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Kagome and Inuyasha found happiness together. Miroku and Sango... didn't happen.

The taiji-ya feels abandoned, even though she knows she isn't.

Will she find her own happiness in the most unexpected way?

Part I


Kagome felt ashamed that she had delayed the defeat of the notorious hanyou, Naraku. She felt ashamed because, in doing so, multiple things went wrong. Sango and Miroku didn't get married. The well had sealed itself off. Inuyasha was stuck with the unfortunate luck that Sesshoumaru kept trying to kill him now that Naraku was out of the way. The brothers had a strange relationship. They had fought together to defeat a common foe. Unfortunately, nothing was there to keep it that way. Sesshoumaru was too stubborn to admit affection for his brother. At least, that was what everyone was saying.

"Don't worry about it, Kagome-chan." Sango smiled at her friend. The two were engrossed in their habitual talks. Kagome had decided to take up training under Kaede to become the village priestess. Sango was going back and forth to her village as well as keeping tabs on local villages. Inuyasha was helping her a little and they hadn't seen much of Miroku since he had taken up wandering again.

"I just don't want you to exhaust yourself. You're doing too much to avoid thinking about him." The young miko was worried. Sango had looked thinner and much paler than usual. Kirara was around her more than she had been before, her ruby eyes watching every move her mistress made.

"I don't need him. He wasn't my whole life. Sure, I love him but I refuse to be depressed because we didn't work out." The houshi had groped other women a few times too many. For the first week, Sango had barely slept and had taken to blaming herself. Sure, she hadn't acted like a wimp and she hadn't cried every moment but Kagome knew she had cried when she thought no one was around.

"Are you sure you're all right with this routine?" The taiji-ya grinned at her worried friend.

"I told you that I'll settle into it. Stop worrying about me and focus on your training. It's hard enough without you being distracted." Their conversation turned lighter and more teasing after that. The two then went to bathe in the hot springs.

"Oh! Sango, will you stay here for the week? The festival is coming and we could use your help with the construction. The last one was a mess without you there to keep the guys working." Sango considered it for a minute then shrugged with a grin.

"Sounds fine to me. I could use a little break, anyway." The two made plans and then walked to the village to get started before bed.


Sango sensed him before anyone in the room. Inuyasha had moved from the roof already. She quietly got to her feet and grabbed her wakizashi, just in case she might need it. She slid from the house and into the cover of darkness. Her gas mask was tied around the hilt of her sword and she slid it up around her neck, not yet putting it to her face. She tried to keep downwind to avoid being noticed by the brothers.

"Shut the fuck up! Just because I'm not a full-blooded asshole like you doesn't mean you can push me around!" Inuyasha had raised his voice already. "I know I have to do it soon. So do you. Better start before the season picks her for you." The hanyou's voice held it's usual arrogance.

"I have been observing. I am past my time already but it is easy to delay for a Daiyoukai." She was close enough to hear them. Sesshoumaru's tone was even as always. They weren't fighting.

"Blah, blah, blah." Inuyasha snarled. "Just the right whiff and you'll be on your ass. There isn't anything you can do about it if you catch a scent you like."

"Nothing so far. Seems there is no one worthy enough."

"Hmph. Acting all high-and-mighty like that won't do shit. You've gotta get off that pedestal if you're going to find a woman with the calibur to handle your bullshit." Inuyasha didn't seem to be in any danger. Was this nightly visit usual? She had been gone most of the time. Kagome said that they always fought. Never was there was a mutual conversation. He would be all bloody and moody when he got back from an encounter. It was silent for a few moments. "There ain't a youkai out there who would be any good for Rin."

"I know." Rin was Sesshoumaru's young ward. She was unruly and hard to handle. Awfully rebellious or so Sango had heard. "I was considering a plan that would involve Rin picking the woman."

"What if she picked a human?" It was silent for a period again.

"Then so be it. I would hardly get a full-blood heir out of another species of youkai. The inu are dying out. Most of the women are mated already and, if they are not, they are too low in status or age." It sounded like the Daiyoukai was pretty pissed about the subject.

"Status still counts?"

"Of course it counts. Not only do I need a woman of position but she has to be able to take care of herself against all opposing youkai." Inuyasha chuckled then went quiet.

"Bring Rin down for the festival at the end of the week. Bet you she'll find a woman she likes." Sango began to edge away. She felt that she'd heard enough. Not only that but the wind could shift and she would be in deep shit. When she got back to the house, she dropped down in her spot and was asleep almost instantly.


"We have a deadline to make! Hurry up with those shops!" Sango was livid. She had been woken up early for the construction of the festival to find herself with a bunch of lazy ass workers. The women kept to their schedule but the men were slowing down as the heat began to increase. She allowed a break every hour. The thing that ticked her off was the fact that she was almost done with the entertainment stage while they lagged behind. She was going to help the serving crew that night. If any man touched her ass, he would have his cup shoved up his nose and and his hands shoved up his ass.

"I can't believe this is the third day of construction." Kagome offered her a drink of water. Sango accepted happily. "Last time, we had half of this much done. We only made deadline because of Inuyasha." Sango paused. The other night, when she had overheard the two brothers, she had thought almost nothing of it until that morning when she spotted Kagome dressing fresh wounds. She then figured it was to keep up an image.

"Who is going to be the entertainment?"

"I have to do a traditional dance and an encore. Same as before. Speaking of which, will you help me? I need you to sit out for at least two dances to play the flute for me. Please!"

"I don't know..." Sango teased. Kagome begged a little more and then the taiji-ya gave in. Her mother had taught her how to play. She had even given Sango her own flute to her as a birthday present. "Fine, I'll do it."

"Yay! Thank you!"


