Thanks for all the reviews! I was going to make this into a short fic when I realized Dean's grieving process deserves to be investegated deeper than just three chapters lol. I'm still toying with Jo and Dean, gotten some mixed reviewes on that idea. And sorry, this IS a death fic. Sam's not coming back. My first instinct was to find a way to save him :) But this is a challenge for me to have him stay dead. But he'll return in dreams and such or maybe as a ghost or something, sort of like how John returned for that one moment in AHBL part 2 and gave a lot of closure on his death, I'm gonna do something similar for Sam. And even though it's a death fic I hope people still read it! :) And the reason why I'm putting Jo in is because Dean is going to need someone other than just Bobby to help him through this.

Long after Jo left Dean still stood in front of the tombstone.

"I'm so sorry, Sammy," he said softly. Suddenly he thought he felt something touch his shoulder. He whirled around. There stood Sam, standing there calm and peaceful. Smiling.

"Sammy?" He blinked a few times. "Is that really you?"

Sam just stood there, and continued to smile but a sad look was in his eyes. Dean's breathing quickened. He wasn't sure what was happening.

"Sammy?" He found himself repeating his brother's names. Tears in his eyes. Suddenly he heard a noise, almost like twig snapping. He whirled around him and Bobby stood there.

"Thought I'd see how you were doing," he said grimly. Dean stared at him in shock.

"Do you see him?" He demanded, still trying to catch his breath. Bobby froowned.

"See who?"

"Sammy!" Dean turned around again eagerly but Sam was gone. He stared at the empty space in front of him. "He as here," he mumbled. "Right here, Bobby. I saw him."

Bobby stared at Dean, worry in his eyes.

"Come on son," he said gently. "Let's go."

"No! He was here damn it! I'm not crazy!"

Bobby sighed.

"I believe you," he smoothly lied. "Sometimes things happen that we can't explain. But you've been here long enough for one day, Dean. You should get some rest."

Dean opened his mouth to protest but slowly nodded instead and allowed to be led away by Bobby.

He stared out at the window.

He did see Sammy right? He wasn't going crazy right? Sam WAS there. He didn't just imagine...right?

If only there a way to be sure about this. A new thought entered Dean's mind.

Sam's demon blood. What if that prevented him from getting into heaven? There was was there a heaven too?

"Bobby..."His voice trailed off and Bobby looked at the young man sharply.


"Do you think..."Dean's throat closed.


"Do you think Sammy's in hell?"

Bobby stared at him in utter shock.

"Why would you think of something like that?"

"Because.....of his demon blood. What if that stopped him from going to heaven, if there is a heaven..."

"There's a heaven, Dean. There has to be balance," Bobby told him. "There's good so there's evil. There's hell so there's heaven."

"But...what if the demon blood prevents him from getting into heaven?" Fear filled Dean's voice. Bobby looked at him.

"Dean, put that thought out of your head right now. Sam's not in hell. God would be able to see the good in him despite the demon blood. He's not about to send someone like Sam downstairs."

Dean nodded, somewhat convinced, and looked out the window.

Slowly when he got home he fell into a nightmarish sleep. He dreamed of Sam in hell, being burned alive and screaming for Dean. He dreamed of Sam dying in his arms over and over again, and he shouted Sam's name over and over, not knowing he was shouting it in real life too.

"Sam!" He bolted up right and he saw Bobby leaning over him, looking more than a little concerned.

"Dean?" He gripped the oldest Winchester boy's shoulder. "It's all right Dean, you were dreaming."

Dean was shaking. He tried to collect himself.

"Sammy...Sammy's gone Bobby," he finally whispered and Bobby had tears in his eyes.

"Yes," he said softly. "He is."

"Sam's...Sam's gone," repeated Dean and for the first time he allowed himself to be held by Bobby who rocked him back and forth while Dean cried onto his shoulders.

Sorry about both chapters being so short, but here's a Sam moment for ya :) I'll do another update tonight to make up for thsi shortness if you want me to that is!