VanDread Curiosity's Reward

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Chapter 8

Gascogne finds out…

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In the bridge…

The bridge crew were currently working on some new data while the ship was currently moving through space at a fairly even pace, the attacks of the Harvesters were periodical, but it seemed that the Harvesters were not using their usual tactics in attacking the Nirvana, instead, they apparently were confounded by the sudden boosts of power that the VanDreads. Magno was currently drinking some tea while patiently waiting for Buzam to report in the bridge.

That was noted quickly by Ezra who was currently playing with her daughter Kahlua, as soon as she was done with taking care of her daughter, she spoke then to the elderly woman.

"I wonder what is taking the Commander so long to get here?"

Magno sighed a bit at that as she thought about what could have gotten Buzam's attention and replied.

"I can guess that whatever it was that got her attention, it would be important."

Ezra nodded at that and she then noted something else.

"By the way Captain, I haven't seen Bart here either, usually he is here and getting some training in how to better his skills in maneuvering the Nirvana as well as getting some more training in using the weapon systems of the ship, what could be keeping him?"

"I suppose he would be chatting with his fellow men, have we checked the Men's quarters or checked with Duero or Hibiki as they might know just where Bart is at this moment?"

Ezra then replied to that with a shake of her head while cradling Kahlua.

"I am afraid not, I have just talked to Hibiki and Duero just as they were getting ready to leave for their duties, they each said that Bart had taken off earlier to chat with Buzam about something important."

Magno smiled at that as she was quick to make a guess on what exactly was the reason that Buzam was going to be late.

"I see, well then, we should just wait and they will be here soon enough."

Ezra nodded though that was when Amarone spoke out to the Captain.

"Captain, just what do you think is the topic being discussed by both Bart and Buzam that it would take them this long to get to their posts?"

Magno smiled slyly at that and replied.

"I think that is an issue between the two of them and it would be unwise for us to ask them when it is private. Though I can bet that the topic must be VERY important for them to take this long so it would be best that we let them take their time."


In Buzam's room…

The Commander of the Megele pirates had a very good reason to be late in getting into the Command Bridge….since she and the navigator were busy with other matters.

Buzam moaned out deeply as Bart continued to play with her breasts as she was on her bed as the Tarak male navigator of the Nirvana was currently massaging as well as licking and sucking her breasts and nipples, she was half naked at the moment and wearing only her lower pants as she was now in the grip of pleasure as she ran her hands on Bart's shoulders, back, and his head as he was also half naked.

"Yesss….right there…."

Bart began to enjoy this as he felt Buzam squirm before him; he then began to lick her nipples while sucking on them gently as well at the very same time. This was more than enough to make the dark skinned woman moan out deeply, further arousing him as he lavished attention to both her breasts as well as her nipples, much to the pleasure and enjoyment of the silver haired woman.

He then moved away as he looked at his loved one as she looked back at him, he wasted no time as he leaned forward and began to kiss her deeply while moving his hand down to her dripping wet vagina, he moved to her clitoris and gently began to play with the fleshy bulb. This action was more than enough to make the silver haired woman cry out in pleasure while she continued to kiss Bart deeply with pleasurable abandon. Bart loved this as he finally moved away from the kiss, lavishing attention once more to Buzam's breasts while continuing to pleasure her clitoris as well as her vagina.

"Bart! Mmmmm!"

Bart moved away from her breasts but not before making sure that he gave them parting kisses as well as some licks on the nipples to make Buzam sigh in appreciation, he then moved to her dripping wet sex as he started out his actions by licking and kissing her thighs as well as her stomach, navel and hips, these actions were more than enough to make Buzam happy with him as she reached down with her hands to caress his face.

Buzam then recalled something in the video she had seen before and decided that since she and Bart had already learned how pleasurable it was to use their mouths on their respective sex, why not do it on each other at the very same time? With that in mind she spoke to Bart despite the fact that there was a very large part of her mind that was telling her to just let Bart do what he had done to her sex once more.


Bart didn't hesitate to do so though he had a very confused look in his face when she asked him to stop and he naturally spoke out to her.

"What's wrong Buzam; don't you like it when I do that to you?"

Buzam blushed deeply at that as she really enjoyed it, however she was not going to let herself be dissuaded from doing what she had in mind. Besides that, there was a chance that Bart himself might have already seen it in the videos Hibiki had already shown him so he would be quick to understand.

"I do love it….I just want to try a position I saw in the video, where both partners can pleasure the other at the same time, like what we did before."

Bart as confused for a moment but quickly got the idea and nodded as he moved to the side and lay down, nodding to Buzam as she smiled at her lover's willingness to do this with her. She moved over to him to have her legs on either side of her lover's head, she looked down and smiled as she heard Bart gasp, and she blushed when he spoke to her with passion, lust, and love in his voice.

"You look so beautiful like this Commander, you're sex is really wet and so tempting."

Buzam laughed gently at that as she spoke back to him.

"I am happy you like that, now let me do this."

Buzam then leaned forwards and soon she was next to Bart's cock which was already at full attention and naturally rock hard at its full length. Buzam gently began to touch her lover's cock, enjoying the feel of the smooth and hot skin as well as the hardness of it. The memories of how it felt in her pussy before when Bart and she first had sex made Buzam even more aroused as she began to run her hands up and down on it.

"Aaaaaaahhhh! Commander!"

Buzam loved that reaction as she continued to run her hands on Bart's cock as well as his testicles, keeping in mind what she learned about men from the four Dread pilots with this part of the male body being very sensitive and was to be handled with care at all times. She did so and couldn't help but feel the desire to make Bart cry out even more, however, it was then that she cried out as well when she suddenly felt Bart begin to play with her pussy as well as her clitoris with his fingers.


Bart couldn't help himself as he began to gently run his fingers in slow patterns on the outer lips of Buzam's sex, marveling at the texture, wetness, and softness of her outer folds as he then moved his fingers to her clitoris, gently playing with it and enjoying the cries coming from the dark skinned woman. The cries coming from her were more than enough for him to finally make a more direct approach as he slowly pushed one of his fingers into sex and the feeling of the heat, wetness, tightness, and softness around his finger made Bart groan out in pleasure as he recalled how those same things felt around his cock.

He continued with his actions which naturally made Buzam reciprocate with her hands moving a lot more on his cock, making Bart moan out at the very same time. This went on until they finally decided to use their mouths and tongues on one another, Buzam was the very first to do that as she ran her tongue slowly on the tip of Bart's cock, making him squirm at her actions. She loved that as she began to lick and kiss her lover's cock from tip to base. Bart not to be outdone at any rate dose the very same thing as he ran his tongue on the outer lips of Buzam's dripping wet pussy, making the dark skinned woman moan out as well, he tasted her moisture, making him all the more eager to bring her to full orgasm.

It was not long before both of them took their oral actions on one another to the next level as Buzam took in Bart's cock into her mouth, all the way to the base and she began to use her tongue to lick it as she relaxed herself briefly, as soon as she felt that she was ready, she began to move her head up and down, making Bart cry out in pleasure as she continued to like and suck on his cock.

The silver haired woman relished this feeling as she could feel in her mouth the shivers Bart would make with each action of her mouth on his cock as well hearing his moans as he continued to lick her pussy as well as use his fingers there.

She then moaned out loudly herself as Bart moved his face closer to her dripping wet sex and used his tongue to thrust deeply past her outer folds and into her deepest parts, the pleasure ran through Buzam fast and hard as she reciprocated that with her own increase of pace on Bart's cock which also made the navigator do his best to bring her to full orgasm.

This went on for a very long time until finally both of them reached their respective orgasm. They stayed in their current position as they were able to taste the results of their respective actions, Buzam took in all of Bart's seed into her mouth, relishing the taste of her lover's s essence, she had taken a considerable liking to the liquid and knowing that it would make her become pregnant didn't bother her all that much as she took in more of Bart's seed with relish. Bart likewise loved taking more and more of the juices that Buzam was able to release from her vagina during her orgasm, Hibiki had told him that while it would surprise him, he could develop a liking for it, and he had….it was sweet and hot, something that made him all the more eager to take in as much of Buzam's juices as best he could.

As soon as they were done, the two moved as Buzam lay down on the bed as Bart moved to be on top of her and were soon facing one another, Buzam swallowed her lover's cum before his eyes as he licked his lips clean of her juices, those actions excited one another as they kissed each other fiercely and with increasing passion. The fact that they were able to taste one another in their mouths only served to increase their respective pleasure and desire for one another. Once the kiss was over, Bart gently moved back while playing with Buzam's breasts and nipples with his hands and mouth, he then placed her long legs on his shoulders as she parted her legs eager for the pleasure that was soon to come.

