This is a twilight version of the YouTube video "Charlie bit my finger"!! I took it straight from the video so watch it when you read this. It's funny plz review. DISCLAIMER: I don't own twilight or the Charlie bit my finger video.

P.S. this could totally never happen so don't yell at me that this could never happen because in can in my world so DEAL!

Edward's POV

"Edward bit me!" Bella screeched, laughing hysterically.

"Bella, I didn't bite you yet, calm down," I wondered why she was so excited to be changed into a monster like me.

Bella tried to shove her finger into my mouth like a 3-year-old. I reluctantly bit.

"Aaaahh… ohhhh… ouch!" Bella screamed. "OUCH! Ouch, Edward, OUUUCCCHHH!!!"

I unclasped my teeth, but the venom was already spreading.

"EDWARD, THAT REALLY HURT!" Bella yelled at me.

The moment was so funny that in a moment I couldn't help laughing hysterically. Bella rubbed her finger against her shirt, and joined it.

"Edward bit me!" She managed between giggles. "But that really hurt, Edward, and it's still hurting!"

"Don't worry, it will be over soon," I said.