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A/N I decided to do a Valentine's Day one shot as I am home sick today….

A certain angel gets schooled in the day of love and decides to surprise a certain hunter…

"Brady, what's Valentine's Day?" The angel of Thursday tilted his head meeting Brady's brown eyes with curious blue ones. The younger hunter raised an eyebrow at the seraph.

"You mean to tell me from all the watching you've done that you never learned what Valentine's Day is?" The angel shook his head lowering his eyes towards the floor. Brady felt slightly embarrassed by his response. Castiel was still new to the human tradition of observing certain days of the year, Valentine's Day being one.

"Right, you are still new at all this holiday stuff. Okay well I suppose it's best to start from the beginning then. I'll do the Cliff notes version. Valentine's Day was originally a pagan day to celebrate love but the Christians hijacked it since they didn't like the ideas of love and sexual connotations associated with the day and decided to turn it into a day to honor to martyrs with the name Valentine."

"But how did the notions of sending cards and flowers come to be, Brady? That I don't understand." Brady nodded his head and smiled.

"I was just about to get to that part, Cas. Anyways, Valentine's Day has always been around since ancient times in some form or another. They said the oldest Valentine was written in 1415 in England by the Duke of Orleans to his wife when he was imprisoned. Now fast forward about three hundred years and Valentine's Day became wildly popular in England where people gathered and exchanged notes and small gifts of affection since showing one's emotions in public was a no no at the time. Anyways, long story short, February 14th went from Pagan celebration to a day of mass panic for many men and day of flowers and candy. "

Castiel still look bewildered as he couldn't understand how a sacred day became such a big deal. But soon he began to get an idea. Brady saw the look on the angel's face knowing what he was thinking.

"Was there another reason why you wanted to ask me about Valentine's Day, Cas?" The angel looked away darting his sharp blue eyes towards the wall. Brady felt a smile start to creep up across his face. Why didn't he see it before?

"Cas, you want to do something for Brooklyn and you would like me to help you right?" The younger hunter said teasingly observing a small smile creep up on the corner of the angel's mouth. His face had a flush tinge to it finally turning to Brady and slyly nodding. Castiel reminded Brady of a nervous teenager preparing to ask the captain of the cheerleading squad on a date. It touched the younger hunter as he saw how much the angel truly did love Brooklyn.

"Well, what are we doing sitting around here for? Come on, let's get a move on. I know just the place to go to."

Brady pulled up in front of the building putting his car in park. He looked over at the angel who appeared nervous. He was looking up at the building before them eyeing the items in the window. He looked over at Brady, those brilliant blue eyes uncertain.

"Brady, what if she doesn't like what I find? What if she hates it?" Brady cut the angel off gently placing a supportive hand on his shoulder.

"Cas, listen okay? Don't listen to that" Brady pointed at his head.

"Listen to this" the younger hunter pointed at the angel's heart. Castiel nodded taking a deep breath in a human manner. Together they got out of the car and headed inside. Brady turned out to be a great assistant and friend helping the angel selecting the perfect gift. He only prayed she would love it. He pulled out the wallet from his vessel's coat finding enough money to pay for the item. He felt his heart racing as he placed the item in the interior pocket keeping it safe. He pat the pocket allowing himself to smile as he told Brady what he wanted to do for her.

"Wow, Cas, I never suspected that you had a hidden romantic side inside that tough Warrior of God physique."

Nah, it's just me in here giving you some pointers….Jason said.

Yes, I know. Thank you…

The guys continued their expedition through Phoenix. Brady secretly enjoyed the time he spent with the angel. With all the battles and Seals being broken he finally got to know the guy better and started seeing him as a brother. An angelic brother, that is.

The next place Brady brought the angel to was different to say the least. The woman standing at the counter recognized the hunter and came running around the counter hugging him tight.

"Brady! Sugar, how have you been?" The woman exclaimed. She was about their age with skin the color of mocha, raven hair and piercing dark eyes.

"Maddie, it's always great to see you. Maddie, this is Cas. Cas, this is Maddie." The angel smiled then looked around the small shop. Candles and incense lined one wall as crystals and various oils and lotions were against the other wall. He felt slightly overwhelmed by the different items unsure of where to begin. Maddie looked at the anxious seraph gently taking his hand.

"You look a little lost, Cas. Come with me sweetie for I know just what you need."

Brady stood at the counter while Maddie helped the angel select a few candles and other items after asking a few questions. The hunter saw that rare smile cross the seraph's face as they returned to the counter. As Castiel began pulling out the wallet (Brady had given him a crash course in money during the car ride), Maddie gently stopped him.

"This round is on me. Now go on and make this a night she will never forget." Maddie winked at the guys as they left.

