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The angels were all alone on the island save for the tiny bungalow perched on the beach. Brooklyn and Castiel arrived at the threshold as the sun was dancing along the horizon. The angel looked down noticing the way her hair waved in the tropical breeze brushing over her shoulders and across her back. Her eyes were flashing the rich hue of blue green sending sparks of desire through Castiel's body.

He leaned in taking her lips within his holding back from deepening the need until they were inside. Brooklyn detected his arms snaking around her and lifting her up off the sand. The fine grains were fanned from beneath her feet and sprinkled Castiel's bare ones. Brooklyn stroked the side of his face and leaned in to his body as he waved his hand and the door opened before them. The candles flamed up then lowered to a gentle glow as Castiel carried his beloved over the threshold. The flames revealed the lust and desire brimming in his cerulean depths. Brooklyn knew her own eyes were reflecting back the same emotions and wants.

Castiel lowered her on the bed watching as she sprawled out across the down comforter. Brooklyn's fiery copper hair splayed over and around her face framing it in an auburn aura. She was his angel and his angel alone. Brooklyn watched her angel toss the jacket and shoes off followed by her favorite blue tie. But instead of tossing it aside, the angel placed it beside her letting his fingers brush along her arm causing goosebumps to form. Brooklyn smiled letting her lips drawl up in the corners. The angel felt his pants grow tight and uncomfortable as his eyes took in every curve and angle of her body seeing her nipples begin to protrude through the thin material.

Brooklyn flashed the sexy crooked smile he loved so much which only made his need for her rise faster. Castiel couldn't lose the shirt and pants fast enough nearly falling over in the process. Brooklyn laughed softly at her angel's fumbling and struggling with the slacks and belt as she propped herself up on her elbows.

"What's so funny?" He tilted his head with a bit of amusement twinkling in his eyes.

"Nothing," she replied pretending to be innocent. But Castiel wasn't falling for the sweet act.

After freeing the rest of his body from the restrictive garments, the angel crawled up on the bed pulling Brooklyn up to his level. They didn't speak only looking deep into one another's eyes. Rich slate locked with ancient cerulean while their lips moved together. They went slow taking their time in touching and caressing the other's body. Brooklyn felt her angel's hand slip around the back and tug at the zipper of her dress. Castiel regretfully broke the tender contact and watched as the straps of her dress slide down her toned arms. He felt as if he were unwrapping a gift, a very exquisite one at that. The thin blue material continued falling down exposing her naked upper body. Castiel licked his lips as his eyes fell to her breasts. But he wanted to go slow despite how painfully hard he was. This was their wedding night and it only happened once.

His lips gently kissed the warm skin of her neck sending shivers down Brooklyn's spine. His hand reached up cupping one breast. Brooklyn gasped hard as his skilled hand massaged then pinched the sensitive nipple. She cried out as he reached out for the other, giving it the same attention as before. Her cries and pants made Castiel moan lightly as his hand traveled down her body then coming to rest between her slightly parted legs. Brooklyn rested her head on his shoulder feeling him push aside the silken garment which was damp from her own need and want.

Her hips slowly rocked against his hand while she slipped a hand inside his boxers wrapping delicate fingers around his weeping cock. The tender grip and heated touch of his lover's hand caused his body to rock in sync with her slow deliberate strokes.

"Cas…." She quietly called out his name feeling the first wave override her body sending her into a pure sexual bliss.

"That's it my love….." he whispered in her ear. He would never tire of hearing her say his name in such lust and want as she was now.

"Need you….." she moaned and ran her hands through his dark hair fisting it carefully as not to hurt her angel. Castiel nodded and lowered her back down on the bed peeling away the dress and thong. Her naked body was beautiful in his eyes. From every tiny scar she endured in battle as a human to the luscious curves encompassing her hips.

Castiel took a moment to take in this wondrous sight feeling like it was the first time being in such an intimate moment with her.

"You're beautiful," he felt his cheeks burning as he spoke.

"As are you," she raised her head and body taking his mouth within hers while pulling him down on top of her. The angel relented and pushed her thighs apart with his knee then slowly eased in her waiting body. Brooklyn started rocking her hips but Castiel pressed his hands down keeping her still. He wanted to be in control of her and he sensed she wasn't about to resist.

His body started slow wanting to feel all of her as he took her over and over. He kissed her face and neck feeling her body relax against his. Black silken wings embraced them both as Castiel continued slowly ravishing his angel. She felt her body coil and tighten around him with every thrust. Castiel heard her pants and gasps for air knowing she was close. He felt her hips rise up meeting his halfway.

"Cas….." she drew in a sharp intake of air and felt her soul fill with pure light and love. Castiel kissed her letting her snap her hips harder against his feeling her body coat his cock. His own body tightened and coiled deep within pushing him hard towards his own climax.

Brooklyn felt him grip her legs and raise her hips off the bed as he slammed hard against her feeling beads of sweat drip down upon her body. Castiel panted and cried out his angel's name in love and undying devotion.

"Brook!" He cried out as his body erupted spilling his release inside her. Brooklyn dug her heels into his ass wanting him to stay inside her.

At that moment two bright lights flooded the room as the angel's broke from their mortal coils reveling in their true forms. Dark wings wrapped around both bodies dimming but a small trace of the divine glow encompassing the bungalow. Their mouths crashed together while their legs and arms wrapped around torsos. The angels remained in their purest forms for a little while longer before returning to their human vessels. Their eyes opened up as they curled together on the bed.

"I have you Cas," she caressed his face and carded her fingers through his hair. A sound she swore sounded like purring rumbled in his throat and chest. Brooklyn smiled at her angel's contentment watching as he leaned in her touch. He kissed her palm and wrist before planting a gently kiss on her lips.

"You will always have me," he vowed. The gleam of his band crossed her eyes causing her heart to swell even more at the touching scene.

"As you will always have me," she covered her heart with his hand letting him feel her heart beat steadily beneath.

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