Harry and Draco loved the fact that their dads were getting married and Draco was gaining a brother and an honorary brother. Remus had never actually adopted Harry so he was just an honorary stepson but Lucius would welcome him into his family officially as Remus was accepting his son. Teddy was the only one young enough for adoption and Lucius would be adopting him and they would soon be trying for another baby. Lucius still shocked his son when ever he said he words but Lucius and Remus had their hearts set on at least one and were hoping for some pink, having three sons between them and Holly was the only pink. Though Draco and Pansy had been married in March had just found out they were expecting though they did not know the gender of the baby yet. Lucius often said Malfoys always had sons first though but the baby could break the mold, they were not sure.

The day of the wedding Harry and his Dad went to visit Tonks' grave with Teddy and her parents. Ted and Andromeda had been happy to be invited to Remus' wedding and swore they would be there. They had already signed off on Lucius adopting Teddy and had a promise they would not only remain in Teddy's but also Harry and Holly's life and even any kids Remus had with Lucius. Remus felt a bit of guilt as he knelt down at the stone but both his son and former in laws reminded him that his wife would have wanted him to move on and be happy, and would have approved of Lucius if she saw the two of them together.

They finally apparated to where the wedding was to be held, a small family ceremony that was to be held in muggle London where they had many of their dates. They had rented one of the boats that did cruises down the river and were to exchange vows on the bow. The Tonks, their three sons, Severus, Holly and Pansy were the only guests, well with Harry and Draco acting as best men for their dads. Harry held Teddy though through the ceremony so he could be a part of it.

The minister smiled. "We have come to join these two men in marriage. Who gives these men in marriage?"

Harry and Draco smiled. "Their sons do."

"Do you Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, Lord Malfoy; take Remus as your husband and bond united in body and soul till you are separated by death?"

"I do."

"And do you Remus John Lupin take Lucius as your husband and bond united in body and soul till you are separated by death?"

"I do."

Harry handed a ring to Lucius. "Take this ring and claim our Dad as your husband while I and Teddy stand witness to your vows."

Lucius slid the ring on to Remus. "With this ring I claim you as my husband and bond."

Draco handed a ring to Remus. "Take this ring and claim my dad as your husband while I stand witness to your vows."

Remus slid the ring on Lucius. "With this ring I claim you as my husband and bond."

"By the powers that be I pronounce you two husbands. Lucius you may kiss your husband."

Lucius drew Remus into a long warm kiss and soon they were signing the contracts and adoption forms. If Harry was not a married man he might have felt left out as Teddy became a Malfoy, and Remus became Remus Malfoy, consort Lord Malfoy. They were soon clapped in hugs and Lucius happily took Teddy into his arms. He knew how odd it felt he had a son and soon more that were going to be of age with his grandkids but he would have it no other way. He and Teddy had been bonding a lot since he and Remus became engaged.

There was a happy dinner on the boa with just simple roast beef dinner and the grooms shared a dance as the sun was going down. It was far from the socialite wedding Lucius had or the small in the center of the war elopement wedding Remus had, and it was just the way they had wanted.

Before they headed off for their honeymoon for two weeks in Brazil Teddy hugged them. "Miss you Daddy and Papa."


It was three weeks past the one year anniversary for the couple when Lucius and Remus sat in a hospital bed and their three sons and two grandchildren, as well as son and daughter in law came piling into the room. It had taken just over three months but they had finally conceived and they were proud to show off the newest member of the Malfoy family to their growing brood, Ted and Andromeda had come as well. Harry who had a nineteen month old Holly in his arms, had just found out he was carrying a little boy, who was due a month after Holly's second birthday, in January. Draco and Pansy had brought more blue to their lives with the birth of their own first son in February, a month before their anniversary, little Miles Draco who was now five months old.

Lucius and Remus had been blessed with their touch of pink, a beautiful little girl who was a Malfoy in her features but Remus in coloring from her tawny hair and amber eyes. She definitely would have the same problem as Holly when it came time to date, with her three older brothers and now nephew Miles as well.

Remus handed he baby to Draco as Miles was with his mom. "We would like our two oldest sons to be her godfathers."

Harry who watched his husband put Teddy on the bed who went into Lucius' arms right away smile. "We would be honoured."

Teddy may have called Lucius Papa for the first time at the wedding but there was no doubting Lucius loved Teddy as much as Draco or the new baby, and even Harry fell in that. As Draco and Harry signed off as godparents to their little sister they were so happy that their dads were so in love and together.

Remus did the honours when asked for a name of their little girl. "This is Livia Iola Malfoy."

Lucius explained. "Her first name comes from Roman history for us, and middle from Greek myth and a flower name to honour her three big brothers."

The baby was handed back but a photo was soon taken of the entire family including Severus, Pansy and the grandkids as well. Andromeda smiled as her husband took the photo, knowing her daughter would have been so happy to see the amazing family that Teddy and Remus now had.

Author note: Miles Draco Malfoy: Miles (Latin) means soldier, is taken from Greek myth, he was the grandfather of the founder of Sparta and is considered the inventor of the mill, follows Black tradition of name from myth or space. Draco (Latin) Dragon is a constellation and of course the name of his daddy

Livia Iola Malfoy: Livia (Latin) diminutive of Olivia which means olive tree, Livia was a name taken from Roman history as Remus and Lucius were, to honour her dads. Iola (Greek) violet. Iola was a lover of Hercules, connects her to her three brothers who Draco and Teddy through their mothers and Harry through adoption by Sirius making him Lord Black, are members of the Black family but also a flower which both Draco and Harry's mothers' names were.

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