Brady started back towards the house seeing the angel smiling to himself, pleased rather at what he had accomplished and was planning on doing tonight. Castiel hoped Brooklyn wasn't home yet as he needed time to things into place. Brady of course would help him if needed.

They were in luck as Brooklyn's truck was missing from the driveway. Castiel and Brady hopped out of the car and raced inside for they knew Brooklyn would be home at any time.

Brooklyn seethed as she headed home. The research didn't go as planned and she had been cooped up in the ASU library all day putting up with the masses of college students trying to get midterm papers done. First there were no rooms available so she had to sit out in the open allowing her to hear every single conversation that was within 10 feet. Conversations that ranged from who was getting laid to where the hottest party would be. Even as she had her iPod planted firmly in her ears she could still hear every single word two frat rats were saying. The next thing that went wrong was that the book she needed was checked out but never returned which put her way behind on what she needed to get done. And to top it all off, she had attracted unwanted attention in the form of a frat rat that seemed to think he was Casanova incarnate. At first Brooklyn was polite in turning down his advances but the black haired boy just didn't seem to understand she wasn't interested. Her patience with the roving Romeo had wore thin as he seated himself down beside her putting a hand where it didn't belong and whispering what he wanted to do her.

The Casanova was singing soprano five minutes later as Brooklyn's hand clinched his dick though his denim jeans with the ferocity of a pit bull's jaw.

"When I say no, I mean no. Do you understand, Junior?" The boy nodded before hobbling off and muttering the word bitch beneath his breath. Brooklyn was beyond her wits end and decided to go home. A hot shower and a quiet evening at home would do the trick. But spending it with a certain angel would make it all the better.

Castiel had finished putting everything into place just as Brooklyn had pulled up. He sensed her tension as she came up the walkway and hoped what he arranged for her would smite those feelings.

Brooklyn entered the front door dropping her bag at her feet. She frowned noting that no one was in the living room or kitchen. She checked downstairs seeing it was silent and dark. Climbing up the stairs she detected the smell of candles. But not any candles, Japanese cherry blossom scented candles to be exact. Almost immediately the candles' aroma soothed her frayed nerves and guided her down the hall until she reached the room she shared with her angel.

Entering the room she was greeted with a beautiful sight. On the dresser and stands were several large candles lit bathing the room in a beautiful soft glow. She stepped in further seeing an exquisite arrangement of red roses on the bed with a small card attached to it. Brooklyn sat on the bed deeply touched by what she was seeing. Taking the card, Brooklyn opened it up and read what it said inside.

Turn around

Turn around? Brooklyn stood and turned around to find Castiel standing there next to the bed. He was simply dressed in a pair of denim jeans and black shirt that fit his toned body. She tilted her head in surprise at the angel catching sight of a smile cross his lips.

"Did you do all this, Cas?" The angel stood there nodding his head at her as he walked around the bed and stood before her.

"Most of it, Brady helped with some of it" he said slyly. Castiel slid the card out of her hand, replacing it with his own. Brooklyn detected a hint of nervousness in her angel feeling his hands trembling within hers.

"Cas, what's the matter?" He rubbed her hands taking a deep breath. He didn't know why he was so nervous about all of this. Brooklyn felt her mouth drop as the angel dropped to the ground on one knee with dark wings extended behind him.

"Brook, we've been through so much together over the past year and I have felt myself falling deeper in love with you and I can't imagine my time here without you. I don't know how to to say what my heart is feeling or telling me but I know that I want you by my side. I love to wake up and see you there in my arms. I want to be the one to kiss away your pain and anguish. When I kiss those lips words cannot describe what I feel inside. I suppose what I'm trying to say is Brooklyn, will you…"

Brooklyn nodded her head feeling the tears welling up as the angel pulled out what he bought earlier. It was a small silver band with a heart on the inside along with the initials C and B.

"Don't say anymore, Cas. I already have your answer. It's yes and has always been yes. I have found myself falling deeper in love with you. It's just that I didn't get anything for you."

Castiel smiled at her standing back up and taking her within his wings. He took her in a deep passionate kiss running his tongue along hers. Before they could too hot and heavy, Castiel broke the kiss lighting the small incense cone on the dresser. The scent of the burning cone filled the air causing a tingling sensation to overcome Brooklyn from her head to her toes. The last vestiges of tension soon washed away as she felt her shirt being gently pulled up and off. She let her angel slowly remove her bra and and work down towards her jeans.

Castiel gently placed her on the bed face down reaching for the small vial of massage oil from Maddie's. Rubbing the thick warm oil into his hands, the angel slowly and sensually started rubbing his oil slicked hands across her back and shoulders. A small moan of pleasure escaped her mouth as Castiel worked his strong hands against her body. Brooklyn could feel her sexual desire rising within her with each loving touch from Castiel. The angel sensed the oil was taking effect as Brooklyn turned to face the angel. Her eyes were heavy with lust and body aching for him. She crashed her mouth into his with a fiery passion rising within her. Her tongue entered his mouth running along and around his feeling her angel's soft hot tongue responding to the touch and caresses.

