Catherine Visits Gil and Sara Chapter 8

He was quiet as he undressed, noticing his wife in the center of the bed, and showered but by the time he curled beside her, she was awake and reached for him. Her kisses brought him into her arms as heat generated between them. She whispered words of desire into his ear. Her hands were on his face, in his hair, fingertips touched him in places only she could find. His own hands moved along her body to places he knew intimately.

Childbirth and breastfeeding had made her more responsive to her own desires. Her husband found an intense delight in the new-found sensitivity—his touch was lighter, her breasts—hypersensitive, she said. She could radiate heat and passion with a look, a touch of her hand. His desire for her was so great, at times he considered it inappropriate; he had to physically separate himself from her—lust, he said; Sara would giggle saying it came from his long history of suppressed desire to have sex with her. She made a joke, tease him, but would love him, providing what he wanted—sex, pure physical passion between two people who loved each other.

Sara knew she experienced a level of passion with this man that few women would ever find; she was always surprised that he had such physical desire for her. He would hold her, touch her, coax her into moving with him as they both swept into a whirlpool of warm waves. Tonight, breathless, they held each other and when she shivered, he wrapped covers around both of them creating a warm cocoon for sleep. He would wake early in the morning, listening as their world came awake, listening for the sounds from the nursery telling him their baby was awake. But tonight, he listened for Sara's contented breathing as she lay beside and underneath him. They would move apart later while asleep, but now, it felt right to have her like this.

…Catherine packed her bags knowing she had to leave this peaceful quiet world. She knew why Gil and Sara had chosen this place. Nothing here reminded them of the place where they had been—the place Catherine would always call home. It was a place of artificial abundance in comparison to this simple, idyllic home. She had known Gil so long that she had expected him to leave months before he actually left—when Sara left the first time, she knew he would ultimately follow her. She had never witnessed his personal emotions until the day Sara was kidnapped and in those hours, she saw a different Gil Grissom.

A few months later, when Sara suddenly left Las Vegas, Catherine realized how much he loved the younger woman. It still surprised her that he had not gone after her; but Sara returned to visit, and if he thought about leaving, he never mentioned it, not to her. Then Warrick died—none of them would ever be the same. And Grissom was deeply affected, doubly affected when she learned that he did not know where Sara had gone. She knew from that day—Grissom's days in Las Vegas were coming to an end.

Catherine's reluctance to leave was apparent in her face. She held the baby against her face trying to set the smell and feel of the infant into her brain. She hugged Sara; no longer a hesitant friendly embrace but one of true kinship, mother-to-mother. As she turned to Grissom, he laughed and pulled her into his arms.

"You are the best, Catherine. Because of you, I am here. We are here." He smiled as he released her, only to hug her again. "Come back. Don't be a stranger."

She left them standing in the driveway, waving, Sara holding the baby girl, Grissom's arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders, Hank sitting at his side, and a field of vibrant flowers behind them.

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