Bart smiled at Buzam as he began to lavish kisses on her long legs while caressing her thighs the way he learned she liked them to be caressed. Buzam moaned out her pleasure at this while Bart teased her wet vagina by moving his cock on her outer folds as well as her clitoris.

"Aaaaaah…..Bart… that….mmmm."

Bart himself was not idle as he replied.

"You're so wet there Buzam…."

The two enjoyed this until Buzam nodded to Bart to finally do it; she was very well already as she felt her body was more than ready to be filled once more by her lover's cock. She smiled at his own grin as that was more than enough to make Bart move forward, with his cock, Buzam quickly kissed in pleasure as she felt her outer folds being parted by Bart's cock and soon she felt his cock fill into her sex.


Bart himself gritted his teeth at the pleasure that flooded through him as he felt himself become quickly buried in Buzam's inner sheath, the feeling of her wetness, softness, smoothness and tightness all around his cock was so intoxicatingly good that he was sure that he was going to get addicted, and while taking drugs was frowned on in his home world, this was one addiction he was more than happy to partake in.

As for Buzam the feeling of being filled to the brim by her lover's cock was something that truly was utterly delicious to her. She had never felt this way before and there was no doubt in her mind that she would never be able to feel this way ever again with anyone else. She looked at Bart and marveled that he had changed a lot from the cowardly person as before and became a man, so to speak, and now he was here….doing this to her because he liked her or maybe even more. It made her smile as she spoke to him.

"Bart….do it fast this time….I want you to pound hard, fast and deep."

"Are you sure Buzam?"

"Yes, I want it."

Bart nodded as he replied with a warm and seductive smile.

"As my Commander orders me to do so, I will."

Bart was quickly pulling out and then thrusting back in with speed and force, doing it at a slightly slower pace, but he was quick to pick up speed with his thrusts and soon he was moving with increased speed, and power, both of which were very much welcomed by Buzam who was more than ready to be vocal about her feelings as he continued to thrust deeply into her wet pussy with greater speed and depth.





The two were enjoying themselves a great deal as Bart relished the pleasure both physical and visual as he looked at Buzam as he continued to thrust deeper and harder into her sex. Buzam felt every thrust as the pleasure ran all throughout her body, she looked at Bart once more and she could easily see the pleasure written all over his face and the fact that she was the one giving him that pleasure served to make her even more aroused.

Bart thrust faster, harder, and deeper into Buzam's sex as the sounds of their actions filled her room, he could feel her inner walls move around his cock, caressing it every time he thrust in and out of her inner sheath. Buzam also loved the way she was being filled every time by her lover's sex.



It was not long before Bart finally reached his limits and his final thrust as well as the very first release of his seed into Buzam's pussy was enough to make the silver haired woman orgasm at the very same time. The two felt each other's orgasms at that exact moment and they were stilled by it. Bart felt his cock being milked by Buzam's inner walls and it was a delicious sensation as he continued to unleash more of his seed into her.

Buzam herself felt the waves of pleasure as her orgasm hit her while she also felt herself being filled by her lover's seed all the way to her womb; she loved the feeling of the thick and hot liquid essence of her lover filling her body to the maximum. The silver haired woman felt her body begin to relax while Bart then moved her legs down and he moved his cock out of her vagina. As soon as that was done, the two kissed one another deeply as they relaxed in each other's arms.

Once the kiss was done, Buzam then spoke to Bart as he was next to her playing gently with her body with his hands.

"We should get going to the bridge Bart, if we don't hurry, there might be a chance that people might start getting curious and suspicious."

"I suppose…maybe we can do this at a later date?"

Buzam smiled at that and replied.

"I suppose we can, though we have to be careful, I have to clean myself up."

Bart nodded at that but then have an idea.

"Why don't we just clean each other then?"

Buzam blushed at that idea and decided to go with it. They got off the bed and headed to the shower and they were soon in the bath-room, Bart and Buzam then began to clean each other while under the shower as water fell on them quickly. They actually began to use the soap Buzam had on one another, washing their partner's body clean. This served to excite them a great deal and once they were done cleaning one another and washing away the soap suds, they took pleasure in drying each other up with towers.

The two soon got dressed and headed off together to the bridge, some crew members watched this and were somewhat surprised at the two as they walked side by side, though they ignored it for the time being as they themselves had other things to take care of.



As Bart and Buzam arrived in the bridge, the two were greeted warmly by the bridge crew and Magno looked at them with a very gentle smile as she spoke.

"Nice to see that you two finally arrived, it's been some time now."

Both of them apologized in their own fashion to the elderly woman with Buzam being the first to speak.

"I am sorry about that Captain, Bart and I were talking about his current status in dealing with women in general, it was a lot more…extensive due to the things we discussed."

Magno raised an eye brow at this and replied.

"Really now? Is that true Bart?"

Bart nodded though he was trying his best not to blush, Magno gave him a sly look and gave that exact same look to Buzam who also had a slight blush on her face, thankfully none of the bridge crew had seen the blushes on both their faces so they were not aware that only half an hour or so ago, both Bart and Buzam were driving each other to orgasm and were having sex with one another. Magno was the only one who had a very accurate idea why they were blushing and although she was enjoying the situation somewhat, she decided not to embarrass to the two any further, but not before giving them a sly warning on the side.

"All right then, you two can get back to your posts, though I suggest that next time, have those discussions when you don't have duties to attend to so you can take ALL the time you want."

"Yes Captain!"

The two of them were soon back at their posts with Bart moving to the Navigation Well and Buzam back to her usual post, though the two of them smiled at one another a bit and Bart even winked at Buzam, making her smile even more with a raised eyebrow, a signal that they were not done just yet.

Of course, they were not the only couple who were having their time together…


In the Hanger…

"Mmmmmm…..right there….ahhhhhh!"

Meia moaned out in pleasure as she was currently with Hibiki near the paddock where his Vanguard was currently being stored in. She was not completely naked as Hibiki was as the two of them were currently only half naked. The blue haired woman enjoyed the feeling of Hibiki's mouth on her breasts as well as her nipples. The Tarak youth also enjoyed this moment well as he continued to lavish attention on Meia's breasts and nipples while he moved his free hand down to Meia's stomach, gently running his fingers on her stomach, much to her pleasured amusement. As soon as he was done with pleasuring the Dread Squadron leader's breasts and nipples, he moved to her stomach, gently kissing the valley between her breasts first and then made his way to her stomach, much to Meia's pleasure as she ran her hands through his hair.

"Hibiki….hurry up….I feel so wet."

"Got it."

Hibiki learned early on that while Meia was a patient person when in other situations, she was not that patient when it came to sex so he had to move a bit faster than before, However, he didn't mind as this gave him plenty of chances to make her happy as he reached for the hidden zipper than finally allowed him to move Meia's flight suit down to her knees. Her chest and shoulder padding unit was near the two as Hibiki's own clothes were on the side though he was still wearing the lower half of his body hugging jumpsuit.

As soon as he was between Meia's thighs, he looked to see that her thighs were covered in sweat as well as her own juices, he wasted no time as he licked her thighs, tasting the blue haired woman's juices quite easily and relishing the hot and thick liquid that he was able to taste, he could hear Meia moan out in pleasure at his actions, making him feel even more aroused by the second as he began to lavish more attention on Meia's dripping wet sex with his tongue as well as making sure that he was able to pleasure her clitoris at the very same time.

"Aaaaaah! Hibiki!"

Meia felt her body become even hotter and wetter as each movement of Hibiki's tongue on her vagina and her clitoris as she continued to hold Hibiki close to her sex while her heart began to beat louder by the second as her body was getting even more aroused. She wanted him to finally fill her to the brim but she decided to control herself a lot more and enjoy the pleasure that her male lover was still giving her, they had time after all before anyone came into the Hanger as many of the crew were currently taking some time off as well as the maintenance staff working on other projects in other parts of the ship.

For now they were very much on their own and that was something she was very thankful for as she relished each movement of Hibiki's tongue on her wet sex and clit, his warm breath also served to sent shivers of pleasure up and down her body and that was doubled when Hibiki decided to use his fingers on her at the very same time and she felt his fingers begin to move in and out of her sex in conjunction with his tongue, that added even more pleasure for her to feel as she cried out to show her appreciation.



