Penny couldn't believe it had actually happened. It was February 14th, and she didn't have a date on Valentine's Day for the first time in, well her life that she could remember anyhow. She planned to spend it alone in her apartment, curled up on her couch watching Robert Downey Jr. DVDs: Iron Man, Heart & Souls and Ally McBeal Season 4. Hey, she thought, if she didn't have a real boyfriend, a fake one would do. After having a bath and lighting some candles around her apartment, she dimmed the lights and curled up on her sofa in a warm blanket. Even if it was California, it was February, and much colder than usual. Just as she began sipping her second glass of red wine, she heard a familiar knock at the door.

Knock, knock, knock, Penny, knock, knock, knock, Penny, knock, knock, knock, Penny.

Of course, she thought to herself, Sheldon didn't have a date either. She hadn't actually talked about Valentines Day much with Sheldon or Leonard. She had assumed that since neither of them had girlfriends; it wasn't a day that they were looking forward to. She begrudgingly got up from her warm cocoon and went to the door.
Sheldon had been forced to abandon his apartment after unexpectedly, Leonard had brought home a date for the evening. Leonard had met her at the music store earlier in the day when he had gone to get some more rosin for his cello; they proceeded to have dinner together and then return to the apartment, after which Sheldon was told, in no uncertain terms, to "Go Away". As Penny opened the door, Sheldon saw the dim lights and candles and figured that she too had someone over for the night.

"Sorry to bother you... I think I'll just go for a walk." he said as he turned away from the door. Penny had seen him peer into her apartment and quickly figured out what he was thinking.

"Wait, Sheldon, there's nobody else here. What's up sweetie?" she asked, actually thankful for the company. Even Sheldon was better than Sad Valentines Day Alone.

"Penny, I need to ask you a big favor, and since we are *friends*" (she began to roll her eyes ever so slightly) "well, Leonard is preoccupied with another female and has therefore enacted rule 54 of the roommate agreement."

"Huh?" Penny wondered where this was leading.

"Leonard has ejected me from the apartment so he can, mate with his female companion"

"Oh, Leonard's getting lucky and you need some place to lay low? Sure, no problem, Sheldon. " She smiled at him.

"Way to go Leonard!" she said aloud. Sheldon stared at her quizzically, totally not amused.

He entered the apartment and carefully observed the atmosphere. He noticed Penny had paused the DVD player about 20 minutes into Iron Man. At least this was a movie that they both liked, he bemused to himself. He sat down on the couch. This was Valentine's Day, and he was going to be spending the evening with a female that society, and even he deemed attractive. He reflected back on the past Valentine's Days he had spent alone, and thought it would be an interesting question to ponder, whether this Valentine's Day would be noticeably different from any of the others, now that he was with someone like Penny. Penny poured herself a third glass of red wine, and offered some to Sheldon. "You know I don't drink" he replied, and picked up the remote to start the movie.

He didn't really like the fact that there were so many candles burning, but since he was a guest, he decided not to mention it. He also noticed that it was particularly cold in the apartment, but decided not to mention that too. There was a suitable solution to that problem, a blanket on the sofa. Since it was so cold, they both took a portion of the blanket, Sheldon curled at one corner of the couch and Penny at the other.

Penny was feeling the buzz of the wine and the extra warmth that Sheldon provided under the blanket. Slowly her feet touched his shins and instantly they were warm. Sheldon noticed this contact but didn't think much of it, and continued watching the movie. Before he knew it, the movie was over, Robert Downey Jr. had revealed himself as Iron Man, and Penny had fallen asleep.

Sheldon tried to remove himself from their foot entanglement without awakening Penny but was finding it quite difficult. He slowly extracted his feet and Penny slouched over, looking rather awkward. He got up from the sofa and tried to lift her up, perhaps enough so she would wake up and he could lead her to her bedroom for a comfortable night's sleep. He never slept on the sofa, for obvious reasons (back spasms, improper circulation), and he was going to try to make sure that she didn't have to either. He stood in front of her and leaned over, putting his hand under her arm and around her back, and with a swift lifting motion, got her to her feet.

Penny had been dreaming of being at a wonderfully swanky Valentine's Day Dance, dressed impeccably in a classic black floor length gown that reminded her of the Hollywood glamour of the 1940's. She was sitting at a dinner table, watching the dance floor when she had been asked to dance by a tall dashing man in an impeccably cut tuxedo, and he had given her his hand to assist her out of her chair.

