Title: An Apple a Day

Author: hyperRme

Summary: An apple a day keeps the doctor away… but if the doctor is cute forget the fruit. L turns this into his motto when he is forced to see doctor Raito because of his sugar only diet. As he pursues the doctor, L learns that the murderer he is trying to catch is after Raito's life.

Genre: Romance/Crime/Humor/Angst/Drama/Horror/Friendship/General/Mystery/Everything. But mainly romance. Lots of romance.

Rated: Mature

Pairing: L X Raito

Disclaimer: Death Note belongs to Tsugumi Obha and Takeshi Obata. I am neither one.

Sorry the update took so long! I just didn't want it to end! I love this story to pieces. Thank you so much for sticking with me for so long. I was a pain but… you enjoyed it right? And that's the most important part. The ending (an epilogue, if you will) is cute and stress free. A perfect ending, no?

Warnings: Lemon (it's my first one)

"Must we, Raito-kun?"

"I told you before, L, my family is dying to meet you."

"But they've already met me."

"My mom has never met you before, Sayu has only seen you when you were in a coma and my dad's never talked to you as my boyfriend."

L smiled, "I like that. Boyfriend."

His boyfriend pulled hard on the comb, "Do you? Now sit still, your hair is a mess."

Raito had been pleased to learn that L's back had stopped bleeding the day after he woke up. Although they will forever leave a scar, the cuts healed nicely. Raito despised seeing those scars sprawled across his boyfriend's entire back but L thought otherwise. "They show that I belong to Raito-kun. Would Raito-kun like me to cut my name in his back as well?" L had received a smack to the head.

Which made Raito wonder, as he mercilessly yanked on the knots in L's hair, what was his name anyway? Surely it was not Ryuuga Hideki or Ryuuzaki or L. When asked, the answer was always: "When the time is right."

Tonight was the anniversary of a month that L has been out of his coma. He's had no visitors so far, except for Watari. He and Raito both agreed that L would not be returning to work until he was completely healed, much to the detective's dismay. But then Watari had gone against Raito and joined up with L in saying that Raito needed to return to work. The doctor had agreed only if L come with him to work and come home with him afterwards. Now that Isha is gone, Soichirro allowed him to buy a new apartment and the raven haired man upheld his part of the bargain.

L flexed around his right foot, enjoying how light it felt, "I had missed sitting like this."

"I'm sure your back didn't."

"I know my taste buds missed the sweets."

"I don't get it. How do you still not have diabetes? You must have been born without the ability to develop it. There's no other reason."

"I think Raito's twice a week blood tests are a little extreme. Is he that eager to have me develop diabetes?"

"No, of course not, L. I just want to rub it in your face when you do."

"That was quite a burn, Raito-kun. I most definitely need some ice. My foot hurts. Could you get me some?"

"Doctor, doctor give me the news I got a bad case of loving you!" L sang as he jumped out of the car, leading a growling Raito to the door.

"L, you made me a promise that you would never ever sing that song."

"I find that song to be my theme song. It's a quite a catchy tune, doesn't Raito-kun agree?"


L ignored him and pounded on the door. He quickly ran hand through his hair, undoing the somewhat calmer state Raito had managed to wrestle it into. The doctor knew he had waited until this very moment to return his hair to his natural state.

There was a loud crash on the opposite side of the door.

"I've got it!!!"

"Sayu, please stay with your mother in the kitchen and let me answer the door."

"No, I'm going to open it, Dad!"

"Both of you calm down, I'm answering the door."

"But I'm the man of the house!"

"But I'm the child! It's the child's job to answer the door because their parents are too lazy."

"I have yet to meet Ryuuga-kun so I am the one to answer it."

Raito briefly wondered why he knocked in the first place.

The door swung open to reveal all three of his family members nearly jumping out of the frame.


"Hello again, Ryuuga-kun."

"Nice to meet you, Ryuuga-kun."

Raito thought what his family must have thought about him. L was wearing his usual attire, refusing to part from it, his back was bent horribly, his thumb was in his mouth, he didn't bother to put on shoes, his black rings were back and as prominent as ever, and his hair looked like he had awoken from his coma on the car ride over.

L shifted his weight from both feet to his left foot and gave a small wave, "Hello."

Raito wanted to smack him upside the head.

His family ushered him into the house leaving their son to enter on his own. Sayu pushed L onto the couch while his parents questioned what he wanted to eat or drink. Raito could feel the anxiety pouring off of his boyfriend's body.