The two lovers were enjoying themselves a great deal and it was not long before Hibiki felt his cock become so hard and stiff that he was feeling his lower body suit become even tighter so he decided to remove his body suit before it got too uncomfortable, he however decided to hold off until he brought Meia to orgasm. With that plan in mind, he continued to use his tongue, fingers, and mouth on her dripping wet sex and clitoris as well. He could already tell that he was bringing Meia to her limits and he was right on the money as she cried out in a very loud cry.


Meia felt her body suddenly reach the very limit as she cried out and her body exploded in pleasure, wetness, and heat as she was finally brought to full orgasm by her lover, she looked down to see Hibiki continuing to take in all of her juices with apparent pleasure, that sight was more than enough to make her even more than willing to unleash more of her moisture for him to take in while she gripped the nearby railing tightly in order to avoid falling to her knees as she was still in the full grip of her orgasm.

Hibiki took in all of Meia's juices with relish as he enjoyed the taste of her cum on his tongue, he still had some difficulty in taking that much of a woman's wetness, but he was more than willing to take in as much as he could, he lapped up the last of Meia's juices as best he could before finally moving upward and soon kissed Meia deeply. That was more than enough to make Meia become even more aroused as she was more than willing to kiss Hibiki back with even greater passion.

As the two parted, Meia looked down and saw the massive tent in Hibiki's pants and she was more than ready to take this to the next step as she quickly removed her flight suit, leaving herself fully naked before Hibiki who was more than ready to strip as he removed his boots, socks, and finally hit lower body suit and he was now naked before Meia who blushed deeply at seeing him naked, but she then licked her lips as she looked at Hibiki with a very obvious smile in her face.

"Are you ready Hibiki?"

Hibiki replied to that with a grin.

"Oh yes I am…"

But just as they were getting ready to have their fun that was when they heard a gasp and they turned to see none other than Dita who was looking at them with utter surprise in her face. However, that surprise was not going to last for very long as the redhead finally spoke out about what she thought about this.

"Mr. Alien! Leader! Why are you two doing it here?"

Meia however replied calmly to that despite the fact that her body was still very much in full arousal.

"Because I want to, why are you asking that Dita?"

The redhead blushed and replied.

"Because I want to be with Mr. Alien too! It's not fair if I only have to watch!"

Hibiki grinned at that and then moved over to Dita, unmindful of the fact that he was naked already. As soon as he was close to Dita, he kissed her while she was blushing at the fact that her Mr. Alien was utterly naked before her. Dita however was quick to get aroused as she kissed Hibiki right back and was quick to remove her jacket as she followed Hibiki when he moved back. They were still kissing one another as Meia decided to help along as she was quick to remove Dita's skirt and then her tank top. The second move forced the two to stop their kissing, but as soon as that was done, they went right back to it as Dita was now naked before Hibiki who wasted no time in pleasuring Dita.

Meia looked on and decided to busy herself a bit with her fingers while waiting for Dita to get into the mood of things and she didn't need to wait too long as Dita was already wet and eager as Hibiki lavished attention on her breasts as well as her nipples.


Dita cried out as Hibiki began to pleasure her breasts and nipples with his mouth, lips and tongue while his hands were more than eager to explore her body as she felt his hands move on her shoulders, back and then to her butt as Hibiki rubbed her posterior slowly as well as also running his hands up and down her spine. That coupled with his continuing actions on her breasts and nipples were more than enough to get the redhead hotter and wetter.

Hibiki then moved his hands downwards and then moved to her stomach, gently touching her skin there until he moved to the v between her legs and Dita without any hesitation parted her thighs, Hibiki was smiling the very second he touched her wetness there on her thighs and he whispered to Dita.

"You're really wet Dita…"

"B-Because you made me like this Mr. Alien….I feel so hot…"

"Oh? I'll make you feel even better then."

With that plan in mind, Hibiki was quick to move downwards while kissing and licking Dita's skin, making her moan out deeply as she also ran her hands on Hibiki's own naked form to get the feel of her Mr. Alien's body as he moved down to the spot between her legs, the redhead moaned out in pleasure when she felt her lover's breath on her vagina and her clitoris at the very same time and before she could say anything more, Hibiki was quick to make his move on her dripping sex as he used his tongue on her outer lips as well as her clitoris. That was more than enough to finally make Dita cry out.


Hibiki loved the taste of Dita' own juices as they were unique only to her. He relished the way Dita was acting as she was playing with his hair while he continued to lavish full attention to her sex as well as her clitoris. He could already tell that his actions were more than enough to make Dita moan out loudly as well as release more of her juices to his tongue and the way she moaned and shook with each lick he gave her sex was enough to make his cock even harder than before and that was something good in his mind.

As for Dita herself, she was enjoying this situation greatly as Hibiki was really giving her a wonderful level of pleasure that made her very weak in the knees. She managed to hold it back however as she wanted to feel as much pleasure as she could handle before she finally would orgasm, she knew that it was not going to be easy as Hibiki already knew just how to pleasure her the way she liked but she was going to do her best. After all, she needed to give Mr. Alien the very same pleasure as her way to thanking him.


"Mr. ALIEN!"

Meia was already wet and eager while playing with herself as she recalled seeing this before when she, Jura, Dita, and Barnette had surprised Hibiki with the room they had taken into use as well as the results of what they had done before afterwards. That was why she was more than willing to wait as she looked at the two going at it while she used her fingers on her sex.

It was not long before Dita would finally reach her limits as she cried out once more and unleashed her full orgasm.


The redhead felt like she was going to faint dead away from the pleasure that had just exploded inside her body but she was able to hold herself together while looking at Hibiki who was busy licking away more of the juices that she released in her orgasm. The sight of him doing that to her was so powerful to her that she couldn't help but feel the desire to give Hibiki even more pleasure than before once she managed to recover.

It was also there that Meia moved towards the two just as Hibiki moved away. The senior Dread pilot then spoke to Hibiki and Dita as well.

"I think that now is a good time for us to give pleasure back to Hibiki, right Dita?"

Dita looked at Meia and replied with a smile.


"Good, now it's our turn Hibiki."

Hibiki nodded and soon he was leaning on a wall as both Meia and Dita were there facing his cock and both women were now taking the time to lick as well as kiss hic cock in turns. The sight of that would have been considered as horror by most men back on Tarak, but for Hibiki, it was a very different story as he looked at both Meia and Dita as they moved their tongues back and forth on his cock. The two women would also kiss and lick his cock from tip to base and back.


Meia enjoyed the way Hibiki was acting at this moment to her actions on his cock while she looked at Dita who was also enjoying this as she also gave Hibiki's cock as well as his testicles that very same pleasure at made him even happier as he was doing his best to keep himself from falling over from the pleasure that was flowing all over his body. The blue haired woman continued with her actions as the two of them were taking turns in pleasuring Hibiki's cock to the fullest and soon she decided to take it to the next level as she opened her mouth and took in Hibiki's cock all the way to the base.

That was more than enough to make Hibiki cry out in pleasure as Meia began to move her head back and forth over Hibiki's cock while Dita was still busy using her lips and tongue on Hibiki's testicles, and soon the two switched places with Dita now taking in Hibiki's cock into her mouth and moving her head up and down while Meia licked and played with Hibiki's testicles as well, this change of pace was more than welcomed by him.


The three of them were more than happy as they were enjoying this situation with relish, the two women were taking their time and they were getting even more aroused as they felt their respective vagina become even wetter and they could even feel their juices flowing down their thighs as they lavished their full oral attention on Hibiki's cock.

Hibiki naturally reached his full limits and soon he cried out when his orgasm hit him hard.


Both women were more than ready as they moved back and allowed Hibiki to fire his seed on their faces, the two didn't as their faces were hit by a few streams on their faces, once they were done, Meia allowed Dita to take in as much of Hibiki's seed as she could and when she had taken in all that she could handle, the redhead moved away and allowed Meia to take her share, the two cleaned Hibiki cock clean as he unleashed several more streams of his seed into her mouth. As soon as they were done, the moved away and then both Meia and Dita smiled at one another, and recalled seeing this in the videos, they decided to give Hibiki a show.

Dita started first and after swallowing the amount of Hibiki's cum in her mouth, she began to clean Meia's face with her tongue and soon she was able to completely clean Meia's face of Hibiki's seed. That was more than enough to arouse Hibiki, but that was only the beginning as Meia then did the very same thing, she swallowed the cum in her mouth and then licked Dita's face clean of the cum on her own face.

