DISCLAIMER: None of this is mine, it all belongs to either the lovely ladies of CLAMP, or the amazingly talented Anne McCaffrey.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I did a lot of fact checking for this with my well loved (complete with annotations in the form of my own notes in the margins) copy of 'The Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern', the official McCaffrey site, and my copies of various books. Set in the 9nth pass, Benden Weyr, pre the discovery of AIVAS. To anyone who has no clue what I'm talking about, yet desperately needs to read this Pern/Tsubasa cross over thing, I'll try and give a crash course in Pern here (any inaccuracies are, of course, my own):

Pern has two main groups of people, Holders (normal folk), and Dragon Riders (those who have impressed-bonded- with a dragon). Dragons and riders live in Weyrs. There are five main types of dragons: Golds, egg laying females with female riders; Bronzes, males with male riders who mate with Golds or Greens; Browns and Blues, males with male riders who mate with Greens; Greens, females with male riders (generally) who are sterile. Sine the riders of Dragons are involved, to put it gently, when the dragons mate, and Blue, Brown, Bronze and Green riders are male…you can hopefully fill in the blanks. Dragons exist to sear thread from the sky with their fire breath; thread are nasty things that destroy all organic life and fall from the red star during passes. Anything else you need to know, you can Google.

The huge form of a green dragon sat upon the edge of the ledge in her weyr, gratefully soaking in the morning sun to combat the slightly crisp spring air. Her rider sat nearby, enjoying the morning light with her, tuning absently on his slightly worn, but still of a superior quality, guitar. It was spring, and a rest day, with no thread due and nothing to be done in the weyr, so it was reasonable to assume that Benden Hold would likely have a gather. It was a pleasant prospect, the first gather of the season if it occurred, and quite welcome after the extremely cold winter they'd had that year. The blond rider ceased his tuning, picking up a lively little tune, and begging to sing along:

"Gather! Gather! It's Gather day!

No work for us and Thread's away.

Stalls are building, square's swept clear,

Gather all from far and near.

Bring your marks, and bring your wares,

Bring your family for there's

Food and drink and fun and song"

Ginryuth comes, the dragon, Mokonath, suddenly said, a pleased tone radiating from her, which was rapidly replaced with amusement, He says that K'rogane is angry.

"The Hold flag flies: so gather along!

"Kuro-gruff is always angry," Fai muttered, and hardly stirred from deftly plucking the interment. He alternated his fingering, picking up the well known and oft-played tune of the fire lizard song, one of his very favorites.

If Mokonath became slightly fidgety then, her weyrmate forgave her; she was a young dragon yet, and K'rogane and Ginryuth had been away on search; it was understandable that she might have missed her mate. Fai himself ought to have been with the wing, but a mild threadscore had temporarily grounded Mokonath, thought she was now almost entirely healed after a few days. Fai soon caught sight of the glint of the sun off the bronze hide of Ginryuth as he spiraled lazily down over the weyr bowl, toward the ledge of their shared weyr, on an air current. The green swiftly raised her great serpentine neck and sounded a high note of greeting to her mate. The bronze beast trumpeted an answer, as he alighted on the ledge with a great sweep of his vast pinions.

After obediently extended his foreleg, allowing his rider to dismount, Ginryuth settled his immense form next to his diminutive mate's, by comparison, body to sunbath. K'rogane, on the other hand, did not seem as peaceful as his weyrmate, as he stalked toward the table where they commonly took their meals, leaving a trail of assorted artifacts of his riding gear on the floor behind him as he removed them. The bronze's great eye remained open, swirling in slight agitation and concern due to his rider's mental sate.

"You be quiet!" K'rogane snapped, seemingly in response to some comment from Ginryuth that went unheard by Fai.

"Kuro-buff," Fai set down his guitar and approached his partner slowly, "What's the matter?"

K'rogane ignored the other man, approaching the shaft that went down to the kitchen and bellowing for klah and food, then slumping down in exhaustion and exasperation in one of the chairs by their table. Fai settled into the chair next to his, saying cheerfully that he and Mokonath had only just woken, and though he had dressed, he'd not yet breakfasted, so he would join Kurogane. It was not an entirely true statement; however, he thought it the best way to divulge information from K'rogane.

"Did you not breakfast at the hold? "Fai asked.

"I ate lightly," the curt reply came.

