VanDread: Curiosity's Rewards

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Peeking through the Past…

( ): Thoughts


In the Nirvana…

Jura sighed as she rested in the Communal Bath at the moment and getting her usual beauty treatment and right now she wanted to relax as best she could for the soon to come battles with the Harvesters, the fighting had been rather interesting every since Hibiki came up with the plan to defeat the first Harvester Battle-ship that they all had faced.

She had to give the Talark youth credit for a daring plan like that, it was crazy and very risky, but by fate, good old fashioned dumb luck, or a stroke of genius, it worked and they won, but now the thought of facing more of the ships was not very pleasing to her mind. However Hibiki had been more than ready to face them and his confidence was infectious, even she was also affected.

(Hmmmm….he's certainly interesting, that much is true…)

Hibiki had become something of an object of interest for her ever since she could merge her Dread with. And recently the dreams she had with him, Dita and Meia were troubling, in a way, that tied her and her comrades to Hibiki, though why that was the case was still something of a mystery to her. He was loud, obnoxious, temperamental, and more, but he was also confident, honest, straight forward and also passionate. And despite the fact that she couldn't figure it out, she found those traits…nice.

Back on Megele she too had gotten tired of all the back stabbing and rumor mongering that was prevalent on Megele, many thought she was a simple minded woman who was not very intelligent on some matters, but she could be very observant if she wanted to be and that served her well, despite her holding onto the beliefs of her world. When she met Hibiki, she was naturally wary and suspicious of men and he was certainly someone to be wary of at first.

Over time however, she began to get used to being around him and his antics, and seeing him being pursued by Dita provided some amusement, and while she had been disgusted by her VanDread at first, it's power was certainly very attractive to her.

The blonde Dread pilot then thought back on the time they had to deal with that manta ray like ship that had severely damaged them before and how Hibiki's will and the Paeksis allowed them to finally defeat that monster and then they got the pod the Harvesters were after and then they found none other than Misty.

The young girl had some very outlandish ideas about men and had latched quickly to Hibiki of all people and she recalled how her reactions went when she saw that and she also knew that despite how odd it was at first glance, Dita was jealous of Misty. The redhead was now locked in competition with Misty on Hibiki's time and affections, and it was rather entertaining to look at, but right now the blonde had to deal with other things on her mind.

She had recently gotten the idea of having a baby with a man and she was eager to find out just what was needed for that to happen, she had gotten this idea when she had seen the book that Duero had been reading about when he had been taking care of Ezra, in truth the booked looked very nice, but when she began to read it, it actually was very interesting.

To think a woman could actually have a child with a man…such a thing would have been considered unheard of back in Megele, even considered heresy, but if it was possible, the possibilities were endless and she vowed to be the first to prove that to be all true.

However, she had a problem, apart from how to get the seed without getting the attention of Misty and Dita, and that problem involved the how to get a man's seed, she had tried asking Hibiki, but the young man seemed utterly unwilling and even seemed, afraid. She wanted to know more but while she was tempted to ask Duero if he knew anything about it being a man and a doctor, it felt somewhat wrong to her, though why that was the case was unknown to her still. Bart was out of the question as well and she was very curious as to how to get the seed.

"This is very annoying…"

"IS something wrong Jura?"

The blonde Dread pilot shook her head to the bath attendant and replied.

"Nothing, just thinking out loud."

"Oh, are you ready for your back massage?"

"Yes, the battles were killing me anyway."

As Kura turned back on the long chair and the massaging began the blonde began to think things over, it was then when she recalled the video that Dita had found during the time of Christmas, that was an old video which supposedly dated way back during the early days of Colonization, and while Jura was no history buff back in her younger days, she knew that it was before Megele was founded. She thought if over and recalled that there were still sections of the old Colony ship that were untouched by the crew.

Since there were only a hundred and fifty of them all, along with the men, the Captain had ordered the rest of the Colony ship placed on lockdown as there was no need to reactivate all those rooms and areas so they focused on the sections that were already useful for occupation. And if Dita had found a tape that showed men and women living under the same roof, then maybe there was a chance there would be tapes there on how men and women had children!!!

The thought of that made Jura smile and she began to think on when she could start her search of the materials, she knew it was a long shot and she was going to have to get dirty, but that was all right, even if she disliked the dirt and the idea of getting dirt and grime on her even more, she was willing to do what she could to find the elusive information on how to have a child with a man. As she thought about it even more, she decided to recruit Barnette into the plan…

Jura then thought with a smile to herself at all she was planning.

(Just you wait Hibiki….your seed will be mine, every last drop of it.)