Once that was done, both women then gave each other one heck of a deep and passionate kiss with the seed still on their tongues. That sight was more than enough to get Hibiki fully aroused once again as his cock was now back to full mast and that was not unnoticed by the two women who smiled as they parted from the very intense lip lock and soon decided to end this little party with a bang.

Dita and Meia then spotted a nearby table that was low enough and they were quick to hatch an idea as they moved to it and as soon as they were there, Meia was the first to lay down on it and she was soon joined by Dita with the redhead on top of the blue haired Dread pilot. The sight of that happening was more than enough to encourage the young Tarak youth to not waste time and go towards the two women.

Hibiki grabbed Meia's hips and quickly pushed his cock deep into her dripping wet sex, the aqua haired Dread pilot cried out in that instant as Hibiki was able to fully push himself deep into her sex without any difficulty and he also cried out at the pleasure that struck him fast and hard.


Hibiki looked at Meia who nodded eagerly to him and eh was quick to start moving at a quick yet strong and deep pace and the blue haired Dread pilot was more than willing to show her full appreciation for his actions as she cried out as the pleasure flooded her entire body with each hard, deep, and fast thrust of Hibiki's cock into her dripping wet sex. The pleasure felt very good no matter how many times she felt it and that was what made this very special to her. In his case, the feelings he had flowing in his body were very much worth it as the pleasure ran though his whole form while Meia continued to cry out.


Meia enjoyed every second of this as the pleasure continued to increase for her and she could tell that by looking at Dita she too was getting aroused by the second with the way things were at this situation. The movements she made while Hibiki continued to thrust deeply into her dripping wet pussy were more than enough to pleasure both her and Dita as their breasts would rub on one another as well as their respective clitoris which naturally added even more pleasure to them.

As soon as Hibiki was done pleasuring Meia, he quickly moved out and then thrust his cock deeply in Dita's own dripping wet sex fast and hard, that naturally made Dita cry out in absolute pleasure.


Hibiki wasted no time and began to move in and out of Dita's own dripping wet sex at a quick, deep, and strong pace as the redhead arched her back and cried out in pleasure as she moved with her lover's thrusts. The sounds of their bodies moving together will the area they were in easily and Hibiki couldn't help but feel even more aroused as he continued with his actions on both Meia and Dita.



Dita relished this deeply as she finally lay back and felt her body move with each hard and fast thrust of her lover's cock into her wet sex. The feelings were driving her pure bliss and she was not going to replace those feelings any time soon. For her the pleasure only seemed to grow even more and the feeling of her clitoris being pleasured at the very same time by rubbing on Meia's own clitoris was making her even hotter and wetter by the second.

The same could be said for Meia as she was still fully aroused and eager for more as she felt her breasts and her nipples being rubbed Dita's own breasts and nipples as well. She loved this situation and the feelings that came from it all, both of them cried out at the same time as more and more waves of pleasure hit them as Hibiki began to alternate between the two of them.

After nearly bringing one of the to orgasm, Hibiki then moved out and pushed his cock deeply into the other and repeating the very same thing as soon as the second one was near orgasm, it was a demanding feat for Hibiki but he was more than willing to go at this sort of thing with all the energy he had in his body.




It was not long before all three of them finally hit their respective limits as all three of them shouted at the very same time.


Hibiki felt the first shot of his seed flow into Dita's sex which milked him for all he was worth in that exact moment, the pleasure that flowed through him was worth it as he thrust in a bit more to make Dita cry in her own orgasm and as soon as he was able to have some level of control, he pulled out and thrust into Meia's own hot sex and the moment he did so, he was being milked hard by the inner walls of the blue haired woman who cried out as she felt him fill her with his seed as he thrust his cock into her hard and fast while he still had the energy.

Hibiki relished the pleasure he got and as soon as they recovered, he moved away as Dita got off of Meia, he then kissed both of them and they willingly kissed him back, they had to get dressed and take a shower soon as they needed to get focused on other matters soon.


Unknown to Hibiki, Meia, and Dita, they were not alone in the Hanger as someone had been looking at them when they did the deed together.

Gascogne had arrived an hour earlier in the Register to catch up on some leftover work and reports, and when she was done, she went to the Hanger and had gone there to check on one of the Dreads when she heard some noises. She was curious as to what was going on and despite her nature not to get too deep into things she tracked down the noise and spotted Hibiki, with Meia and Dita…and all three of them were naked!

She was shocked at what she had just witnessed but instead of going in to stop this, she stood transfixed by what she was looking at.

The Register Head was stunned as she finally saw how men and women of the past mated and while she didn't believe the film that had been shown during the Christmas season a few months before, it was still new and strange to hear about men and women being intimate and having children. But seeing the act of co-gender procreation first hand was a totally different experience for her in every respect though she had no idea what would have made the three of them to do such things.

The looks of utter pleasure and bliss on Dita and Meia's faces throughout it all was unbelievable to the tough woman as she had never seen that before in her life, and the look of pleasure on Hibiki's face as he moved in and out of the women's most private place was something else indeed as both Dita and Meia were blushing so much and were in bliss the whole time and when both women cried out in pleasure with Hibiki at the very same time, it was absolutely stunning.

Gascogne left the area and headed for the Register and was for the first time happy that there was no one there at the moment. She sat down and thought about all she had seen and looked at her deck of cards and for the first time she was not in the mood to play cards. She saw the images again in her mind and she felt a stirring in her body and it was then that she felt something…wet.

Before she could stop herself, she touched the crotch of her pants and then felt it, despite the fact that every trained lesson on Megele screamed at her that what she had just witnessed was utterly wrong, she had been aroused by it all that she had gotten wet herself, and because of that it seemed that she was not going to get much work done at the moment.

The Register head decided to lock the door to the Register and as soon as she was assured that she had privacy…she began to play with herself as images of what she had seen came back as she touched herself…and due to the security in the Register…she had the needed privacy as she played with herself but not before removing her trademark working gloves..

Gascogne then saw the whole set of images in her mind as she touched her wet sex…but in this case, she began to think of doing those same things with Hibiki. The images of him doing all of the things he had done with Dita and Meia to her should have been disgusting and wrong, but they were not as she moved her pants down to play with her panties feeling the wetness there on them. She knew that she was going to have to change her clothing after this but right now she needed to burn away the feelings in her body or she would not be able to work at all.

She then moved her shirt up and exposed her bra, she wasted no time playing with her breasts a bit through the silk cloth and her body reacted to her actions on it as her nipples were quick to harden up and become very sensitive as she pleasured herself even more. The woman then felt the moisture of her sex grow even more by the second and decided to use her fingers on her sex.

As soon as she rubbed her pussy's wet outer lips, she felt the pleasure run through her body quickly as she began to pleasure herself. She however managed to keep one part of her mind clear and that part of her mind was dedicated to find out just what was going on here with Hibiki and the two girls he had just gotten involved with.


Two days later…

Meia was busy reading a book while waiting for any word on a possible Harvester attack, it had been a while since she had cracked open her books and she was enjoying the chance to reconnect with the books that she had collected for the past few months of her time.

She was not alone either as Jura was also there reading another magazine that she had been able to find and this time this had something on the topic of how a woman can make a man feel more attracted to her, and while she had no doubts that Hibiki was attracted to her already, Jura was not the kind of person to not cover all the possible angles that she might overlook if she was not careful.

Barnette was currently checking out the new cook book she had found as well as some magazines that had something to do with how to best maintain all the best guns in her fire arms collection. She also was checking out some of the recipes that she had not yet had the time to try out due to the things that had been happening all over the ship. And Dita was currently sewing up a brand new present for a certain young man who she happened to not only love being with it as well as being in love with, but the man who she had been every intimate with.

The present in question was a new pillow to add to his room and while it naturally had alien designs on it, she made sure to add two beautiful hearts to it. Once it was done, the redhead smiled happily at her work and she wondered just what Hibiki would say to the brand new gift that she had for him.

However, that was then Gascogne arrived on the scene and as soon as she was in the room, she directed her attention to Meia and Dita and spoke to them.

"Finally, I got to find you two in the same room."

Both women looked at one another in confusion and Dita was the one to speak first.

"What is it you wanted to speak to us about Miss Gasco?"

Gascogne sighed and then turned to speak to both Jura and Barnette.

"You two might want to leave this room, this is between me, Meia, and Dita, it's important to say the very least."

Jura was curious but then decided to try a guess that she had in her mind.

"Does this have anything to do with Hibiki by any chance."

Gascogne and that was enough for Jura to make another guess and she looked at Gascogne and asked once more.

