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Bella and Edward hit it off at a local coffee shop and things take off from there. Jasper and Alice other main characters in the story. T for language and some themes later on.

I had finally made it to the parking lot at Muddy Waters. I had more than enough homework I needed to get started on and traffic was against me today. My last class ended forty-five minutes ago. It usually only takes me fifteen to twenty minutes to drive from downtown Portland into inner SE, where I live and do my studying, and I had just arrived at my favorite coffee shop to study. Though I could have studied in the apartment, it is very hard to focus with my roommate Alice there. She's a very hyper person. Though studious, she has to play very loud music while she studied. Music that I didn't listen to while I studied. I had to listen to classical music while I studied, if I listened to anything. NOT hip-hop, rap, metallic, etc. So, here I am, dodging mud puddles, trying to get into the front door of my favorite coffee shop ever.

My name is Bella Swan and as you might have guessed, I am a college student. I am in my last semester at Portland State University. I work on campus in the library, (which means that my tuition is paid for) as well as a local grocery store. At school, I just have to pay computer lab fees and for my books. Since I am an English Literature and Creative Writing major, I am able to get a lot of my books used at a really cool used bookstore in downtown Portland for cheap!

I walked through Muddy Water's door and walked up to the counter. Since it was after one in the afternoon, I didn't want to risk drinking anything with caffeine. I would end up being awake all night. "Can I get a pot of peppermint tea?" I asked the guy at the counter. Must be new, I thought, I've never seen him before. Kind of cute. Blonde hair, brown eyes and pretty well built. I would have to remember to tell Alice about the new cute guy here. She would be very interested.

"Of course," he answered with a slight southern twang. "Would you like me to bring that out to a table for you?"

"Sure," I said, smiling. I handed him my money, then walked over to a table.

I dug my reading packet out of my backpack as well as a notebook to take notes in. (Yeah, imagine that!) Once again, I was having trouble finding a pen in my backpack. I swear I always put them back in the same spot, but I can never find them when I was trying to study. They are never in the little pocket made just for pens and pencils. I ended up having to take everything out of my bag, only to find out that I didn't have one anywhere. Frowning, I wondered where I could have put the pen I used during class an hour ago.

"Here's your tea," I heard the southern guy tell me. Looking up, I saw him standing right next to me, with my pot of tea and a mug. He slowly set them down on the table. "Can I get you something else?"

"Is there any way I can borrow a pen? I seemed to have misplaced mine," I asked.

Without answering, he walked to the register, grabbed a pen out of cup sitting next to it and walked back to me. He handed me the pen with a slight bow and a wink. "Thanks," I stammered. I'd never had a guy act like that around me. It amazed me and made me a little nervous. How does a normal girl react or respond to something like that?

Luckily, I didn't have to think of any sort of response. He walked back to the register. I stuffed everything I didn't need into my backpack and then I opened my reading packet to the article I was supposed to read for my Contemporary American Poetry class. Why I had to read articles about poetry, I would never understand. Silly professors. I felt like I've only ready three poems in that class and I've been in it for several weeks. I don't get some of the classes that I take.

I read the article that critiques a poet that we would start to study next week. I was actually excited. She had just read a poem at the presidential inauguration. She is supposed to be awesome. I haven't read any of her poems. Hopefully I wouldn't spend the next two weeks completely dissecting them and end up not fully appreciating them. I read through the article once, and then reread it in order to mark down the more important passages. Once reading the long-winded, ten page article twice, I was finally able to do a little bit of writing.

Though the writing I would be doing is only a response to the article, I love it. I love writing. I want to be a writer. Though in the back of my mind, I know that it is not the most well paid job in the world, if it does pay, it is my dream. "Do you mind if I sit with you? There are no empty tables," a velvety voice asked me.

I looked up and straight into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. The owner of the eyes had to be the most handsome man in the world. He was gorgeous. I felt a little envious of his good looks. I swallowed just so I would be able to use my voice. "Go ahead. I'm not using all of it," I answered.

"Thanks," he said. "My room mate works here and is about to go home. I knew I would never be able to study for my test once he got there. He plays really loud music."

"That's why I'm here too. I can't study while listening to rap," I stated.

"I agree. As nerdy as this sounds, if I listen to music while I study, it has to be classical."

"I can't call you a nerd for that. I am the same way. Lately I've been listening to Debussy when I am at home and studying."

He looked shocked when I said that. "You know Debussy?" he asked.

"Yeah. He is my favorite composer. Not as well known with people our age, but I have grown found of a lot of his pieces." I wondered why he asked that.

"My room mate gets annoyed at me because Debussy has been the only thing I've played in the last couple of months. I can't help it. His style of music is awesome."

I nodded in agreement as the new worker came over with a cup of coffee in his hand. "Here you go Edward."

"Thanks Jasper. I appreciate it. Just so you know, I'll only be here an hour or so. I just need to get some reading out of the way.

Jasper nodded. "Sounds good. When you get home, we should talk about the plans for tomorrow." Then he turned towards me, "Would you like a refill on your tea?"

"Sure. But could you make it chamomile this time, instead of peppermint?" I asked. I reached into my pocket to find the change he gave me earlier to pay for another pot.

"Of course. No charge though. I've heard through the grape vine that you come in a lot."

I raised my eyebrow at him. "Muddy Water's has a grape vine?"

"I think anywhere that people work, there is a grape vine. I was told by several people who work this shift that two very pretty young women switch days coming in during the week. That on the weekend, they come in together in the morning. One is very short with spiky black hair and always orders something with a lot of caffeine in it and talks a lot. The other average height with long brown hair, will blush when she orders anything and only will drink tea with no caffeine in it at all, unless it's the weekend."

