If it hurts…

then it isn't love.

And every night he would come to her.

Her bed was always filled with his essence and her body was covered by his scars.

And every night, Sasuke would touch her.

Fast, hard, greedy, selfish…

Her nights were filled with his thrusts, his hard grip and his skin tearing kisses.

But as soon as day broke, she was alone.

Sakura would lay in bed until someone knocked on the door, or until night fell bringing Sasuke back.

Her friends told her she was hurting herself; that he was hurting, using her.

And every time she would tell them that Sasuke loved her.

Of course she would tell herself later that it was in his crazy, cruel messed up way.

His touches were never soft and loving. He never cared about her pleasure, her comfort and her needs. Sometimes he would push her up against the wall, scratching her back, and knocking her knees.

And every morning, she would wake up alone. And she would lie in the sheets that held his essence.

She would lay there till Kakashi knocked on her door.

He would bring her breakfast-always a cup of tea and a brown bag filled with strawberry Danishes and toasts.

She would smile sadly and cover her chest with the sheets as Kakashi would brush back her hair and softly kissed the scars that Sasuke left the night before.

Slowly he would lead her to the bathroom while he would change her sheets and placed breakfast on her plates. She would come out all fresh and clean; washing away the experience of the night before.

Dressed and new Sakura would smile at him; telling him what and how Sasuke made love to her the night before.

And Kakashi would sigh and tell her to stop.


… pretending…



And she would as long as Kakashi stayed and let her be real again.

And every day before Sasuke left, she would ask Kakashi to make real love to her. Those were the times she felt truly happy. His touches, his kisses, and his eyes were all real.

And that was when she knew she wasn't acting anymore. That was when she realized she truly loved Kakashi.

But Sakura knew that she promised Sasuke and she would keep her promise…until Sasuke let her go.

Till then Kakashi would continue to heal her wounds.