"You caught them doing something together right Gasco?"

The head supplier tried to be objective but the very second that was said to her by Jura, her mind was quick to recall what she had seen and she blushed a bit at the memories that hit her right in the face. That was more than enough for Jura as well as the others to realize that their secret has finally exposed to another person apart from Buzam and Magno, it seemed that a very serious discussion with the head supplier was in order.


In the room…

Gascogne looked at the four women who were currently looking at her as well after the videos ended and when a moment or two past, she spoke to them.

"You mean to tell me that you four have been doing all that with Hibiki?"

Meia nodded at that as she spoke.

"That's about it….it's actually kind of nice and Hibiki is getting to be very good on how to pleasure women."

The others agreed as well with very eager nods, Gascogne then looked at Dita as she wondered how she seemed to be all right with the fact that Hibiki had sex with not just her but with Jura, Meia, and even Barnette. She recalled just how jealous the redhead would get when Misty was around Hibiki and when Jura got grabby with him on occasion so it was hard for her to picture the redhead agreeing with the whole thing right off the bat.

"Are you all right with this Dita?"

The redhead smiled and nodded.

"I am Miss Gasco, it's not all bad, and Mr. Alien's really nice to me after all, and it was Jura who helped him come to my room and make me happy."

The head supplier looked at the blonde and had to admit that she had never expected that of all things as she looked at Jura, the blonde smiled at the sudden scrutiny and she replied.

"I found those tapes when I wanted to find out just how did men and women had children together, and believe me, it took a bit of time for me to try and wrap my mind around it, and it turned out to be a very good move on all counts. Hibiki's really nice and also quick to learn how to be with women so I don't regret it at all."

Seeing that she was not kidding on the matter, Gascogne decided to let that drop for the moment and then something came up in her mind on this whole thing.

'So who else knows about this apart from the four of you? I can bet that if the Captain hears about this and sees it, she is not going to be in a very good mood."

Barnette blushed a bit and she replied.

"Actually, the Captain knows about it already Gasco."

The supply officer was suddenly stunned to silence when she heard that come from Barnette, she did her best to try and find out that Barnette was trying to pull her leg, but as far as she could see on the face of the Dread pilot, she was not kidding in any respect and that was more than enough to make her even more amazed by what she had just found out. It was not long before she managed to recover enough of her wits to ask the new question that had just appeared in her mind concerning the revelation she had just been given.

"Let me get this right….the Captain KNOWS about all this?"

Barnette nodded and Jura then spoke with a blush as well as a smile as she began to tell Gascogne about what had transpired after Magno had talked with them about their times with Hibiki. Needless to say, Gascogne was utterly stunned by the new set of revelations that she had just been told. The fact that Magno was already aware of what was happening was difficult to imagine, but the fact that she was all right with it and even encouraged it was something that really got the supply officer to the roof so to speak.

"She's all right with this happened?"

The nod of the four Dread pilots was more than enough to tell her that she had her answer, that was when she decided to test the waters and ask a fairly simple question in her mind, though she could bet that this one was really going to really throw things all to whack as one would phrase it well enough.

"I take that you four are not the only ones?"

The four looked at one another and they nodded towards Meia and the blue haired woman sighed while blushing slightly, that was more than enough to make Gascogne even more curious as to what was this going on before him. It was hard enough knowing that Meia had been having sex with Hibiki underneath their noses, but this new blush in reaction to her question added more fuel to the whole thing. Meia then spoke to answer that question though Gascogne could tell that she seemed to be having some personal difficulty on this question as well.

"Yes, the two other men know about it due to Hibiki telling them and showing the videos."

"Duero and Hibiki know about it?"

"Yes….and so does Buzam."


"Yes…and she's….done it with Bart already from what we can see."

Gascogne felt like she had just been hit by a wave of bricks in the head and she looked at the four women with the look that said it all, utter shock and disbelief was all over her face and she nearly lost the metal rod that she used as a tooth pick from her mouth, she managed to catch it and then place it back into her mouth as she tried to process the information that she has just been given. Knowing that Meia, Barnette, Jura, and Dita were having sex with Hibiki and enjoying every second of it with him was hard enough,, along with the fact that the Captain was all right with it, but now knowing that Buzam was doing it too with Bart of all people was really the final nail in the coffin as Gascogne finally did something that she should have done the very second she was told of these revelations.


She fainted…



After she managed to recover, Gascogne wasted no time trying to understand just what she had just learned and when it was over, she went to the Captain to request a meeting along with Buzam and the four Dread pilots to get some real evidence of what had been happening in the ship. She naturally had a hard time believing that the Captain was actually all right with the whole thing and even Buzam gave her support on the matter, with the silver haired woman stating that she enjoyed every moment of it all with Bart.

This had been a lot to take in for the head supply officer and she was busy trying to understand what to do with this information for the time being. She then wondered on how she was going to deal with the things she had seen and heard, and it began to affect her a bit since she had been distracted by it, she then had a chance to chat with Buzam and soon learned how she had been able to put those images to bed, so to speak.

Buzam's advice in doing it with Hibiki to see for her own self if it was as good as she had seen had surprised Gascogne, but the silver haired commander assured her that it was actually worth it and it should be all right. After all, the four Dread pilots were able to have very good relationships with one another despite the fact that they had been with Hibiki for some time, added to that was how they had enjoyed being with Hibiki in those moments in their trip back to Tarak and Megele. She had no idea just how to deal with such an idea and it took a while before she finally came to a decision.

She needed to have a word with Hibiki about this, after all, even if Jura, Meia, and Dita said that it was very wonderful to be with a man like that, she always preferred to get more information from the other side of the discussion.



Hibiki was currently working in the Register as Gascogne had requested him to drop by and help out, seeing that he had little to do at this time and there had been no Harvester attacks lately, he agreed and right now, he was there looking at the reports and resting after doing what Gascogne asked of him. He wondered what was on the mind of the supply officer as despite maintaining her naturally busy workload and attitude, he couldn't help but notice that somehow she seemed to be distracted by something in her mind.

(Was I seeing things?)

Hibiki then shrugged his shoulders and tried not to think about it as he had some things that still needed to be finished before he called it in as soon as Gascogne arrived as she had been busy with some other matters that required her to be out of the Register.

As soon as he was done, the head supply officer came back and as he was about to leave, she spoke to him.

"Hold it Hibiki, we need to talk."

Hibiki raised an eye brow at that, something was up as usually the only reason Gascogne would ask him to stay with her was when they were going to play another game of cards. It had been some time since their last game, but he was not in the mood for another round as he had other things on his mind. However, he knew that saying no to Gascogne was not much of an option and so he decided to stay, he grabbed a nearby chair and sat down to face Gascogne.

"Okay then, what do you want to talk to me about?"

Gascogne sighed a bit mentally and wished that she had more time to think through her words, but with the situation like this and this being the only chance she had to finally get some much needed answers to her questions, she went for it.

"I wanted to ask you about how you are dealing with Jura and the others."

Hibiki decided to answer that.

"Well, we're all right, Jura's been really nice to me and I do like a lot better than before as she's certainly changed. Dita's been the same though I have gotten used to it and she's really nice now that I got to understand her more. Meia and I are all right with working together and more besides as she seems to be a lot more open about things."

"What about Barnette?"

Hibiki replied to that well enough.

"Barnette's okay, we've buried the hatchet, though not in each other's backs at the very least and she's a lot more open about the idea of working together with men."

Gascogne nodded and decided to make the last move and this was no doubt going to be the real test of her own self control.

"By the way, have you and the girls been doing things together?"

Hibiki wondered what she meant by that and made it very obvious as he spoke.

"What things are you driving at anyway Gasco?"

"I saw you, Meia, and Dita in the Hanger, doing things that normally should have earned you a shot in the head by a Laser Ring."

Hibiki was stunned by that as he tried to digest what was it that Gascogne was saying until he was quickly able to understand and when he did, he blushed bright red as he looked at Gascogne as he finally managed to get the energy to speak as well as his wits.

"You SAW us?"

"Yep, now…we really need to talk seriously about all this."

The two of them spent time talking to one another about what Gascogne had found out and Hibiki told him about his own first time with Jura and how he had also felt when the two of them went at it with one another and how he had been able to understand how to do it properly. He also admitted that he actually liked those situations and the pleasure he got from it all. He also admitted that he was scared by it a lot until he was able to finish the first time with Jura and how he had been able to change his perceptions about women.

