I wrote this after watching "Unforgettable Memories," a PW fan-video using game, official, doujinshi and fanart images by Immolove. It has a hint of PxE, but is also just awesome in relation to the whole PW saga. It reminded me of how good the game was, and used exact quotes from the game. I watched it several times and highly recommend it, especially for this one part near the end that shows all the characters. All. Anyway, happy Two Days Until Valentine's Day!

Warnings: Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) 3 spoilers for the last case. Hinted shounen-ai (Edgeworth x Phoenix) but you really see nothing.

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The 12th

Humming a traditional Fey family chant (for lack of modern pop songs), Maya Fey busily swept up the waiting area of Wright and Co. Law Offices. The stress of the last case being too much for him, Phoenix decided to take the week off. Unfortunately, the second he hung the "Will Be Out," sign on the entrance, Maya burst out, "Great, Nick! Now that we don't have to worry about clients coming in, we can give this place a proper clean-up!"

He would have protested, had it not been for little Pearl standing behind her, also cheering, "Clean-up! Clean-up!"

Normally, they didn't do huge cleaning projects, because Phoenix "strategically" pointed out that, "Organizing a mess usually makes a bigger mess. If a client saw that, they'd turn around and march right out! And then I won't have any money to buy you burgers, Maya," he added.

Since then, they stuck with the basic dusting, vacuuming, wiping blinds and windows, and cleaning the toilet. The chaotic whirlwind of interview records, evidence, police reports, old court records, research material, applications for reopening closed cases, client/lawyer agreements (and most recently, waivers), bills, payments, tax forms, and coupon clippings remained untouched for an unforeseen number of eons. Until now.

This day being dubbed, "The Major, Ultimate, No-Holds-Barred, Super Supreme Tidying Day," they rented a carpet steamer and floor waxer, purchased cans of wood varnish, plenty of filing folders with tabs, a small bookshelf where Pearl could properly place her belongings (instead of neatly cramming them onto the nearest flat surface), and had broken out the (step-)ladder, broom and dustpan. They used a broom because several weeks prior, Maya had vacuumed up the end of Phoenix's trenchcoat. Although the coat was withdrawn unharmed, it had effectively rendered the vacuum ineffective.

Phoenix was the first to call dibs on the toilet, but the Fey cousins dutifully reminded him that only he could do the paperwork, and with the promise of Pearl taking care of the bathroom, shoved him into the office. They would have locked the door if there were a key.

Which is how Maya ended up wondering of she should bust out the carpet steamer just yet or use the stepladder to wipe down the textured walls. In her moment of thought, she could hear the swish of Pearl scrubbing the toilet bowl, and various metallic clangs and scraping noises as heavily laden cabinets were open and shut over in Phoenix's prison. For this moment, life was back to normal.

But it wasn't normal. Eventually, she would have to return as the new Master of Kurain.

The well-being of the village would be in her hands.

She still bummed free hamburgers any opportunity she got.

She would need to teach Kurain Channeling Techniques to the young girls in the village when they came of age, including Pearl.

She still couldn't even tell if she had channeled someone or not.

Well, she would get to that when the time came. Giving her raven hair a decisive flip over one shoulder, the acolyte leaned over to dust off an ornamental box. Mia bought that one, no doubt—Phoenix didn't really have a head for décor. With a growing smile on her face, Maya straightened up, catching a glance of the calendar hanging right next to her.

Scanning the dates, she noticed that in the crisis of the last weekend, something was forgotten. Curling a hand against her cheek, she wondered if this was the appropriate time to bring it up.

Well, of course it was!


*crash!* *bang!*

Maya threw open the door to Phoenix's private office. "Nick! I totally forgot, can you believe it? It's almost—wow, what happened to you?"

She stared at the ace attorney, curled up on the floor next to a fallen chair and buried in papers, a drawer dangling precariously above him.