He sat down next to him, "You're scaring him. Please calm down."

Slowly, his family introduced themselves one by one to him.

"I am L," he answered.

"L?" His mother gasped.

"The world's greatest detective?" Sayu asked.

"I thought you weren't going to tell anyone," his father said.

"You knew?" his mother questioned.

"Yagami-san and I worked together to capture Isha. We met face to face six weeks ago but he was not allowed to enclose that information to anyone."

"Were you aware of this, Raito?"

"He told me a while ago."

"So how did you two meet?" Sayu asked, leaning forward in her seat. "Raito never told me."

"I was forced again my will to meet with him and I was dreading it. The moment he walked through the door he criticized me."

"That's not what happened, L."

"Yes it is. Raito-kun immediately attacked my sitting posture."

"Who wouldn't? You sit like a gargoyle!"

"See what I mean? He criticized me the minute we met. Then Raito-kun starts complaining because that's what he does best."


"He complains about my posture, my eating habits, my rude remarks, my apathetic attitude…"

"You are so annoying!"

"Raito-kun likes to prove my point. He then tells me that I need to start eating healthier unless I desire to develop diabetes."

"Which he still hasn't…" Raito muttered darkly under his breath.

"Which I still haven't," L smiled. "It was love at first sight."

"For you."

"Yes, it took Raito-kun a few Tuesday appointments, kisses, kicks, and a bet for the fact to sink into his thick skull."

The timer in the kitchen dinged, knocking the shocked expressions of their faces. Sachiko stood up, "Dinner should be ready soon." She rushed into the kitchen.

"It has been quite a while since we've last seen you, Raito," his father said, "What have you been up to since we last talked?"

"Taking care of him," Raito jabbed a thumb to the man next to him. "His wounds are all healed and his foot, with some physical therapy, will be perfectly normal soon."

"Misa said you're taking patients again," Sayu added.

"L and Watari thought it was for the best. Since Watari and I both agree that L will not be returning to work for a little while longer, he's been helping me out at work."

"Because of my broken foot and my paranoia of the criminals finding out who I am, I wasn't able to do much than work on the bills."

"You did a fine job on the bills. I never have enough time to pay them and Misa and Kiyomi can never fill them out correctly."

"It is such a waste of my intelligence…" L moaned, as Sachiko called them in for dinner.

Soirchirro sat at the head of the table facing his wife. Sayu sat to her right and Raito to her left, leaving L to sit between his boyfriend and his father. In the middle of the table were three plates, one of Gyoza, another of Udon and the last of Sukiyaki. Each person had their own bowl of Miso soup and white rice.

"I was not sure of what you liked L," his mother said, "Raito never informed me."

"It is fine, Yagami-san, thank you." L responded when Raito gave him a nudge in the side.

They all said thanks and began to eat. Raito watched out of the corner of his eye as L stared at the food. He grabbed the other's plate and placed a variety of items on it. "Have you never eaten a regular Japanese meal before? You look like you were just handed a crying baby and told to shut him up."

"Quite an interesting analogy, Raito-kun. But I've had a Japanese meal before."


"Just yesterday when you shoved that disgusting green plant down my throat."

"That was lettuce, L, and not a traditional part of a Japanese meal. Can you name any of the meals on the table?"

L pointed to a bowl, "This is rice and the bowl next to it is Miso soup."

"Anything else?"

"That is spaghetti."

"That's Italian. This is Udon."

L wrinkled his nose as he repeated the word. He picked at the noodles with a chopstick and picked up a single strand. He sniffed it before allowing the noodle in his mouth. He chewed carefully, "It's not bad…"

"See? There's better food out there than cake."

"I did not say it was better than cake. I said it's not bad."

"The more foods you try, the more accepting you will be to eating things other than dessert."

Sayu looked to her mother as Raito and L continued their bicker, "Can I only eat dessert too, Mother? Maybe that's where L gets all of his intelligence!"

"No, honey, cake is not good for your insides. You'll get fat. And intelligence does not come from cake; it comes from studying long and hard."

"Yeah, I guess cake doesn't make you smarter. If that were true, Raito would have an IQ of zero!"

"So, L," Soichirro asked, cutting in, "Where is Isha now?"

L glanced to his left, "He is dead, Yagami-san. His execution was eight days ago."

"How did that go?"