The two continued to talk to one another until Gascogne told him about what she had seen and what she had been able to find out about the relationships that grew between him and the four other women as well as the developing bonds between Buzam and Bart himself. Hibiki smiled a bit at that until Gascogne finally told him about what Buzam had told her and that was enough to make him feel even more embarrassed by what she had seen and what she decided to do with him.

"You want me to do it with you?"

Gascogne nodded and Hibiki was very much surprised by what she had just suggested and he was quick to speak out that surprise to her.

"Are you sure about that?"

Gascogne nodded as she replied.

"I thought it over for some time and I have to admit that after seeing it and finding out about it, I am rather curious whether it really is a s good as the others said it was. Besides, I have thought about it and I do think that I'd feel more comfortable doing it with someone I already know well enough, and that's you of course. I'm not doing this for kicks Hibiki, and you know me, I am serious about this."

"Yeah, I know you well enough, the only thing I am worried about is how we're going to be able to do that without attracting attention from the others, I'd hate to be brought into something by the rest of the crew and I don't like the idea of what might happen if the crew of the Register find out that you and I…."

Gascogne smiled at that as she replied.

"I see….well, come on, my room should be more than sufficient for that. But before we do, I need to know….would doing this with me change things between you and I?"

Hibiki thought over that statement and spoke truthfully to the Register officer.

"It might, but not that much, if anything, it will make me want to play cards with you more."

Both laughed gently at that and soon they left the Register and Gascogne guided Hibiki to her room. The room itself was actually rather close to the Register, one floor above it and it made sense that since she was the head supply officer, she had to be close to her work place. The room was neat and tidy, the same way that Gascogne tended to run the Register itself, though there were some other items there as well that were typical of a woman's attraction to beautiful things. Though Hibiki could tell that some of the items in question were also rather utilitarian in nature and suited Gascogne's personality well enough.

He then noted that she placed aside her long metallic tooth pick and then pressed on it to make it mold into a key, he didn't have time to ponder that change when she spoke to him seriously.

"All right then, I guess we should get down to being naked Hibiki."

Hibiki nodded and soon they began to remove their clothing as Gascogne was near her bed for them to use for this day.


(Lemon Time!)


As soon as Gascogne was done removing her clothes and the last items being her silk bra and panties which to Hibiki's amazement were deep white, he was finally able to see her fully naked before him just as he himself was also naked.

Hibiki looked at Gascogne carefully, taking in the sight of the woman. As for the Register officer herself, she was also taking her time to visually studying the young man who she had once considered to be like a little sibling, but now she saw as someone she was about to get intimate with.

The young man had heard from Jura and the others that there were women who had muscles on them and while there were women who were attracted to those with muscles, most women were not turned on at the sight of muscles on fellow women. However in Hibiki's mind and in his point of view. Gascogne was very beautiful in her very own right. Her muscle tone was well suited to her duties as the head of the Register and due to the fact that he knew the importance of having strength when working in such jobs, he was not bothered by her muscles. In fact, compared to some of the more bulky men he had seen, Gascogne was in a league of her own.

The dark green haired woman had muscles on her arms yet they were slender and well toned as well as her stomach having the same muscles there though they were not as pronounced as that of a man, they were more feminine and were smoother, more slender, and better toned. Her legs were also well toned, the muscles were there as well, yet they too were more female in appearance. Her skin was smooth and had a slight tan on them. Her breasts were actually around Jura's league in his point of view by they were a bit firmer from what he could see, her dark pink nipples and aureoles were also all right in his eyes, and when he looked at the patch of dark green hair that was shaped as a downward facing triangle showed that despite her job, the Register officer took good care of herself.

In Hibiki's mind, Gascogne had the build of a gymnast and a soldier, the perfect balance in the eyes of any man on Tarak, couple that with her undeniably female body and own attractive features, she was very attractive indeed in his mind.

Gascogne then spoke with a sli8ghtly serious look on her face, mixed with some level of worry.

"I take it I don't exactly strike you as attractive Hibiki?"

The young man shook his head and replied as he pointed at his now fully erect cock which was aimed right at the woman.

"You are attractive Gasco, they might say that muscles on a woman are not a turn on in Megele, but in my eyes, you are a beauty in your own league."

This made Gascogne smile a bit with a slight blush on her face as she spoke.

"I hope you're not saying that just to impress me. Hibiki."

Hibiki smiled at that and replied as he showed his erect sex to her.

"The evidence is kind of obvious; besides, you have what most men on my world consider the best or near perfect balance of strength, endurance, and power with agility, speed, and grace. Many on Megele might be turned off by women with muscles, but from my point of view….you are in a league of your own Gasco."

The dark haired woman could see that Hibiki was only lying to her as she herself was busy studying Hibiki.

She had to admit that he was certainly not bad looking, a good diet, exercise, and what appeared to be a late growth spurt on his part had given him an increase in height as well as muscle mass from the looks of things. She looked at his form and she couldn't help but notice that on him, muscles seemed to be perfect and she realized that the others were right; muscles looked very good on a man. And they certainly seemed right on Hibiki of all people.

She then looked at Hibiki's cock which was still fully erect and she had to admit that she was a bit worried if she could actually be able to take such a thing deeply into her sex when it was like that size, thickness, and length. She had been assured by the four Dread pilots that it would take a bit of time to let her body adjust to it being in her vagina at first, but it would be worth it, as they themselves could attest to. She sighed mentally at that ahs she readied her mind and body for what was to come to her.

She then motioned for Hibiki to come closer, the young man complied and despite the height difference between them Hibiki seemed very confident in what he was about to do with her and that actually made Gascogne smile even more.

(No doubt his previous experiences have made him confident, now let's see if that confidence is right on the money.)

"All right Hibiki, make your move."

The young man grinned at that and replied.

"Got it."

Hibiki wasted no time as he gently began to kiss Gascogne on the lips, much to the amusement of the tough Register officer as she decided to reply with her own kiss, it was a very simple yet interesting kiss as Gascogne had to admit that the boy was not a half bad kisser, no doubt due to his experiences with the four Dread pilots. But after half a minute, she broke the kiss and spoke to Hibiki with a challenging look in her eyes and an obvious smile on her face.

"I like that kiss, but I am not into that level of kissing, you'll have to kiss me harder than that and with more passion Hibiki."

Hibiki nodded, understanding that Gascogne was a lot more aggressive than most, he had learned that much from the four Dread pilots as women were very different from one another in all ways. He then kissed Gascogne once more, though with greater passion and strength while being more aggressive with his actions. This was appreciated by the dark green haired woman as she began to kiss back with even greater passion and she then reached down to touch the rest of Hibiki's body.

She had to admit that feeling the young man's body was very interesting indeed as she continued with her actions on his form as Hibiki continued to kiss her with passionate force, something that she liked. Gascogne was not too aggressive a lover, but she was a more forceful person when it came to being with a partner when it came to sex. However she kept in mind that she was still very much in the dark about how to be with a man in this kind of situation which was why she decided to control some of her more aggressive nature and allowed Hibiki to show her just how it would be to be with the opposite gender.

As soon as the two of them parted from one another, Hibiki decided to make his move as he began to caress Gascogne's breasts slowly, running his hands and fingers on her well formed and firm breasts which were very much the right size in his mind. He made sure to be a bit rougher in his handling of her breasts and it seemed not to bother Gascogne at all as she moaned out in approval as she spoke to him while he massaged her breasts.

"Nice….mmmm….I guess being with the others makes you good at learning….mmmmm….how to touch a woman's breasts."

Hibiki smiled a bit at that as he moved closer and began to play with her nipples, gently sucking, licking, and gently biting her breasts, making Gascogne moan out deeply at the pleasure that began to run through her body. He moved forward and Gascogne was more than willing to lean back and they were soon on the bed with Gascogne sitting on her bed while Hibiki kneeled down and continued to pleasure Gascogne's breasts with him maintaining the actions he had done to pleasure the Register leader's breasts and nipples the way that she liked. This made Hibiki a lot happier as this was his first time with any woman who he had not been intimate with and he hoped that he was going to do all right.

Gascogne enjoyed the way that Hibiki was pleasuring her breasts and nipples while she rank her hands on Hibiki's naked form, she found that his body was both hot and hard, and she smiled at the feel of his muscles through her hands as she felt a good deal of heat in her body as the feel of his muscles. This made her realize that not only did muscles look good on men, but felt good on them as well, just as Jura, Meia, Dita, and Barnette said that it would. She ran her hands on his shoulders, loving the hard steel cord like muscle there underneath her hands. His skin was bit rougher than her own, but she didn't mind and neither did the others.