She placed her hand on his and looked up into his face, but for some reason she couldn't make it out. She chose not to, and continued to the dance floor, where they proceeded to sway to the music, the wonderfully romantic song; the lights from the chandeliers glistening off of the dance floor like stars; the atmosphere a dream.

She opened her eyes and looked up to realize she had indeed been dancing, but with Sheldon. At first, she was shocked, but chose to remain in this dance hold, swaying to the imaginary music. She was too tired to care who she was dancing with. But really, how bad was Sheldon? He was a gentleman, respectful, and obviously cared enough to try and not let her sleep sprawled out on her tiny sofa. Besides, his body felt warm in her cold apartment, and their two bodies fit together surprisingly well. At first, when Sheldon had lifted her up off of the sofa, she unexpectedly put her arms around his neck and had started swaying to what he determined was music of the imaginary type. He was surprised at this development, but chose to go with it, reasoning that she was at least moving, and it would make his task of returning her safely to her bed much easier.

It actually *was* kind of nice, he secretly thought to himself. Having never been to a dance, he analyzed this new physical contact. Their bodies did fit together remarkably well. Here they were, in this perfect setting, Valentine's Day night, in a cozy apartment, now lit only by candlelight, swaying to music that only they could hear. It was almost like he was under some sort of magical spell, not unlike what a 3rd level Mage could throw during a D&D game.

He did not realize at first that she had woken up from her sleep, but he then felt her hands and arms tighten around his neck, and a low moaning sound. To his surprise, she did not immediately back away from him, but in fact held him tighter. He analyzed his thoughts. This was altogether not an unpleasant experience; he had always thought Penny was a very likeable, friendly person, and if he let himself go there, someone that he could form an attraction for. Not that he had any use for that sort of thing. But, in this magical trance he was feeling something he had not felt before.

He was quite sure that she was either inebriated, or thought he was someone else. It really surprised him when she lifted her head, looked straight into his eyes and whispered "Sheldon". At this point, he knew that she was not drunk.

Penny figured, why not? It was after all, Valentine's Day and she was in the arms of an intelligent, attractive man; her love life had sucked this past year and she had no other prospects. Sheldon, as he was, was unique, and not ashamed to be himself, a quality she admired, and she knew took a lot of strength. What she didn't expect was that he would kiss her.

Sheldon, being new at this type of thing began searching his brain for the correct protocol. He was interpreting Penny's body language and never being too shy to speak up, decided this was no time to be shy either. He dipped his head down and kissed Penny's sweet lips, the both of them still swaying to the rhythm of a silent song.

Penny's body ached for this kiss; it had been so long since her last that she quickly responded and returned the gesture. She wasn't sure if he had much experience with this, so she took it slowly, but she quickly discovered he had some hidden talents. He moved his hands up from her waist to her neck and shoulders, pushing her towards and then against the living room wall with his body. She felt her whole body start to tingle as she brought her hands down to Sheldon's waist, pulling up his shirt and putting her hands underneath, grabbing at his bare back with her hands, grasping at him, pulling him closer to her.

The moonlight peered in through the windows, illuminating a strip of light along the floor behind them. Their tongues were clashing at each other, each daring, suggesting the other to do more, that they proceed further, that they allow their minds to go to the inevitable place their bodies were leading them. Sheldon somehow found both of her hands and then took hold of her wrists, pinning them to the wall on either side of her. He began to kiss Penny's face and then her neck, which he knew was one of a woman's seven erogenous zones.

Holy Crap, she thought to herself, he's good at this, and allowed her body to succumb to the pleasure it was receiving.

Sheldon was finding it difficult to focus but was remembering what he had read in Men's Health magazine and from movies he had seen. From her physical reaction, he knew he was on the right track. He found this whole experience an un-definable challenge, a challenge to his mind, his body, and his emotions - to please the woman, to please Penny, in a purely physical way. It was something he knew he wanted to continue, he secretly admitted to himself. It's not like he had much of a choice in the matter at this point. His reasoning skills were slipping away with every touch, moan, grasp that Penny was levying on him.

She began to kiss him on the lips again, this time taking his hand and leading him to her bedroom. She was, after all, a "Big Ol' 5". He willingly followed her. When they got there, he pushed her backwards onto her bed......