"Not so well. Raito and I attended. He was screaming the entire time, telling the police to let him go. He kept yelling that he needed to kill Raito Yagami until the moment his heart stopped beating."

Soichirro's eyes widened, "Did he ever see Raito?"

"No, he was aware that we were watching him through video cameras."

"I think that's enough talk of that for the dinner table," Sachiko interrupted. It was quiet for all of twelve seconds before…

Sayu suddenly slammed her palm onto the table, "I can't wait anymore! Did you two fuck yet?"


"That would be a no," L answered bluntly, picking up a mushroom with distaste. "Raito-kun is such a prude."

Raito blushed.

"Eh? Why not?"


"I had a cast on my right foot that just came off this morning. Raito-kun said I would only injure myself or him when we would engage in sexual activities." Raito was jabbing him in the side but L ignored him and kept talking in his monotone voice, "I guess it would be hard to 'pound him into the mattress' with a heavy cast on my foot."

Both of his parents were flabbergasted, mouths wide open. Sayu looked interested, "Why didn't you lie down and take it? Who said Raito had to be the bottom?"

L smiled and one could almost see the perverted plans formulating, "Ah but that is where you are wrong. I'm no submissive. I'm a top- an aggressive top. I have never once been submissive. One of the few things I can boast about. I have never even been submissive to a traffic signal."

Sayu stared in awe but Raito wanted nothing more than to punch his mouth off. "Surely, as a detective, you would know that's illegal." Soichirro gritted.

"Of course, Yagami-san, but you'll be happy to know that I have never caused an accident." L poked at a piece of tofu. "Is this sanitary?"

"Eat it or the dessert will mysteriously disappear," Although there was a smile on his boyfriend's face and the tone seemed pleasant (albeit rather forced), L knew Raito was not pleased. He quickly shoved the tofu in his mouth and swallowed. "Good boy."

They left two hours later. Sachiko had, thankfully, managed to bring the subject to another topic- one that did not include a man after Raito's life or Raito's sex life. Sayu had learned from Misa that L was a big fan of cake and for dessert they pulled out a giant red velvet cake with vanilla icing. Raito wished that L would eat some vegetables with that kind of intensity.

"That did not go as badly as I expected," L said on the car ride back.

"Probably for you! Did you have to bring up our nonexistent sex life?"

"It is not nonexistent, Raito-kun. We practically live in the resting room during your breaks." Raito blushed at the thought. "We've also…"

"Okay so it's not nonexistent! I get it!" he interrupted, determined to keep his mind and eyes on the road. The light changed up ahead to red and Raito eased into a stop.

L stared at the red light shining onto Raito's face, "The cast is off, Raito-kun. My foot is almost back to normal. I know you've been waiting for this moment as much as I have."

Raito turned to L, "You mean…"

"Ah, the light is green now, Raito-kun."

Raito gasped as his back was rammed roughly into the door. L pounced on him, attaching his lips to his neck. "C-couldn't even wait to get inside, could you…?" he moaned. He felt L smirk against his skin, giving an extra hard chomp, "Gah! … bastard…"

L pulled him away from the door, motioning for him to tie his legs around his waist. Raito did so and yelped as L grabbed his bottom and carried him into their apartment. L reattached his lips to Raito's, making a blind attempt to make it into their bedroom.

The apartment was rather simple and quite empty. L knew he wouldn't have much problem finding his destination. Raito groaned into the kiss as L made a wrong turn and bruised his back on a door frame. "Be careful with your foot," he whispered in between kisses.

L muttered something incoherent against his mouth. He found the door with his left knee cap and carefully reached for the handle, resting Raito's back against the wood. When the door opened, they collapsed to the carpet. He noticed Raito opening his mouth to nag so he quickly silenced that with a long, deep kiss.

He ran his tongue along his top lip, followed by a quick nip to the bottom. Raito obeyed and allowed the intruder to enter his mouth. His tongue followed every bump on the doctor's teeth, plunged into every corner, and licked across the roof of his mouth.

L's hand traveled south and was just about to touch base with the khaki pants when Raito ripped their mouths apart, "We're not doing this on the floor."

"Ah, yes, I forgot that Raito-kun is a virgin and thus his first time. He wants this to be special."

There was a coating of pink on his cheeks, "It doesn't have to be special. It's just not allowed on the floor."

L dug his hands behind Raito's back and effortlessly lifted him from the carpet. "If Raito-kun wants it on the bed, then he shall have it on the bed."