Inuyasha watched the taiji-ya the entire day. The way she commanded, the way she pulled through as a fierce leader, the way she did things on her own, and especially the way she acted to the village children. Shippou and Sango were close but he wanted to see how she handled other children. She taught them slowly and instructed them clearly, a bright smile on her face when they asked questions. She acted motherly toward them all. He should have figured since she had treasured her little brother and all the people in her village. She never treated anyone with disdain unless they deserved it. In fact, Sango had been the one his mind pointed to at the description that his brother provided. Sango could hold her own against Naraku until help arrived. The deranged hanyou had been the biggest threat out there.

She is strong enough to take his shit. She's strong enough to ward off every opposing youkai. She's perfect. Even for Rin... The only thing I subject her to the horrors of being bound to my brother?

Sesshoumaru had been influenced by the human girl that followed him around. He had even accepted his hanyou brother. He was willing to choose a human for the sake of the little girl. That was saying something. Even though it had come out with a tone of pure disgust, Inuyasha knew that Sesshoumaru couldn't admit to hating humans completely anymore.

"Inuyasha!" Myouga bounded up to him, landing on his nose and beginning to suck the tasty blood-

"Get the hell off my face." Slap! The flea youkai landed in the hanyou's awaiting palm. "What are you doing here?"

"The festival is only a few days away! I wouldn't miss Kagome-san's performance."

"Nor would you want to miss the fact that a Daiyoukai will be attending." The flea looked confused until horror dawned on his face. "His time's almost up. If he doesn't find her soon then he'll take some random wench that probably wouldn't be suitable."

"What about you, m'lord?"

"I've chosen and began courting. Kagome knows what's going on." The hanyou frowned down at his vassal in his hand.

"I couldn't help but notice that you've been watching Sango-san all day... What is that all about?" Perceptive idiot. Inuyasha growled.

"I was thinking that she'd be the one for him." Complete silence weighed the friends down as they looked over at the taiji-ya as she hefted a plank of wood up onto her nearly-complete stage. She took a step back and looked into the dying light of the setting sun. Red and orange streaked the sky as a light breeze cooled the workers. The hot day was at an end.


The last day of preparation was the hardest. Sango finished the stage early and then began setting everything up. The colored glow baskets were strung up on strings and the decorations were in order thanks to the women and children. The shops were almost stocked. She sighed as she set down a heavy box filled with metals for the last shop. Her eyes felt heavy and her limbs ached. She hadn't slept much the night before. Dreams were once again keeping her awake.

"Sango-chan!" Kagome gleefully grabbed her friend. "Tomorrow is the big day! I can't even tell you how excited I am." The light flush to the miko's face reminded the taiji-ya of how innocent her friend still was. It was good to see it after all of the darkness Naraku had caused. "Why don't we go hang out in the hot springs? That way you're not sore tomorrow. I need you in mint condition." As they wandered off, Inuyasha heaved a heavy sigh. Myouga shook his head softly.

"Sango's going to be a tough one to crack. You know that." The flea grimaced at the thought of the taiji-ya realizing the hanyou's intentions of inviting Sesshoumaru and Rin to the festival.

"I'd rather not think about it right now. I have a lot of other things to worry about at the moment."

"More so than her possible revenge?"

"Shut up." Inuyasha also had to worry about Rin. The little girl could possibly form a bond with Kagome. Or a worthless princess that acted nice. Those two possibilities, mainly the first one, troubled him greatly. Rin seemed like a good judge of character. She was spirited for a little girl. She would hopefully attach herself to Sango. Hell, the taiji-ya needed something in her life. Someone. That definitely was not Miroku.

At least I know for sure that Sesshoumaru is loyal. He isn't going to cheat on her.

However, getting Sango to agree to let Sesshoumaru court her could be another problem. His brother wasn't exactly a stand-up guy. He was not the perfect male specimen he thought he was. If anything, Sango could take him down a few notches.

"M'lord? I sense him. I did not think he would come until morning."

"He's actually right on time." Inuyasha went to their usual meeting place and waited briefly for his brother to materialize out of nowhere.

"When will the other guests arrive?" His smooth voice still grated on the younger brother's nerves.

"Tomorrow morning. You're the surprise guest of honor." He sniffed and got a whiff of the human charge. Rin peeked out from behind her lord's legs with a slight frown on her face. It brightened to a grin when she noticed him. He smirked back at her.

"I trust that there is room for us."

"Of course." Inuyasha had prepared his home for his brother. It wouldn't do to pack the Daiyoukai in with Sango, Kaede, Kagome, and Shippou. "You'll use my place. I usually sleep on the roof anyway." A smirk almost passed the elder brother's lips.

"Fine. Come, Rin. Tomorrow is an early day."


Sunrise came and with it, a celebration. Sango had slept fitfully and only moody when donned with the serving uniform. It was a pathetically short kimono and it made her feel bare.

"I can't wear this! It's not the way I was raised!" Kagome eventually coaxed the shy taiji-ya into the skimpy kimono. Even the miko had to admit that she felt bad for her friend. Sango had a great body, toned to perfection. Someone would die before her performance. She just knew it. One man was going to make a wrong move and it would be the end of him.

"Just try to keep yourself calm. Later, you'll change into the performing kimono I picked out for you. Then you can wear whatever you want for the night." It was a weak way to comfort her but she knew it would work.

"Easy for you to say. You get to stay in the traditional clothes of a priestess..." Once the grumbling was over and Sango got pulled away by a few other serving girls, Kagome breathed a sigh of relief. She just hoped that her friend wasn't mad at her.

"Kagome-san?" A smooth voice behind her caused her to stiffen. She whirled around to face purple robes and deep blue eyes.



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