Brooklyn slid her hands up beneath his shirt running her soft hands against his hot toned chest before ripping the clothing up and over his head throwing it to the floor. Brooklyn gently raked her nails up and down his back exciting him even more. The angel ran his strong hands down her legs and up along her inner thighs teasing her through the thin fabric of her boy shorts. She cried out in pleasure feeling the wetness rapidly pooling at his caress. Brooklyn shot her hands inside his jeans grabbing a hold of the tight ass that lay beneath. She could detect her angel's own need growing by the tell tale bulge pressed tight into her hip.

Castiel moaned as he felt his angel's soft skilled hands unbutton and unzip his jeans pulling them down with an almost animalistic hunger. Castiel helped her by freeing his body from the restrictive garment. Their bodies separated by two thin layers of fabric further driving their hunger for each other's bodies. Brooklyn ran her hand around his rock hard erection circling her thumb around the spot where precome had leaked through the material. Castiel hissed in excitement and bliss at her touch.

Brooklyn arched her hips and back up allowing for the angel to slide her underwear off revealing her bare body beneath his. The angel kissed her neck and shoulder feeling the heat radiating from her skin. He kissed her soft ample breasts continuing downward reaching her clit. Castiel kissed and lapped around the swollen mound, gently inserting two fingers inside her overwhelmed by the hot tight wetness of her body. Brooklyn saw stars as she came.

"Cas!" She cried out feeling her own dark wings spread out beneath her and wrapping around her angel. The soft tickling sensation of feathers against his sensitive skin sent Castiel over. Pulling his body up and face to face with her, he pulled her hips upward slowly sliding in.

They rocked their hips against one another the sound of bodies slamming together echoed through the walls. Castiel took his mouth in hers and ran his hands along her sides. The angel felt her hands run through his soft dark hair playing in the soft tresses. It was a gesture he never tired of and it felt like the first time every time she did it.

Brooklyn felt a second climax rapidly rising in the pit of her stomach with a ferocity that she had never experienced. She slammed her hips hard against his feeling her body give in to its release.

"Cas!" She screamed out raking her nails down his back. Castiel felt his own orgasm building as his body tightened. His sweat slicked body matching her hard rocking, pounding her as he felt his orgasm overpower him. Brooklyn whimpered feeling the angel's hot sticky release filling her. Castiel slowed his thrusts down feeling his sexual ecstasy start to decrease until he found his sweaty spent body still against hers. Brooklyn cupped his face in her hands kissing his forehead and nose before letting her soft mouth linger on his lips.

"What was in that oil, Cas?" Brooklyn whispered. The angel merely smiled at her kissing her softly. Maddie had given him massage oil containing traces of a pheromone that increased sexual sensitivity. Apparently angels were not immune to such sinful and pleasurable things as Brooklyn learned with her angel.

Her dark wings still holding him on top of her gently tickling the angel's back and side. She looked at the ring on her left finger seated with the other band he had given her when she had become an angel. Castiel looked down at her seeing those bright grey orbs well up with tears.

"Brook, what's wrong?" Castiel whispered. His fears wiped away when Brooklyn softly smiled up at him.

"Nothing's wrong, Cas. Everything's as it should be. I have you here in my arms when I didn't think I would be able to find anyone to share my love with and give my heart to. You've always been there for me with patience and love. Thank you, my angel."

Castiel placed his hand over her heart observing Brooklyn press her hand to his. Despite the times he was summoned away to battle, Castiel always fought to return to her, to those loving arms and sweet kisses. To those nights spent intertwined in the sheets with her naked body beneath his as they made passionate love whispering words of love and passion. Lying with her encircled in his dark wings watching her sleep before succumbing to sleep himself.

Brooklyn admired the ring and smiled to herself. Castiel watched her feeling relief wash over him as he had made the right choice. He never anticipated the day he laid eyes on Brooklyn Ravenwood that he was looking straight into the eyes of his soulmate. Castiel left her warm embrace and blew out the candles before rejoining her in the bed. She had pulled the blankets back waiting for him to come beside her. Her angel climbed in bed wrapping her in his dark wings pressing her close to him.

Brooklyn yawned slightly before being lulled to sleep. Castiel watched her sleep leaning in to kiss her forehead and lips.

"Goodnight, Brook. You don't know how much you mean to me, my angel. I am so blessed to have you and would do anything for you. I love you Brooklyn."

Castiel continued to watch her sleep before letting sleep take over.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!!!