In the Register…


Hibiki sneezed as he was still busy playing with cards alongside Gascogne. The Talark teen couldn't help but wonder why he was suddenly sneezing at this moment, as far as he knew, Duero had recently declared him to be one hundred percent healthy. Gascogne looked at Hibiki with some surprise from her card hand and spoke to her playing card buddy.

"What's with you Hibiki? Got a cold?"

"No….I just sneezed for some reason, ah never mind."

The Talark teen went back to the card game and Gascogne did the same, seeing that there was no way Hibiki was going to respond to the questions, shame too, but she decided to focus on the game for the time being. As the time passed, she spoke to Hibiki.

"Hibiki, what are you planning to do about your girl situation?"

"What girl situation?"

"You know the one I'm talking about, the situation between you, Dita and that new girl Misty."

Hibiki groaned and couldn't help but feel like he had just been given another day's worth of bad Talark food pill rations, he had been given that before back on Talark and it made him rather sick more than once, as a form of joke between him and his fellow Third Class citizens. He placed that aside for the moment and decided to answer the question.

"I don't know, it's hard enough with Dita as she still take some time to get used to, but now that Misty is making things even more confusing."

"True….so I take it you're not going to keep your promise to Dita?"

Hibiki growled and replied.

"Look, I've got a lot of things to think about right now okay Gasco?"

Gascogne nodded and had to admit that Hibiki was very much in a tight spot, though she was no expert on relationships between men and women, she could tell that Dita and Misty were deep in competition over Hibiki and while it provided great amusement, she was sure that Hibiki didn't always see it as amusing. As they played a few more hands, she looked at Hibiki and then noticed something.

(Is it just me or has Hibiki finally grown a bit taller?)

In truth Hibiki had grown taller, not by much, but he was taller nonetheless. No doubt getting good food in his system was something that helped contribute to his growth. The young man had grown a bit more ever since joining up with the crew and eating Dita's cooking, though with Misty around, Hibiki had to deal with two girls making great food and he was the recipient. In truth, her money was on Dita, but since Misty had grown up on a world where men and women lived under the very same roof, the blue haired girl had the advantage in terms of knowing how to appeal to Hibiki's male nature…and Dita had no idea how to do that.

The two continued to play their game until Hibiki decided to head off and get some work done on his Vanguard, and he left the Supply Register and just in time as minutes later, a certain redhead and a certain blue haired girl came in looking for him.



"Geez….why do women have to be so curious about so many things? They should know when not to butt in!"

Hibiki sighed as he worked on his Vanguard with his always present tool box. Due to the fact that he had been a factory worker on Talark all his life and worked well on Vanguards he already had the natural understanding of their inner workings and how to repair, maintain and upgrade them, and that fact gave him the basic skills on her operate his Vanguard, and thankfully the core designs had not changed despite the enhancements made on his partner by the Paeksis, this allowed him the chance to do what he could to upgrade the performance of the Vanguard itself in combat.

As he worked on the machine he was once more covered in grease and dirt, but for mechanic and factory worker like him, and now a Vanguard pilot, this was to be expected, and the repairs and modifications he did on his Vanguard helped ease his mind out of any troubled thought he had on occasion and right now he was being troubled by what he was going through at the moment.

Hibiki was unsure about how to deal with being around Dita and many other women in the Nirvana, namely the ones who he could fuse his Vanguard with, it was beginning to grate on his nerves whenever he thought about the situations he would usually find himself in when it involved the women in question. Dita being the energetic and happy type, Meia the cool, serious and by the book type, and of course Jura, the blonde who usually was making strange advances on him, to add to the list was Misty with all these weird ideas of him being her boy friend, love, string of fate and all that. Things that made little to no sense to him already.

As he placed down the wrench he had with him at the moment, he moved his neck to get rid of the stiffness and moaned out a bit when he felt the bones loosen up and that felt very nice. He then thought back on his situation with the women in question. There was no doubt in his mind that all he thought about women growing up was certainly going down the drain very quickly, he had learned that women were not all bad and were very interesting company, and they had some sound advice to give after all. But there were things about them that made him very confused. They could get mad about very small things, and sometimes take things too far, like the time of the mutiny led by Barnette and more.

Despite this, he had to admit that women were not all bad, however he thought more about his time with the three Dread pilots, the very first time he combined with Dita was the one that struck him the most.

The moment she was on his lap and moving about in her energetic way…she was making him very much aware of her movements, along with a certain part of her male anatomy that Dita had tried to view more than once, much to both his embarrassment and discomfort. Every time he found himself in Dita's presence he had to cover up his body's reaction to her movements and while it had worked, it was not working as well as s it should. Every time Dita moved on his lap in her excited actions, his body reacted in ways that utterly confused him.