"And the search how was it; did it produce any likely prospects?" Fai prompted.

"Fine," K'rogane got up to retrieve the tray that had appeared in the service shaft. He placed it harshly upon the table top, shaking the pitcher of klah and the tray's other contents. Fai poured K'rogane and himself mugs of the hot klah and plucked a readfruit off the tray. K'rogane never ate the sweet-tangy fruits, as he had an avid dislike of anything sweet. Fai on the other hand loved them, and he bit into the flesh with relish.

"Fine?" Fai continued, raising his brow with skepticism. He was the one known for being indirect, for stalling or lying, for hiding his emotions behind smiles. It had actually made him quite a legendary opponent at Dragon Poker, his apparently guileless smiles lulling other players into thinking him an easy victory; that is until they worked out his game, and even then he was still formidable due to his acute control of his emotions. The irony of him forcibly pulling information out of K'rogane struck him sharply.

"We found a few likely lads, in the cot holds, and a girl," Kurogane paused, sipping the steaming klah, "for the queen."

Fai instinctively sensed the slight difference in tone when he spoke of the girl. "Do you think she's a chance at impression?"

"Seems likely," the other replied.


"And nothing!" K'rogane snapped grabbing a piece of bread off the tray and biting into it, hoping that might stop Fai in questioning. It did not.

"Come on, Kuro-wher!" Fai said in vexation, "You know I can read you better than that!"

K'rogane fingered him with a harsh stare, which Fai matched in intensity. They remained this way a minute, in silence, K'rogane finally breaking it to say "Her name is Mesilla, and she's an impudent little wherry-hen."

Fai broke into a fit of laughter at the serious expression worn by the other rider, and the fact he'd used the same words to describe Fai on occasion. The glare which K'rogane wore could only be described as one of death.

"So, she managed to get on Kuro-canine's bad side, hmm?" Fai chuckled, after he'd regained some of his composure. "Sounds enchanting, I must meet her!"

The dark haired rider grumbled in agitation, continuing all the while to eat his breakfast. "She's some cot holder's daughter, who has delusions of being the daughter of Lord Raid himself! Practically announced herself to use, in a way that very obviously said she wanted to be considered as a candidate. No, as if she already was as the new queen's ride! Then one of the blue riders had to go and tell her she had potential."

"Which?" Fai interrupted, curious to know who had succeeded in annoying K'rogane so. He was also developing a suspicion that K'rogane's light breakfast had been intimately connected with his lack of desire to spend time with this Mesilla.


"S'dar? He's good at finding potential, as I understand it."

"Tch, yeah, and not for much else, the dim-glow, unfortunately, the cot holds produced no better than that sorry wherry, so we had to deal with her preening about how she is so sure she'll succeed!"

K'rogane nearly growled the last statement, and settled into glaring at the klah pitcher, as if it were the source of all his sufferings. Fai quickly decided he would have no more of that, and endeavored to pull the bronze rider's mind away from such unpleasant subjects.

"Did you happen to see it the gather flag is flying?"

"It's a warm rest day in the spring, of course it is!" K'rogane countered sourly.

"Well, come on, Kuro-pup; let's put all that behind us. There's a gather on today at Benden, and so I think we should make our way to the hold for the festivities," Fai rose briskly from his seat.

"I hate gathers," the other gruffly intoned, sipping what was left of his klah and making not a move to rise from the table.

"No one hates gathers!" the lithe man grinned exaggeratedly at the absurdity of the statement, "Now come on, let's get ready. I want to have a look at the tanner's stalls, and possibly look into a good bottle of Benden red."

K'rogane made no comment about his feelings on mixing Fai with Benden wine, something that nearly always resulted in disaster, and instead stood grudgingly, "Can't you just go alone?"

"Alone!" his companion appeared utterly stricken, "Who knows the sort of riff-raff a gather is going to bring out! You know, S'dar, who we were just talking about, had a two marker lifted right out of his belt pouch at a gather!"

K'rogane rolled his eyes and kept quiet as he realized arguing with Fai was useless and that he was going to the gather one way or another. However, he was truly thinking that knowing that halfwit S'dar, the man had probably just used the mark and forgotten about.

END NOTE: This took ages to write! And I could not find any way to abbreviate Fai's name…it's too short! So forgive me the cannon breach, and any other errors. I tried to write in a somewhat McCaffrey-ish style, and failed at it, miserably.