Raito squealed as he was dropped on the mattress. L joined him, crawling toward him like a jaguar. "You're a virgin too, aren't you L?"

"Not in my dreams," L said as he darkened the hickey he had started before, "Wasn't Raito-kun playing attention when I said I'm Raito-sexual? How could I possibly have another boyfriend?"

Raito smiled. He pulled L's mouth from his neck to his lips, "I love you too." The corners of L's lips quirked up as he shoved his hand up his shirt, "… bastard…"

"I try." He unbuttoned the first button, growing impatient, "Why did Raito-kun wear this vile shirt? There are so many buttons!" L chose to rip the shirt open, buttons scattering around the room.

"L!" Raito shrieked at the sight of his button down, "That's my favor- ahh!" he gasped as L clamped his mouth over a dusty pink nipple. Raito moaned, his hands intertwining in dark strands. L chewed gently, but sucked hard. One of his hands twisted the other nipple while another hand reached for the pants button.

Raito never realized his pants were gone until his boxers were at his knees. Determined to regain control over his lust-hazed mind, he flipped positions. L landed on the mattress with a soft thump.

The doctor smirked at the glare he was given. He leaned forward, capturing their lips in a Battle Royale-like kiss as his fingers groped for the hem of the white sweater. He ripped the shirt from L's body. Raito paused to admire the leanness of his chest, so pale, so skinny, and so incredibly beautiful. He had seen L's chest before but never in such a situation like this.

His brown eyes widened. He spun L onto his stomach. Raito's fingers slowly and gently traveled across his name in the way he would write it on a school assignment. Up, across, down, hook, two horizontal lines. He felt L shiver underneath him.

Suddenly, L was on top of him and Raito's back was pressed against the silk covers. He bent down, giving the other a quick smack of the lips. "No, no, Raito-kun. I believe I told you that I'm the top. I have never once been submissive. One of the few things I can boast about. I have…

"Never even been submissive to a traffic signal," Raito finished with a smirk, "So I've heard." He reached down and hooked his fingers around L's belt loops, pulling him closer. Their mouths and tongues clashed clumsily, preoccupied with other tasks. Raito fumbled with the jean button and the zipper. He managed to pull down his pants and boxers to his knees before L edgily kicked them across the room. L massaged Raito's chest, paying special care to his sensitive nipples and belly button.

"Raito-kun is so beautiful when he's naked," He mused, running a hand down his boyfriend's thigh, "So very beautiful indeed."

Raito hissed as L's hand began to knead a very personal section, "L…."

"What is this?" L grinned, showing teeth, "An erection? From me? With no help from Viagra? Impossible." He kissed the tip and Raito nearly screamed. "Such a reaction…" He complied and wrapped his mouth around the penis.

"Ahh … Mmh…!"

L licked up the underside like a Popsicle and sucked on the skin like a lollipop. Raito bit his bottom lip, "Ngh…" L gnawed, determined to receive more of a response.

Raito moaned loudly, "L!" He bucked his hips wildly, wanting release. But L pulled away, a thin trail of salvia connecting his lips and his penis. "It'll be no fun if Raito-kun comes before me," he apologized with a quick kiss.

"L…" he whispered, reaching up to strangle his boyfriend. L quickly stuck three fingers in his mouth. Raito looked at him perplexedly.

"Suck," he commanded. Raito did so, and with an evil thought, returned the same torture-like pleasure. L gasped as his fingers were thoroughly attacked with a skilled tongue, teeth grazing over his knuckles. Raito nibbled on the fingertips and ran his tongue under the nails.

Growling, L pulled his three fingers back and shoved one inside Raito's anus. The brunette yelped and shivered. He squeezed his eyes shut. It felt so weird!

L reassuringly rubbed his thigh as he entered another finger. He began to scissor his fingers, stretching out the small hole. Raito hissed, trying to force himself to grow accustom to the feeling. It took all of his will to not cry out when yet another finger was added, stretching.

The pain slowly started to fade and the odd sensation did not feel as weird as it once did. He moaned, enjoying how L's fingers would graze his inside wall. Suddenly, he saw white stars across his vision, "Ahh!"

"I was wondering where that was…" L muttered, pressing that same spot once more. Raito gasped loudly, pressing his hips downward to meet with the fingers again and again.

L stopped with thrusting hips with his free hand as he slipped his fingers out. "Wha…?" Raito complained. He was suddenly full again with something much larger. "Gah!!"

