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Chapter 1: Hello Stranger!

Rukia let out a loud yawn as she came closer to her apartment. It's been a long day at school and nothing sounded better then a nice long nap. It was the weekend which means she didn't have to do her homework until the day before it was due.

She hummed a small tune as she lightly skipped down the street. Before turning the corner which leads to her apartment, Rukia stopped in front of the small shop that she goes to almost daily. She saw the owner fanning himself in front of his store while his two young, part-time workers were sweeping the dusty ground.

The shopkeeper looked up and waved. "Konnichiwa Kuchiki-san! Here to buy more snacks?"

Rukia approached the shop and nodded. "I'm here for the weekly 'charge-up.'"

The red-haired worker snorted.

Rukia raised an eyebrow. "What was that, Jinta?"

The boy just crossed his arms and smirked. "I just wanted to let you know that if you keep eating like that, it won't be long before you get fat—augh!" he grunted in pain when a fan suddenly hit him straight in the face, knocking him down on the ground.

Urarhara looked at his unconscious worker before looking down at his hand where his fan was just mere seconds ago. He looked back up to see Rukia still in her throwing-position. He quickly pulled out another fan from his sleeve and started fanning himself. "My oh my, someone sure is feisty today."

Rukia snorted as she returned to her original task: getting food. She walked into the shop, followed closely by Urahara so he could ring up the price for everything she was buying. The petite girl went through each aisle in the small shop, stopping once in awhile to put something into her little basket.

Eyeing the young girl, Urahara smirked. "Kuchiki-san. Did you know someone just moved into our little neighborhood this morning?"

Rukia continued her shopping, not at all interested in what he was saying. "So?"

"Well, I just wanted to let you know that he moved into the small apartment building in front of yours. Maybe you should go by and say 'hello.'"

Rukia snorted. "And why should I do that?" Before Urahara could respond, she held out her basket to him. "Ring it up," she ordered. Urahara looked down and chuckled. The basket was filled with chips, drinks, sweets, etc. and most of them were labeled with Chappy the Bunny. After punching in some numbers Urahara announced the price with a smile. "That will be 1500 yen." (A/N: Which is equivalent to around $15).

Rukia pulled out a couple of bills from her wallet and slammed it on the counter before grabbing the plastic bag of treats and exiting the store.

"Don't forget to welcome our new neighbor!" Urahara called out before Rukia slid the door shut.

Rukia pulled out a pack of pocky from her bag and placed one stick in her mouth. Why is Urahara so persistent that I go visit this person? It's not like I'm the landlord or something. Rukia grunted in annoyance. "I shouldn't be bothered by it."

She turned the corner and was nearing her apartment. Swinging her school bag and the plastic bag in one hand and holding a pocky stick in other hand, Rukia closed her eyes as she enjoyed the warm sun playing on her face. Today was a beautiful spring day, and summer was just around the corner. She felt like going to the park and—

"Hey! Watch out!"

Rukia came back to reality just in time to step back before a large, heavy box landed on the spot she was just at a second ago. She tripped over a stone and landed on her ass, dropping her bags and the pocky that was in her mouth. "Ow," she groaned as she rubbed her sore bottom. A shadow suddenly loomed over her, blocking the warm sun above her, causing her to look up.

"Sorry about that. You okay there kid?" the shadow asked. The man was standing inside a moving truck and wiping a sweat off his brow. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a simple white wife-beater that fitted his muscular chest tightly, with a towel wrapped around his hair tied in the back, and a pair of work gloves. The man looked back at her and raised an eyebrow. "Oi, kid. I asked if you're okay."

It took Rukia another second before she could react. "What the fuck?!" she cursed at him as she jumped to her feet. "You could've killed me you bastard!"

The man jumped off the truck and placed his hands on his hip. "Well, I did tell you to 'watch out.' Besides, it's your fault for spacing out."

Rukia walked up to the man, but had to tip toe in order to get closer to his face since he was about a head taller than her. "You shouldn't have thrown that damn box in the first place!"

He rolled his eyes. "Well if you haven't noticed, I'm trying to move into this apartment before night falls so I'm in a hurry. Besides," he placed a hand on top of her head and ruffled her dark hair. "It's hard to see you when you're so short, midget."

Rukia felt a vein pulsing against her forehead. She took a step back before she sent her leg flying.

To where you ask?

"SON OF A BITCH!" he screamed.

To the bastard's shin that's where.

He hopped around on one leg while the other was being held up with his hands. "What the fuck was that for, midget?!"

Hearing the same cursed word again Rukia pushed him off balance, sending him flying onto the ground. "That's what you get for calling me a 'midget' jackass!" she huffed before grabbing her stuff off the ground and stomping away.

The man continued nursing his bruising shin as he watched her walk away. "This is some fucked up place," he cursed.

"You're a dumbass that's all," Ishida Uryuu walked over and extended a hand.

Kurosaki Ichigo cursed before accepting his friend's help. "Shut up Ishida. I don't need you making fun of me every second of the day."

Uryuu smirked before he grabbed another box out of the truck. "Let's just hurry up. I have papers to grade."

"Yeah yeah yeah," Ichigo pulled the towel off his head, revealing a shocking color of orange hair. He walked over and picked up the box he thrown at the midget when he suddenly noticed a small Chappy the Bunny charm next to it. He placed the box down before picking it up by the string. It must have fallen off her cellphone or something, he thought to himself.

It was a simple charm of Chappy (which he knows thanks to his sister Yuzu) with a laminated rectangular paper hanging under it vertically. Looking carefully he read Rukia written on it in katakana.

"Kurosaki! Hurry up!" Uryuu shouted back at him.

"Alright already!" Ichigo shoved the charm into his pocket before he grabbed the box again and followed his friend to his new apartment.

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