+ Category: Fantastic Children

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+ Genre: Romance

Author's notes: Sanguine. Sanguine is cheerful, hopeful, like Tina - the princess of Greecia. Sanguine is the love of prince Sesu to her, blossoming from the innocence of childhood friendship into an eternity. Sanguine is ruddy, like the red of his blood he shed to protect her happiness. And still. Sanguine. Ever. XD


An eight-year-old princess stared up at heavens, her eyes curious and unfocused to the world around her. This was her Nth time sneaking out of the royal palace to stroll about the kingdom.

Her eyes soon turned to the prince apparently several years older, resting besides her. His chest rising up and down, revealing that he was sound asleep.

/Had he ever wondered what the future would hold?

Would they still be together?/


The girl panicked and turned to her left. But found nothing.

"Must be my imagination." She sighed, thinking of the event happened earlier this morning.

Some older men were throwing a man out and when this man threw a fist the others attacked.

A soft breeze swept over her little form, making her shiver slightly. She wrapped her arms around her knees and let out a small sigh.

/Must man always do that?

Must they be this way? Must everyone fight?/

Even her best friend fought.


In the marketplace that day, someone was teasing her about the stuffed animal she brought with herself; he had snatched it from her and played with it. She tried grabbing it but he placed it out of her reach. She soon begged to give it back but he wouldn't listen. She was at the verge of crying when her guardian returned.

He had jumped from one of the roof-tops and landed on the bully's back, bringing him down and soon the prince had the bully in a headlock. The bully soon cried and said in a whining voice he would return her stuffed animal and never bother them again.

(End flackback)

She gently shook her guardian, "Sesu...Sesu...." She whispered.

He fluttered his eyelids open and yawn before sitting up to his princess. "What is it Tina?"

"No more fighting neh. It…scares me. Please…no more." Her soft blue eyes locked to his uncertain and confused azure gaze.

Finally, he smiled. "Alright Tina. No more fighting."

"Thanks Sesu!" She smiled back, delighted.

"But why Tina? I mean... if I don't fight, how can we protect ourselves?" /And how can I protect you?/ He gazed at the little princess in his arms.

"But if Sesu fights, Sesu may get hurt too. Tina don't want to see you hurt."


"Fighting isn't the right answer and I know it!" The little princess stated, fully facing her guardian.

"Whatever you say nah, little miss Know-it-all."

After that comment, Sesu was punched on the chest. "Hey, hey..., didn't you just say fighting wasn't the answer?!" He gently caught her little fist, smiling.

"That one had a reason!" She pouted.

They both smiled and gazed up at the sky.

"Neh Sesu, do you think we'll be together in the future?" The little princess asked, turning to her guardian.

"You shouldn't worry about it. After all, we have a long way to go."


"I'm glad because you're here." He whispered. "...and I don't want to lose you."

"Me too! I want to be with you forever!" She replied, grinning from ear to ear.

"Me too, Tina."

They crooned softly together, gazing at each other's ocean blues. Little Tina nestled close to her guardian on the grassland wet in dew. She smiled softly before gently closed her eyes, feeling well-protected from her prince. Sesu smiled when he found her asleep before gazing back at heaven.

"Everything for you..."

The End