In the years after my attack and the months I spent in a coma, many stories grew as to why Sam dragged me into the woods that night intent on taking my life. For a time something resembling the truth was told, a story about how his hatred for The Cullens drove Sam to kill anyone that befriended Jasper's family. This unfortunately had included Jacob and I always sighed heavily when I thought of what my friend had sacrificed in order for me to find love again.

As time passed though, the tale developed into a sort of twisted love affair between Jasper, me, Sam and Jacob. Mostly high school aged kids spread this gossip around and I tried to ignore the stares and whispers every time I came home during breaks from college. It didn't seem worth the time to try to stop them from thinking what they did, because I knew in short time I was going to be leaving the town of Forks. The others involved in the scandal weren't speaking either particularly, because two were dead. Jacob had been killed by Sam and to defend my life Sam had been shot … multiple times. By whom I wasn't sure. I never asked. I liked to spare myself the details of that horrible night.

I tried to be a good sport about the absurdity of all the gossip by laughing at it. In my case it was a necessity considering the guilt would have eaten me alive otherwise. I knew it wasn't my fault … any of it, Alice, Edward or Jacob, but the irrational part of my psyche that tended to be a martyr had the need to feel punishment for Sam's actions. He had killed them all in my name. But, then Jasper of course always felt the distress I emoted and would hold me in his arms helping me through it. My boyfriend knew how to take away my angst which was amazing, since he still had so much of it left inside him too. We were able to heal each other just as we had in the weeks after Edward and Alice's deaths. The pain we experienced from our situation with Sam was able to dull somewhat while together and as each day passed and I moved through the motions of my human life, I knew that my decision to have him change me once we both graduated from college was the right one. I never second guessed it.

And when that eventually happened, I knew it would be a long time before I could go back to the life I once knew as a human. After our impromptu wedding on the beaches of La Push, I waited a year and then while on a trip to Galveston, Texas the boat Jasper and I had been sailing in went missing and when it was eventually was found all indications pointed to us drowning together, although we hadn't. After swimming for the better part of a night, well, Jasper swimming with me in his arms, we found ourselves in a tiny Mexican village and this was where we stayed. The actual events of my change are lost to me save for the pain, but once I pulled through and awoke to find a relieved Jasper staring down at me with his deep amber eyes, I knew I was safe.

We live there now … my vampire husband and I and Jasper promises to take me back to Forks and that I will eventually see Charlie again. It is something we discuss regularly, although, I have to admit I don't lack for company. His family comes and visits often and I am grateful for that. It is nice to have them around and Rosalie and I have become quite close. There are also the constant texts and calls I receive from Angela. Jasper promises we will see her and Ben again too.

Time moves forward slowly for a vampire and I find that I have a lot of moments where I sit and think and although, most of my past is now hazy in retrospect I still go back there often. I think about my life's journey to the point of where I am now and what I have gleaned from it. I learned along the way that love can break you in the cruelest of ways, but then it can also bring you back from the brink. Jasper granted me the wonderful gift of a second chance, and I will never fail to love him for that.


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