he asked, causing the owner of the voice to come out from behind the bush.

"How do you know my..." she began, but stopped when she saw just who was addressing her. "Francis, is that you?"

"You're here, Mimi?" Francis asked. "How did this happen? I think it's schweet that we don't have to go through this alone, but..."

"It's a long story, okay?" Mimi stated. "But if you really want to know..."

"Yeah...I do," Francis said.

"Okay, I'll tell you the whole story," Mimi replied.

A/N: How did Mimi get to the island to begin with? What will they do? Find out when I can be bothered to make the next chapter!