My face blushed bright red. How well the employees here knew Alice and I. It was embarrassing that they us so well. I guess that's what we get for only going to one coffee shop in Portland. "The other girl is my room mate," I said. "She likes caffeine a little too much, though I don't see why she needs it."

"That's what I've heard," Jasper stated. "I'm Jasper. I'll be here for your afternoon times Tuesday through Friday and some of your Saturday mornings. I work tomorrow morning, so I am looking forward to seeing you and your room mate."

"My name's Bella," I held my hand out for him to shake. He did.

"I like your name," Jasper stated.

"Since my room mate has forgotten that I exist since he is flirting with a beautiful woman, my name is Edward," my table buddy informed me, as he reached his hand over to me. Though Jasper was flirting with me, I think I prefer Edward.

I attempted to smile over at him. All I wanted to do was hide my face from him because of how red my face became. "Nice to meet you, Edward."

"I need to finish up my end of shift reports and all that fun stuff. I'll be right back with your tea though, Bella," Jasper informed Edward and I.

"Sounds good," I responded.

Edward and I both went back to the work we were doing. I was writing my response and Edward reading and highlighting his own reading packet. We both said goodbye to Jasper as he stopped by our table before he left.

When my fingers started to cramp up, I realized that I had written almost fifteen pages in response to the article I had read. Though I have to type it up, it would by the longest response I would ever turn in. The response has to be between one and five pages. I generally have a hard time coming up with two typed pages of response. I never wanted to do the minimum amount of work, because it showed that I wasn't trying. Now I might have to cut some of my response out. Oh well.

I put the pen I was using down and started packing up my things. As I stood up to return the pen to the cup by the register, Edward looked up at me. "You leaving?"

"Yeah. Just returning the pen I had borrowed, then I need to get home. I was gone longer than I normally am," I responded. I felt Edward's eyes on me as I walked up to the register and handed the pen to the cashier, explaining I had burrowed it from Jasper. Edward's eyes were still on me when I went to grab my backpack and purse. "Is there something you wanted?" I asked quietly.

"What time do you and your room mate come in for coffee on Saturday?" he asked.

"It depends on what we are doing. I think we are planning on coming around ten. Why?"

"Jasper gets off at ten. Maybe the four of us could go see a movie or grab a late breakfast. If you want. Or if you don't, I understand," Edward started rambling and stuttering slightly over his words. It just made him seem that much more handsome, being nervous about asking a girl to do something with him.

"I'll check with Alice, but I am sure we don't have plans since she hasn't told me anything. How about we meet here a little before ten, then go to brunch then catch an early movie?" I have no idea where my confidence came from. Maybe it was the fact that I was sure he wasn't really interested in me or that I knew that Alice would be with me tomorrow and she wouldn't let me do anything extremely embarrassing.

"That sounds great! I'll let Jasper know," Edward said.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Edward," I told him before I walked out the door.


I entered the apartment still buzzed on my confidence high, the door slamming shut behind me. I couldn't believe myself. "BELLA!" Alice yelled at me from her bedroom. "We have NOTHING planned for tomorrow. NOTHING! Not a single thing!"

I laughed at her. "Yes we do. You aren't the only one who can make plans."

Alice bounded out of her bedroom and flew at me. I didn't have time to take off my backpack or coat before she attacked me. I was pulled into a very tight hug. "Is it something fun?" she demanded.

"It's coffee, brunch and an early movie with two very cute guys," I replied. "Can I take my coat and backpack off now?"

Alice released me from her death grip of a hug to stare at me. Though I knew what she was asking me with her eyes, I decided to prolong telling her by throwing my backpack onto our couch and hanging up my coat. When I turned away from our closet and was looking back into the main part of our living room, "Cute boys? You asked cute boys to hang out with us? You can barely talk to Jake at Muddy Water's without stuttering."

"I do NOT stutter. And the cute boys asked us."

Alice looked confused. "How did the cute boys know about me?"

I sat down, knowing that Alice would not be happy until she had every gory detail. I explained about the new hot guy Jasper and how Edward needed a place to sit right on up to how Edward stuttered about us getting together for something. Alice was in shock. I wasn't known for talking to guys at all. Something about Jasper and Edward calmed me down enough to act like myself.

Whenever Alice took me out to bars or clubs, I would remain at a table. I was a born wallflower. I would get embarrassed talking to other girls at those kinds of places because how they dressed and the amount of confidence they seemed to have sacred me. So me making plans with other people we haven't known for years could have given Alice a heart attack.

"Did you at least ask where we might do brunch?" Alice asked me.

"No. Why does it matter? We're meeting at Muddy Water's and ending in a movie. We don't have to get too dressy for that sort of thing," I responded.

"Bella, how you are a girl, I will never know. But don't worry, I will find you something to wear." Alice shoots up from her seat on one of our recliners. "I'll keep it simple, don't worry." She ran off into my bedroom. Within seconds, I am sure my wardrobe will be on the floor.

"I want to wear jeans!" I yelled at her.

As I walked toward the bathroom I could make out her saying, "Stupid jeans. She owns skirts. She's talking to guys and she wants to wear a stupid pair of jeans. I need to go shopping." I just grinned.

I got ready for bed in the bathroom, knowing that Alice would refuse to let me into my own bedroom while she was choosing an outfit for me. Plus, if I left her alone, she would put my closet back together. If I came in and interrupted her hanging my clothes back up, she would make me do it. I never will understand that girl.

I woke up in the morning, with a smile on my face, knowing that I would see Edward again today. Is that strange, since I only met him yesterday?

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