The same could be said when he was in the VanDread he and Meia made, whenever he would lean back, the presence of the female Dread pilot behind him made things rather difficult for him, though why that was the case was something he could never figure out now matter how long he had been in the company of the Dread pilot. He had to admit that despite his sometimes present bickering with Meia, she was not all bad. That confused him whenever he was near her as well as when he leaned back and felt those things on her chest that still confused him, they sent strange shivers down his back.

Jura was another matter, she might not be sitting on his lap like Dita did in their VanDread nor did he sit on her like he did with Meia in their VanDread, but when she tried to get close to him and do Grand Pa knows what, he couldn't help but feel the same though somewhat more intense sensations when she pressed herself to him, Those strange orbs on her chest were soft and for some reason, he was sometimes catching himself staring at them, the same way he would sometimes when he looked at Dita and Meia….it confused him a great deal as to WHY he was feeling and thinking this way. It was weird, odd, and somewhat scary, but the really scary thing was….he liked those feelings.

It wasn't just that….recently he had been thinking about the rest of the female crew he worked with and wondered just why was he…

(Augh, why am I thinking this way?! Why the hell am I looking at them and thinking about that like that?!)

Hibiki shook his head and looked about, and was thankful that he was still alone and had not been found yet by…

"MR. ALIEN!!!"


(Oh no!!!!)

Hibiki barely had time to react when he was suddenly tackled by two young females. Dita and Misty hugged the object of their affections and the moment they realized they were hugging the same man, both of them turned and glared daggers at one another.

"Leave Mr. Alien alone!!!"

"Why should I?! He's MY boyfriend!"

"No he isn't!!!"

"Then I'll make him ine soon enough, just as soon as you let go!!!"

"I won't!!!!"

Unknown to both of them, the fact that they were hugging him and he was not up yet, Hibiki's face was between their chests, and Dita's tank top covered breasts were right in his face, as well as Misty's own developing breasts were there as well. It was not long before Hibiki realized his face was right in Dita's breasts and Hibiki suddenly felt this strange urge on his nose and then he felt his nose bleed. And that was enough to stop Misty and Dita's staring and glaring match as they saw him nose bleeding.




In the Medical Bay…

"Hmmm….judging by the pupil dilation and the loss of blood through his nasal cavity, I'd say Hibiki's suffering some sort of symptom that is placing a great deal of stress on his body."

Duero read the reports of Hibiki's diagnosis as the young man was in the Medical Bay and getting some sleep while Dita, and Misty looked on with worry etched in their faces. Paiway was recording the whole thing and so was Parfait who had come to do some annual repairs and maintenance on the Medical Bay's computer to make sure it no longer gave Duero anymore problems.

The two girls were worried and they looked at Hibiki and it was then that Meia walked in and the normally calm and cool headed Dread squadron leader saw Hibiki sleeping on the bed and she spoke.

"What's Hibiki doing here in the Medical Bay?"

Duero looked at Meia and replied.

"Dita and Misty brought him here and he was suffering some blood loss through his nose…"


Meia gave a look of confusion and surprise and then looked at both women and spoke to them in a stern and serious tone.

"All right….what did you two do to him this time?"

All the while Hibiki was trying to get some sleep, hoping that what happened was just a dream, but he couldn't help but question why he was still thinking about how….interesting the sensations were that was hitting him at the moment.


In one of the older sections of the Nirvana…

Barnette sighed as she looked about in each room and found only boxes of who knows what in there. She sighed once more and opened the box to find only more furniture and other materials, similar to the ones found by Hibiki, Dita, Pyoro, Bart, and Duero a few months before and wondered just what were they doing this far out in the other still unexplored sections of the Nirvana. She then turned to Jura who was busy rummaging through some other boxes despite the small dirt clouds that came out.

"Care to explain to me why we're here again Jura?"

Jura turned and replied.

"I told you that we're looking for any more information on how I can have a baby with Hibiki Barnette."

"I thought that book you got from Duero was enough."

"It is, but I figured that there might be more information here somewhere in the ship, after all, Dita and the others found that Christmas tape in a place like thus one before right? If they found that, there should be other things here as well."

Barnette thought about that and had to agree with the logic there, but still, she was getting filthy and the dirt was thicker than usual, showing that this section was older than the others. She sneezed a bit and spoke once more.

"We'd better not stay here too long, the dirt's getting thicker and the stench of this place is not very appealing."

"I know, we'll be here for a few more minutes Barnette and then we can….hold on."