"Well," Phoenix groaned, gingerly raising himself up on his hands and feeling around his head for any injuries. "Mia keeps a history of the purchase and bills for the office up in that cabinet. I found the forms that changed the name to, 'Wright and Co.,' so I figured they better go up there." He flinched when his fingers found a bruise on the side of his temple. "But the only way she could reach that cabinet was if she used some sort of Kurain Flying Technique."

"Wow, Nick, that would be awesome," grinned Maya, clapping her hands together in delight. "A Kurain Flying Technique. Then we can fly to all of our crime scenes and find more clues! It'll be like Superman, except we'll be…Super Sleuth and the Blue Lawyer!"


"But never mind that, Nick, have you checked your calendar? Valentine's Day is the day after tomorrow!"

The attorney wrinkled his brow as he set the chair back upright. "Ummm…yes, so it is." Why was she so excited about that? Wait, she didn't expect him to take her and Pearl out for an extravagant dinner, did she?! Beads of sweat started rolling down his face.

'Paycheck plus holiday money minus meals for the next month minus all this cleaning stuff minus utilities minus rent…'

"We hardly have any time to prepare! Nick, you can make chocolate, can't you?"

His downward spiral of thoughts came to a screeching halt. The man who could bluff his way out of any situation, almighty master of courtroom conjecture, collected this new information, processed it, and formulated an appropriate response.


His superior knowledge did not faze the teenager one bit. "I'm going to take that as a 'no.' I want to make chocolate for Valentine's Day, and you're going to help me!"


"Pearly!" The ebony-haired girl whipped around to face her younger cousin, who was drawn over by the commotion and only heard the last part of the sentence. "Valentine's Day is coming up, so we're going to make chocolate and give it to all the guys that we know."

Phoenix knew in an instant that he didn't like that smile. "Wait, wait, I never agreed to this!"

"But, Mystic Maya, what's Valentine's Day?" Pearl asked curiously as the pair ignored him.

The older girl bent forward and tilted her head to look the child in the eye. "Well, Pearly, Valentine's Day is a very special day where people show how much they love each other."

Pearl blinked, and nodded in understanding. "Oh, like Christmas?"

Maya's grin just grew wider. In the background, Phoenix facevaulted.

"No, not like Christmas. Valentine's Day is a day people spend with their 'special someone,'" Maya explained cheerfully.

"Oh, like you and Mr. Nick!" was Pearl's happy response.

Behind the desk where said lawyer had fallen, a leg twitched.

The purple-robed girl's grin dropped from her face faster than Maggey Byrde could freak out. "No, no Pearly, Nick and I are partners, just like he was with my sister Mia!"

"You mean he left Mystic Mia for you?" Pearl gasped, before pushing one sleeve up her arm.

Previously-mentioned leg was pulled safely out of sight behind the desk.

"That's not it at all!" Maya protested and tried to change the subject. "People celebrate Valentine's Day by giving each other candies and presents and cards, right?" She had momentarily forgotten that this was Pearl she was talking to, but that didn't matter, because she steamed right ahead. "Well, they celebrate it differently in Japan. I learned that on Valentine's Day there, girls make chocolates and give it to all the boys that they know. I thought it sounded fun, Pearly. Don't you want to make chocolate?"

Maya's cheer was contagious. "I like chocolate! Mama always makes a chocolate cake on my birthday!"

"So, Pearl, what do you say?" Maya asked in a teasing tone.

Pearl was positively ecstatic. "Oh, yes, let's do it, Mr. Nick!"

"What?!" Phoenix shot up from behind the desk, miraculously recovered. "Wait, what's the big idea? I never agreed to this!"

Instantaneously, he was met with two pairs of large, watery gray eyes.

"N…Nick, you can't be so cruel as to dash the dreams of two children, are you?" Maya hiccupped.

'You're nineteen, you're an adult now!' Phoenix wanted to say. Her act wasn't fooling him for one second.

Pearl's lower lip trembled.

Okay, now THAT one wasn't an act.

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