L kissed his open mouth, successfully distracting him from the pain, "Shhh… Relax…" Raito tried to calm his hyperactive body but every small centimeter that L moved caused him to straighten his back in pain. His legs shifted against the mattress and his hands twitched to push L and his penis away from him.

Kisses were planted all over his face and a hand was at his thigh again, massaging gently. Raito stared into L's lust-glazed eyes, seeing a hint of another emotion hidden underneath. "Nhh… L…" His insides were burning. He felt like a small shift would cause him to tear into two, like a rag doll ripped at the seams. He was vaguely aware of the hot angry tears on his cheeks.

Soon L paused moving, "I'm in Raito-kun," he breathed.

Raito budged, trying to find a comfortable position. Every movement he made caused L to hiss louder. He watched his boyfriend seeing that his dark eyes were shut and his body was shaking with unattainable pleasure.

"Move," he ordered, snaking his arms around his neck. L opened his eyes and nodded. He shifted backwards then thrust forward. Raito grunted and L immediately stopped. "N-no…" he panted. "Keep going…"

L thrust into him again and again. Raito did his best to ignore the pain. Soon the pain was masked by sheer pleasure. "Ngh!" He tried to supply oxygen to his lungs. "O-oh…!" he moaned noisily as his sweet spot was found. "Oh God, L!"

With a small smirk, L aimed for the same spot. "F-faster!" He picked up the pace. "Harder!" He pounded harder. "Aah!" His back was arched off the bed.

Raito threw his legs around his waist and his nails were digging into his back. He clung for dear life as L mercilessly struck that sensitive bundle of nerves over and over. His body shook as his lower stomach tightened. Without much of a warning other than, "L!!!" he came, squirting his cum on their stomachs.

With one last deep thrust, L bit onto Raito's shoulder as he came violently into him. His arms shook from his own weight and he collapsed on top of his lover's chest, nuzzling his cheek into his warm skin.

Raito was breathing harshly as he gripped at L's sweat-slicken hair, "T-that…"

L lifted his head and leaned forward for a kiss, "We could have done that a lot sooner if Raito-kun would had listened to me when I said that we should sleep together."

He received a glare but it was offset by the flushed cheeks and messy, wet hair, "We could have done that a lot sooner if L wasn't so sex-driven."

"It is not my fault I express my love through sexual advances." His lips quirked upward and he rolled to the left. Raito yelped in surprise as he was dragged from his position and onto L's chest. The detective locked his arms around his waist.

"How was I supposed to know that?" Raito questioned, leaning his sweaty forehead against his lovers, "I thought you were just after some ass."

"I'm sure Raito-kun wouldn't mind too much if I were after some ass right now…"

The doctor rolled his melted caramel eyes and rested his head on his chest. After a few moment's silence, "L… you won't leave again, will you?"

The arms around his waist tightened, "Not unless Raito-kun wants me to. Besides, I have your name on my back. It will be like my own personal dog collar. 'Please call Raito Yagami if found'."

Raito flinched, "L, please don't bring up your scars…" He felt L's fingers outlining on his back. He felt the letter 'L' being traced. "L?" He asked. He felt another 'L' being traced below the first. "L?" He then felt an A and realized what he was playing at, "A, W, L, I, E, T."

"Say it," L hissed hotly in his ear.

"L Lawliet…" He cupped L's face in his hands and kissed him deeply.

"Now Raito-kun knows all of my secrets. Whatever shall he do with them?" L asked.

Raito smirked, running a hand down L's arm, "Let's have a check up, shall we? Your arm is healed…" He brushed against his shoulder, "Your shoulder is healed…" He engaged the two of them in a quick game of footsies, "Your foot is healed…" He tickled his hand over L's stomach, "Your stomach is healed…" He traced his name over L's back as L spelt his name on his, "And your back seems to be doing well."

"Will Raito-kun play doctor with me? I'm afraid of doctors, you know?"

Raito pressed his lips to L's. "Is that so?" he whispered sensually against L's soft lips. "I'm just going to have to change your mind, aren't I?"

L moaned at the thought, "Look, Raito-kun, no Erectile Dysfunction!"

Raito laughed, "I suppose not. After all, you are Raito-sexual."

"At least I do not have-Gah!" Raito paused in his activities, giving L an innocent look. "Raito-kun…" he growled. "Remove your finger at once."

"Look, L, no Proctitis!"

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