Barnette wondered what prompted her friend and fellow Dread pilot to exclaim like that and she went over to see just what was it that she had found, she moved over and saw that Jura was looking at a large box that seemed to contain a number of tapes and even some books and magazines, however with the lights in the room not being very powerful, she couldn't make out everything there.

"What is it?"

"I have no idea…but I think…"

Jura didn't know why but something in her gut told her that this might be the materials she was looking for, she had never been stirred wrong by her feelings when she was a child, she had studied the sword and found the art of fencing to her liking and she proved to be the best at it, and she had felt that she could see more of the beauty of the universe by joining the pirates and she did, so if her feelings were telling her that the box before her had the materials she needed to finally help her get her chance at having a baby with Hibiki, she was not going to ignore them in the least and she was going to find out all she could.

With that in mind, she settled for cleaning the box and then trying to see if she could carry it and to her surprise, it was easier to carry. Barnette then spoke.

"You're taking that with you?"

"Yeah, I've got a feeling that I will find all I need to know about how to have a baby with Hibiki in here. And my feelings have never stirred me wrong before Barnette."

Barnette saw that there was no way she could convince Jura to leave that alone and in a way give up the idea. She sighed and hoped that Jura was going to be all right, and in truth she would be happy to finally get a nice hot shower and have her clothes all cleaned up for the night.

"All right, I'll help, but before we figure out what exactly is it you've found, let's get ourselves cleaned up first."

"Right with you Barnette!"

As they left, Jura knew that this was going to be the answer to her prayers and plans, if the content proved to be what she was looking for, then all the better for her and her plans to have a child of her own with Hibiki's seed. She couldn't wait to see just what she had found.



"Ahhhh….nothing like clean shower after some hard work."

Jura said as she walked out her shower room and was in her room, she had found the tapes to be in some sort of plastic container system and the magazines and books she found were also locked in some sort of wrap and she could see that some of the wrapping kept the images of what the magazines were hidden from her sight, so she had no idea just what she had found as of yet.

However the blonde Dread pilot was confident that what she had found was the answer to the question on how she was going to get Hibiki's seed and have her child with him. It was something that she was going to enjoy a great deal. With her clothes being cleaned, she settled on wearing her night gown and she managed to get some light food as well, she had a feeling

Jura however had no idea that what she had just started was going to reveal something that many if not all the women of Megele had forgotten over the years. As she took out the first magazine, she tore it free and looked at the words written on the cover before her, and spoke them out.

(Hmmm….New Age Tantric Positions, I'll read this later.)

She took out the very first tape and saw that there was no writing on it and she looked at the cassette player that she and Barnette brought, it was the very same one that was found by Dita and the others back in Christmas time and where they played that video tape that had a man and woman living under the same roof with the child and the baby.

Jura however had the thing tested and they were able to isolate the video feed to her room's monitor only, whatever she was going to see was something that she wanted only herself to see for this moment. As she placed the tape inside the images became clear to her and there was a young couple sitting on the floor on carpets and looking at a fire place with fire in it….almost like the same video that they had seen before….only difference was that there was no young daughter and baby in there in the video, it only had the man and woman there.

"Hmmm….not too bad, almost looks kind of cozy."

She looked on and it was then that the man said something to the woman and the woman began to blush and that confused Jura for a moment as she wanted to know just what was it that the man had said that made the woman suddenly blush. Her interest grew as the woman said something back to the man that seemed to make him blush in return.

(This is all interesting but how is that going to help me get Hibiki's seed?)

Jura was about to get her answer as she gasped as both man and woman kissed one another deeply and the fact that both were showing expressions of love, passion, and desire in the kiss startled her and she was suddenly curious what was going to happen next, normally the idea of being kissed by a man was revolting to any woman of Megele, but for reasons unknown to her, the blonde was not feeling disgusted or mortified. As the couple parted, Jura looked on and then she got to see what no woman on Megele in her generation had ever seen before as the two began to disrobe themselves…


If any of the crew passed by Jura's room, they would have been surprised to her a shout coming from the blonde's room.


To be continued…


Author's Notes:

I feel that this is going to be a very interesting creation, I don't know why but lately I'm in a lemon making streak at the moment. And since VanDread is in my mind, I decided to focus on this for the time being. This is not a series of one shots like Naruto Deserted Island but has a more formal storyline and has a definite ending. I will try to make it only a short story and thus is not going to be an epic like GunDread SEED or GunDread SEED The Second Stage.

As you can see, this only involves Hibiki and thus is more in line with the canon stuff in VanDread. But this story will not copy the whole story and it will be different as it will have a number of changes as well. The most obvious being the whole discovery of tapes. I'll leave you readers to guess just what sort of tapes Jura finds in the box.

But just so everyone is clear, there is no BSDM stuff, all right!