She moved down to his back, relishing the feel of his body while Hibiki still continued to pleasure her breasts as well as her nipples, the dark green haired woman felt the pleasure run through her form from her breasts to all over her body and she could feel her vagina become hotter and wetter, showing to her that doing this with a man did indeed arouse a woman. And it was nice to know that Hibiki was more than able to pleasure her due to his experience with the four other women, however she had every intention to help Hibiki figure out how to properly pleasure her in the right fashion as she was a different person than Jura, Meia, Dita and Barnette.

As soon as he was done pleasuring her breasts, Gascogne was quick to let Hibiki enjoy himself a bit more before she would make her moves on him, and the young man didn't disappoint as he began to explore the rest of her body slowly, making his way to her stomach while she relaxed on the bed as he still played with her body in the best way that he could with the position that he was in right now. As soon as he reached her thighs, he began to kiss them gently running his lips as well as his tongue on her skin, making her smirk a bit at his actions as well as moan out a little as Hibiki began to make his actions a lot more active.

"Mmmmm….like that…"

Gascogne moaned out in pleasure as she felt Hibiki continue with his actions of kissing and licking her thighs, he teased her by moving towards her sex which was already beginning to show signs of wetness there. She had to give the young man credit as he continued to gently tease her sex with kisses and licks, resulting in her sex getting wetter by the second, something that she liked a good deal.

It was then that Hibiki decided to stop and whisper to Gascogne something that they could try which he had no doubt Jura had told the head supply officer. Gascogne smiled at that while blushing a bit at the implications of it all. She was very curious if this was going to be worth the effort but decided that she had gotten this far already so no sense for her to avoid this as well.

Hibiki was now on the bed on his back and Gascogne made her move as she moved over Hibiki, his head now between her legs as she moved forward to look at Hibiki's cock more closely, as she did so, she marveled at the sight of it.

(So this is the tube I've always been hearing stories about.)

She took her time to study it carefully and tried using her hands on it, marveling at the smoothness of the skin as well as the rock hard feel of it. The memories of seeing what Hibiki had done with Meia as well as Dita, along with the videos she had seen made her wonder if it was indeed as good as she had been told. With that in mind she wastes no time and gently begins to kiss and lick it slowly surprised at the heat and the taste which was not bad at all while she also used her hands on his cock and testicles.


Hibiki groaned at that and decided to return the favor as he ran his fingers on Gascogne' wet sex and feeling the wetness there, decided to kiss and lick her pussy, tasting her juices, they were somewhat thicker and had a more salty taste but it was not bad at all as he began to lick and kiss Gascogne's wet sex with more passion, that was more than enough to make Gascogne react as she moaned out her pleasure and amusement.

"Mmmm….you really…..aaaaahhhh….have been learning Hibiki."

Hibiki grinned at that as the two of them continued to pleasure each other, this was merely the foreplay for the time being and the results were obvious as Gascogne managed to taste some of Hibiki's pre-cum and it tasted nice to her. As soon as she had her taste she decided to take it all to the very next level as she took in Hibiki's cock into her mouth.

She knew that if she was ever caught by the women of her world she would have been considered borderline mad for doing this with a man. And taking in his tube or cock as it was called into her mouth was insanity. But after talking with Jura and the others as well as Buzam she found that it was not the case. The fact that doing this gave her full control over Hibiki as he was under her power was actually making her feel more in control. It was a very good feeling, coupled with the fact that Hibiki was more than willing to reciprocate her actions by licking and kissing her pussy as well as her clitoris.

She then felt him push his tongue into her pussy and that was more than enough to get her into action as she began to move her head up and down, keeping in mind the advice given to her by the others to start slow and in a pace that was good to her as well as Hibiki. It took a while but she succeeded and found this pace a lot more to her liking just as Hibiki figured out how to move his tongue in her dripping wet sex.

Both of them moaned out deeply at the pleasure that they felt and took their time with what they were doing with one another. Hibiki moved his tongue in and out of Gascogne's wet pussy as well as move it around to stimulate her even more. They moaned at the same time at several points in their actions on one another and that made their moments even better as the vibrations had different effects. Hibiki felt his cock shake at Gascogne's mans which sent shockwaves of pleasure through his body while Gascogne felt the very same thing in her inner sheath as well.

It was not long before the two of them finally reached their first orgasms in the day as they got ready for their respective release.

Hibiki was already used to it due to his previous experiences with the other women he had already been intimate with and he took in as much of Gascogne's thick and hot juices as he could when they came out from her sex onto his face. He was more than willing and eager as he lapped up as much of Gascogne's juices as he could while making sure to pleasure her clitoris with both his tongue and his fingers so to make sure that she still had her pleasure.

And Gascogne certainly did as she also managed to relax herself as she felt the very first stream of Hibiki's seed enter her mouth as he hit his orgasm. The taste was just as the others described and while it was bit odd for her to know that she was now tasting the seed of a man in her mouth, she had to admit that it was not bad as she had heard it to be from the rumor mill about men. In fact it was rather nice to her taste buds and she liked that a great deal.

She took in as much as she could and moved away just as Hibiki's cock fire some more parting shots of his seed and those streams landed on her face as well as on her neck and breasts, she didn't find the feel of them on her body disgusting in any fashion and she actually liked them as they felt nice on her skin.

As soon as the supply officer moved off Hibiki, he moved off and looked at Gascogne while and he watched her move her hands to clean her body, she removed the seed on her face, then her neck and her breasts. As soon as she did so he did the same thing with his own hands, removing her juices that flowed onto his mouth and chest. Once they were done with that part, the licked their hands clean and then kissed one another in a deep passionate kiss, that allowed them to taste each other in such a very intoxicating and delicious fashion.

As they parted, Gascogne smiled seductively as best she could and ran her hands on Hibiki's face while speaking.

"Now THAT was nice…"

"I agree."

"All right then, now let's end this night."

Gascogne then lay down on the bed once more and parted her thighs to allow Hibiki to see her dripping wet sex. Hibiki looked at the long haired woman with sheer lust and passion in his face and eyes as he crawled over to her and got between her legs, positioning his cock at her pussy for full entry. He was undeniably eager for this to happen though he naturally decided to ask one last and important question, as this was Gascogne's first time after all.

"Are you ready?"

Gascogne smiled at that and nodded.

Hibiki wasted no time as he moved in to push his cock past Gascogne's outer folds, the dark haired woman moaned out in pleasure at this as she felt her pussy's outer lips part at the intrusion of Hibiki's cock into her sex. She hummed out in pleasure at this and hoped that she was able to handle the feelings assailing her at this moment.

As for Hibiki, he was amazed at what he was doing and then he felt no barrier there. That was not all that surprising considering the kind of work that Gascogne did on the Nirvana, he did learn about work and body exertions weakening the barrier in the woman's sex so he decided to go all out and push in hard and fast.


Gascogne cried out as she was finally filled to the brim by Hibiki's cock as he was now deep inside of her with their hips touching one another, it was a very different sensation all together for her, she had never felt this full before as she could feel her inner sheath adjusting to the thickness, and length of Hibiki's cock in it. The sensations took a while to get used to and there was some measure of pain for her, however the pain didn't last very long and soon she was feeling some very interesting and rather pleasant feelings in her body.

Jura and the others as well as Buzam had explained those feelings to her when she asked them how it felt when Hibiki and Bart's sex in their own. And now that she felt those said feelings herself and she had to admit that the feelings were very nice for her to feel. She looked at Hibiki who was blushing at the way they were in and she spoke gently while reaching out to touch his face.

"So….you like this Hibiki?"

Hibiki nodded and he spoke back.

"Yeah, I do, I have to admit that being inside your inner sheath is very intense."

And Hibiki was not kidding in that regard as he was amazed at how wet, tight, soft, and hot Gascogne's own sex was. He had to admit that he was a bit worried about this as he knew that Gascogne was a lot older than the other women he had been with though she never told him her real age, so he thought that he might not have the same feelings that he got with Jura and the others. But it seemed that his doubts were misplaced and he enjoyed the feeling of it all as he stayed still for a bit more to get used to the feeling of being inside Gascogne of all women.

Gascogne could easily tell that Hibiki enjoyed this and she spoke with a smile on her face.

"Thank you. Now then, shall we?"

Hibiki nodded but then decided to move to the side and when Gascogne followed him she was now on top of the young man and that position actually allowed her to feel Hibiki's cock deep inside of her pussy in a much more obvious fashion, and the position also allowed Hibiki's cock to touch the area where she was most sensitive and that was a good thing in her mind. She looked at Hibiki who was below her and she had to admit that not only did this position feel nice to her but it also made her feel a lot more in control and she liked that a lot. That was when Hibiki finally spoke to her.

"You like?"

Gascogne smiled at that.

"You naughty boy….get ready for the ride of your life."

Gascogne began to move her body up and down slowly, she felt Hibiki's cock moving out of her dripping wet sex as she moved upwards, when she moved down she felt his cock fill her deeply once more and this time, she could feel his cock touching the sensitive spot that she had on her and in the right way as well, she loved that and she was more than willing to show her full appreciation as she moaned out loudly.


She began to move in a more relaxed pace with Hibiki as he was more than willing to let her have her way with him, she looked down to see him moaning out in pleasure as she moved her hips up and down slowly, she felt his cock move in and out of her soaking wet pussy and hitting her G-spot as it were and she could feel the pleasure move up through every bit of her body, from her sex to her finger tips, to her toes, and even to the roots of her hair as well as in places in between, she could feel her nipples become harder as the pleasure that flowed all throughout her body and she leaned down to kiss Hibiki deeply while she still managed to move her hips up and down over his cock.


Both of them moaned into each other's mouths in that moment and that served to send even more pleasure all throughout their bodies. Their tongues dueled with one another as they tasted each other with passionate lust; the kissing between the two of them was so intense and arousing that it could easily apply for a sex act in on its own. Once the two of them parted from one another, she went back to moving her hips up and down while increasing her speed as well as her thrusts; this naturally allowed Hibiki's cock to go in faster and deeper into her sex.



The sounds of their actions on one another was filling the room as Gascogne increased her speed and depth as well and the sounds of her wet sex being filled by Hibiki's cock with each rise and fall of her hips made her feel all the more alive than ever before, she also felt the wetness form her sex moving down her body and she could feel her juices pooling on Hibiki's hips as well as her own as soon as she thrust her hips down.


Hibiki gritted his teeth after he made that cry as the pleasure hit his body once again as he then looked at Gascogne who was still moving her body up and down, the sight of the woman's dark green hair all around her as she moved her body, her breasts moving up and down with her nipples being very hard at the same time, her well formed and muscled form covered in sweat and her face with a deep blush as she cried out in pleasure with her movements, all of this was worth every second in his mind as he finally reached out to play with her breasts with his hands.

He played with her breasts and nipples gently as he felt his cock being engulfed into her inner sheath and it was a good move as Gascogne cried out in appreciation for him pleasuring her breasts as well as her nipples with his hands. He then felt Gascogne begin to move even faster as she moved her body even more and even moved her hips back and forth, this action allowed his cock to rub every part of her inner walls which served to make him all the more aroused.



The two were enjoying this deeply and it was then that Gascogne began to use a part of her training by controlling her inner muscles there in her pussy, the very second she did that, she moved back and cried out in pleasure as she could feel the heat and wetness in her body grow even more with each second.



Gascogne was now moving at a much greater speed as the pleasure for both of them grew faster by the second and Hibiki decided to help out by thrusting upward as soon as she moved downwards, this allowed him to touch her G-spot dead center, and that made her all the more aroused as they continued with their actions.





It was not long before they finally reached their respective orgasms as both of them moved for the last time and cried out,


Gascogne felt Hibiki fire his seed deeply into her sex, the very first stream of her lover's seed hitting the inner walls of her sex and filling her up with more and more itself. The heat, amount, and thickness of Hibiki's cum was very good for her to feel as she stayed there in her current position to feel Hibiki fires several more streams of his seed into her hot and dripping sex, she could even feel his cock twitching in her and those movements were more than enough to send even more shivers of pleasure through her in line with the bliss she was already feeling while in the grips of her orgasm.

The same could be said for Hibiki though he was feeling things a bit differently than Gascogne as he felt his cock continue to shoot more of his seed into Gascogne's hot sheath while her inner walls were still milking his cock a good deal. He had felt this many times before, but he never grew tired of it to say the least. The feeling of being caressed by the inner walls of a woman's vagina was something that he relished and would never forget as long as he was alive.

As the two of them were resting Gascogne finally moved to her side, getting off of Hibiki and he was still very much inside of her and they relaxed with one another gently kissing each other. Once they were done kissing one another, Hibiki then spoke to Gascogne.

"So, despite the way you shouted, I have to ask this anyway, was it all right for you Gasco?"

Gascogne smiled, not caring for the fact that Hibiki was using her hated nickname as she was still reeling from the pleasure of her very first orgasm from sexual intercourse with a man. As soon as she had her head and thoughts together she spoke.

"It was worth it, I can see just how Dita and the others would love this stuff and how Buzam would get used to doing it with Bart. You were pretty good Hibiki, a little bit more improvement but we can work on that."

Hibiki blushed a bit and Gascogne smiled even more as she found that seeing Hibiki blush like that was rather interesting and cute to see, she was not into cute things like the others of the crew of the Nirvana, but seeing a young man blushing because of her was rather good to her. She then gently caressed his face and that was when he spoke.

"By the way….I think I should tell you that…ummm, you could get pregnant if we do this again."

"I know about that as the others told me that this was how men and women had children, but you don't need to worry since I am not fertile at the moment so no need to worry…but before we get ahead, how about another go?"

Hibiki grinned and merely gave Gascogne a kiss and then played with her breasts once more. The two felt their desires reignite and Hibiki was not the one to waste time as he reached for Gascogne's breasts once more and lavished attention on the two mounds and Gascogne moaned out loud at the feelings that she was experiencing once more and she reciprocated the actions being done to her as she kissed Hibiki hard on the mouth and their tongues touched one another once more.

The two lovers kept it up for the next few minutes and then Gascogne went downwards to Hibiki's hardening penis and then took it into her mouth once more and Hibiki groaned out in pleasure as the head supplier worked her magic on his cock once more.

Gascogne relished the combined taste of Kyo's and her own juices and when she was done getting Hibiki hard and active again. As soon as that was done, she went back to the bed and beckoned him to do it again with her by parting her legs and showing her wet pussy again.

Hibiki didn't hesitate in the least and moved towards her, he then moved Gascogne to the side and she was now lying on her side as he lifted her left leg and placed it on his shoulder and then he guided his cock at her sex and then pushed right into her sex…making Gascogne moan out loud at the sensations.


The two went at it and Gascogne reveled deeply at the sensations that were filling her to the brim and she showed her pleasure by moaning and shouting out loud her pleasure and Kyo joined her as he continued to thrust into her wet and tight sex, enjoying the sensations immensely as they continued on with their actions with one another.

The bed was now wet with their sweat and their combined fluids and the smell was very much an interesting thing for them both.



The two went at it for a few more minutes and then carried on a bit longer as Hibiki played with Gascogne's breasts a bit more and Gascogne moaned out loud at the sensations and pleasure however, they had reached their limit and they both released once more into each other.

Gascogne moaned out in bliss at the feel of Hibiki's hot seed flowing into her womb…while Hibiki groaned in pleasure at the feel of Gascogne's hot sheath milking his sex…he carefully removed himself and lay next to Gascogne as the Register head smiled and kissed him once more as they cuddled with one another as they went to sleep.


The next day…

Gascogne woke up with a slight groan and wondered just what she had been doing earlier that day, but when the memories came back, she blushed a bit and grinned at the memories that she had of her first time with a man, and not just any man, but Hibiki himself. She smiled at the memories and gently began to kiss Hibiki once more and the young man was quick to wake up and as soon as that was done, the young man spoke to the older woman.

"Good morning Gasco, how do you feel today?"

Gascogne smiled at that and replied.

"I am feeling very good, so I have to ask, you have more than enough energy for another round with me?"

Hibiki smiled and nodded though he then had a thought enter his mind and it was very important after all and it was going to be an important factor if he and Gascogne were going to be doing this again.

"What about your time in the Register Gasco? If you don't show up, they very well might get very curious about the whole thing."

The woman smiled and replied.

"Don't worry, I have ideas on how to deal with those things, but for now, let's have some time for ourselves."

Hibiki nodded with a very seductive smile on his face, that same smile was shown to him by Gascogne as well as the two of them finally got into pleasuring one another once more for another romp in bed, Gascogne had a few other ideas she was keen on trying and considering Hibiki's experiences and learning curve when it came to having sex with women, he might prove to be very good.


To be continued…


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